The Twin Pillars of Alpha

Alpha male

After you've spent a few decades on this earth and had some high highs and low lows, you eventually understand that there are certain indisputable truths about the human condition. You see the same patterns repeat themselves over and over again. The patterns appear everywhere, even in unrelated contents. There are two laws that appear so frequently that you may as … [Read more...]

How to be at the Right Place at the Right Time

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Arturo Sandoval is one of the world's greatest musicians. People fly across the world to watch him perform, and playing with him is considered a highlight of any musician's career. When Sandoval was in town to perform, I was fortunate enough to attend his concert.  While the show itself is a haze, something happened that I'll never forget. Sandoval stepped off the stage … [Read more...]

Become Obsessed to the Point of Madness


Do you want to know the secret to giving up all of your vices? Do you know why you have a bunch of bad habits in the first place? I will tell you why, and my answer isn't the same one self-help gurus will give. There is a sad secret that you won't admit to yourself. You have vices because you are aimless. Your life has no purpose. You are simply existing. You are … [Read more...]

20-Something Facts From My 20-Somethings


As men get older they are usually asked to perform a thought experiment: If you could write a letter that would travel back in time to your younger self, what would that letter say? The thought experiment presupposes that your older, wiser self has it it figured out. In my case, my younger self would scream at me for the nonsense I do; and this year I've been channeling the … [Read more...]

Seek Small Victories (Because Winning is a Habit)


After a day of work that stretched into night, something came up that ruined everything. All of the hard work was for nothing. I turned my office light off and walked outside into the darkness. I hadn't packed food for the day and my blood sugar was low. I grabbed a protein bar and told myself that going to the gym was pointless. Somehow I made it. I rolled into the … [Read more...]

Ask Danger & Play Anything


For a long time I've resisted telling "my story," so to speak. It's not due to a need for privacy but more because this isn't a website about me. It's a website about how you can go from average to alpha. Reader demand has reached a boil, and so I've decided to do an AMA. I am answering every reader question submitted. The nutrition/training questions are being answered in a … [Read more...]

How to Lose Fat Without Using Drugs

80 pounds fat loss secrets

In my adult life my bodyweight has been as high as 260 pounds and as low as 163 pounds (the weight I boxed at). For reference, I'm six-feet tall, although by normal standards 6'1.5", since every guy adds two inches to his height. (Here's what I looked like at 240 and then at 180 pounds.) Want to hear more? Click play or download our latest podcast from … [Read more...]

3 Tips to Triple Blog Traffic in 3 Months

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Blog traffic had stagnated. For almost a year, the dial didn't move. One month's page views were the same as the last month's. Danger & Play had become a swamp, stagnant and stinky. Blog traffic has tripled over the past three months. We are just over one week into March and yet March has received more traffic than the entire month of November. Here's how we made … [Read more...]

Three Ways a Tony Robbins Seminar Changed Danger & Play

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About one year ago I attended Unleash the Power Within (UPW) in Los Angeles. A friend of mine had always wanted to attend one and we were able to get in for half off the list price (buy one get one free). Otherwise I would not have gone, and that would have been a terrible mistake. For some, change comes fast. I didn't attend UPW because I was looking for my messiah or … [Read more...]

Danger & Play Podcast Interview: Part 2


I recently sat down to talk with Pete of Manosphere Radio. He had a long list of things to discuss and we had some reader questions to answer. But. I thought it would be more fun for Pete (and the listeners) to do one of the most fundamental and necessary NLP exercises - that of finding your "home base." Pete was a good sport and hopefully found the lesson valuable. The … [Read more...]