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How to Survive a Crisis

What happens when the entire mainstream media attacks you in an attempt to ruin your reputation? Or what happens when you find yourself in any […]

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Disobey Fear

There’s a feeling that arises in the pit of your stomach. Maybe the boss lady came into the office and is looking over your shoulder. You’re […]

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Marc Lobliner Needs Danger And Play

Marc Lobliner has Spartan-like discipline. He’s a professional bodybuilder with a body any man would respect. He is CEO of a successful supplement company and […]

Motivational Monday

How Do You Stay Motivated?

How you obtain and sustain motivation? I stay motivated by seeking small victories to develop the motivation mindset. What is your secret? (I’ve been keeping […]

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Rich Gaspari and Amino Spiking

UPDATE: Marc Lobliner and I had a fruitful and spirited discussion. He recognized my issues. Marc even offered me a few cans of MTS Whey. I […]

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5 Life Lessons from Victor Pride

The holiday season was among us when an unexpected email arrived. One year prior I had sent an email out to someone who had a cool website. I […]

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How Do You Deal With Haters?

I love my haters and wish I had more. Yet many of you are worried about haters, judging by the amount of questions coming in […]


Gorilla Money Mindset: Start Scaling You

“When an old man dies, it’s a library burning.” – African proverb. Gorilla Mindset Shift: You have skills and information that you can share with […]

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Ask Your Question on YouTube

The Danger & Play YouTube Channel is officially up and running. Rather than simply spin it off as a variation of the blog or podcast, it’s […]

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Gorilla Mindset Table of Contents

Gorilla Mindset: Timeless Strategies to Unleash the Animal Within You Introduction: Your New Life Begins Today Chapter ___ Mindset is a Habit: Introducing the Gorilla Mindset […]