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I don’t have a boss or a job that I can be fired from. I can’t be “outed” or “exposed.” I can’t be shamed. I can speak the truth.

Danger & Play is not for the slow or weak. We cover a lot of ground and do not tolerate nonsense or stupidity.

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Does this sound like you?

You were told to be a good little boy, to follow the rules, and to do the right thing.

You followed the rules. You did the right thing. Yet life didn’t work out for you the way people promised you it would.

You found that your life was lacking. You couldn’t quite put you finger on it, but you knew something was wrong.

You often stayed up and wondered, “Where did I go wrong? Why do I feel like a slave?

You dug deeper, “What does it mean to do the right thing? Doesn’t that just mean following arbitrary rules that people told me to follow?”

You started to look around. You discovered that the rule makers were either clueless pawns or slave masters who wanted to keep you in a human zoo.

You are prepared to rebuild, to start over, to understand that in the beginning, “Everything you have ever been told is a lie.”

We smash through barriers. We recreate ourselves. We don’t allow others to get in our way. We are gorillas.

We won’t settle for good when greatness is within sight. We won’t live as slaves when all we need to do is leave the zoo.

Welcome to Danger & Play.

  • Breeze

    Great blog. Somewhere along the lines I remeber you mentioning you listen to some self-improvement audiobooks. Do you mind sharing any good reads aling these lines? Also, other than Roosh, any game reads/blogs that you would recommend? Just keep doing your thing. I’m glad that I cam across your work.

  • (r)Evoluzione

    Re: a recent tweet you made. I’m not on twitter (yet) but I do watch it.

    Short women. Evolutionarily preferred:


    might have some merit.

  • andy

    Just started reading this blog, probably hands down one of the best, and most relevant I’ve read. Keep it up.

  • Asad

    Love the work I’ve read so far. Just curious as to when this blog started, I’d like to read older posts if they’re any that pre-date Mar 2011.

    All the best.

  • Francis Marion

    Care to answer a few questions for research purposes?

  • http://gravatar.com/askediske askediske

    Just a general question about Nietzsche and his validity in game-related circles. He was a total badass intellectually, but on the level of actions.. he was a lesser beta. All the painfully platonic business with Salomé and even the fact is in question whether he died as a virgin. What do you guys think about this?

    • http://gravatar.com/samseau samseau

      There’s a lot of evidence and people who claim he died of Syphilis. Virgins’s don’t get Syphilis.

      • http://gravatar.com/askediske askediske

        yeah, that’s why I said it is in question. The siphilis theory goes on as he got it from hookers.

  • http://insideawomansmind.wordpress.com insideawomansmind

    I guess I, as a woman, should be offended here and there, when reading this blog, but you’re so spot on it’s almost eery.

  • chris

    Great blog, keep em’ coming.

  • sarah

    This is the most awesome up site I have ever come across. Almost everything on here is erotic. “Women like to be raped”? Yes. Stick a cock in my ass and see how you like it first.

    • http://dangerandplay.wordpress.com dangerandplay

      Thanks cutie.

  • http://twitter.com/NaughtyNomad Naughty Nomad (@NaughtyNomad)

    Hey man, check out the EP forum and suggest your best posts. We’ll send you some traffic this as your the featured blogger.

  • http://twitter.com/NaughtyNomad Naughty Nomad (@NaughtyNomad)

    *this week

  • Ed_PUA


  • Rob

    Anyway to put your twitter feed back up?

  • Andy

    I ordered from iHerb, just random supplements, to Montreal. Apparently they were delayed at customs at the border, and I wont be getting a refund. You should warn your readers if they are ordering internationally.

    • Danger & Play

      Weird. Lots of Canadians use them. Did you use a credit card to order? If so, contact your credit card company to demand a refund. If that doesn’t work, email me and I’ll agitate on your behalf. Playdangerously gmail.

      • Andy

        Thanks, I’ll give that a go.

  • Lamarsh

    Dear D&P, my brother, I have a suggested item, which, hopefully could lead to a review/post by you after you try it. A buddy of mine got me onto Horny Goat Weed as a supplement. I have no problem getting a hard on, I’m 29 and I still wake up everyday with a rock hard cock; however, it can never be too hard, and I’m always looking for ways to boost my libido. When I read a bit about HGW, I learned that, by no means, is it a supplement to fix ED or other problems, but, rather, it works as an excellent supplement for any man with a healthy sex life. I notice results even within hours after taking it! I hustle hard during the week, leaving little time for game, so the weekend is where I do most of my fucking. As such, I start doses of two pills in the morning and night (as directed on the bottle) on Thursdays or Fridays, and continue through the weekend, and I have notable results of being aroused much easier, having a stronger drive and harder boners. I do this in conjunction with my juicing regime of veggies that increase bloodflow such as beets (a.k.a. “natures viagra”). This article sums up some of its historical uses and gives some stats, check it out: http://www.foxnews.com/health/2011/04/19/improve-sex-life-horny-goat-weed/.

    Try it out and let us know what you think. I think it’s something that D&P readers will benefit from, if they aren’t already.


  • Ed_PUA

    Dood you need to gussy up the header for the new site…

    • Danger & Play

      No doubt. Still playing around with the new template. I’m not in any hurry.

  • noize

    Good blog. It’s been noted that plastic water bottles contain xenoestrogens. I’m switching to glass drinking bottles. Amazon has them for about 18 bones. Check it out.

  • Lamarsh

    D&P, I remember reading an entry about online dating sites, and running that game as a means to boost numbers. It’s a great point, and the days are over where online dating is for weirdos. However, I just learned about a new iPhone app (and I think it’s on Android as well) that pretty much defeats the purpose of online dating sites, unless you are going on online dating sites to find a “match,” which I doubt any of D&P readers are doing. It’s called Tinder. It pulls a database of all girls within a selected distance from you based on certain criteria from Facebook (but it’s 100% anonymous), and then you literally flip through girl after girl and either click “nope” or “liked,” and if a girl who you “liked” ends up doing the same to you when she comes across you, it puts the two of you in touch in the “matches” folder. Essentially, you get a list of girls that are attracted to you based upon the 5 pics you can have on your profile, and then you can engage in messaging with them, or choose to block them. Girls who you “like,” but do not chose to “like” you, never have any idea that you chose them, so it’s very anonymous. I’d explain more, but it’s really that simple, and honestly, just check it out and see how it pans out. It’s like shooting fish in a barrel. If you think it’s something your readers will like, drop a post on it and spread the wealth brother.


  • nek

    Why don’t you have the twitter feed alongside your blog homepage anymore? You have some quality tweets that would be good for all to see.

    • Danger & Play

      Can you see it now?

      • nek

        Yes thank you.

  • T and A Man

    I am extremely interested in foam rollers as I think it will provide a solution I am after but do not know enough. Have you, across any of your guises, posted anything in regards to them? if not, can you direct me to a good free source? Not just the first google search return.

    • Danger & Play

      I use a form roller before every workout and have a rumble roller (this thing) at home. When traveling I have a foam roller mailed to my destination. Foam rolling a broad thing, though, so you gotta find the specific exercises for specific injuries.


      I personally had pinched nerves in my back and neck. Foam rolling helped, though to really get at it I needed a theracane. Lacrosse balls and tennis balls are also good to really dig in.


      Extremely painful but highly beneficial.

      • T and A Man

        Sorry, not a foam rollers itself, I can source those easily enough, but you’ve put the words I need answer.

        “though, so you gotta find the specific exercises for specific injuries.”

        Yeah, I’m after the range of exercises, so I can specifically cater my needs.

        hat tip to you by the way, I view you as a very trusted source to things related to physical fitness. A big thank you for all you do contribute.

  • nek

    Got a question and I’m not sure this is the right place to post this but I couldn’t figure anything else. I was on Roosh’s forum the other day and one of the posts was about how Will Smith says the keys to life are “running and reading”. Essentially, the “mind” and “body” of “mind, body, and spirit”. You seem to have a philosphical edge to you so my question is what do you do for “spirit” in this equation? Specifically, what do you do for spirit while having a red-pill mentality and understanding of these things. I read alot, try to be the perpetual student, work out alot, train MMA, so I feel that I am at least attacking mind and body head on but the spirit thing in me is definitely lacking. Yes reading and working out help with this to some extent (esp. MMA. The clarity of fighting with a guy is like no other) but I am definitely still missing something. Once I’m out of training i’m back to my normal sentiment on life. I have a very dark yet realistic (red pill) view of the world and I can tell this is having a grave affect on my temperament, mood, sense of purpose, and overall quality of life. I was just wondering what you do to make strides in this department as I could use some help. For mind and body, there are a gazillion resources for improvement. For spirit, not so much, especially for people of the red pill mentality.

    • Danger & Play

      Have you read, “Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience”?


      If not, you should. Spirit is what happens when the body and mind align, or when you are in a “flow state.” It’s like being on a super drug. The goal is to find out how to get into flow states. It’s a phenomenal book and I’m not sure why it hasn’t been blogged here.

      • nek

        I’ll definitely check it out. I need something to get me out of this funk. Thanks alot man.

  • stalker

    red pill music?

  • Jzb

    Thanks for some pragmatic advice on lifting! I travel a ton for work (about half the yer, all of it internationally) and In the past it’s ruined my consistency. On one of your posts you mentioned that you find a local gym to use when you travel. When I read that I was kicking myself for not thinking of doing the same. Needless to say I’ve been able to find gyms and haven’t skipped a beat in 5 months.

  • sandra

    I stumbled across your blog post entitled “Do You Deserve A Feminine Woman?”

    Oh my good Lord, it was like the sun coming up back on me! Yes, yes, and YES! You’re so spot-on!

    We feminine women want – nay, desperately NEED – masculine men! There must be a balance to everything, a yin and yang, and whatever our personal energy is, we seek the complimentary opposite energy in our partner. A very feminine woman needs a very masculine man. A masculine woman would be better suited with a feminine men. I don’t know who started this vicious cycle first. Feminine men, or masculine women? I don’t know. It doesn’t matter. I just know it needs to stop. I am lucky enough to have found an AMAZING masculine alpha male boyfriend. I love him so much, and I’m so proud of him, and will support him no matter what. I have so much love, respect, affection, and admiration for him!! But it wasn’t always like this. I happen to live in Los Angeles, a city that actually ranked a year or two ago as the most feminine city (as far as men went) in America. I’d meet many good-looking men, but wasn’t attracted to the vast majority of them. Something I couldn’t put my finger on. Not committed enough. Too wavering. Lacking personal integrity, a strong inner core. Flighty. Inconsistent. Moody. Vying for attention. Needing validation. Bitter. NOT MASCULINE.

    I can’t describe how much I wished during those times that American men would man up. Seriously, guys, this is SO important. And it’s important to uphold and cherish feminine women. It’s important for both sexes to learn to respect and honor each other’s differences and allow each other the freedom to be our true selves.

    • Anonymous

      Fair enough, but I know lots of very feminine women who are not interested in overly masculine men or “alpha males.” Sure they all want a fit attractive, but different things appeal to different people. Many girls like the sweet sensitive type. Of course masculine guys can be sweet and sensitive, but the image some present can be intimidating to women. As a woman I like to feel safe and I like guys who can be gentle. Im not interested in guys who talk about their erections, body building and muscles all day. Aggression is not appealing to most women. Being a man isn’t determined by how muscular, aggressive, horny or macho you are. Its more than that. I don’t think people need to be labelled into exclusively masculine or feminine roles.

      • Danger & Play

        You sound like you’re really fat.

        • http://badgerhut.wordpress.com Badger


  • Cobra

    I regret that I wasn’t able to make the meet up in NYC Mike.

    Your podcasts and writing have literally changed my life starting with how I think.

    I still have a long ways to go and I hope to become a member of your community here.