Newsletter Exclusive: State Control Podcast and eBook

Podcast on state control

When I said that newsletter subscribers would receive access to exclusive content, I meant it. It took me a while to figure out this mailing list stuff, but I've gotten a handle on it and I intend to honor my promise in a very big way. I just finished what is my best podcast. UPDATE: I also had the podcast transcribed into a short eBook. Both will go out on April 7 at 9 … [Read more...]

What I’ve Learned from Normal People

normal people

Most of my life is based on avoiding normal people. Recently I entered the belly of the beast as a favor to a friend. After a few weeks of being around normals, I told my friend to never ask such a thing of me again or else we'd be done. I did, however, learn a few things about normal people. 1. Normal people lack state control. When normal people are in a "bad mood," … [Read more...]

How to Survive a Street Fight: Part 2

Screen Shot 2014-02-06 at 12.07.03 AM

In Part 1 of our How to Survive a Street Fight Series, we laid down some practical rules to follow on "the street." In Part 2 we're going to look at some YouTube videos to see where guys followed those rules and where they broke them. Let's look at a recent video where two white liberal beta males failed to follow the rules of the street. Six thugs beat up two hippies in … [Read more...]

Take Out the Manosphere Trash


I only read a few manosphere blogs and I almost never venture into the comments sections of those blogs, as the comments are unreadable. Lately I've skimmed some comments and something has clicked. The manosphere can basically be split into two factions. The first faction is what I called guys who got laid "by accident." The second faction is made up of posers, dead beats, … [Read more...]

Should We All Be Eating Beef Liver?

Liver pills

If you want to put on muscle, you worry about two nutrients. You make sure you're getting a lot of protein and you take your essential fatty acids like Udo's oil and fish oil. Most guys who want to gain muscle don't think of anything else. About 2 years ago I watched this fascinating video on nutrition and then bought the book: Minding My Mitochondria 2nd Edition: How I … [Read more...]

Why I’m Not a Liberal or a Conservative

Ireland Baldwin

Two sides of the same coin Big Government: Liberals say, "We need a strong social services program since I am afraid of losing my job and being unable to support myself." Conservatives say, "I'm terrified of cave-dwelling savages and of black men. We need a larger army and more police on the street!" Out taxes and national debt go up accordingly. Money: Liberals say, "Give … [Read more...]

Are You More Alpha than Raw Vegans?

Mirror Homer Muscles Fat

My post about making money online created immense controversy. The consensus from people who no doubt go on Internet message forums to tell everyone that they are alpha males was surprisingly beta, "It can't be done!" I think a lot of guys need a new mirror. Some of you are seeing alpha images when the reality is less flattering. These three groups of people are all … [Read more...]

DJ Kalin Tyler Interviews Hunter Moore

Is Anyone Up Interview

If you think your game is tight, then you have clearly not heard of one man - Internet mob boss, Hunter Moore. Hunter Moore is a DJ whose fame grew when he created the Internet revenge site, "Is Anyone Up?" "Is Anyone Up?" allowed users to upload images of girls who had sexted them, although the site took a diabolical twist. Unlike other revenge sites, Is Anyone Up? … [Read more...]