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Vacation Reading

The vacation is going nicely. (Pics are posted on my Instagram; I’m also busy on Twitter.) I’m 60% finished with Gorilla Mindset: Timeless Strategies to […]

Fade into darkness

Reach Out to Someone Today

It’s easy to dismiss a celebrity death. Yet the Robin Williams suicide shows that depression is not hype. It is a serious killer. Reach out […]


Saturday Morning Edition

Once upon a time newspapers were worth a damn. You’d go to your front door and see a huge pile of papers. The paper would […]


Where Do You Put Your Money?

Where do you put your money? Do you invest in the stock market? In the latest Danger & Play Podcast, I explain how to invest like […]

Total Recall

You Have Already Mastered Visualization

You can use visualization exercises to help you achieve anything from business success to meeting girls. Yet whenever I write or talk about visualization exercises, my […]