Little Boys v. Men

Little boys always need to be the center of attention. Men understand they need to share the spotlight.

Little boys interrupt others and talk about themselves non-stop. Men know that charisma is based on connection.

Little boys stand for nothing. Men know and live their core values.

Little boys tolerate disrespect. Men stand up for themselves.

Little boys make a woman the center of his world. Men understand that women love a man who lives his life purpose.

Little boys let a few bad experiences with women turn them into misogynists. Men know that the vast majority of men and women are merely occupying space, and adopt a philosophy of amused misanthropy.

Little boys rage. Men focus their anger into intensity.

Little boys want it all now. Men know that mastery takes years to attain.

Little boys cry about their problems to all who will listen. Men keep that crap to themselves and reframe their problems as a source of power.

Little boys pretend to be friends with women in hopes for some action. Men are direct and assertive, never hiding their masculine sexual energy.

Little boys know it all and dismiss new ideas. Men attend Tony Robbins Seminars and study other successful men.

Little boys are never away from a smart phone, television or other people. Men understand that leadership requires solitude.

Little boys insist on always having their way. Men know that high value men will not tolerate such nonsense, and find common ground.

Little boys follow. Men lead.

  • Von Munchausen

    I recently returned from a field operation with my military unit.
    I have joined a new unit, and the officers are good, the sergeants and below are fantastic, but the senior enlisted (who work directly for me) are a problem.
    Specifically with the “Little Boys cry about their problems.”
    NOBODY likes the guy with the problems.
    These guys would give me a laundry list of their bullshit issues whenever I would “request” something. It never ended with these clowns.
    I had to put a stop to their nonsense pretty quickly.
    I like this whole post, but the part about re-framing problems as a source of power really resonated with me. For me… My ability to handle shit, without pissing and moaning, while continually moving forward, is power.
    Thanks for the post brother.

    • Danger & Play Blog

      I didn’t know you were in the military. Are the new recruits as bad as I’ve heard?

      • Calvin Taylor

        Oh lawd, given all the botards I knew from high school who recently joined the military, I can only imagine…

        I know maybe one or two buddies that are solid guys and will excell no doubt, but the rest of them, well, should probably be in our prayers, lets put it that way.

      • Von Munchausen

        Actually, they aren’t bad at all.
        They have a different way of relating to the world then the guys who went to boot camp the same time I did, of course.
        There is a challenge leading them in a world where sensitivity, safety and feelings are the focus.
        What is great though, is these young men really want what the military provides. I am talking about discipline, adventure, structure, and leadership.
        They are embracing these things, albeit in a slightly different way.
        To get to the meat of the question though.
        They most certainly aren’t pussies.

  • Jay

    Great post. Linking to previous stuff on the site to expand on subjects is better than any other site out there (GLL is awesome about links in posts too). It’s what separates you guys from the rest. Keep up the great work Mike you are inspiring more people than you know and it’s greatly appreciated.

  • Trouble Maker

    “Little boys want it all now. Men know that mastery takes years to attain.”

    I struggle with this every day. I have such little patience to let things develop, or for other people’s work ethics – it drives me up the wall. This sometimes results in me jumping from project to project or never putting enough work into one, which ultimately impacts results down the road.

    I try to remind myself all the time that it’s a war, not just a singular battle.

    Good post.

    • Danger & Play Blog

      It’s hard for younger guys to be patient. It took me a long time to learn to focus on the long view.

  • dave

    Little boys are cocky and full of fear, men have taken that “rite of passage” and approach situations with a cool confident demeanor of competence.

    Little boys are slaves to their egos and narcissism while men are masters of their fate and submit to a higher mission.

    Little boys in hopes of trying to climb the social ladder bully weak targets, men go for the big dog.

    Little boys whine bitch and moan about responsibility, whereas men honor their promises and execute their actions.

    Little boys fear old age, men welcome it with a hug for the reaper as they certify their legacies.

    • Danger & Play Blog

      This is great.

    • anon1

      >Little boys fear old age, men welcome it with a hug for the reaper as they certify their legacies.

      Brilliant, you should write more man

  • J. Ballard Criminal.

    Boys count their victories in trophies, the men in their own milestones covered.
    Boys desire a woman’s bosom at the top of the beanstalk, men know that it’s a rather small step in the ladder. Boys chant “hippies” when they see men living inside a castle of iconoclasm, men ignore the flocks of sheep from atop their thrones, reveling in freedom.
    Boys spend their lives chasing after currency whilst never even taken a step towards it, men let opulence follow their footsteps… How? Ask Mike.

  • bear

    “Men know and live their core values.” This takes a huge amount of courage – especially when a man has much to lose i.e – working in a job where requests are made of him that violate his principles. At two different points in my own life, I experienced this. Once working for a small business the other time in a corporate environment. One involved being asked to falsify documents, the other to renege on an agreement that had been made with a supplier – despite assurances that were made to the contrary. I can honestly say without my faith, I would not have had the courage to say no. But by standing my ground I gained a sense of confidence and empowerment that words cannot express. The beautiful thing about it, is that once you take those first steps, it becomes that much easier to execute when future scenarios arise.

  • Brett

    “Men know that the vast majority of men and women are merely occupying space” – I love this one.

    I recently arrived at this conclusion myself. Discovering GLL helped break my spell of misogyny and discontentment with the sexual dynamic. RoK really fucked up my head after a while. I think manhood in this regard is a right of passage for most. I feel sorry for the “red-pillers” that don’t make it past the hatred stage. Or worse yet, the ones who still haven’t started the journey.

    • Danger & Play Blog

      The guys who cry the loudest about women also don’t have any high value male friends in real life. Coincidence?

      • animator geek

        Yes bro. I don’t have it in my real life. It was pathetic in solitude.

        I need mentor even if it online it was great for me.

        Yes I really need real life high value male friends (I mean someone nearby here). I admitted it.

        I’m still growing to become better version of myself.

        Before I read life changing website like yours and the rest.

        I worship woman a lot and think they are equal.

        I turn into misogynist which is part of me growing.

        I only hate woman because so much drama and so much devastating effect on me.

        But deep inside me I do like woman that have real feminine energy that want to serve me right.

        I like woman that know their rightfully place. So no more sorrow of the past (Thank you for the advice!). But the hatred is only for woman that don’t act like woman.(I mean I dislike not really hate them).

        One think I learn from solitude make me more aggressive and protective. Your alpha posture really help me to increase confidence and aggressiveness = increase in T.

  • Alexander

    Mike, thanks for reminding me about his.

    Regarding Little boys let a few bad experiences with women turn them into misogynists.

    What’s your opinion on high value males who act like teenagers, always attacking women in very crude ways? (I won’t give names)

  • Axel Page (Shameless Pride)

    “Little boys make a woman the center of his world. Men understand that women love a man who lives his life purpose.”

    I love this one. A girl I was with recently told me a guy messaged her online and offered to pay her $100 to go out on a date with him. I hear this kind of nonsense time and time again through various women. You can thrive on other men’s weaknesses by just being normal and not putting women on a pedestal like the majority do.

    Great post overall Mike.

  • animator geek

    Great article . Really motivated . Thank you !