Personal Finance for Men: Finding Freedom in a World of Slavery

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Reader response to our Personal Finance Podcast for Men was overwhelming, so we recorded a second part. In this episode we take on reader questions while also providing our own viewpoints on wage slavery and personal freedom. Go to our SoundCloud or press play below: Topics We Cover and Questions We Answer: Should you buy or lease a car? (Why did Mike buy a used car … [Read more...]

Personal Finance for Men: Making and Saving Money


In the latest Danger & Play podcast (available on our SoundCloud), we discuss personal finances for men. We received a lot of fantastic reader questions. Thank you for submitting them. We did our best to get to all of them. Your Questions About Personal Finance for Men Can you talk about the mindset needed to quit a well paying job to become self-employed? When … [Read more...]

Get Your Money in Order

My personal financially philosophy used to be pretty simple, "If I have money, I'll spend it. If not, I won't!" Although I didn't acquire credit card debt or live recklessly, I never had control of my finances. (Check out our Podcast on Personal Finance for Men.) As a man, you must control your money. Money is like oxygen. Without it, you can't breathe. Men are under … [Read more...]

Benjamin Franklin: First American Red Pill Thinker?

Most manosphere blogs are anonymous because writing under one's real name makes oneself nearly unemployable. As a young man Benjamin Franklin had to decide whether prostituting himself out to the system was worth it. A printer at the time, he was asked to publish something he did not agree with. Franklin decided his integrity was worth more than a few creature comforts. He … [Read more...]

Overeducated and Underemployed? Start Making Money Online!

Benjamin Franklin autobiography

Although Gucci Little Piggy is an outstanding writer, I stopped reading his blog because it was too negative and bitter. A Twitter link to an article shows why he's a bit unhappy with the world: I had top grades among Finance students but just didn’t think or know and hadn’t been told how important internships were.  So I just focused only on school work because that’s what I … [Read more...]

Value Investing (in Yourself)

While reading some books on investing, I've been overwhelmed by the similarities the investment approach of Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger has to the proper approach to life. Buffett and Munger note that their investment approach eschews an obsession with macro policies. If you talk to most guys on the Street, their views change every day based on whether Bernake farted … [Read more...]

iHerb Coupon Code (EKO606): Help Me Help You Make Money

93 of you have ordered from iHerb. I would like to thank each of you. A few people have asked about the iHerb coupon code on the side of my page, which notes you can save $10 on your first order over $40 and $5 on an order of any size by using couple code EKO606 (or clicking this link). Let me explain why I have the promotion; what the promotion does for me; and how the … [Read more...]