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I’m Too Much of a Coward to Lie

Some people say that writing with honesty and transparency takes courage. Many have said, “Mike, I wish I were courageous enough to put myself out there […]


Las Vegas Meet-Up Details

We are going to meet on the second floor of Cosmo, near Marquee and Holsteins. There are a bunch of lounges there. It’s under-21 friendly […]


The Difference Between Discipline and Abuse

When you’re developing a healthy relationship, discipline is important. No, it’s not important. It is required. Yet far too often people mistake discipline for abuse. This is […]

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What is Too Much Marketing?

How many times have you found website, thought it was awesome, and then asked yourself the next day, “What was the name of that site?!” That […]

Triple your testosterone in three months

The Testosterone Experiment is Over

As of today, do not sent me any emails about TRT. Do not post any questions about TRT. Everything has already been covered. Besides, none […]

Stop digging

How to Start Over After Failure

“Rule 1 of Holes. If you find yourself in a hole, stop digging.” – Mark Bennett How do you start over when life seems like […]