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Lifestyle is Mindset, Mindset is Lifestyle

I was going through some old photos for another article I’m writing when two facts seemed inescapable. First, this was a good-looking man. Second, that good-looking man didn’t feel that way at the time. At the time I was not happy with how I looked in these pictures. That’s not humble-bragging or fishing for compliments. It’s […]


Treat Ideas as Moving Parts in Your Machine

One flaw all humans seem to share is a belief that ideas are ours. When we believe something, we cling to the idea as if it’s a loved one. We refuse to reject ideas that don’t work for us, as if our ideas are children owed unconditional love. What if you stopped viewing ideas as children […]


Ego, Expectations, and Entitlement (This is Vietnam)

You’ve no doubt seen a change in the content appearing here, and you’re wondering what’s going on. Some have asked me if it’s due to the move. I’ve also taken my mindfulness and self-talk game to the next level. That is all covered in Gorilla Mindset. When you live in a world without expectations or entitlement, […]

what if

The Law of Reflection: Yes, this Article is About You

When you write about your life and share your experiences and vulnerabilities, people in your life will start to wonder, “Is he writing about me?” Someone once asked whether an article was about him, I told him the truth. “If you think my writing is about you, then it is about you.” I could have told the […]

More Books Downstairs

Are you Reading too Many Books by Straight White Men?

Humans are naturally fearful of new experiences and new ideas. The first cave drawings were censored by spiritual leaders. Censorship is nothing new and cowards will always want to censor. The latest trend is to censor straight, white male voices. Extremists tried having a SWAT team sent to my house to stop me from writing about the […]

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The System is Status

To understand the System, you must understand social status and signaling. Social status is “the position or rank of a person within a society.” Status is so pervasive that it’s causally slipped into lyrics. “Back in the days when I was a teenager / Before I had status and before I had a pager.” The quest for status […]

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Confessions of an Agent of the System

The System has one plan for you. If you do not understand this in every double-helix of your DNA, you will experience a life of bitterness, confusion, and frustration. The System needs you to remain a slave. The System treats everyone like hunks of meat, although in different ways. If you are a man, the System wants […]

Sorrow of War

Let Go of the Past (and the Sorrow of War)

Perhaps the most moving novel I’ve read, the Sorrow of War (Amazon) inspired this latest podcast, which discusses the perils of holding on the past. Click play or find the Mike Cernovich Podcast on iTunes. (The podcast is sponsored by Juice Power. Thank you to all who have purchase a copy.) Show notes: Why do I have […]

shorty awards fraud

Shorty Awards is a Fraud and Scam

The Shorty Awards is a fraud and a scam, not only because it chose to selectively enforce its rules against me, but also because it waited until I had already promoted the contest before pulling my nomination. What are the Shorty Awards? The Shorty Awards is a goofy award company owned by Sawhorse Media. Sawhorse Media markets the Shortys as […]

HIV infection straight males

How to Think About Risk

My article on HIV infection rates has the Internet in a tizzy, with people calling me a racist, homophobic, irresponsible man. The attacks are unsurprising, as my haters lack necessary training in critical thinking. Namely, they do not understand risk assessment. This comes as no surprise as a Google search for “how to think about risk” yields […]

haters gonna hate

How to Tell the Difference Between Criticism and Hate

Criticism can help us grow and we should always be open to honest critiques. How can you tell if someone is offering legitimate criticism or if they are simply being haters? How can you offer criticism to someone without appearing like a hater? Click play to find out. Then leave an honest (even if critical review) on […]

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Is it Ever too Late for a Person to Change?

In today’s podcast, which you can find on iTunes or listen to by clicking play, I answer your reader questions. Show notes: Is it ever too late for a person to change or are some people lost causes? (Most people will never change. Check out The Saddest Secret in the World.) How do you deal with friends who judge […]

Abundance mindset

Go Back to Basics

Although my writing has been productive, I haven’t felt that magic, spark, or what Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi calls Flow (Amazon). I used to be able to do a podcast each day. Now I’m, as the kids say, “just not feeling it.” Fortunately, I know how to diagnose the problem. Chances are you have had a similar problem, […]