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What I’m Currently Reading (And Why)

As a rule, I tend to read several books in a single subject area. I almost create my own syllabus and reading list when learning about or enhancing my knowledge. For the past few weeks I’ve been all (or mostly) business. Since Gorilla Mindset is coming out soon, I must raise my own standards. The launch has […]


How to Change Your Life (It Only Takes One Year)

Around three years ago I couldn’t get out of bed. I had an auto-immune condition that made me look like a leper. My body couldn’t produce cortisol, so my joints ached. Moving hurt. Laying down hurt. I was in agony. I was exhausted but couldn’t sleep. Unable to read, I would watch a lot of […]


Gorilla Mindset: Introduction

In a practical book on mindset, you want to know why these mindset techniques will work for you and, quite frankly, who the heck am I to tell you anything? Those are legitimate concerns. The techniques in Gorilla Mindset, while being research-backed, were first applied to my own life. I grew up as a child on […]

How to Make Money Online

How I Lost Over $100,000 on the Internet

I started Danger & Play as a hobby. A lawyer who enjoyed writing, I’d vent my spleen a little bit before going back to work. I never got into the online stuff and knew zip about making money online. My ignorance was costly. It’s hard to say how costly, but I’d estimate my opportunity cost is in the […]

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How to Give Without Giving In

In the latest Mike Cernovich Podcast I discuss what’s next for Danger & Play. I also answer a fantastic question from a reader, who writes in: Gerry Spence speaks about “giving from your reservoir” without giving yourself up. How do you know you are giving vs. giving yourself up? Where do you draw the line? […]

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The Work is Never Done (And I Feel Fine)

Work used to stress me out. I couldn’t sleep, as my mind would run wild with potential disaster and lengthy to-do lists. “There’s so much to do. I’ll never get this done,” I’d exclaim over and over inside my gorilla brain. That has changed over the years, and now I am very chill about work. In […]

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37 Thoughts on (Not) Wasting Your 20s

Baby Boomers have sold you a lie. Fifty is not the new thirty and thirty is not the new twenty. Twenty is twenty and your twenties are a magical, once-in-a-lifetime decade. Although I feel great at 37: Claiming my body or mind is anything like it was at 27 would be delusional beyond comprehension. Your brain changes […]

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Moral Panics and My Biggest Fear

The latest podcasts have been great, but also a little heavy. Today we’ll lighten the mood. I take on some questions while hanging out before bed, and I even drop the mic a couple of times. I answered the questions you posted on Twitter. Tune in to find out my views on moral panics, 4-hour […]

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The 3 Reasons Companies and People Succeed

I was checking out a new a cafe with my girl the other day when she asked me, “Do you like it here?” After a second of thought I answered, “Yeah, it’s good. There’s nothing wrong with it. But there’s no reason for me to ever return. It’s not compelling.” That was the last time we […]

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Glenn Greenwald, Rape Hoaxes, and Gutless Journalism

Insisting on pushing the narrative at all costs, whenever a scandalous rape accusation involving men surfaces, the media rushes spreads it like so many other urban legends. Those who challenge the narrative are labelled misogynists and victim blamers. Even women find themselves the victim of online hate mobs, as women who support free speech and due […]

Do People Get What They Deserve?

The past several weeks have been busy, hot, and humid. Today I endured the humidity to drop another podcast for you. What’s the latest Mike Cernovich Podcast about? T-shirts, outsourcing, logos, 4-hour workweeks, 80/20 rule, book design, editing, making money online, why young men are having trouble finding mentors, and a pressing existential question we […]