Saturday Morning Media, Entertainment, Tech Alpha Leaders Meet-Ups

When a Danger & Play reader invited me to attend a networking event hosted by a group called METAL – which stands for Media Entertainment Technology Alpha Leaders –  I rolled my eyes. I hate networkers and favor-traders. Yet the reader seemed like a potentially cool guy, so I gave the group a shot.

Going to that morning meeting may have been one of the best decisions I made in 2014.

In some aspects of being a man, I’m at top of the heap. In term of being a “media and technology alpha leader,” I’m at the bottom of the pecking order at METAL. Which of course means I love it, as I hate being the top dog in the room.

Each week the METAL head honcho Ken Rutkowski gives a slide show on the latest information in technology, media, science, and medicine. I always learn something new.

There are also guest speakers – true industry leaders. I’ve learned an insane amount about SEO, media marketing, and start-up culture in a short time.

I’ve also gotten multiple free books and today I received a free online course about self-publishing.

Today METAL had two speakers who stood out – Ken Wall and Bart Baggett.

Ken Wall is a general partner of Craton Equity Partners, a $200 million green-tech private equity fund. Wall was an investor in Facebook when Facebook only had 20 employees.

Would Ken Wall have taken a meeting with me? Probably not. Oh well, I got a meeting with him anyway, as I listened to him talk while drinking an iced coffee.


Ken Wall gave a talk on start-up culture.

Here are some highlights from his talk:

  • Your vision starts with a story you make up. You start telling this story to networks, talent, agents, and other people you want involved with your story.
  • “You’re telling people bullshit that you must deliver on.”
  • Everyday day you wake up questioning your life purpose: “Why the fuck am I doing this?” You question yourself, “I can’t do this.” Every day you think your career is on the line.
  • You set a date for your launch; that’s it. You’re committed to your vision and there is no turning back.
  • Los Angeles is next big start up hot bed, as it’s the center of content, art, technology.
  • Los Angeles is the exciting place to live in next 10 years.
  • Disruption in film business.
  • Who will own content distribution? It will be one of the big cell careers.
  • People look at cells 35 to 50 times a day to consume media content.
  • Distribution will change, other stuff will appear on movie screens. Make a 10 hour movie. “It’s changed and it’s not going back.”
  • “Everything balances on the razors edge of disaster.”
  • Biggest failure: paper binoculars.

Bart Baggett gave a helpful talk on self-publishing and Facebook ads.

Sell books on Amazon

Here are some highlights from Bart Baggett’s talk:
  • He has seven books on Amazon.
  • Amazon is the best free sales funnel you will find.
  • He sells the books for $3, as they are a sales funnel for his handwriting analysis courses.
  • The average book on gets 2 reviews.
  • He wrote a book: “63 ways to get Authentic Amazon Reviews” (Amazon).
  • He  used Facebook to get users to opt in via a squeeze page, and then to his book.
  • Gave the book away during the first 48 hours of his launch.
  • $872 spent on Facebook ads.
  • “Sold” 1,600 books in 48 hours.
  • 1,100 were authors. Authors are his target market for his courses on self-publishing.
  • He sells the authors on his $600 course on self publishing by giving away his book.
I also got his self-publishing course for free, simply for being part of METAL.

If anyone in Los Angeles wants to meet up, I am not hard to find. On Saturday mornings, I’ll be at METAL.

P.S. Who Do You Think You Are?

  • Sam Botta

    Your vision, determination, authenticity and proven results in real global change continue define the acronym.

    • Danger & Play Blog

      Thanks for thinking of and inviting me, Sam. Looking forward to helping you find opportunities of your own.

  • Nootroponaut

    I vouch for the Amazon tip. 90% of your time on Amazon is buying. That was by design. Amazon wants action takers.

    Most great sales funnels I’ve studied utilize the “Foot in the door technique” while delivering great value. Bart’s example proves this:

    Traffic –> Optin –> Valuable mini offer (Kindle) –> Main offer (Handwriting Course) –> Backend offers (Live events, masterminds, 1on1 coaching, consulting, etc.)

    When you get people on your email list, you KNOW they are buyers and doers and you don’t have expend extra energy “convincing” them to buy. You are one step ahead in setting up your sales funnel.

    A small list of buyers and doers will almost always crush large lists of freebie seekers. He’s receiving quality people from the get-go and automatically filtering out/polarizing his audience…smart.

    Thanks for the notes Mike.

    • Danger & Play Blog

      Nice breakdown; thanks!

  • anon1

    This sounds super interesting. I like that amazon is basically no tawk all business. People are going there nearly 90% of the time to buy.

    I really want to know more about Facebook, calls to action and squeeze pages.

    Having been crazy into pua stuff in my early red pill days and seeing a lot of one time offers I think there was only ever 2 that got me to buy just on the strength of their page.

    There was one called (yes I’m an idiot) magic bullets or something and I have to admit I bought that on the strength of the sales page.

    And there was another offering a free one time set of DVDs by Richard ‘gambler’ LA ruina called stealth attraction which I got. That one was because of the videos and also the concept it was based on was basically using body language to filter girls to the ones that are into you. As an introvert (well I was mostly then) it appealed greatly to me. And I can kind of see how introverts and game is a huge untapped need niche because a lot of people want to meet women and not have to expend hours of social energy.

    The call to action for stealth attraction was that it was free (they signed you up to receiving something else which would have cost money but I quickly cancelled) and the honesty of the one time offer really being one time and not one time per funnel.

    If anyone’s thinking of getting t, its not particularly great product and I would not repeat by but the guys sales strategy is definitely one to emulate.

    In short marketing gets you the eyeballs and one time sales, content gets repeat customers.

    Since those 2 purchases however many years ago the only stuff I bought since then was rooshs bang series (when it was heavily discounted), day bang, bang and Victor prides body of a spartan book

  • Pieter C.

    Very interesting post, I hope you keep posting these every week!