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How to Have More Energy

I used to believe I was “naturally low energy.” In fact most of us feel like we don’t have enough energy, which is why “fat burners” and “energy drinks” are a multi-billion-dollar industry. You already have more than enough energy, but there’s a problem. You are sick. Think about the last time you had a […]


Money Is…

Money is what you value. Show me how you spend your time and your money and you’ve revealed your soul to me. Nothing else you say matters. Money is revealed preferences. Why do I use Amazon affiliate links on book reviews – to earn a massive 8% commission on Kindle books? I want to know what […]

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30 Videos in 30 Days: What do YOU Want to Know?

I haven’t done much with my YouTube, as frankly YouTube commenters are idiots. But we’re going to try an experiment. Subscribe to my YouTube channel. Then… Ask me a question. I’ll answer one question each day. For 30 days. Click play to learn more. What’s your question? Post it in the comments here or at my […]

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How to Study and Learn New Information

Although people flatter me by calling me smart, my IQ isn’t unusually high. What I’m exceptional at is retaining information. My study techniques coupled with a crazy work ethic allowed me to graduate college with a high GPA, earn a scholarship to law school, get straight A’s whenever I wanted to, make the Dean’s List at […]

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The Gorilla Mindset Launch is Over (Ask Me Anything)

Thank you to everyone who has picked up a copy. I went into the launch without any expectations. It wasn’t Gorilla Mindset techniques; I literally did not know what to expect. Book sales the best-kept secret of authors, and exactly how does a website with x-traffic translate into book sales? Gorilla Mindset has already sold more than […]

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Listen to Two Chapters of Gorilla Mindset for Free

Fewer than 5% of books are made into audiobooks. Intuitively that’s sensible, as not every book “listens” well. Gorilla Mindset’s content and format is ideal for an audiobook. The self-talk, mindfulness, and other mindset techniques are perfect to ponder while driving in your car, doing cardio at the gym, or when taking a walk. You can […]

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The First Mistake You Make as a Man

A common critique made of me – even by people who believe they know me – is some woman must’ve really done a number on me. The truth is far less interesting. I haven’t cried over a woman since high school or maybe college, although a few women have cried over me. I have no bitterness […]

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How to Make Better Decisions in Life

How can you make better decisions about your life? How can you be self-critical without hating yourself? What sort of analysis should you go through before launching a business or even creating a “launch” of your new life? Nothing ever goes perfectly right or perfectly wrong. List out your reasoning for every decision you make. […]

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How to Prevent and Treat Back Pain by Dr. Brett Osborn

Dr. Brett Osborn is an anti-aging physician and neurosurgeon who has performed over 1,500 spine and neck operations. He also deadlifts over 500 pounds. Today Dr. Osborn answers a reader question about back pain: “I have 2 damaged discs in my neck, one at c5-6 and one at c6-7. In addition, I also have osteophytes in […]

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How to Get a Free PDF of Gorilla Mindset

I am floored by how supportive you all have been. Sales have been great. Sincerely, thank you! I’d like to return the favor by giving you a free PDF. Since Gorilla Mindset is a workbook, it’s helpful to have a second copy to write on. In fact, Gorilla Mindset is ideal as a PDF. But I’ll be […]

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How to Control Your Thoughts and Emotions

Sometimes you don’t know what you started until you’ve finished it. It wasn’t until Gorilla Mindset was complete that I realized what it is. The real title of Gorilla Mindset is: How to Control Your Thoughts and Emotions to Live the Life of Your Dreams. But I choose the gorilla wisely, and explain the reasoning […]

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Gorilla Mindset is Finally Available (Kindle and Print)

Gorilla Mindset for Kindle is now available for on Amazon. The print version is now available. What is Gorilla Mindset? The elevator pitch is simple. This is a book about YOU. “How can you write a book about me when you don’t know me?” I do know you. Some of us have spent years together. I’ve learned […]

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How to Age Well Into Your 20s, 30s, 40s, and Beyond

The first expert Q&A from neurosurgeon and anti-aging physician Dr. Brett Osborn is below. We will be answering your questions, as this will likely be a bi-weekly feature. If you haven’t already, add your question in the original thread or post your question here. (All of the information comes from Dr. Osborn himself. I edit only […]