When Did You Realize You Were on the Verge of a Breakthrough?

A lot of you have requested a forum. A forum is not in the works for now, as running a forum is not suitable to my temperament or skills. I am a warrior-magician. Running a forum is a job for a king who has patience (as there will always be drama between members) and administrative skills.

The Forum is dead! Long live the Forum!

Why don’t I throw out some reader questions sent to me and ask you for your take? You gave some awesome answers to the first Reader Question I submitted. Your book recommendations also blew me away.

It is not kissing up to say that many of you are smarter than I am. I have no problem with that. I don’t want to be the smartest man in the room, as that leaves me no room to grow.

Here is an interesting reader question: “At what point did you realize D&P was on the verge of a breakthrough?”

Take me out of the question.

Did you have a breakthrough? If so, when did you know you were on the verge of a breakthrough?

Let’s hear what you have to say.

  • http://www.twentiesmentor.com/ Peter Twenties

    Usually when things get the hardest. I just know I have to push just a little bit more before the balance shifts.

    • Danger & Play Blog


      • http://www.twentiesmentor.com/ Peter Twenties

        The job hunt when I moved to Vancouver. Tight market, lots of shitty prospects, I was professionally underqualified, emailed hundreds of people with no leads for months. I started to work more on building relationships, gave a guy some SEO insights on his personal biz for free and he asked me if I wanted to come work at his office. Breakthough.

  • Robert

    When I:

    – Stopped watching TV.
    – Stopped caring what other people thought of me.
    – Read books and blogs from like minded men who care about self improvement and being the best they can be.
    – Lift heavy weights.
    – Take long walks and think deeply about my life and what I want to do.
    – Started doing power poses all the time.

    The more consistent I’ve been with the above the more and more I feel like I’m on the verge of a breakthrough.

    • Danger & Play Blog

      What happened once you adopted those positive lifestyle habits?

      • Robert

        I’ve become so hungry for greatness.

  • J. Ballard Criminal.

    Chronicles of The Ballard Breakthrough.

    Date: 16th July, 2014
    Time: 3:14 am

    After a crisp exchange on one of the posts, I sent Mike a message. He responded with warmth and efficacy, paving the path to a personal, life changing breakthrough:-

    ”I never received your other emails. I saw your email address in the Reader Survey.

    What’s going on?


    A couple of trivial details regarding my pitiable condition and Mike praising my ability to write, I ask him the following question – “I wanted to ask you, though. Is there any chance I can work for you? Anything, I just want the experience, a peek inside the mechanics of your system.” In retrospect, not the smoothest of all pitches, readers here must note and learn from my naïveté.
    Mike:-What do you mean by “work” for me? What do you have in mind?

    I paraphrase Tupac Shakuk lyrics.

    Mike:What do you want to write about?

    You wrote me because you have a vision.

    What is your vision?

    Coughing, shivering and trying to type on my phone while sneezing, I manage a moderately intelligent reply. Hook, line and sinker. Thirty hours of sleep deprivation does that to you, the ability to form coherent sentences becomes something worthy of of being called Herculean.
    Me:Twist people’s perspective. Shine light on things which lie under the heap of mainstream garbage. If that makes sense, it’s just doing what you do but a little different, in my own voice.

    Mike: Sounds promising. Let’s see what you got….

    Twenty one minutes later I email him an article pertaining to the manosphere. Something I type off the top of my dome. Freestyling in its finest form.

    Mike: Have you read Plato’s Allegory of the Cave?

    A strange feeling crept up my chest for the first time during our correspondence.
    Was it love? Not quite. It was confidence.

    Me: A few times.

    Mike: That’s what your writing reminded me of.

    Ecstatic, I completely ignore Mike and start rambling about reading the Republic thrice and being obsessed with the Elenchus. However, I regain my composure in time and enquire:
    So, what did you think?

    Here’s Mike keeping it real. He sings laurels about my words but stands his ground regarding their place in D&P.

    Mike: It’s poetry. Beautiful. It reminded me of Plato – that is the highest compliment I can pay a man.

    Not sure how it fits with D&P, though…

    A few exchanges take place where I’m trying to convince him that I’m ready to roll with his crowd, he finally caves in and I’m pleased with my powers of persuasion.
    He asks to see a finished, refined article as soon as I have it ready.
    I ask for two hours, finish it in one and send…

    Three emails unmasking my façade of kratom induced composure and a few hours later, Mike replies:-

    I read it and have been thinking about it. It’s poetry. Again, the challenge is finding a hook that makes it relevant to D&P readers.

    Your writing is amazing and unusual….It doesn’t have a niche.

    Have you considered starting a blog of your own? I would read it.

    And so began the breakthrough.
    Although I didn’t realise it at that time. Dejected, I remarked: I did consider that. I’m not sure what about though.

    Mike’s Golden Reply: Just put your writing out there. It doesn’t have to be about anything. You have talent.

    I thought hard about this for a awhile….

    Author’s Note: Fast forward to now, I’ve got a domain name set, I know what I will blog about and have some material ready. Haven’t stopped since my lightbulb moment.
    I had a high fever about 103 when I was talking to Mike. I’m either feeling better or stopped paying attention to my health, I can’t say. Thanks to Mike, I hope you don’t mind me sharing, such breakthroughs are uncommon and I thought documenting mine would be appreciated by you and the rest of the readers.

    – Your boy

    • Danger & Play Blog

      I was not lying. Your writing is unusual, sure, and that’s why I enjoy your missives. You aren’t a bland copycat. You are an artist with his own vision. Some will get that vision, others will not. You must create your own vision and those who are destined to find you will find you.

      • J. Ballard Criminal.

        Wise words once more. Much appreciated. Again, if you feel that writing about your messages is a violation of your privacy then I will take it down.

        • Danger & Play Blog

          Nope. We’re cool.

          • J. Ballard Criminal.

            Haven’t put much thought into this but what about a flash chat room for the people here?

            You could have a weekly hour long meet up where subscribers come and chat with you, get it password protected which you send out via mail every week to keep the trolls out. An hour a week isn’t a lot of time, I’d spare one. It’s easy to hook it up to a mic and camera so it’ll basically be like mass skyping without any costs. You being the admin will have the power to bounce those off you don’t want in there. Any thoughts?

    • http://freedomandfulfilment.com/ Freedom & Fulfilment

      Here’s hoping your first post is the Republic-Manosphere article.. that sounds cool.

  • Merkage

    I knew at first, when an incipient desire to view the complications and issues in need of attention in my life transformed from mere thorns in the side to the ripples of stone throws, that I became almost suddenly, passionate about embracing, transcending a superificlal interest. Not only intent on resolving those issues, but studying them, assessing their root cause. I started to become an explorer again.

    I knew when lifting weights morphed from habit to lifestyle, when pushing myself physically became a reflection of an inner power that I had not tapped into up until that point. The confidence I have possessed, the energy to conquer served as an unyielding foundation that a strong physique has been built upon, and the thirst to continue getting stronger and more resilient is inspiring.

    I knew when I realised my intelligence was not a gift, but a tool, and that perhaps has no greater benefit than for others. It found its purpose not in serving as the first hand to my ego, but a conduit through which expression and passion could find themselves unabated by the self-importance that previously claimed jurisdiction.

    It’s when growth suddenly became tangible to me, that I was an improved version of myself. With that knowledge and self-belief I know I can continue on this path, as the steps have already been made in the right direction. If I am fortunate, I shall be able to influence others positively the way D&P has so incisively reached a privileged demographic, and started to help sculpt better versions of them, even if their version of themselves was already on the road to preeminent success.

  • ML

    What may be interesting w/ a forum, is to have a paid one. Even though the $ wouldn’t be what sways you, it could be something you fold back into the forum (e.g. paying a stipend to a couple active participants of the blog to be mods so it doesn’t become an adminstrivia time-suck for you, use the $ for research materials for premium experiments, prizes for members who demonstrate kicking ass on some particular challenge you put forth, etc).

    Two other perks some readers may not immediately realize w/ a paid forum are:

    1) even if it was just $1/month, that would weed out most of the trolls & time-wasters to give a sub-community within D&P for people more-motivated to produce real change and results (not saying you should charge a buck, but you get my point.)

    2) I’ve participated in a couple paid marketing forums before & while most people came in to learn some “magic bullet”, I looked at it as a place to build relationships in addition to being “safe harbor” from trolls & idiots referenced earlier. Much more productive when finding answers to tough questions & providing the same experience to others.

    I actually cultivated some private skype groups out of that and even though I haven’t been a member of that forum for about a year, I still have relationships w/ those guys… via skype, at least. Iron sharpening iron & all that jazz.

    • Danger & Play Blog

      That’s a good idea.

    • anon1

      I would be open to paying for a paid forum but only if there was a ‘pay for a year’ or ‘pay for 5 years’ option like various sub forums on the warrior forum.

      I absolutely hate costs over time and prefer buying anything in lump sum format, even if it comes at a slight premium

  • XCSkierBen


    I don’t think I have ever had a breakthrough. I just keep pounding on my life’s anvil. I keep folding and reworking the steel.

    Periods of enlightenment? Now that’s another thing altogether.

  • Robert

    When I finally internalized that though I had been wronged by others, I could no longer blame them for my problems.

  • T and A man

    Something happened with D&P earlier this yeah. You’ve iterated thus yourself, I think it was the “how the triple your traffic in 3 months” post. It was around March IIRC.

    You expressed that somehow you and Victor Pride exchanged dialogue, and a statement was ‘put your heart and soul into it, or you may as well shut it down’.

    Around the same time was an article about obsession to the point of madness, and it was a marked change from your previous work. The lifestyle magazine for the alpha male wasn’t growing.

    Since then its been a phenomenal work.

    For me, my breakthrough does seem to coincide with the same timeframe. I personally account for whatever happened to you was coming through in your writing and being what I needed. Since then my wage gas gone up 30%, another 30% looks locked in within 18 months.

    But more importantly I’m kicking arse. Last week I was working on company strategy. I’ve never done that before and it felt great. By Friday I was feeling elation about how much I grew since making a move from my previous employer.

    The real kicker was when the weekend came, over the subsequent 48 hours I became increasingly anxious because I had turned off that kicking ass switch that had been in overdrive until Friday,

    I’m volunteering to take work home, building strategic tools for the company. It just blows wind through my hair, much more than TV like “Australia’s funniest spinal injuries”.

    I’m also in a frame now where I won’t be a chump anymore. I do understand my previous failings were the lack of a dominant mindset. I had failed to assert my value in the past. Now it’s paramount. The work I’ve taken home I can transplant anywhere. I can go solo and sell this as my product, I will realize my value with or without the company I am now with.

    But they’ve been good so far.

    End vision, what I’m bringing that they don’t have? Scale.

    I am aspiring to partner and TBH, a 7 figure payoff now looks easy, probably 8.

    I can actually envisage my work building this joint up to 9 figures… But yeah.. It’s gotta be split .

    Personally how do I feel? I still will drive a Mazda, lift weights, read books. I will still spend $10 watching local pub bands, and sharing a bottle of wine with a friend.

    But this feeling right now of kicking arse. I hold my head up higher, the engagement I have with people feels richer, the food I eat tastes better, the air I breath smells cleaner

  • Brett

    Off the top of my head, when I discovered GLL and read his post about gaining weight. I had been working out for years, and never got above 160lbs (I reached 160 through brute-force, just eating my face off at a work camp).

    I learned about calorie-dense, healthy food. I started tracking my caloric intake, and gaining weight. (I’d say muscle but I don’t have a DEXA scan 😉 haha) Now I’m at 171 and climbing. It really isn’t that hard once you know what you’re doing.

    A corollary breakthrough to the above mentioned – how much better you’re treated with simply gaining a bit of muscle. I’m getting eye-fucked everywhere. It’s blowing me away. Every pound I gain seems to be directly proportional to the eye-fucking I receive.

    • Elliot

      Thanks for pointing me to GLL’s post on gaining weight. I’ve always struggled with adding pounds – I eat super healthy, just not enough it seems.

      • Brett

        You’re welcome buddy.

  • http://freedomandfulfilment.com/ Freedom & Fulfilment

    It took me a while to think of mine but now I remember quite clearly. It was when I was still in high school, I had been reading about game and PUA stuff for a little while, and we were taking a family holiday to Hawaii. By some stroke of luck I ended up sitting separately from my family on the plane and in a row with a cute girl; I was in the aisle seat and she was by the window. Elliott Hulse talks about you doing your work and then God/the Universe meeting you 50% of the way, this was one of those times.

    I ended up talking to the girl for the entire plane ride, it’s pretty amazing how well you can get to know someone in 5-6 hours. I think I used some stuff from David DeAngelo or something but it was mostly just regular talking. By the end of the flight I was sitting next to her in the middle seat and she was holding on to my arm as we landed. At one point I could tell she wanted me to kiss her, but I wasn’t really “good enough” for that yet, and also she was engaged…(5-6 years older than me at the time). Anyway we made tentative plans to meet up in Hawaii and never did, but I still have her on Facebook and she is happily married (lol).

    The point of this story is that I remember thinking about how if this had happened even a year before then the girl would have been repelled by me and wouldn’t have wanted to talk for more than 30 seconds. This was a point where I realized that what I was doing for self improvement really was working. I realized that changing my behaviour and character changed how girls would feel about me, or to put it better, I recognized that how people reacted to me was something that I could control.

    I spent the whole rest of the holiday listening to David DeAngelo’s “On Being a Man”. I remember thinking that “game” was the best thing that ever happened to me, but really “game” was just a microcosm for character development. I’ve been spiralling upwards ever since.

    • http://dcllive.wordpress.com/ dcl

      David D, I remember that shit.
      “On being a man” and “Killing the boy inside”. good stuff.

      • http://freedomandfulfilment.com/ Freedom & Fulfilment

        Yep, “the boy must die”. David DeAngelo gets a lot of stick (and much of it rightly so), but I still think there’s a lot of value in some of those ideas.

  • http://batman-news.com Rene

    When did I realize I was on the cusp of a breakthrough? Here it is…a few months back, I had recently begun to visit the “manosphere” but was frequenting D&P more than any other website. Around the same time, Mike posted an article on Art and its ability to transcend our subconscious. Within the context of Mike’s message, he mentioned the interesting “coincidences” that appear before us, which ultimately shape our present and future… should we decide to act on them. After I posted a message to thank Mike for his work, Mike wrote to me and rhetorically asked me, “did you find Danger and Play OR did D&P find you?” That’s when I realized life was HERE, life was ready for me to dominate it, and for me to BE the real man that I knew lived inside.

    Let’s rewind to October 2013. During this time, I was at the lowest point of my life (as I imagined it to be)…I abruptly left a wage slave job as a corporate manager; I had selected a poor partner and worse, I hastily moved her into my house! I was self medicating with mary-jane, binge drinking, and watching too much porn. And unbeknownst to me, the people that I surrounded myself with were making matters worse by enabling my poor habits. My downward spiral, however, had begun its wheels in motion 5 years earlier that I ignorantly blamed on my divorce, loss of property, and financial resources.

    Before you guys smash me for saying “we all have problems, get over it”. I totally agree. That’s what is so liberating! Over these last few months and through self-improvement I have begun acting like Teflon so that nothings sticks. This is part of the masculine struggle and our transformation into men! Schopenhauer mentions that “what would men become in the land of milk and honey where everything is handed to them without a struggle?…they would go mad!” Yet, my challenge was that I was unaware subconsciously, that it was I creating walls, blaming others for my despair, making mountains out of molehills, and not taking full ownership.

    Danger and Play has had a profound and positive effect on my life because I came across it when I needed it most. I knew Mike and his work were in my life for a reason. THAT’S WHEN I REALIZED IT WAS MY BREAKTHROUGH MOMENT. I’m more disciplined, motivated, I work out regularly and in the best shape since my 20’s, I constantly read (my favorite past time now), Aurelius, Boethius, Plato, Schopenhauer, and the more contemporary works…., I’ve changed careers and I’m happy and fulfilled. I can even tell women look at me differently now (although sex transmutation is something I’ve been practicing more). And there’s a dozen other improvements I can mention, but ultimately Danger and Play gets a decent amount of credit for pointing me in the right direction. Thanks Mike.

    • Danger & Play Blog

      Great story, Rene!

  • generalstore44

    My breakthrough came in January, not to give it all the credit, but marijuana began to open my mind more and more. From there I began to stop caring about what others thought (but only to an extent) and developed a lot more positive thinking. Over time I began to improve, and it’s been a journey, but in the last month and a half I began to drastically change. I’ve pretty much stopped caring what others think altogether, and my life has never been so great. Your blog is one of the reasons for this, while some of these things I developed on my own, the more I read your blog the more you reinforced what I’d been thinking, while teaching me new things as well. While I read a bit of RoK (although I’m not much of a fan anymore) and Christian Mcqueen, your blog was the one that stood out to me the most. You cover more areas of life than any other bloggers I’ve been able to find. My success first came with money in the first half of the year, then I began trying harder with girls and have now witnessed great success. My social life has never been better, and while a good amount had to do with my own desire, I believe you deserve a LOT of credit because your writing has made me develop the motivation to get up off my ass and do something.

    My most recent social breakthrough was when I was in another state vacationing for a week, I hadn’t known anyone. Throughout my life I never knew anybody there every year my family visited because I was too scared to leave my computer. This time I began approaching girls with a YOLO attitude. Spent my first night hanging out with 4 girls who really enjoyed my company, and the one I wanted liked me but I didn’t make a move (not because of fear but there was no real good time). The next day I walked up to another group of girls, we spoke for about 10 minutes and they invited me to a party the next day. I went and ended up making out with two girls, one of which I got topless, both some of the hottest girls I’ve ever been with. Everyone was calling me a player/lady killer and girls were posting pics of me on instagram. I ended up having sex with one of the girls 2 days later and became one of the most popular people in the area, in four fucking days. I made it my goal to talk to EVERY person at the party (60 people) and met a lot of bros to hang out with. No other guy hooked up with girls, only a few couples who were already dating. The guys were asking my “secret” etc. There’s many other great things but this is just one example.

    And to be fair, this would never have happened had I not read your blog. You’ve helped completely change my life and go to the right direction. Your blog inspired me to work out everyday, for the first time in my life I’ve been working out everyday for a month, only taking 1 or 2 days break per week. I actually have veins on my arms now, a lot stronger arms and I’m witnessing the growth of hard work. Today I was taking a cold shower (something I started months ago, because of your article) after working out and began to cry of happiness because of everything that’s happened in the last few months. My life has never been so great, and you play a big role in this. I’ve never thought of myself as the emotional type, but I’m tearing up a bit just thinking about this.

  • bear

    My breakthrough came 2 years ago, I had just gotten married to an awesome women that I chose to settle down with. Prior to meeting her, I had achieved pretty good game with women, had a full time corporate job, and a business on the side. But all along, in the areas of work and business my game was loose. Once I got married, I knuckled right down. Worked really hard at my regular job, achieving good results for the company, then would put in hours after work, along with 48 out of 52 Saturdays plus 2.5 of my 3 weeks of vacation – for my side business. In Nov. 2013 I was a victim of downsizing, but the hard work the year prior paid off. The next day I was working and have 6 days a week – since.No unenjoyment, or hanging around my house like a slack bag. Fast forward to today, my game , thanks in large measure to B&D and D&P has only gotten tighter. I work out regularly, get up earlier than I used to, stick to projects until they are done, maintain a much more positive attitude, look people in the eyes regularly, cut way back on drinking, almost never wank it, etc..,etc.I work hard to deliver a great value added product to my clients – even when the jobs are tough and I don’t feel like it. There is still a lot of work to do particularly in my goal setting arena and time management ( weak areas ), but my new approach to life has moved my game way beyond women into all spheres of my life and it has paid off. In just the last month the phone calls for additional work for my business continue to flow in- enabling me to feel much more comfortable about the future.
    Thanks Mike – blogs like yours are empowering us men to step up to the plate and become the best we can be. – Nothing wrong with that~!

    • T and A man

      Well done brother.

      It’s always an inspiration to hear guys on the winning path.

      When asked “why he does this?”, Rollo once said (but applies to D&P and B&D clearly) was there is so must lost potential. The ostracism of masculinity impairs the development of boys, and the good guys are repairing and reversing this.

      I’ve commented that I think the time is ripe for the next phase of the pro-masculine movement.

      Mike is by far the front funner

  • http://feralstoic.com Feral Stoic


    Thanks for putting the question up for discourse. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t hoping for this.

    The reason I asked the question in the first place is because recently, I got that “I’m on to something…” feeling. Each of my last three articles at Feral Stoic have set new records for web traffic, and people are beginning to interact much more, which was my next goal. Sensing that the time was right, I opened Feral Stoic up for free consultations, and the response to that has been great. The website has started to feel like a job, and I love that.

    When you said you look at D&P and it makes you want to cry, I’m beginning to understand that feeling. My website is my voice. It’s my thoughts broadcast across the internet and to my surprise, people are listening. The money doesn’t ever need to come in order for this to have been a worthwhile endeavor.

    I know when the change occurred, too. I was at San Fermin 2014 (the bull run in Pamplona, Spain) and I was running with the bulls. Well, the alpha bull caught up with me and several other bulls were running right behind it. I was taken off guard and the bull picked me up by the crotch and armpit and dragged me upside down along the cobblestone path.

    Let me tell you, bulls are strong. That sounds obvious, but you really come to understand it when you’re at the absolute mercy of something, and there’s nothing, at all, that you can do about it. I was dragged upside down for ten feet or so before I wrested loose of the bull. I dropped me beneath the footpath of the other bulls, on my head, and I was then trampled.

    The brief moment in between being dropped on my head and the subsequent trampling, I knew I was going to die. I was trampled on my abdomen, but mercifully. It was more like a half-step. Once the dust had settled, I got up – sheet white, all-appraising and nothing-but-thankful – and I ran the rest of the event to the stadium and enjoyed, truly enjoyed, the majesty that is being alive.

    That was two weeks ago. Everything has been very different since then. I simply feel awake. I have post-concussion syndrome, and it has changed my personality. I guess I’m more of an asshole now, but I like it. I live with a fire I’ve never known before and it’s showing in my efforts online.

    All this to say, I know I’m on the cusp of something, and building something I can truly be proud of. Before December 2013, I knew fuck-all about building a website, SEO, and so on. If it weren’t for people like you and Vic, Feral Stoic wouldn’t even be around. Now I have amplified the purpose in my life, and I wake up every day with vigor. Every day is viewed behind the lens of my website, and how the lessons apply.

    Most of all, I realize the breakthrough can’t be gauged in the traffic and response from others, although that helps. The breakthrough has occurred in me. But maybe that’s the concussion talking.

    All the best,
    Feral Stoic

  • Lazer

    Date: Late November 2013
    Location: Buffalo, NY
    Temperature: -25C
    Time:0400 hours

    Had just started a new job, after layoffs at an old one. Was still working both before the end of the one I was laid off from came. One was overnights doing security (where I had to walk 6 miles some nights), and the other was stocking pallets in a warehouse non stop. Worked 21 days straight. Did not own a car (still dont) and had to ride my bike to work in the snow that month. I also had just moved into a new apartment and the people that had lived in it before more had not payed their electricity or gas, so both companies refused to turn it on without consent from my landlord. The gas company also told me the wrong time they were coming the first time too, so I could not cook any food myself and had to eat garbage at fast food restaurants. It took them three weeks to turn both on. Not to mention the prior occupants had clogged the drain in the bathroom and shit started leaking out of the toilet and bathtub. When the plumbers came over to fix it shit literally got sprayed all over the walls.

    I had to sleep in frigid temperatures and cooped up inside sleeping bags on the floor since I discovered I sleep better that way. I refuse to own a cellphone so I could not call anyone for help cause they are all busy at work when I wake up, or asleep when I get home at night. All my coworkers lived too far away too. Not only that manager at the warehouse refused to let me keep my bike inside. It had to stay out side chained to a fence in a field as they refused to let me keep it chained to the railing on the sidewalk. The snow, sleet, and salt destroyed my bike and I had to clean and/or fix the bottom bracket every night when I got home, often times getting only three hours a sleep a night. Then payroll proceeds to screw up my paychecks and I start counting pennies. I started getting muscle spasms from magnesium deficiency from all the biking and work at the warehouse I was doing. Went two straight days without food during that time as well.

    The first night the heat and electric were back on a major storm blew in and there was three feet of snow. Wind chill was around -25 degrees centigrade. I also had to ride through a pitch black part of one of the suburbs where packs of coyotes roamed. It was either taking this route or riding straight through one of the worst parts of the city for gang related violence. Some parts of the route home I could only see twenty feet in front of me. It took me three and a half hours to get home from the warehouse job. When I got back to the apartment my big toes had frost burn and I had to deal with that, and be up in three hours to do it all over again. Luckily it was, and has been, smooth sailing from that point on out. Moral of the story: Don’t ever quit even if the elements are against you.

  • finndistan

    With D&P it came with the podcasts about being present and “there is no better place I want to be, there is no one else i want to be with”,

    This came at a time I was recognizing small fragments of breakthroughs;

    When I lifted my head from a three hour work low in the library, not noticing the young cherries walking by, the flow was so strong, it had felt like half an hour.

    I started to enjoy full saturdays and sundays, waking up before 8, feeling “lonely” as the strets were empty, and whatsapp told me my friends went to bed 5 am.

    I did not get angry at stuff that would get me fired up, because the energy i would waste, I’d rather use on reading the book in my hand.

    When I started getting pleasure the wind in my face.

    When things in my life started moving forward again, the bad did not bother me, the good I tried to make more abundant.

    Basically, when I learned that my mind creates my reality, which creates my life.

    Also to any readers, your ten posts you recently posted, there is one about “monster”.

    I see this in my life, I see it in your blog,

    Once the mind sets itself on a course, a lot can change in a year.

    Even the smallest habit that is broken, has life changing effects once it is not in your life.

    Removing a black hole from your life, infinitely increases the light.

    • Danger & Play Blog

      Great comment!