What Music Do You Listen To?

Above and Beyond Blue Sky Action King For a Day

We've never talked about music before. Let's change that. A reader writes in, "Mike, what kind of music do you listen to?" The short answer is: Trance, deep house, and progressive house. That may surprise a lot of people, as some try turning a conversation about music into some alpha or beta nonsense. Let's dismiss that silliness right away. I went to an Above and Beyond … [Read more...]

When Did You Realize You Were on the Verge of a Breakthrough?


A lot of you have requested a forum. A forum is not in the works for now, as running a forum is not suitable to my temperament or skills. I am a warrior-magician. Running a forum is a job for a king who has patience (as there will always be drama between members) and administrative skills. The Forum is dead! Long live the Forum! Why don't I throw out some reader questions … [Read more...]

The Mating Grounds Podcast Review

The Mating Grounds

The Mating Grounds, which is operated by man-child Tucker Max and disgraced academic Geoffrey Miller, is now available as a podcast. You'll recall that The Mating Grounds is nothing but a Danger & Play copycat site. Indeed, Tucker Max closed comments to The Mating Grounds after his fragile ego could not tolerate being called out for his lack originality. (Maybe he'll … [Read more...]

Can You Answer This Reader Question?


This is the best reader question I've ever received. It's so good because it's vast. I have a few ideas and am working on a podcast. In the meantime, let's hear your response: You have a lot written about improving how to think, and what to do, about girls, fitness, socio-sexual relations; what would you suggest someone do to improve the way he thinks and evaluates information … [Read more...]

RIP Greg


He called me a "budding Tony Robbins." I was 19 years old, living in a hick town, and had no idea what he meant. The nearest Barnes & Noble was an hour away and I hadn't heard of the Internet. Tony who? He was the only adult who never told me my ideas were stupid. I remember my own dad once read a paper I had written. I saw him reading it and nodding his head in … [Read more...]

Evolutionary Psychology is Pseudoscience

Scott Barry Kaufman

"I love science!" Men exclaim this after reading a pop lit book on evolutionary psychology. They never actually read the original journal articles about social and evolutionary psychology to see if those studies have any validity. Can you trust politically correct academic departments to tell you how to be a dominant man? I've actually read dozens of articles and they are … [Read more...]

Little Boys v. Men

little boys v men

Little boys always need to be the center of attention. Men understand they need to share the spotlight. Little boys interrupt others and talk about themselves non-stop. Men know that charisma is based on connection. Little boys stand for nothing. Men know and live their core values. Little boys tolerate disrespect. Men stand up for themselves. Little boys make a … [Read more...]

Do You Have a Daily Routine?


We are the product of the choices we make each day - which means we are the product of our habits, as character is habit. Our daily routine is nothing more than a series of habits. What is your daily routine? What is one change you could make to your daily routine that would improve your life? I don't have a routine as much as I have "blocks" of time. I have one, four-hour … [Read more...]

Saturday Morning Media, Entertainment, Tech Alpha Leaders Meet-Ups


When a Danger & Play reader invited me to attend a networking event hosted by a group called METAL - which stands for Media Entertainment Technology Alpha Leaders -  I rolled my eyes. I hate networkers and favor-traders. Yet the reader seemed like a potentially cool guy, so I gave the group a shot. Going to that morning meeting may have been one of the best decisions I … [Read more...]

Who Do You Think You Are?

Readership stats

Let's do some navel gazing about you, shall we? Who are you; how old are you; what are you reading; where are you reading from; why are you here? Most of you are men aged 25-34.  Roughly 90% of you are aged 18-44, which makes sense. Whether due to low testosterone or fatigue, men stop growing after they turn 40. They lose that masculine drive, become boring and fall asleep … [Read more...]