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Never Give Up

Giving up on your dreams doesn’t end the game. The game never ends. Poor health, job market declines, and old age are still coming for […]

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10 Ways to Have More Energy in the Morning

Yes, it’s possible to have energy first thing in the morning even if you haven’t eaten or had a sip of coffee and especially if you’re not a morning person. In the latest installment of 10 Ways by Mike Cernovich, you’ll learn how to have more energy first thing in the morning, how to warm […]

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Writer’s Block is a Myth

I’ve worked on junk yards and farms and waited tables and been a lawyer. Growing up I was so poor that I’d dig through dumpsters for aluminum cans to sell at the recycling yard. Writing is by far the easiest job I’ve ever done. People only think writing is hard because writers are bunch of […]

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SJWs Inside Amazon Begin Censoring Gorilla Mindset Reviews

Although Amazon as a company is committed to free speech and the expression of free ideas, a social justice warrior inside has started attacking Gorilla Mindset. My friend Jay C., a loyal Amazon customer for years, purchased a copy of Gorilla Mindset. His review was censored. Although Jay is a personal friend, he disclosed our […]

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These Five Words Will Change Your Life

To get what you want out of life, you must get more out of yourself and out of other people. To improve your relationships, build your business, or even keep your job, imagine the person you want something from is looking at you with five words running through his or her head. “What’s in it for me?” When […]

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The Fall of a Vocal SJW Shows the Power of Mindset

Ed Brayton, like the many social justice warriors before and after him, slandered me many times. But there’s a difference between my SJW adversaries and me – mindset. Unlike Ed, we have the skills needed to sustain attacks against us. We do not break. While you may not like Ed Brayton (or even know of him), it’s important […]


Should You Quit Your Job to Work Online?

While living and working online is a joy for me, few people who work online tell you the full story. I work harder online than I ever worked at any other job. I’ve dealt with countless unforeseen frustrations. I’ve screamed at my monitor like it’s a red-headed step child. While I wouldn’t change my working […]

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How to Get a Veteran a Free Copy of Gorilla Mindset

Most of you don’t know this, but I actually wore the uniform. In 1995 I went to basic training at Ft. Sill Oklahoma before my senior year in high school. I finished high school, went to AIT, and then continued in the National Guard and then Army Reserves for 9 years. I even went through Officer […]

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The Best Advice Ever

What is the best advice I’ve ever received? The advice came from a surprising place. In the outstanding series Inside the Actors Studio, Chris Rock was asked by the host James Lipton, “What advice do you have for other actors?” His response? Always be auditioning. “When my last movie is out I’m officially unemployed,” Rock said. This […]

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Give People Permission to Reject You

I’m helping a friend launch a website, and his biggest fear is the biggest fear all creative people have. It’s the biggest fear people have before launching a business, starting a website, or even approaching a girl. “What if people reject me?” Self-doubt is a wonderful trait, and I wish more people had it. As […]


How to Find the Answer to Any Question You Have About Life

We are halfway through 30 days of 30 videos. Your questions have covered every subject from friendship to making money online to travel to book recommendations. This free YouTube series has evolved and taken a theme. Gorilla Mindset: Part 2. Practical Applications. Most of the answers are practically applications of Gorilla Mindset.  As you’ll see in […]

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How to Survive a Public Shaming

If you write online, learning how to survive a public shaming is an essential skill. Everyone who is in the public eye will be attacked by an online hate mob, and even people with small profiles who say the wrong thing may find themselves attacked by hate mobs. I was the “victim” of an online […]