What Explains the Paleo/Primal Fad?

Paleo man

"Are you Paleo," some CrossFitter asked me. This was in 2008 and I should have invested in the Vibram Five Fingers shoe company, because the Paleo movement isn't going anywhere. (Click on this image to see the growth in interest, as measured in Google queries, for the Paleo movement.)   We have to ask: Why is Paleo so popular? In my view, the Paleo movement is a … [Read more...]

Take Out the Manosphere Trash


I only read a few manosphere blogs and I almost never venture into the comments sections of those blogs, as the comments are unreadable. Lately I've skimmed some comments and something has clicked. The manosphere can basically be split into two factions. The first faction is what I called guys who got laid "by accident." The second faction is made up of posers, dead beats, … [Read more...]

Is Tony Robbins “Red Pill”?

Tony Robbins

"Most men today have learned to become feminized. They are feminine. They try pleasing women any way they possibly can "What most guys do is...When you try to lease her and it doesn't work, you try to please her more. The more you try to please, the more she feels in control....If she has sex with you, it won't be passionate.   Listen more: Unleash the Power … [Read more...]

Why I’m Not a Liberal or a Conservative

Ireland Baldwin

Two sides of the same coin Big Government: Liberals say, "We need a strong social services program since I am afraid of losing my job and being unable to support myself." Conservatives say, "I'm terrified of cave-dwelling savages and of black men. We need a larger army and more police on the street!" Out taxes and national debt go up accordingly. Money: Liberals say, "Give … [Read more...]

Why Do Yuppies Want Pit Bulls?

Cane Corso

Dog ownership among women is growing. Nearly every girl I know has or wants a dog. Most pet store owners seem to be women. It seems that more yuppie white women are owning pit bulls. What's up with that? GLP views it as a manifestation of guilt: Women are apt to feel more guilt than men so it would make sense that the various forms of ‘privilege guilt’ would prove most … [Read more...]

Bill Burr: A Red Pill Comedian

Cheat Bill Burr

Heeding Oscar Wilde, “If you want to tell people the truth, make them laugh, otherwise they'll kill you," Bill Burr has some of the best comedy involving gender relations. Here's a funny skit involving the difference between male work and female work: He also has a book out entitled Cheat: A Man's Guide to Infidelity, which you can find here. … [Read more...]

Today’s Reads

"Stretching Doesn't Work." I disagree with the title, but the hip mobility exercises are legit. "The average Apple analyst's price target has fallen to $740." The best juicer, the Omega J8006, is on sale. It's usually $299. "Juicing or Blender? Which is Better?" "Halbert Newsletters Archives," a how-to-write-winning-sales-copy guide. "Musashi: An Epic Novel of the … [Read more...]