How I Train


A lot of guys ask how I train and ask for my "program." I have some news that will make Internet nerds throughout the world blow a gasket. I don't follow a workout program at all. But doesn't that violate the principle of progressive overload!? How will you ever make specific adaptations to imposed demands if you just....go out whatever?! (Beats … [Read more...]

Everything You Wanted to Know About Nutrition (And Weren’t Afraid to Ask)

Nutrition podcast

Our latest podcast tackles the often controversial subject of nutrition. This was a timely podcast as Jay is competing in a  show this weekend. He is the biggest and fullest (nohomo) I've ever seen him and he attributes that to his new dietary approach to carbohydrates. (FYI, Jay does not use Clenbuterol. His thermogenic stack is available OTC and is discussed in the … [Read more...]

I Lost 80 Pounds of Fat Using Intermittent Fasting

80 pounds fat loss secrets

In my adult life my bodyweight has been as high as 260 pounds and as low as 163 pounds (the weight I boxed at). For reference, I'm six-feet tall, although by normal standards 6'1.5", since every guy adds two inches to his height. (Here's what I looked like at 240 and then at 180 pounds.) Want to hear more? Click play or download our latest podcast from … [Read more...]

Bodybuilder Markus Reinhardt Discusses High Intensity Training, Dieting, and Fat Loss

Markus Reinhardt Iron Man

Our most recent podcast is an exciting one. Markus Reinhardt is a bodybuilder and an expert in High Intensity Training. He lived with and trained under Mike Mentzer, who many claim was robbed of a 1980 Mr. Olympia win by Arnold. You can download the Podcast at our SoundCloud page or click play below: When he was a teenager he moved to California to train at Gold's in … [Read more...]

What is my Testosterone Level? (Blood Work and TRT)

Screen Shot 2014-02-28 at 10.24.27 AM

How can I know if I have low testosterone? Should I consider testosterone replacement therapy? What blood tests or blood work should a man considering testosterone replacement therapy get done? How do you read blood work for men? All those questions and more shall be answered. (Check out the video at the bottom of the page, too.) [Disclaimer: This is not medical advice. … [Read more...]

Human Growth Hormone (HGH) for Anti-Aging and Bodybuilding

hgh riptropin

Should I use human growth hormone (HGH) or do testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) for anti-aging? What's the difference between HGH and TRT? How do I know if my human growth hormone is real or fake? Should I choose HGH or TRT or both? (Short answer: Although that's a question for your doctor, most men would be far better off on TRT. If they have the inclination and cash to … [Read more...]

D&P Podcast No. 1: Steroid Cycles, Natural Gains, Trenbolone, GH, and More!

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Welcome to the first Danger & Play podcast. There has been a lot of interest in a podcast. Ask and ye shall receive: (You can also listen the podcast at the Danger & Play Soundcloud page; downloads are unavailable for the moment due to a technical glitch.) In our first podcast, I interview a former male fitness model who is also my close friend, training partner, … [Read more...]

How Did I lose 80 pounds of Fat and Gain 30 Pounds of Muscle Without Steroids?

80 pounds fat loss

The discussion of going from fit to big left out the prequel. What's it like going from fat to fit? How did I lose over 80 pounds of fat (going from a high of 260 pounds to a low of 180) without the use of any drugs other than caffeine and OTC thermogenics? How did I then rebuild my body without the use of anabolic steroids? (I was 100% natural - no pro hormones, no TRT, … [Read more...]

Going from Fit to Big


My body has undergone some interesting changes over the past few years. I've gone from fat to fit and then from fit to big(ish). I'm currently on the question to get an elite physique, which will take me another 2-3 years or so. While going from fit to big, I've noticed quite a few interesting things. (The difference  20 pounds of muscle makes.)   What do I mean … [Read more...]

What Explains the Paleo/Primal Fad?

Paleo man

"Are you Paleo," some CrossFitter asked me. This was in 2008 and I should have invested in the Vibram Five Fingers shoe company, because the Paleo movement isn't going anywhere. (Click on this image to see the growth in interest, as measured in Google queries, for the Paleo movement.)   We have to ask: Why is Paleo so popular? In my view, the Paleo movement is a … [Read more...]