How N-Acetylcysteine (N-A-C) Cured My Depression and Anxiety

N-A-C depression anxiety

The maternal side of my family contains a history of severe mental illness. My maternal grandmother suffered from schizophrenia and died in a mental ward. My mother has been institutionalized repeatedly, suffering from a decades long battle with bipolar disorder. My younger brother is a legitimate sociopath. He is not merely "dark triad." He has actual antisocial personality … [Read more...]

Chris From Good Looking Loser on TRT, Empathy for Girls, Game, and Insecurities

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I recently had the pleasure to sit down and do a couple of  podcasts with Chris from Good Looking Loser, author of a great post called How to be Successful at Anything. Chris is one of the most authentic and transparent men that you will meet anywhere. He has a genuine desire to help men and I am proud to consider him a friend. The second podcast will appear on Chris' site … [Read more...]

Supplements for Men

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Instead of doing a generic post about supplements for men, I take you inside my crib to show you what actual supplements are on my own countertop. (Isn't that so much better than another stupid post written out by someone who might not even take what he says you should use?) My YouTube Channel is fun for another reason. I've been to the weight room a five or six times in the … [Read more...]

Anti-Aging Blood Work for Men (Video and Transcript)

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In Part 1 of this series I showed how I increased my testosterone level. In part 2 I discuss other male health and anti-markers such as cholesterol, fasting glucose, lipids, insulin, thyroid hormone, C reactive protein, genotyping, 23AndME, and much more. The specific tests I had done are part of the The Male Anti-Aging Panel (use coupon code HEALTHY12 to save 12% at … [Read more...]

How to Lose Fat Without Losing Training Intensity

Carb Cycling

The Danger & Play Fat Loss Series We are doing 4 podcasts on fat loss. The first podcast is "How I Lost 80 pounds with Intermittent Fasting." That's the podcast you should listen to if you are obese, overweight, and you need to radically change your life and drop a lot of fat. (We also did a podcast covering nutrition and supplements and How to Gain 10 Pounds of Muscle … [Read more...]

Alpha Muscle Meals

alpha chili stew

Aside from rent/mortgages, food is a major household expense. If you can cut your food bill, you will be on your way to financial freedom. If you want to build a strong and healthy body while on a budget, you need to learn how to cook for yourself. In fact, I cook most of my meals, as food is expensive. I eat big and the kind of meals I'd get at Chiptole would run me $15 each. … [Read more...]

Blood Work for Men: Testosterone Level, Cholesterol, Glucose Levels

Blood work for men TRT

How does a man learn his testosterone level? What is a good cholesterol level for a man? What about HDL and LDL and fasting glucose levels and liver counts? What sort of things should a man on testosterone replacement therapy look for? In this video, we cover all aspects of the blood work that we get done once a year - the male anti-aging panel. You can see the actual lab … [Read more...]

Beet Juice for Better Health, Better Workouts, and Better Sex

Beet juice exercise

What if I told you a drug exists that has all of these benefits: You will have better sex. You will be stronger in the gym and have more endurance. You will have fewer hangovers. What if I told you that this drug is completely legal, well researched, and has zero side effects? That would sound like a supplement company's bogus "advertorial," wouldn't it? I am here … [Read more...]

How to Stay Fit Over 40

Fit Over 40

Society conditions men to fear their 40th birthday - which is called the Big 4-0. It's your Over the Hill birthday! Is it true that life for a man ends at 40? Is it possible to remain fit over 40? If you don't take care of yourself, the answer is an empathic yes. Then again, if you haven't been taking care of yourself, your life probably ended well before your 40th … [Read more...]

How I Train


A lot of guys ask how I train and ask for my "program." I have some news that will make Internet nerds throughout the world blow a gasket. I don't follow a workout program at all. But doesn't that violate the principle of progressive overload!? How will you ever make specific adaptations to imposed demands if you just....go out whatever?! (Beats … [Read more...]