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Gorilla Mindset is Finally Available (Kindle and Print)

Gorilla Mindset for Kindle is now available for on Amazon. The print version is now available. What is Gorilla Mindset? The elevator pitch is simple. This is a book about YOU. “How can you write a book about me when you don’t know me?” I do know you. Some of us have spent years together. I’ve learned […]

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How to Age Well Into Your 20s, 30s, 40s, and Beyond

The first expert Q&A from neurosurgeon and anti-aging physician Dr. Brett Osborn is below. We will be answering your questions, as this will likely be a bi-weekly feature. If you haven’t already, add your question in the original thread or post your question here. (All of the information comes from Dr. Osborn himself. I edit only […]

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14 Rules All Male Slaves Must Follow (And 2 Steps to Freedom)

Men more than ever are lost. The “lost man” effect has been blamed on declining standards of masculinity, low testosterone, lack of positive male role models, and media propaganda. I tend to disagree. Men are “lost” due to glitches in their brain caused by the Internet. The Internet changed how men communicate with one another. […]

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Ask a Neurosurgeon Anything About Health, Fitness, or Anti-Aging

The biggest challenge writing about fitness is keeping away the fitness princesses, and no I am not talking about women. Once you write about fitness the comment section turns into gossip about who has bigger calves and how so-and-so has small triceps or looks bloated. Fitness attracts highly insecure men with big egos. How can I write about […]

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Why I Became a Male-to-Male Transgender

Although I always felt like a man inside a man’s body, biology began to do its thing. Around my 35th birthday I felt my testosterone levels begin to decline. I had less energy and found it harder to recover from workouts. I thus began testosterone replacement therapy, a form of hormone replacement therapy transgenders use […]

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How to Develop Ruthless Focus

When talking about a lack of focus we often think of “modern ADHD” brought on by smart phones, television, and being expected to be on call at our jobs 24/7. People in our own lives have also become more needy and narcissistic. It seems like people are pulling at us in all directions to live […]


The One-Way Ticket to Destiny

What if we got a big house in Chiang Mai, Thailand? What if you lived with me for three months? You could ask me anything whenever you felt like it (within reason). We would work together, train together, and grow together. You’d also learn how to take your life and business to the next level. How much […]


European Meet-Ups (and Gorilla Mindset Training)

My travels will be taking me to Europe soon. Although the dates aren’t committed, I’ll be in Europe for much of July and maybe some of August. One date is certain – Saturday, July 11 at 8 PM in Paris I’ll be having a joint meet-up with British journalist Milo Yiannopoulos, and game developer and writer, Vox […]

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Binaural Beats: The Healing Power of Music

“Let go,” something inside me said. My body convulsed slightly and my eyes began to water. “Let go of the fear, pain, anxiety, and sadness.” I felt a calmness overtake my body and my spirt felt lifted. Although I usually use binaural beats for intense focus, my body has been breaking down. My stress levels are at a […]


Gorilla Mindset: How to Become More Focused

People are frantic and “ADHD” due to a lack of focus. Why do we lack focus, and more importantly: How can we develop intense focus? Click play or go to iTunes to find out how to increase your focus and improve your life: Show notes: Three questions you must ask yourself to regain your focus. 1. What […]

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How to Build Your Site Up from the Ground Up

I was talking to some men in Chiang Mai about my expectations of people who work for me. I rattled off what was needed to take my stuff to the next level, and most of the was back end tech stuff. One man asked me, “But Mike…What about people who want to be like you, you know, […]