Tucker Max and the Mating Grounds Podcast Review (UPDATE)

The Mating Grounds, which is operated by man-child Tucker Max and disgraced academic Geoffrey Miller, is now available as a podcast. You’ll recall that The Mating Grounds is nothing but a Danger & Play copycat site. Indeed, Tucker Max closed comments to The Mating Grounds after his fragile ego could not tolerate being called out for his lack originality. (Maybe he’ll re-open comments once his six-figure marketing firm hires a bunch of people in the Philippines to post their own comments and to upvote and downvote comments.)

What does Tucker Max’s girlfriend look like?

To evaluate whether Tucker Max should be giving advice on The Mating Grounds, it’s helpful to look at his girlfriend.

(Tucker Max’s girlfriend obviously lifts heavy. She is more muscular than many men.)

Tucker Max girlfriend

Tucker Max’s girlfriend is not my type. She may be your type, and I’m not hating on her. That said, it’s important to know whether Tucker’s advice will get you the kind of girlfriend you desire.

Tucker Max’s advice at The Mating Grounds is designed to help men attract the sort of women Tucker Max finds attractive. Tucker Max’s advice is designed to make you more like him – a feminine man who is attracted to masculine women.

What does Mike from Danger and Play’s girlfriend look like?

My tastes differ from Tucker’s, as you can see.

(I prefer feminine women. There is no right or wrong answer here. It’s just personal preference.)

Danger and Play Girlfriend

Tucker Max has his taste in women and I have mine.

Just like some women desire feminine men like Tucker (Max shot an x-ray into his testicles and his body no longer produces testosterone), some women desire masculine men like me. Again, there is no right or wrong here and I am not passing judgment on Tucker Max.

That said, you need to decide for yourself who gives better advice on how to me a man? Mike or Tucker Max? Do you want to be a man like Tucker Max? Or do you have a different conception of masculinity?

I left my honest review of The Mating Grounds Podcast.

“Tucker hasn’t added anything new to the conversation and is just repacking what other men have written about for years. Geoffrey Miller got into trouble for making fun of fat people, and had to apologize and lick the boots of feminists. Everything Miller writes has to be censored through the Chair of his academic department. The Mating Grounds Podcast is a cheap imitation of Danger & Play.

The Mating Grounds


If you believe that the Mating Grounds Podcast provides limited value, then it would be helpful if you left your own honest review. You can do so by clicking here.

UPDATE: The Mating Grounds Podcast is the most poorly-reviewed “men’s interest” podcast on iTunes. Most of the reviews are 3 stars or below, and a full 33% of the reviews are either 1 or 2 stars. The people have spoken. The Mating Grounds Podcast and Tucker Max are not worth the time or attention of any man. Tucker Max may hire his marketing team to start leaving fake, positive reviews. Time will tell.

The Mating Grounds Podcast


UPDATE  Oct. 17, 2014: Tucker Max and his stooges have been vandalizing the Danger & Play Podcast. Even so, it’s still more highly rated than Tucker Max’s the Mating Grounds. You can give me an honest review by clicking here. It takes 30 seconds. Thank you!

  • https://twitter.com/QuintusCurtius Quintus Curtius
    • Danger & Play Blog

      Well said, as always.

  • Jack

    I’ve been following Mating Grounds, there is absolutely nothing new there. Pretty much everything written on there is re-hashed ev-psych stuff from 10 years ago. Its not that its false info, its just that its entirely disappointing in the wake of Tucker’s insistence that this has “never been done before… just wait and see.”

    More than that, it is bland and not entertaining. At least manosphere guys and Danger and Play write with emotion and provide entertainment. Tucker doesn’t. In fact, the very humor and wit that made him famous is now completely stripped from his writing. It’s like he got nuetered or something, no joke.

    Also, here is Tucker’s gf: http://instagram.com/p/gPIMY3F9sl/

    I’m not one to talk shit about another dude’s girl, but when you start a website teaching guys how to meet women and indeed base your whole reputation on it, you gotta see it coming. She is not attractive. Not a feminine curve on that girl. If she’s nice and makes a good gf that’s cool whatever, but Tucker’s insistence that she is “sexy” is hilarious; methinks he doth protest too much.

    • Danger & Play Blog

      Yeah, no hate from me. She’s not my type. As you note, it is important that people know what kind of women Tucker Max is trying to help men attract.

      • DoubleLongDaddy

        I bet Tucker likes his girlfriend to choke him, and call him her slut. Haha what a joke that guy, just pathetic, he thinks women are gods and men have no power. No business starting a website to help men.

    • anon1

      I’m not as nice as Mike about this. She looks like Brienne of tarth.

      • Danger & Play Blog

        Tucker admitted that he put an X-Ray on his balls. He has no testosterone. Hence, he goes for a more masculine look. I wonder if she “pegs” him?

    • bear

      I bet she throws him around in the bedroom

  • Danger & Play Blog

    Here is a picture of my girlfriend.

    • J. Ballard Criminal.

      Hey Mike. Just shot a quick email to you not too long ago. Please check it out.

      • Danger & Play Blog

        The Contact form is buggy. Please resend it.

        • J. Ballard Criminal.


    • anon1

      If a picture was ever worth a 1000 words this would be it

    • Tiberius

      You look like you should be on Brawny paper towels.

      • Danger & Play Blog

        Hah, yeah I get that from time to time.

      • anon1


      • Good Looking Loser


    • XCSkierBen

      Nice work.

    • generalstore44


    • Sean

      I can see at least a 140iq in Mike from the pic. No wonder you passed the CALIFORNIA bar with 40 hours of study. Much respect.

      Are Latinas your preference man?

      I’ve heard a recurring theme from the players I learn from and try to emulate- the chicas are some of the best. McQueen says the same thing. He’s no lightweight himself.

    • JayX

      Damn Mike, my mouth’s agape.

      What’s so inspiring about this is that even though your girl is way more attractive than 99% of the other girls out there, you don’t write that much about her. Every time one of my friends even makes out with a girl like that, they keep talking about it for a week. But that’s what game really is – not making your life revolve around women but rather making women a peripheral part of your life.

    • KingKratom

      Mike has a gf? This is news to me.

      Always rocking them long sleeves.
      Good looking pimp.

  • Shiva

    I think Tucker is just trying to stay relevant. He’s a great writer, but the well has run dry. His new adventures are in therapy for the divorce of his parents, and he hasn’t been particularly inspiring. Danger & Play is the best site for men in my book because: Racism etc. isn’t tolerated (I was getting a little tired of the “fuck women,” “fuck the jews,” etc. comments on ROK). It’s very dynamic. It’s controversial. And it’s one man’s opinion. I joined the art museum to inspire myself, I’ve become more aggressive, and also more peaceful, and I’m very grateful to Mike for all the work he is doing. He’s a voice in the wilderness.

    • Danger & Play Blog

      Thank you for your support, and that’s awesome you’ve been going to museums.I’m doing battle now, but I’ll be at the Zen Garden this weekend.

      Yin and Yang.

      Danger and Play.

    • Sean

      Mike cuts through all the half ass reasoning with insight and wit that’s not common. He’s attacking poor logic and shabby data like an upper tier litigator would. He does a service for the development of men who desire more out of life.
      2 areas I’d like to see Mike demystify the bs on
      1- Female psychology or the mechanics needed to own a woman’s mind and emotions
      2-How to be a true alpha and not hesitate on sexual assertiveness, etc. because some of us were so brainwashed to be a nice guy, not take things so fast, blah, blah when we really need to cut the cords of the sheep mentality taught to our generation of helicopter parented play nicers and kick ass at life by not hesitating to be bold and audacious.

      • Danger & Play Blog

        I covered all of that stuff 3 years ago. As you’ll notice, others are just catching up (i.e., copying me) with this stuff. http://www.dangerandplay.com/category/how-to-have-rough-sex/

        • Sean

          Aristotle refers to both romantic love and friendship requiring two souls to become one. The implication is control is only physical. Doesn’t ethical leadership of a woman require a man to be a protector and provider for her? Aren’t we all more than just our physical bodies? What about the spiritual element or human soul and the potential to genuinely connect and be one on that level with a woman?

          Reading Aristotles works has got me considering the need for virtue and devotion and not just ejaculation. I’m vibrating at a lower plane seeking only seeking out sexual release from a woman’s body. There is more than just the physical- adding leading her mind and soul to the physical is true oneness. Perhaps that’s why we’re so empty today we’ve made our connections masturbatory rather than developing an Aristotelian sense of oneness on higher levels of communication.

  • Cor

    I checked out the mating grounds (good blog name!) when you first posted about them ripping you off. I was surprised to see a post talking about their plans and what they’re going to to. I’m just thinking “Why are you telling me what you’re planning to do? Just do it.” Its like the talk you have with yourself before you start your blog, but don’t go posting it. Very unprofessional and amateur. Then I was very shocked to see him post that they don’t yet know how to teach guys the information yet, but they’ll figure it out.

    • Danger & Play Blog

      Yep. “Figure it out” as in, “We will read Danger & Play, see what is popular, and copy that.”

      The have no mission or vision.

  • Ricky Vaughn

    Lol @ tucker’s half-baked site. This is the kind of project one embarks on right before he finds out his girlfriend is banging the leafblower and he is NOT the father.

    Tucker is basically a guy who was scarred by his parents divorce and was good at getting drunk, banging sluts, and telling stories. Nothing wrong with that, but how in the hell that translates to “the man’s guide to sex and dating” and self-improvement advice is beyond me.

    • Danger & Play Blog

      Tucker needs to work on himself more, as does his partner, the disgraced academic Geoffrey Miller.

  • Alex

    I got hold of a copy of the ‘Testosterone’ book by Tucker Max. The word ‘hacking’ comes to mind immediately. It is a tumbled together guide ripped off of sites with meaningful discussion around the topic. The podcast itself is painful to listen to. ‘Be in great shape guys’ coming from a skinny professor and a washed up frat boy doesn’t mean shit. It’s barely a war. With the amount of plagiarised content and ideas on the site it’s just a joke.

    • Danger & Play Blog

      The podcast has not been well-received. If you took out his fake reviews, it’d be 1.5 stars. He has 29 one-star reviews and 25 two-star reviews. It’s trash.

  • http://murderyourexcuses.com Ed

    I listened to a little bit of a couple of their podcasts. They talk about subjects that would be higly interesting to most men….Except with their own unique twist. They’ve taken very interesting subjects and somehow removed all the fun and made them boring. I couldn’t listen to a whole podcast.

    • Danger & Play Blog

      It’s horrible. Tucker tried to compete with me and failed. Now he’s doing Cosmo for Men. He’s not going to do well and after paying his marketing team will likely lose money in the book/podcast/blog.

  • Zelcorpion

    Good stuff. Congrats for calling him out as one of the first. He will soon realize that he can’t buy readers, unless he starts addressing the female crowd.

  • lMattW

    Your review isn’t showing up when I go to the podcast in itunes. I did however glance through the 19 reviews that show up and 4 of them are written by women that you can tell in some way. So yeah. That says something pretty significant.

    • Danger & Play Blog

      His marketing team somehow got it pulled. Like I said, he has a six-figure team and I just have me.

      Then again, what more do I need?

  • John hedlenssonn

    God damn that bitch is mannish as fuck. Is she hiding a dick bulge in there?

    • Danger & Play Blog

      Tucker Max has a testosterone level of zero. When you shoot an x-ray into your testicles, that is the kind of girlfriend Tucker Max wants.