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Dr Jeremy Interview

Interview with Dr. Jeremy Nicholson

Many of you have seen Dr. Jeremy Nicholson posting comments and have been asking about him. My answer has been, “Ask him.” In this interview, […]

Krka waterfall croatia

How to Become an Interesting Man

How can you become a more interesting man? Find out how in the latest podcast. Click play, go to SoundCloud, or find it on iTunes. […]

what if

What If?

What if failure does not exist, because life is not a test you are graded on? What if rejection does not matter, because other people lack the […]

how to make people like you

Ignore Your Gifts

Having intellectual gifts can be a challenge, as your 150+ comments show. There is a way to overcome these challenges. It all starts with a Gorilla […]


Vacation Reading

The vacation is going nicely. (Pics are posted on my Instagram; I’m also busy on Twitter.) I’m 60% finished with Gorilla Mindset: Timeless Strategies to […]

Fade into darkness

Reach Out to Someone Today

It’s easy to dismiss a celebrity death. Yet the Robin Williams suicide shows that depression is not hype. It is a serious killer. Reach out […]


Saturday Morning Edition

Once upon a time newspapers were worth a damn. You’d go to your front door and see a huge pile of papers. The paper would […]