Why I’m Not a Liberal or a Conservative

Two sides of the same coin

Big Government: Liberals say, “We need a strong social services program since I am afraid of losing my job and being unable to support myself.” Conservatives say, “I’m terrified of cave-dwelling savages and of black men. We need a larger army and more police on the street!” Out taxes and national debt go up accordingly.

Money: Liberals say, “Give us that money you made so the government can redistribute it.” Conservatives say, “Let’s borrow more money to fight wars so that the dollar can lose.”

Child support: Liberals say, “A woman has the right to choose! A man who doesn’t pay child support takes that right away from her.” Conservatives say, “Man up and take responsibility for your choices!” Both will send you to prison if you lose your job and are unable to pay child support.

Age of consent: Liberals says, “A man shouldn’t be able to have sex with a girl under 18 because that would objectify her.” Conservatives say, “A man shouldn’t corrupt the young.” Both think you’re creepy and sick for finding Alec Baldwin’s daughter to attractive.

Ireland Baldwin

Chivalry: Liberals say, “You make more money than women for performing the same work, because patriarchy. Pay up!” Conservatives say, “A real man treats every woman like a princess.” You’d better pay for dinner, even if she makes more than you.

Rape: Liberals say, “Sex a woman regrets is rape.” Conservatives say, “Sex without marriage is immoral.” Both support policies that enslave innocent men. “Rape shield laws,” for example, enjoy bipartisan support.

Marriage: Liberals say, “Be a man, get married.” Conservatives say, “Man up! Make an honest woman out of her.” This is said even though men are forced to pay alimony to women who cheat on their husbands and are forced to pay child support for children that aren’t even their own.

Joint custody: “A woman should have the right to decide whether or not she wants to raise her child.” Conservatives say, “A child needs his mother.” Men thus have to beg and plead with and bribe an unreasonable woman to see their own offspring.

Affirmative action: Liberals say, “Men have oppressed women for decades. Women should get a job over an equally or even higher-qualified man.” Conservatives say, “Let’s nominate a borderline retarded woman as Vice President, putting her second-in-line to be Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces.”

Men are so busy arguing with each other than they aren’t even realizing the rogering they are receiving.

No thinking man buys into this two-party political system.

Are You More Alpha than Raw Vegans?

My post about making money online created immense controversy. The consensus from people who no doubt go on Internet message forums to tell everyone that they are alpha males was surprisingly beta, “It can’t be done!”

I think a lot of guys need a new mirror. Some of you are seeing alpha images when the reality is less flattering.

Mirror Homer Muscles Fat

These three groups of people are all living exclusive off of online income. If you say you can’t make money online, you are admitting that these are your superiors. While you cry about being broke, these people are making it happen.

Who’s the alpha – a bunch of pussies who cry about being broke or these people?

Raw Megan

Banana Boy

Raw Brahs

DJ Kalin Tyler Interviews Hunter Moore

Is Anyone Up Interview

If you think your game is tight, then you have clearly not heard of one man – Internet mob boss, Hunter Moore.

Hunter Moore is a DJ whose fame grew when he created the Internet revenge site, “Is Anyone Up?” “Is Anyone Up?” allowed users to upload images of girls who had sexted them, although the site took a diabolical twist.

Unlike other revenge sites, Is Anyone Up? Linked to the exes’ Facebook pages.

Most men would view Moore’s life as being over. Surely no woman would ever get involved with such a scumbag degenerate.

Hunter Moore’s reward for creating a website that ruined lives was a concubine of groupies. Girls would regularly send him nude pictures and offer him sex.

Hunter Moore became king of the Internet.

DJ Kalin Tyler (whom we interviewed at Danger & Play) had an interesting discussion with Hunter Moore.

The Interview examines Moore’s business strategy, his groupies, and his hustler’s mindset:

HM: I have been doing business since I was a little kid. To me, business is just natural. If I had went to school I would probably be a super fucking genius in business. People think I’m just an idiot for Tweeting and getting girls naked, but little do they know that I am creating this huge fucking empire. I really don’t sleep, all I do is hustle all day long. When people actually sit back and realize what I am doing, they will be like “Holy shit…” I hope people take me more serious on that level, but it is sort of a blessing that they don’t. I would rather them think that I am fucking retarded because…well…I am going to take over the world.

If you want to know what living the life really means, check it out.

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A Simple Way to Improve Mood and Speed Recovery

Sometimes you’re about to write a post. Then you Google something and discover/remember that someone has already written it. (It’s common in the blogging world to just re-word/rip off the other person’s writing. That’s not how we do things here. So…)

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