Do You Have a Daily Routine?

We are the product of the choices we make each day – which means we are the product of our habits, as character is habit. Our daily routine is nothing more than a series of habits.

What is your daily routine? What is one change you could make to your daily routine that would improve your life?

I don’t have a routine as much as I have “blocks” of time. I have one, four-hour block of time that is crucial to my productivity.

Wake up around 8 a.m. Check emails. Check blog stats. Check Amazon. Make sure the stats are trending properly so that I will meet my metrics.

Drink 16-32 ounces of water. (I judge my water intake based on urine color. Clear urine means 16 ounces. Yellow urine means 32 ounces.)

Perform brain warm-up.

Alpha male posture stretches. Morning walk. Iced coffee, black.

NOTE:  I don’t eat for 16 hours of the day. No breakfast, and I’ll have my alphacinno in the afternoon.

9 a.m. – 2 p.m. – Varies.

Generally includes the following: Read blogs, catch up on Twitter, answer readers emails, catch up on blog comments, read The Otherground, think about how I am going to inflict massive pain on my enemies, drive up Pacific Coast Highway, listen to house music, post on Internet forums, text with people, talk shit, discuss product ideas with Big George (working on a nootropic), outline some post ideas.

I “goof off” a lot (Danger and Play.) But even my goofing off is productive.

I keep my finger on the pulse of what men are looking for. I get a lot of blog post ideas from reading Internet message boards.

I avoid reading the news, although sometimes it sucks me in. Caring about world affairs is beta.

When I read a good question, I file it away. “How can I answer this question in a comprehensive way?”

This is ADMIN time. These are tasks that require some thought, but it’s nothing magical.

The Four Hour Workday

I believe a man only has 4 real hours a day where his brain goes on full blast. These four hours are when the magic happens. (Charles Murray, in his most recent book The Curmudgeon’s Guide to Getting Ahead: Dos and Don’ts of Right Behavior, Tough Thinking, Clear Writing, and Living a Good Life (Amazon), says the same thing.)

Most men squander these four hours with distractions. I focus intensely during these 4 hours.

Noise canceling headphones go on and I get some weird looks if at a coffee shop, as I go deep into my mind like a warg from Game of Thrones.

Primetime for me is generally 2 to 6 p.m. Phone gets flipped upside down. Girl is told to stop gchatting me.

This is when I am writing my 1,000 to 2,000 words a day and am on Twitter driving traffic to D&P.

I do a lot with Twitter and believe in it.

I can drive a lot of traffic with it. I also use it to throw out ideas. Tweets that get a lot of retweets and favorites are filed away for future research.

My Tweet asking about sleep habits got dozens of replies. Sleep is a major issue and thus I’ll put the extra work into a good post.

Some tweets are sentences from blog posts I am drafting. I can get an immediate reaction to whether that sentence is good or bad. It’s a real-time focus group.

NOTE: 4 p.m – Cut off stimulants. I do not have any caffeine after 4 p.m., as I want to be tired by bedtime.

6 p.m. Lay down on the couch and do nothing. Daydream.

Activate right cortex of brain by imagining vivid images of sex and violence.

I don’t watch television (except for one hour each week when Games of Thrones or Mad Men is on). I let my brain unwind. Girl comes home.

8 p.m. Go to gym with girl. Film some videos for my YouTube Channel.

9 p.m. Post-workout meals, sex (if she’s lucky), and more winding down time. Read some actual books on my Kindle or iPhone.

Midnight – Bedtime.

Turn on ceiling fan.

Imagine spectacular scenes of sex and violence.

Fall asleep.

2:30 a.m. – Wake up as skin is bothering me.

(I haven’t had more than one or two full night’s of sleep in over a year and am lucky to get 4 straight hours of sleep.)

Fall back asleep.

What is your daily routine?

  • Nick

    All that inconsistent sleep must lead to some vivid dreams

    • Danger & Play Blog

      I wish. I rarely dream and when I do, the colors aren’t vivid.

      I’ll ask you the same question: What is one thing you could change about your routine that would make your life better?

      • Nick

        I’ll rephrase your question just a little bit “what will I change about my routine that will make my life better”: I will tackle my most important project first thing in the morning, in my case a PhD dissertation

  • Brett

    Man, I don’t know how you go the entire day without eating. I can’t do that. I’ll feel nauseous from low blood sugar, my muscles go limp, I won’t have energy in the gym etc. I’m guessing the coffee helps. How do you eat all your calories in just a few hours? If I could find a way to make this work, I’d be WAY more productive.

    I can’t wait to read your post about sleep. I haven’t felt rested in the morning in a long time.

    My schedule:

    -5-5:30am Wake up. Watch youtube, read emails.

    -5:30-7:30am Make breakfast (eggs, 2 smoothies(one for post-workout), almonds, apple). Eat while watching youtube. Pack gym bag.

    -8-10am Walk to the gym, work out, smoothie, shower, occasionally get a tan.

    -10am-1pm Read/write emails to suppliers for my business. Occasionally Skype with my “mentor” about my biz. Eat meal #3.

    1-2pm Walk. Listen to a podcast or some music. Sometimes I listen to aggressive music when I’m feeling like a badass. Other times I listen to upbeat music when I need to humble myself or I’m feeling depressed. Sometimes I just walk in silence to hear myself think. I also run errands during this time.

    2-7pm Work on the business. Browse for new product ideas. Read D&P. Eat meal #4.

    7-8pm Shower, wash face, youtube or play online poker.

    8-9pm Read in bed, fall asleep hopefully.

    This is more of an “ideal” schedule. Sometimes I go for a 2 hour walk. Sometimes instead of working I end up goofing off. I’m glad I wrote this out, it exposed my weaknesses.

    • Danger & Play Blog

      I do Intermittent Fasting.

      What is one thing you could change about your routine that would make your life better?

      • Brett

        Now that I think about it, there’s many things I could do.

        Instead of watching youtube and reading emails first thing in the morning, I could head straight downstairs and make breakfast.

        I’ve also wanted to do this for a long time… instead of working in my room all afternoon, head to a local coffee shop. Being around people is uplifting, and I won’t feel so prone to distraction. And of course there’s the benefit of girls walking around.

        Also cut out the poker and bullshitting on youtube. I’ve been kind of depressed lately, which is my justification for “fun” time. But there are better ways to have fun than sitting in front of a computer, that could also make life more exciting.

    • Dman

      You can do it. But don’t think of the big picture, think of the little picture.

      • Brett

        Is it a good idea for an ectomorph though? I could possibly get by on just smoothies and eat the big meals at the end

        • Freedom & Fulfilment

          From my experience, I wouldn’t recommend it if you are an extreme ectomorph and your goal is to gain weight.

          • Brett

            Yea I’m fairly extreme. If I only eat when I’m hungry, I’m 6’1″ 135lbs. I’m doing the smoothie thing today. So far so good!

          • Freedom & Fulfilment

            Definitely wouldn’t recommend it then. I tried IF when I had already gained about 20lbs (I started out around the same height and weight as you) and for an ecto it’s very difficult to get enough calories in within that limited time.

            The best strategy from my experience is to eat as much as you can and as frequently as possible throughout the day, and make sure your first meal is as big as possible.

  • Danger & Play Blog

    What is one change you could make to your daily routine that would make your life better?

    • Freedom & Fulfilment

      Probably figuring out when my optimal hours for working are. I am more creative at night, but more focused and “achievement oriented” in the mornings. Currently experimenting and trying to figure this one out.

      I have a request: can you recommend some house music? Been listening to Deep Down & Defected Vols. 2 & 3 but it’s getting old.

      • Danger & Play Blog

        Owen Royal has some great mixes on YouTube and SoundCloud.

        Deep Down and Defected Volume 5 is good.

        Deep Dish Radio is on soundcloud.

        • Freedom & Fulfilment

          Thanks. Much appreciated.

        • XCSkierBen

          Those are great. I like to listen to Peter Rauhofer mixes when I workout. Especially with interval cardio work. I do a few short intense sessions a week. The music kind of pushes you over the edge. I swear, after awhile, you don’t even hear the words, it’s just the beats and then the endorphins kick in and you really blast off. Thanks for the music tips.

        • El

          I really love 3LAU, he got amazing sets & songs for a guy who just started about 4 years ago. also i wold reccomend checking , he gives awesome songs from a lot of artists.

      • TBoz Is a pretty popular track also at the moment. Pretty old school, lots of acid vibes to that track with the squelching synth. My favourite DJ for a while in terms of just general badassery is Darius Syrossian though. Guy who knocked back massive record deals because he wanted to go his own way, travels around dj’ing and making great money for himself, and this year has actually fully set up his own night in one of Ibiza’s best underground clubs.

        His set is the first on here, this set taken about a year ago now in Ibiza, was voted one of the top 5 sets in Ibiza last year by his fellow DJs….

    • Dead Vargas

      The one thing I did and changed how effectively I pursue my goals was shutting off completely to the news and television. I simply don’t follow them anymore.

  • jamesmarkii

    Start getting up at 6am….

  • Dman

    I have one idea. Go to bed much earlier. Like by 9:30. Seems like a kids bedtime but 90% of the time I am doing nothing critical.

    Actually what I am going to do is keep track of what I do between 9:30 and 11 for one week. Then I will decide if I can eliminate these actions and replace with sleep.

    • Danger & Play Blog

      Do you stay up because you are not inspired by what you will wake up the next morning?

      • Dman

        Not sure that’s why but the answer your question is not inspired.

        • Danger & Play Blog

          Going to sleep marks the beginning of a new day (as you’ll be waking up to whatever it is that you have to do). Your day actually starts when you go to bed. If you are not inspired by what you will wake up to, you will therefore not want to fall asleep.

          • Half a hero

            “If you are not inspired by what you will wake up to, you will therefore not want to fall asleep.” great quote. I have to write that down somewhere. Struggled with getting enough sleep for far too long, stayed up late without any reason for years. Now, since I found my passion it’s extremely easy to go to sleep early and wake up with a good mood.

            The only thing I miss about not sleeping enough is being tired for the first 3 hours of my day, because that’s where I was most creative. When I’m fully rested it’s much, much harder to be creative. Productive? Yes. Creative? No so much.

    • XCSkierBen

      That would be my change as well. Go to bed earlier. My problem is that it is my peak mental time. I am a complete night owl and it is when I do my best work. Have been this way since I was a kid. Used to get scolded by my parents for watching Johnny Carson.

      • Danger & Play Blog

        I am a lifelong night owl. I saw a Screen Actors’ Guild interview with Sylvester Stallone where he talked about getting really dark in his thoughts at night. It reasoned with me, so I started going to bed earlier. For me, midnight is early.

        The dark forces are more active at night. I am far from a morning person and have to struggle not to get back into the pattern of staying up until 3 or 4 a.m.

        Do you find that the dark forces are more active at night?

        • Camilo GP

          I found that around midnight I get really calmed and I get dark thoughts in the morning waking up.

          • Danger & Play Blog

            That’s interesting…Is it anxiety about your day or something else?

          • Camilo GP

            I’m not entirely sure. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of a dream and find myself in a weird place, I’m awake but seeing the last part of the dream (with my eyes still closed) and something bad is happening there. Sometimes I just laugh about it because it’s just too weird.

        • XCSkierBen

          That’s hard to say. I guess some of my best thoughts have come at that time. Some of my most creative projects and ideas have come in the dead of night. Some of the best papers I had written in college were always started after 10pm. I am not quite sure what you mean by the dark forces. I do know this, some of the best sex I have ever had has been at these times. Maybe some of the more deviant stuff too. I don’t know. I do know that I was recently reading some stuff about morphic fields and the power of thought and intention and it would seem that those most powerful manifestations come at your peak times in your circadian cycle. Simply put, if you are a morning person, and that is your peak time, then that is when you are the most powerful and creative or when your intention is the most powerful. Not groundbreaking, but interesting stuff nonetheless. I thought it was interesting how morphic thoughts can become more powerful in groups. Maybe that is what is going on here? I have not studied consciousness and things of this nature for a long time. It’s very intriguing and thought provoking. I need to study more.

  • TBoz

    You never would have struck me as someone who listened to house music at all Mike…goes to show you can’t always judge a book by its cover. After listening to Victor on B&D saying to give up listening to ‘girly’ music like dance I kind of figured it as an accepted thing on a lot of red pill sites to not listen to it. As someone who loves house its refreshing to see.

    My typical weekday schedule –

    8am – Wake up, Change, stretch and go for a jog
    9am-9.30am – Hit some weights at home, eat breakfast
    10am – Shower, change, walk to work
    11am – Start Work
    2pm-3pm – Lunch, eat. Then quiet corner somewhere for duo lingo time, learning french.
    7pm – Go home, eat meal,
    8pm – Read emails, more duo lingo, read blogs/books, depending on general energy levels really.
    12am – Bed

    One thing i’d change of the routine would be to get out of wage slavery. Just imagining what I could do with those 8 hours extra time…One day, its in the pipeline….

    • Danger & Play Blog

      It’s balance. Most men are too feminine and need darker music.

      I tend towards darkness. I need upbeat music to balance my dark energy.

      Yin and Yang.

      Danger and Play.

      • Nootroponaut


        The more animalistic (oddly…) logical you are, it’s hard not to have your “darkness” leading the charge. Uplifting music reminds me that the world can be bent to my will, and that darkness can be a gift.

        Using that darkness and light to master the self.

        Reminds me of these quotes:

        “Ahh, you think darkness is your ally? You merely adopted the dark. I was born in it. Molded by it. I didn’t see the light until I was a man. But it was nothing to me but blinding.” –Bane, The Dark Knight Rises

        “[paraphrasing] The path of the warrior is balance in all things”

        That’s why we come to Danger and Play, to master the darkness and balance it with light, right?

        • FabulouslyFitOver40

          For the last 3 days I’ve felt like I was on top of the world. Amazing sex…physique in superlative good…kids good-in Vegas for a week long vacation. But then about 4 hours ago…I read the article Mike posted about the serial entrepreneur who killed himself after breaking up with his GF and filing for divorce and I spiraled right into the ABYSS. It is amazing how fast our mental outlook and feelings can change if we don’t figure out a way to fend off and balance the negative energies when they are upon us. And brothers…there is so much darkness on this prison planet. It actually feels good just typing this as I can breathe and clear it off my chest. Thanks Mike!

  • anon1

    Probably get enough sleep so that I can utilise free time to work hard for a short burst. I think someone mentioned changing the bed to being something only to sleep and fuck in, rather than being used to surf the net and post blogs/use laptop etc (reinforces late nights)

    • Danger & Play Blog

      Yep, avoid lounging on your bed.

  • Psychotic Bodybuilder

    I’ve been hearing a lot about Intermittent Fasting and I have to ask, would it be safe doing it at 19?

    My typical Summer schedule:

    5AM – Wake up, Drink Black Coffee, put clothes on
    530AM – Go to the Gym
    7AM – Come home and take Cold Shower, Get dressed.
    730AM – Eat Breakfast
    830AM – Go to Work
    1130AM – Eat Lunch
    4PM – Return home and take Cold Shower
    5PM – Eat Dinner and take Liver Tabs.
    530PM – Watch TV with Grandma
    8PM – Read books.
    9PM – Go to bed.

    One thing I would add improvement is that I would read more and eat lunch at noon. I live with my grandparents and that has had quite an effect on me. ^~^

    • Danger & Play Blog

      We are evolved to fast for long periods of time. Intermittent Fasting is safe and effective.

      • C1263

        I’m 21 and IF regularly. Pretty easy to do . One thing to note is that some people have trouble training in a fasted state and it looks like you workout in the morning, so you might want to work around that. I do it a couple times a week, so I can have days where I eat out with friends and whatnot without worrying about the timing.

  • nroudyk

    How do you get by on so little sleep? If I dont get a full 9 hours I really feel like a zombie by the middle of the day. Is it genetic or diet with you?

    • Danger & Play Blog

      I get 6-8 hours in. Those hours are interrupted multiple times.

      When my skin was really bad, I didn’t get more than 2 hours of sleep in a row.

      My brain was injured from prolonged REM sleep deprivation and I have had to rebuild it.

      I’m still not where I was at….I’m just slower than before.

  • BartFU

    Thanks for this post, have been thinking a lot about implementing a good routine.

    Right now:
    5 am – 8:30 am: wake up, measure weight and body fat, take photos (15 min); write 1,000 words about what I am thankful for (30 min); run (30 min); cold shower, breakfast etc., clean a room in the house, some additional time for checking eMail, reading blog posts etc.

    8:30 am – 10:30 am: commute to work, read 10+ pages of self-improvement book, hit on girls and talk to people

    10:30 am – 6:30 pm: work

    6:30 pm – 8:30 pm: commute home, hit on girls and talk to people, read 10+ pages of self-improvement book

    8:30 pm – 10:30 pm: wind down

    10:30 pm – 5:00 am: sleep

    Alternatively, I meet with friends or have dates in the evening.
    I take care that all my habits evolve around: self-improvement and becoming more social; health and fitness; work and career.

    Sometimes I am having my days too packed and I feel I am losing the big picture. Even the “wind down” time at the end of the day loses its “wind down” character when I am barely squeezing it in.

    Therefore, one worthwhile change would be to allocate more time to “wind down” in the evening.

    Awesome, I had never seen that before – thanks for making me do this exercise!

    Florian Ulrich

  • J. Ballard Criminal.

    A Comprehensive Analysis Of K Milli’s Blog Rant:

    It is probable that most of you have missed it. About twenty-four hours ago, I was captivated by a certain neurotic, schizophrenic rant bordering on mental breakdown, which upon further reading began to morph into a rather articulate and well-reasoned marketing ploy. Unfortunately, the post does not exist now, neither do the tweets referring to it on Mike’s Twitter account. Here, I must rely on Mike’s transparency to come forward and vouch for the accuracy of the following details and refute any discrepancies (Although, I’m confident that there will be none). I might not be able to quote verbatim, my syntax might differ greatly and I’ll avoid the multitudinous cuss words which formed a part of his rhetoric but the essence will be encapsulated inside the walls of context of this post. So it begins…

    “You drunk bro?”.. Mike’s initial response when linked to the mystical post by Milli himself was spearheaded by this question, consolation and advice followed after. Talking about bad nights and positive states, Mike’s worry was evident and for good reason.
    Milli was perhaps inebriated at the time of writing this post but his response to Mike’s aforementioned tweet was evidence that such was not the case.
    An outlandish, audacious title, not many would suspect that it would perfectly encompass the summation of his post in its entirety and leave many a bridges burned.
    He starts of with a volley of abuses and continues to dish out subliminal messages to… The bloggers of the manosphere. The tall, muscular Samsons, the Atlases who carry the everyday man on their shoulders towards their subjective states of idealism, one article at a time.
    No! That doesn’t happen nor will it ever for the men who aren’t gifted with the stature of Goliath.
    Milli’s Napoleon Complex comes to light as he blasts these bloggers for shelling out advice which turns into empty rhetoric when applied by the short men, it simply doesn’t work!
    He then proceeds to articulate a story involving a tall, slightly obese and bald friend and his ‘game’, a sight Milli witnessed himself. Using this example, he illustrates that the crux of the man’s game to acquire the plaything most dangerous as deemed by Nietzsche is to not do or say what is right, but rather avoid the wrong. A few examples if I might add would be the inability to read body language, social cues and speaking a little too much. He concludes that these manosphere overlords’ advice might as well be treated as mythology by the short man and he alone is the messiah, the knower of what works for them as he lives inside the shell of a man who isn’t… Tall for a lack of a better word.

    This concludes the gist of Milli’s blog post. Alas, we have only just begun. A deeper analysis and enquiry will be made into it to dissect his words to their atomic levels and understand Milli’s state of mind, his intentions and any underlying marketing ploy which might or might not exist :-

    If we observe the identifiers Milli uses to describe the bloggers he blasts with eloquent ferocity, it becomes clear that they are generic terms not associated with any one blogger but common traits shared between Victor Pride, Chris, Mike and Roosh. It is now very difficult for one to know with precision as to who it is that Milli is really referring to. “All publicity is good publicity” and controversial posts do give you publicity, a surge in volume of readers and a spike on the charts of Google trends. Shock value works, so does controversy and have been executed time and time again, sometimes unintentionally (Pride’s post on Shy girls) but achieving the aforementioned results. Any regular frequenter of D&P would concur that the identifiers are ostensibly referring to Mike, such will be the case with readers of GLL who will assume that Chris is being called out… Without saying, the readers of Roosh and Pride wouldn’t be in the wrong to make such assumptions. Although, since it was Mike who titled the spotlight in Milli’s direction and stood on the intersection of the internet to drive traffic towards his site, it may very well be that the mutual readers of Milli’s blog and D&P are the highest in comparison with other blogs, making it seem that the target of abuse was Mike. Deletion of the post disproves this hypothesis and it becomes clear that Milli let his darker emotions run amok inside his heart, and in a momentary lapse of judgement he abused his platform, made for the service of the layman, to pour out the contents of the bottle labelled “emotional distress”. A question I cannot answer here is that whether Mike was concerned for Milli after reading the post or felt intimidated and/or confronted. Allow me to close the chapter on this section.

    Let us move on:

    I will not get into Milli’s story, the law he laid out regarding avoiding the wrongs and his continuation of abuses and his claims that the advice which the manosphere elites preach are ineffective when applied to men of a stature shorter than them.
    What I will enquire into now was his one statement which in essence meant that he alone has the experience and knowledge to impart to the shorter masses, knowledge with would materialise into boons for them. A formidable marketing scheme, I must admit.
    Victor Pride couldn’t be more articulate when he said that his is a site for elitists. Milli, the Lennon for the short proletariat, the Mao of the underachieving masses now has the chance to cultivate his ‘Underprivileged Elitists’, a niche within a niche, since they have someone to look up to, or rather look right in the eye and even look down upon, if it works for him. The common man has him to relate to and Milli might want to cash in on it.
    I will now conclude this in-depth analysis of K Milli’s post which now ceases to exist.

    – J. Ballard Criminal.

    Author’s note: This hasn’t been proof read, so I apologise for any grammatical/spelling errors you might encounter. I have tried to be as objective as I can, yet any failure to do so is mine.
    Please read it as material to read, do not judge K Milli, my only intention here is to write, not invoke any reaction, negative or positive. I would, however, appreciate a response from Mike and/or K Milli. Thank you.

    • Danger & Play Blog

      This is a little bit weird while also being insightful and full of dry humor. Nicely played.

      I reached out to him because his post sounded like either a drunken meltdown or something that he posted late at night when the dark forces come out. (I am a natural night owl but fight the tendency, as nothing good happens after 3 a.m.)

      There was some anger and some marketing. The K Milli Marketing Program:
      1. Befriend Mike.
      2. Get Mike to link to you.
      3. Discredit Mike (whose hellfire skin is a kiss rather than a curse from the gods).
      4. ???
      5. Profit!

      Actually I wasn’t even mad. He’s a kid and kids get emotional. I knew he’d regret the post, and move on from it and become a better, more mature young man.

      • El

        It’s a really bad post but I understand where his anger comes from. Being short (5’5) sucks mainly when it comes to women because it’s something you can’t change/ have control on so you get angry at the world,god,manosphere…

        You can spend your time hating on the world or you can channel it to a better place and work on things you can change like looks,personality,money and so on.

        I hope for him that he can change or else this insecurity will just eat him from inside.

        • Danger & Play Blog

          1. I still like K Milli.

          2. This has been my life for the past 2 years. Do I cry like a baby? No.

        • Half a hero

          Well, there are height-increasing shoes. He might look into that and not have short-people-problems anymore.

          Resourcefulness Mindset, instead of anger and frustration. Life is simple.

    • DoubleLongDaddy

      Fuck he seemed like a nice person when I went on his blog. Responded fast to my comment, as well as everyone else who commented on the blog post. So he hates tall people is that it? He thinks cause Mike, Victor, Chris, Roosh are taller than 6ft they have it easier than him? To be honest Voctor and Chris are just good looking men, Mike has a very expressive masculine face and vibe, Roosh has a very thick beard. Any logical person would see that where they beat KMilli is in the fact that they are sexually dismorphic as FUCK, as in they reek of the testosterone. Yes the height helps, but on a pure physical level the masculine characteristics help far more in my opinion.

    • Zelcorpion

      I read the post. It wasn’t that bad. He just said that tall guys with full hair have enormous advantages over short balding guys. No surprise there – frankly.
      He seems to have deleted the post – I did not see it as hating on Mike or anyone in particular.
      Anyone knows that it is tougher to game girls with a weak, fat, short, bald or ugly body. There are PUAs who lie to their clients, but plenty of guys who know that as a male 4.5 you may only raise yourself through self-improvement to a 6.5 on the looks scale – Game, Charisma, social status etc. must make up the rest. The guy starting out as a 8 (in looks scale) has it way easier. But at least as guys we can even out a lot – contrary to girls. It’s just that there are no miracle cures.

    • shabby

      One way to look at it: a different flavour of game is necessary as a short guy. I am of average height and direct the majority of my game energy towards intellectual dominance and wit/reframe (I am an introvert anyway so it’s natural for me). It means that when the ball is in my height-independent court I have an advantage. I can try and look alpha as fuck and take up as much space as possible but it won’t look that impressive next to a 6’2 guy with normal posture (or at least not overtly feminine posture). Of course it still helps, but I would say the effect that game tips like alpha posture have increase nonlinearly with height up to 6’4.

      I’m guessing the frustration probably stems from that very factor. If that isn’t clear let me put it this way: if you have a guy who is 5’7 and a guy who is 6’2, an increase in dress sense of 20% for both will not manifest itself as such; the guy who is 6’2 will appear 30% more attractive because it is a 20% increase on an inherently more valuable object. This is assuming that the only value being assessed is superficial value, of course.

      Note that I am definitely not saying that those game tips do not work, it is simply that they do not work equally well across heights. Obviously you should still dress well and have alpha posture and spit good game.

      Fortunately, there are lots of ways to present value. I didn’t like K Mili’s post but I do like his blog and overall vibe. As Mike says a positive state is important because the frustration is best used to direct energy towards working on other ways of presenting value. I naturally enjoy intellectual dominance, but any value that you can deliver over time can help to level the playing field.

      It’s also worth pointing out that a club is the most advantageous environment for those who can present immediate superficial value (such as height, looks etc.); not so with a museum, for example.

      In short (hehe), there is no point in being bitter about height, but there is a point to figuring out how best to present value when at a superficial disadvantage. I look forward to reading K Mili’s posts because they generally put me in a positive state. I’m sure he’ll use this experience to better himself.

  • WellBuiltStyle

    One thing I’ve added is doing 20 min of yoga before bed every night (instead of just 3x per week).

    Not that I ever slept poorly, but I feel that I fall asleep even faster than usual. My flexibility has also improved dramatically, making ordinary day to day movement much more fluid.

    Also, I’ve just added 20 minutes of meditation each day (10 min in the morning and 10 min before bed after yoga). Meditation is something I’ve done off and on over the past few years but I’m determined to make it a part of my everyday routine.

    One thing I want to add is a gratitude journal. Something simple (listing a few things I’m grateful for each day).

    • C1263

      I do a good quality stretch before bed, similar. Definitely helps.

  • Chris

    What the hell happened to your skin? Is that some kind of disease?

    • Danger & Play Blog

      I used some medications that doctors prescribed me. Then I spent two years in Hell. I’ll go into more details later.

  • (new site) Economics Institute

    Caring about world affairs is beta.

    lol All these headlines filled with minutia are designed to distract you, make you fearful, make you sell your stocks too soon, and consume your energy and attention from more productive and enjoyable activities. Putin blows his nose and it’s all over the web presented as a big deal that needs your urgent attention.

    • C1263

      You wanna talk about alpha males, Putin sure is one, whatever else he may be.

  • Elliot

    This is great stuff – as I’ve gotten a bit older I’ve come to realize the importance of routine for mental health/clarity. All through college and grad school my prime working hours were 9pm to 3 or 4am or so. I loved the feeling of solitude that came with working in the still of the night, it felt like I could finally settle down and focus.

    For whatever reason that doesn’t work anymore – if I stay up like that I always feel awful the next day and spend half the day recovering. It didn’t help that for much of my 20s I was bartending and drinking a lot. Now I’ve mostly succeeded in inverting my schedule – at one point, staying up 36 hours so I could force myself to fall asleep early.

    Now, I’ve found my prime thinking/focusing time is first thing in the morning, something my 22 year old self would have never believed. My routine varies a lot because of the demands of my office job, but my ideally productive day goes something like this:

    7am – wake up, cold shower.

    7:30 am – Walk to the coffee shop and get tea or decaf. (Recently experimented with cutting out caffeine almost entirely and it has really helped calm the peaks and valleys of energy.) Read something demanding but non-work related, like a novel, to get my mind revved up while drinking my tea.

    8:30/9 – get to office, or if working from home, open computer, check email, facebook, twitter. If I’m not careful I get sucked into internet procrastination purgatory.

    10am-2pm – my best hours, do work that involves deep thinking or concentration. If at home I use a standing desk, but I don’t have one at my office.

    2-3pm – light lunch (several days a week I will skip lunch altogether, IF style) and go for a walk. Or sit in a cafe and read and decompress.

    3-6/7 – take care of more administrative tasks – answering emails, paying bills. Dick around on social media, gchat. I always think i’ll get some more “real” work done in this time, but I rarely do.

    8pm – cook and eat dinner, or dinner out with friends. If dinner at home, I usually eat watching something on Netflix.

    9pm – all electronics off – still struggling with this one but have been pretty good about it. If I bring my computer to bed, its game over and I’m reading shit on the internet until 1am.

    9-10pm – read a book until sleepy enough to drift off.

    On gym days, I will either wake up at 6am and lift first thing, or if I’m working from home I will go lift during my lunch break. I’ve only been lifting for 6 months, so I’m still working out the best routine for that.

    One thing I would change is keeping off of email/internet/social media entirely until my first block of work is done. Most of the time that is impossible since I have to respond to “urgent” work emails throughout the day. But its very frustrating when I find myself spending an hour or two of my prime work time in the morning aimlessly surfing the web or playing email tag.

  • Brandon

    Care to touch a little more on the imagining of vivid sexual and violent acts? Pretty intriguing stuff.

  • bear

    Going to bed earlier.I’m naturally a night owl – unfortunately the “world” in which I work doesn’t function according to the same clock. Shit here it is 1030 EST and I’m posting on D&P.

  • Masa

    Have you considered going to the Dead Sea in Israel for your skin condition? Many tourists go there every year to treat a large number of conditions, some governments even pay for the trip as part of their medical insurance.

    There’s also a beautiful nature reserve nearby. Let me know if you’d like more info.

    • Danger & Play Blog

      Yes, I know that and was going to go. It’s not eczema. I am going to talk more about it this week. It’s a scary thing as I contracted the conditioning after following my doctor’s (well, multiple, leading physicians, actually) advice.

      • anon1

        i am definitely looking towards the next article on this. if its somewhat similar to what my father has anything that can help reduce or mitigate it, will be of immense measurable benefit to him

  • Eric

    Does you Kindle have that bright glare, which fools your eyes and brain that it is still day, and thus keeps you awake?

    • Danger & Play Blog

      Kindle paperwhite. Anyhow, blue light doesn’t affect me like it does others. I use flux on my computer. Even when I’m working until before bedtime, I don’t have much trouble falling asleep.

      • Eric

        I should have written this in my post, but I have an iPad which has this bright glare I mentioned.

        You said you don’t have trouble falling asleep, but have you had that kind of trouble? I have it now, and I want to know what solves that problem.

  • SongTalkingMan

    I’ve been reading Danger & Play for a while, but I’m still fascinated of this site. The quality of content is high, and the cost is minimal to none. I can reason why it is as it is, but I still feel surprised. Isn’t quality something you have to pay for with some expensive currency? My lizard brain has problems with this.

    • Mike Cernovich

      I have a lot to say and am not afraid of giving some stuff away. Then I sell some stuff. If Gorilla Mindset doesn’t sell as well as it should, then it means I gave away too much for too long and then I’ll take a break.

  • Mike Cernovich

    Nice routine!

  • dawg826

    Could you elaborate on the visualizations of sex and violence? Seems almost integral to the theme of Danger and Play. I couldn’t find anything else on the site about that. Did you get the idea somewhere?