What California’s Yes Means Yes Sexual Assault Bill, SB-967, Means for Men

California yes means yes law

Believing that the current campus sexual environment is not confusing and dangerous enough for men, California is redefining the word rape in a way that rape has never been used except by the most radical of feminists. The California senate voted unanimously to approve Senate Bill 967 (SB-967 Student safety: sexual assault). This bill will become law if California governor … [Read more...]

Interview with Dr. Jeremy Nicholson

Dr Jeremy Interview

Many of you have seen Dr. Jeremy Nicholson posting comments and have been asking about him. My answer has been, "Ask him." In this interview, I ask him what he's doing here and what he loves and doesn't love about psychology. I like Dr. Jeremy because he is insightful and relatable. I don't like people who present a false image of perfection. Dr. Jeremy is working on himself … [Read more...]

Overcoming the Challenges of Being a Gifted Man

gifted men

I hesitated to publish this post, as it's hard to write about your natural gifts without sounding full of yourself. Yet something occurred to me recently. Danger & Play is a website for gifted men. There is no way around it. All of the data (book recommendations, podcast popularity, and buying patterns) supports that. As you have likely faced some of the same … [Read more...]

Vacation Reading


The vacation is going nicely. (Pics are posted on my Instagram; I'm also busy on Twitter.) I'm 60% finished with Gorilla Mindset: Timeless Strategies to Unleash the Animal Within. In 3-4 weeks it will go out to my editor. Then it will go out to my consultants at BADNET. I've also been reading a piece or two: Gates of Fire (Amazon). Highly recommended. Sua Sponte. … [Read more...]

Reach Out to Someone Today

Fade into darkness

It's easy to dismiss a celebrity death. Yet the Robin Williams suicide shows that depression is not hype. It is a serious killer. Reach out to someone. No, that's not corny. If you think reaching out to your fellow man is corny or gay or uncool, then you have been brainwashed by the establishment. You are a good slave who is "too cool" to help another man … [Read more...]

Lindy West and Jezebel Put Profit Before People

Jezebel Lindy West misogyny

Although I don't focus on current affairs or feminism, every once in a while a seminal moment arises. The truth crystallizes. Alcoholics call this a moment of clarity. Lindy West and Jezebel just gave me my moment of clarity. Lindy West, Jezebel, and other feminists hate women. It's long been known that Jezebel is a hate group that supports violence against men. Indeed, … [Read more...]

My Two Year Fight with Red Skin Syndrome

Red Skin Syndrome eczema full body

It was 3 a.m. I smeared my bloody fingers onto my shirt and picked skin out from underneath my fingernails. "If this shit doesn't end," I said to myself, "I'm going to kill myself." Throughout childhood and into my teens, I struggled with mild eczema. I'd get the occasional red patch under my eyes or on my arms. For the most part it was manageable. I'd use additive-free soap, … [Read more...]

What a 70 Year Old Man Taught Me About Aging

Memento mori

I was tossing tennis balls for my Australian Shepard to fetch when I saw an old man standing nearby. He wasn't sad but was silent in that contemplative way old men often are. I sensed that he needed someone to talk to and thought I'd give him the favor of a conversation. Instead, it was he who taught me a powerful lesson on aging. "You have a beautiful dog. How old is … [Read more...]

Saturday Morning Edition


Once upon a time newspapers were worth a damn. You'd go to your front door and see a huge pile of papers. The paper would be loaded with interesting, education, and informative articles. Those days are long gone. To have a quality newspaper, you need quality editors and curators - not politically correct wimps afraid of offending the ultra sensitive. I read hundreds of … [Read more...]

Living in the Present, Planning for the Future

zen water

Those of us who were trained to be unduly rigid thinkers often struggle with Zen concepts. For example: How can you balance living in the present moment with our conception of the future? After all, isn't it a contradiction to live in the present moment while planning for the future? It is possible to reconcile living in the present moment with living in the future, if you … [Read more...]