Who Do You Think You Are?

Let’s do some navel gazing about you, shall we? Who are you; how old are you; what are you reading; where are you reading from; why are you here?

Most of you are men aged 25-34. 

Roughly 90% of you are aged 18-44, which makes sense. Whether due to low testosterone or fatigue, men stop growing after they turn 40. They lose that masculine drive, become boring and fall asleep watching television from La-Z-Boy chairs, and that’s why their wives cheat on them.

If you are over 44 years old, congratulations. You are one of the few men your age who hasn’t given up on life.

DNP Readers

Although 16% of my audience is female, a lot of that includes women who find Danger & Play through various searches about rough sex. (Due to SEO traffic that I never wanted let alone gamed to get, the most popular posts are about sex with trannies, rough sex, and sex pillows.)

What were your top 5 favorite posts?

Among email subscribers, here are the five most-clicked posts:

1. [Secret sent out to newsletter subscribers only.]

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2. Book Recommendations. You are hardcore readers with diverse and serious intellectual interests.

3. Become Obsessed to the Point of Madness. If you’re on the newsletter, you’re far more serious about winning at life than the average man. It makes sense that you’re obsessed with seeking excellence.

4. How to Make People Like You. You can’t succeed at life if people hate you, unless you’re a professional troll.

5. 7 Habits of Highly Effective Losers. That was one of my favorite posts to write. It started off as a boring “How to Succeed” post when I decided to invert the tips into something more interesting.

Among all readers (excluding SEO traffic), here are the most popular posts over the past 30 days:

1. Books Men Should Read. Again, I was blown away (though I shouldn’t have been) by your book recommendations.

2. Charisma and Connection. You want to learn how to persuade others. More importantly, you are looking for genuine connections.

3. Develop the Game of an Alpha Male. You don’t want gimmicks or pick-up lines. You want to learn how to meet women while becoming the best man you can be. You want to integrate becoming the best man you can be with meeting women.

I enjoy writing about game, but it attracts a lot of negative people and cleaning up the comments becomes a chore. I’m pondering solutions.

4. How to Become a More Dominant Man: Mindset. You are not waiting for handouts and are committed to taking what you want. Of course you’re more dominant than the average male.

5. Optimal Training, Optimal Recovery (tie). You can’t be a dominant man if you’re a sack of shit.

5. Develop the Posture of an Alpha Male With These Exercises (tie). We are seeing a theme now, aren’t we?

What are the top 5 posts of all time?

If you want to learn how reliable Alexa rankings and data are, go look at my Alexa page. Then compare their data with how people are actually finding my site.

Screen Shot 2014-06-28 at 12.12.04 AM

1. What is Sex with a Tranny Like? I somehow became the #1 hit (not the first page of Google, the first search result on the first page) for “tranny.” It was a throw-away post about a random subject. SEO can be weird sometimes.

2. How to Choke a Woman During Sex.

3. Testosterone Replacement Therapy. That was the original post I wrote on TRT that put D&P on the TRT map.

4. Jordan Belfort’s 4 Keys to Success. I watched a video, summarized it, and the traffic flew in from Google. That was an example of how you can take something that already exists (a lengthy video) and add value (summarize it; add your own thoughts). Transform intellectual property; don’t copy or steal it.

5. How to Become More Dominant in the Bedroom (tie). Interest in rough sex continues to rise.

5. Sex Pillows: Liberator and Liberator Wedge Review (tie). Again, Alexa has no idea what search terms people are using to find my site or any other site. That data is, to put it mildly, unreliable.

Where do you live?

1. New York. Makes sense. It’s the largest city in the U.S.

2. London. Again, no surprise; this is a large city.

3. Los Angeles.

4. Chicago.

5. Toronto.

6. Sydney. Wait, what?

7. Melbourne. Aussie readers, chime in please. I’m glad that you’re here, but two of the top 10 cities are from a small country. What’s going on down under?

8. Houston.

9. San Francisco.

10. Calgary.

Somewhere between 40 men showed up to the NYC meet-up. Around 8 showed up in D.C.

It might therefore make sense to have a meet-up in each city on the top 10 list.

By the way, there are a lot of you Aussie readers. Find a way to meet each other.

How many  people read Danger & Play?

More than I could have imagined. Traffic has grown every month since December, and June will be yet another record-breaking month.

I’ve been recognized three times in public – once at Gold’s in Venice, once at Whole Foods, and a third time in a random gym. If you see me, feel free to say hello.

Why are you here?

Only you can answer that question.

Well, why are you here?

  • Pieter C.

    I’m Pieter from Portugal, and I’m 31. Living in Koh Phangan, Thailand. I want to learn about sustainable fitness so I can look good for a long time without injuries. My favourite posts are about posture, training and nutrition and motivation/character building. I enjoy your site because it is bullshit free and direct to the point.

  • Séan

    Why am I here?

    Because’s, aside from B&D, there’s nowhere else like this out there.

    Nowhere else that lays the truth on the line about how to become the best man you be.

    • Merkage

      This is the exact reason.

  • T and A man

    Whilst Australia is small in population, both those cities are over 4 million, that’s about Toronto’s population.

    Whilst feminism is running somewhat rampant, I would assert that pushback is already starting to happen here amongst men, albeit not yet vocal and not yet organised.

    Opting out of Australian women is big here, as we are so close to Asia. Openly expressing that Asian women are better is taking shape and beyond the taboo stage.

    • Danger & Play Blog

      Wow, those are populous cities. Next time I’ll look at world factbook before posting. Thanks for your “on the ground” report.

      • http://www.fabfitover40.com/ FabulouslyFitOver40

        An Australian Trip and Meet Up MUST HAPPEN in the next 12 months.

        • Guido

          You guys can stay at my house. 😉

    • Alex

      Yo T and A man. I’m in Sydney. If there is a significant number of Aussies in the comments we will sort a meet up.

    • meldron

      Very much agree with the Asian women comment. Almost every Aussie guy I know has had an Asian girlfriend at some point.

      • Guido

        I married one.

    • Guido

      Queensland here. Near Brisbane.

  • James d’Anconia

    Cool that Melbourne is on the list!

    If any Melburnians out there would like to meet up, let’s organise something.

    • Odin’s fortress

      Melbournian reporting in. Lez do dis!

  • Guido

    Hey Mike, and G’Day to Jay. Aussie Here
    I stumbled upon Danger and Play while researching TRT. TRT has little exposure here while our General Practitioners rather give you some form of SSRI to treat depression without delving any deeper.
    I 100 % agree with T and A man regarding the state of Australian women, and that men are re-learning what a man should be.
    Loving your content, and the latest addition of the youtube vids gives D & P that next level in connecting with your audience. Thanks for all your work.

  • PUMPsix

    I’m from Perth, Australia. There should be no mystery for why we are all here – D&P, along with B&D, is the best website giving masculine advice.

  • Andrei

    Howdy. I’m a 22 year old from Florence, Italy . Initially came here from Pride’s site. First saw the ”How to survive a street fight” articles. I thought, fuck this guy can write ! Really raw, aggressive. Enjoyed it. So I stuck around. And stumbled upon all the knowledge here. I like the fact that you put an accent on mindset. Which I believe is by far the most relevant factor when it comes to having success in any field. And when there’s shit to implement it’s short and pragmatic. No fluff. No bullshit. I respect that a lot.
    I’m here to become the man I aspire to be. To learn from free men. As a child I didn’t have the privilege of having positive male models. Was raised by women. . Started off with a severe handicap. I was dysfunctional. Couldn’t look anybody in the eyes. I was shy. I was a pussy. I was a narcissist. The bad type. As far as Game and Fitness goes I went from zero(in fact my Game was less than 0.I was socially retarded.) to hero. So that’s why I’m here. To all people reading, apply what these gentlemen advise you to. Good things are bound to happen. Cheers.

  • sbr

    Who am I? I’m a 53yo man, married almost 30 years, 5 kids, the most stable, boring, vanilla, “beta” life you could imagine. And I’m f***ing sick of it. That’s how I found D&P and B&D, why I’m reading stuff I should have found when I was in my 20s.

    But – I’m taking my life back. After working hard, I’m in the best physical condition I’ve been in EVER. Despite the aging partner, my T is probably higher than ever and I’m making the best use of it (!). I’m having to learn how to be and act like a man. And I want to learn and live these changes in time to make sure my youngest son (the only one left at home) doesn’t grow up to be such a puss.

    Mike, keep it up. And thanks.

    • XCSkierBen

      Keep up the hard work brother. You will get there.

    • T and A man

      Your message is amongst the most valuable.

      Thank you.

      We’ve been told that it should be over for us, and here you are living in your prime.

      What’s more, it’s a prime you’ve built, not been handed.

      A guy can fall to rock bottom, can start late, have to restart or be unawares of how to get there until he comes to this site.

      As opposed to it being over, there’s a life of riches at any stage…as you demonstrate.

      But guys, you gotta start.

      Start late, start after a fall, start now because you’ve been afraid your whole life… but just start.

      To the creator of this nest, thanks once again.

    • James d’Anconia

      Really inspiring man, thanks for you comment

    • http://www.fabfitover40.com/ FabulouslyFitOver40

      Zod Bless You Brother! Let me know how I can help you if you ever need some ‘more’ perspective as any aging brother fighting the good fight!

  • Dman

    Danger & Play is a cleanser for the male brain. I want my thoughts to become so foreign compared to the average person that I’d think they were speaking another language. Thus, in a way I’d like to remove myself from regular society and operate in a completely different mental reality.

  • XCSkierBen

    I am here because I am a truth seeker. Take that as you will. Some people will attach the moniker of “truther”, “patriot”, “conspiracy theorist”, “nutter”, “whack job” or whatever buzzword the media throws out that day. When I tell people I am seeking the truth, they automatically assume I am a 9/11 truther or some other bullshit. While some of those things are of interest to me, I am not obsessed with them. What I am obsessed with is making myself a better man. I am concerned with the constructs we have created in this society. They aren’t doing young men (and young women for that matter) any good. I would think that even the “normal people” would have an inkling that things are not right in the world. However, my interactions with some individuals makes me wonder. I will not give up on some of these people, nor am I indifferent to their plight.

    Secondly, I am here because Mike and Jay are two of the most honest men when dealing with this content. They lay out the information and there is no bullshit. No hype or hard sell. It is what it is. If you don’t like it? Move along, nothing to see here.

    That’s really it in a nutshell. Pretty dam big nut.

    Aside from the knowledge, I hope some of my musings help other young men. I like to help all types of individuals, be it male or female. I think the world is a better place when you pursue that ideal. Lately, one of my favorite quotes comes from Will Smith. It’s a simple one, but very true. Sometimes the simplest quotes are the hardest hitting.

    “If you’re not making someone else’s life better, then you’re wasting your time. Your life will become better by making other lives better.”

    That says it all.

    Truth be known, I am also here because I would like to start my own blog and website some day. If I can glean some tips from Mike, Jay, Chris, Markus (nootropics) then that would be great. That is under the works right now and one day it will become a reality. Perhaps even podcasts and video. I think it would be awesome to build a network of websites like this one to help men, and even some women better and enlighten their lives.

    Lastly, I am somewhat of an anomaly here. I do not fit the age range. I am an older man. I am 51. I don’t live in any of the aforementioned cities either. I am up in the North country in the upper Midwest. I am in flyover land. Hence the moniker about cross country skiing. I am also an extrovert, which I am finding on this site, is kind of a rarity? I am probably wrong about that assumption.

    My main focus right now is fitness and nutrition so that is what I am reading about too. Online and in book form. Reading this site, Fab Fit 40 for fitness and nutrition. Off line, I am reading Tom Venuto’s books, ebooks I am reading are Altucher’s Choose Yourself and a couple of others.

    So in no particular order, here are some of my favorite posts.

    1. The article and podcast about HIT training with Markus Reinhardt.
    2. The podcast with Nicolas Gregoriades.
    3. Books men should read.
    4. The podcast with Big George regarding work life.
    5. How to Fix Yourself by Answering One Question
    6. Aren’t You Afraid of being a lonely old man?
    7. Seek Small Victories
    8. All post on Fitness & Nutrion. I love the Weight Room.

    Lastly, I don’t get the tranny post. I can’t “unread” that one. It haunted me for days. Haha! Not sure why there is such an interest, well I do, but that is another post.

    Great stuff D&P!


    • Séan

      Good post. A nootropics podcast would be amazing as well, what supps to take, where to get them etc…

  • http://Greatness.EDU Ryan Paul Simpson

    I searched for blogs like B&D and found this, it’s incredible the parallels you two share, have you reached out to Victor Pride?

    • Danger & Play Blog

      Yes, Victor and I stay in touch/exchange ideas. I’m planning a trip to Thailand one of these months.

  • Zachary

    Anybody in Calgary want to meet up and train HIT?

    • Ryan S.

      Sounds good to me. I’m out of town until next week. Where do you train? What you got in mind?

      • Zachary

        I usually work out at Sir Winston Churchill pool. I’m leaving for NS but I’ll be back mid-August. We can talk more then if you’re still interested.

  • Abu Husain

    I found your site through a link on TRM. your posts are direct and I don’t find any complaining like I found on many other sites. This place isn’t about venting, it’s about self-improvement. That’s why I’m sticking with it.

    • anon1

      Precisely why i stayed

  • Erik

    Thanks for the great breakdown Mike, it’s inspiring to see we’re part of a community.

    I’m 40 years old and live in San Francisco. I love the idea of more D&P meet-ups in the top 10 cities. San Francisco in particular lacks masculinity, yet there’s a hunger in guys I meet to be better. It would be great to meet more like-minded men.

    • Danger & Play Blog

      There are a lot of us and we will keep growing. The next step is to find a way to connect men.

      • Alex

        What if you do a mail out link to newsletter subscribers to a piece of the site there isn’t other links to, with just a blank post with a city and country name (EX: LA, United States. Melbourne, Australia). People can comment and exchange details and then you can delete the pages to preserve anonymity/keep your back end clutter free.

        So it would look like:

        Hey guys here is a link to a list of posts not accessible to people who stumble on the site. Pick your city and country, open the post, and leave a comment with any details you wish to, or set a meeting time and place and get some numbers as to who is coming. Swap details and in 48 hours I’ll kill the pages and we will do it all again in a month.

        • Danger & Play Blog

          That is a good idea.

  • DoubleLongDaddy

    Im one lucky teenager, who has set himself on the path to excellence. Lucky, to have discovered Danger and Play. Shout out to my Montreal Vannilla and not so Vannila Gorllias, we should stop isolating ourselves and do a meet up. For our sanity above all.

  • meldron

    Melbourne chiming in (28 yr old expat originally from NYC) – As mentioned before, Melbourne has a pop. of 4.25 million. You’ll find that almost all big Manosphere sites (for lack of a better word) have a strong and vocal Aussie readership due to such a strong feminist and left-wing media and culture that results in quite possibly the worst type of women to deal with.

    If you think as an American that you have it hard, you should count your blessings. The competition is fierce here. Being jacked, good looking, and having style, is merely the price of entry. Whenever I go overseas I think I’m in “pussy paradise” no matter where I go, simply because I don’t have to deal with Aussie women and the stiff competition with Aussie blokes. I’ve had every other ethnicity just to avoid dealing with a mouthy, superficial, entitled, over-weight, stupid-sounding bogan hipster that encapsulates most white Aussie women in Melbourne. On the flip side, this contributes to Aussie blokes being the most standup wingmen I’ve hung out with.

    • Alex

      Completely disagree with you on women here. Have never had problems and have always thought the States must be absolute hell for most writers to complain about it so much. I reckon we have it much better.

      • meldron

        Fair enough. Like I said, I’m from the states. They don’t know how good they have it. With the exception of Adelaide, I’ve found it easier everywhere else I’ve been.

    • James d’Anconia

      Agreed about Aussie women, although it’s not too hard to find foreign girls out in the city during the day.

      I look at the competition among men as a plus, it’s forced me to up my game much more compared to what I see from Europeans and Americans that come here.

    • Michael L

      Mate, all the criticisms you make are valid, but never forget, Sydney and Melbourne are extremely cosmopolitan cities with girls from every background and part of the world, not to mention both cities have large university aged populations. If you are disillusioned with the typical unappealing women and beta men here, carve your way into your preferred niche within your city.

      It doesn’t matter if you like asians, arabs, eastern europeans, south americans or even africans, girls and little pieces of the cultures from all these parts are in both cities waiting to be discovered. Nobody ever said you have to chase the Aussie bogans.

      Sydney resident of 23 years age here, I would be interested in meeting anyone in Australia who has a internet business or is starting one, anyone who is doing something unique and doing it well, and also anyone that speaks spanish. Anyone matches up here post up and we can work out how to exchange details after. There has to be dozens of active readers and commenters from Sydney and Melbourne.

  • Buddy Orion

    I’m a 17 year old man with big plans who’s been reading red pill blogs for a couple years and I’m here to absorb Mike’s wisdom and put it to use in the future.

  • Séan

    Mike, try and do a podcast with Elliot Hulse. Would love to see what you guys could come up with.

  • Rafael.

    Where do you live?

    11. Brazil :)
    Am I the only brazilian men reading d&p?

  • Just some guy

    I’m a 47 year old man from New Zealand. I’m a moderately successful self employed health professional, scientist, and creative. (Different businesses, I don’t do all of that stuff at once.) I discovered the manosphere about 12 months ago and very quickly came to the conclusion that most of the blogging and almost all of the commenting is done by frustrated 19 year old virgins living in their mum’s basement. I don’t read any of that stuff anymore.

    I read D&P because it’s clearly written by a man who can actually back up his claims with facts and experience.

    I like the new transparent editorial policy, although I don’t entirely agree with the kick-the-whingers policy – I think that this has been carried too far on occasion and guys have got banned simply for expressing a dissenting opinion, rather than negativity per se.

    My testosterone dropped off a cliff about six months ago. I went from not really being very interested in this part of D&P’s content…to being very interested indeed.

    • Danger & Play Blog

      I’ve learned from being in leadership positions that it only takes 1 or 2 cancers to ruin an entire organization. People disagree with me all of the time and that’s cool. I learn from you men every day. But when someone has a bad tone or vibe, remove them immediately before they destroy what you’ve worked to build.

  • Kronos1978

    I’m from Austria (like Arnold), living in Switzerland and I’m here because there is so much to learn in life for men and this site along with D&P and some others teaches men how to live like a man in a genuine and honest way – not hypercool, not overstuffed with stupid pickup-BS, not love-traveller-fieldstories, just intense knowledge and advice for everyday life.

    Reading your stuff made me a person more calm, more self-assured, more dominant (in a very positive way) and “more complete” and many aspects of my life improved over the last years (I’m 36). Not all of it is due to websites like yours, as clever men mature and reconsider things also on their own, but reading thoughts one has for oneself but can’t really “grasp” or “phrase”, phrased in a concised, beautiful and honest way helps to keep one going and helps to catalyze development.

    The knowledge spread here is enormous and even me, who got a PhD in muscle biology can learn a lot about training, recovery, nutrition and bodily functions etc.

    Also, your site helped me to kick family members out of my life who are bags of shit as I stuck to them for too long just for social convenience.
    And now, as my first kid will be born in 2 months from now, I realize even than before more what is important in life: take action, being loyal to people who deserve it, taking responsibility for every single step you do, create your own world for yourself and the ones who you love, as a strong leader, but always keeping their well-being in mind as they trust me and follow me and in turn expect me to guide them well and ensure their safety.

    Thanks, Mike

    • Danger & Play Blog

      Congratulations on the forthcoming newborn.

  • Streetz

    Hi I am 30 yr old ex-military Canadian infanteer. I read D&P because its real and raw advice for men looking for truth from other real men. It gives me DIRECTION. Since discovering D&P i’ve quit drinking, quit smoking weed, started reading more, ordered Modafinal, use Garden of Life greens, juice carrots and beets with my Breville, got bloodwork and used all the tips/advice regarding shooting Test, worked on my posture and ‘taking up space’ , motivated myself in a new career direction, going to order Optimized Folate as soon as i get back to Canada to see if I’m that 1 in 3 guy. Im currently Training at Tiger Muay Thai in Thailand polishing my striking. Everyday is a war and you have to be physically and mentally ready to go anytime or your just a sitting duck for me to kill and D&P gives me the life tools to do that and maximize my potential. Thats why i’m here. Thanks

    • Danger & Play Blog

      Sounds awesome!

  • Core Disturbance

    Hi Guys,

    34 y/o from the UK (Reading/London) here. Own and run several businesses, mostly IT based. Stumbled on the site when I was researching TRT and this stuff is leagues ahead of other things I’ve read. My main interests are self improvement, health, business, optimisation etc and this site hits them all very well! There’s a great readership on here, and the comments are from a wide range of people of all ages and backgrounds. I expect we all get here to learn more about specific things, but end up learning more about ourselves in the process. To me, that’s what it’s all about. Anyone in the UK who’s interested in organising a meet up can hit me up on twitter, @coredisturbance.

    Mike/Jay, it’s a great site and keep doing what you do.

  • Merkage

    Straight up then. I’m a 24 year old guy from the UK who is tired of energy-draining conditioning and the lethargy with which most people live. Drone occupations, TV soaps, weekend hangovers, I have no time for it. I aspire to be better than the surface level above-average I project, I will be the paragon of what my potential offers, and I know that D&P is one of those unique havens that is genuinely conducive to achieving those aims. It deals in raw facts, the truths that all men should embrace.

    Granted, I am somewhat directionless career-wise, and made a lot of mistakes during my education but that state of affairs is merely fuel for the fire. The site you have built here Mike is instrumental in reaffirming the path I desire to walk. Fortunately, I already come from a foundation of being confident with women, physically active and muscular as well as being socially proficient. Though, as a reader of D&P and listener of your podcasts I am convinced I can take my life to greater heights, especially the areas of my life which require more attention, despite being beset by that ubiquitous cliche of not knowing my purpose.

    D&P provides that wisdom that I cannot obtain elsewhere, hell even my Father doesn’t know the first thing about women or killing it in life in general. I know I am on the right track now, and that’s a comfort that perfectly parallels the hard work required from myself to be the best I can be.

    Who do I think I am? A winner. One of the 5%, and if I am not now, I will be.

  • http://theofficialjohnandre.com/ John Andre

    34, nyc!

  • Malachi Elias Girmann

    Dude, you need a meet up here in Asheville NC

  • Gman

    I’m a few months late to this thread but better late than never right?

    Been reading D&P since almost the beginning, but the stuff Mike has written in the past year since going all in has really positively changed my life. Juicing, alpha posture exercises, fitness, reading, mindset, dominance, sex / dating, etc.

    I am 26 years old, single, living in Vancouver with a career in criminal justice and make a decent income. I have travelled / vacationed in many places and have backpacked SE Asia and more recently Cuba. I speak 2 other languages and am actively learning Spanish. Also a few years into “Game” and have come a long way in that area.

    In short, my life is good. But I want it to be great and am willing to pay the price. I will build a business, achieve financial independence, travel and live all over the world to experience it all. I have the “big names” of the manosphere to thank for some of the wisdom and knowledge I have gleaned, including Mike.

    If anybody else is from Vancouver with a similar mindset and wants to meet up and see if we connect, reply to this thread or shoot me a message.

    • Rusty Shackleford

      We should link up man, I’m also located in Vancity