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Disobey Fear

There’s a feeling that arises in the pit of your stomach. Maybe the boss lady came into the office and is looking over your shoulder. You’re […]

Marc Lobliner beta male

Marc Lobliner Needs Danger And Play

Marc Lobliner has Spartan-like discipline. He’s a professional bodybuilder with a body any man would respect. He is CEO of a successful supplement company and […]

Motivational Monday

How Do You Stay Motivated?

How you obtain and sustain motivation? I stay motivated by seeking small victories to develop the motivation mindset. What is your secret? (I’ve been keeping […]

rich gaspair marc lobliner amino spiking

Rich Gaspari and Amino Spiking

UPDATE: Marc Lobliner and I had a fruitful and spirited discussion. He recognized my issues. Marc even offered me a few cans of MTS Whey. I […]

bold and determined

5 Life Lessons from Victor Pride

The holiday season was among us when an unexpected email arrived. One year prior I had sent an email out to someone who had a cool website. I […]

haters gonna hate

How Do You Deal With Haters?

I love my haters and wish I had more. Yet many of you are worried about haters, judging by the amount of questions coming in […]


Gorilla Money Mindset: Start Scaling You

“When an old man dies, it’s a library burning.” – African proverb. Gorilla Mindset Shift: You have skills and information that you can share with […]

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Ask Your Question on YouTube

The Danger & Play YouTube Channel is officially up and running. Rather than simply spin it off as a variation of the blog or podcast, it’s […]

Gorilla Mindset

Gorilla Mindset Table of Contents

Gorilla Mindset: Timeless Strategies to Unleash the Animal Within You Introduction: Your New Life Begins Today Chapter ___ Mindset is a Habit: Introducing the Gorilla Mindset […]

finding flow life purpose

How Do You Find Your Life Purpose?

You find your life purpose by doing something other than what you are currently doing. After all, you wouldn’t be asking about how to find […]

Biblical wisdom

3 Self-Improvement Lessons From the Bible

The Bible is stupid, as we know, because free thinkers! People who hate on the Bible simply lack an understanding of philosophy. One can reject the metaphysics of […]

How to Get a 4 Pack

How to Get 4 Pack Abs

Six-pack abs are unrealistic for most people. In fact, 6-pack abs are generally unsustainable year round. This is especially true of natural trainees. Yes, most […]