Chris From Good Looking Loser on TRT, Empathy for Girls, Game, and Insecurities

I recently had the pleasure to sit down and do a couple of  podcasts with Chris from Good Looking Loser, author of a great post called How to be Successful at Anything. Chris is one of the most authentic and transparent men that you will meet anywhere. He has a genuine desire to help men and I am proud to consider him a friend.

The second podcast will appear on Chris’ site when it’s ready. In that podcast we discuss online business, what it’s like showing your face in public, the Strangest Secret, whether college is a scam, making and saving money, and a few secret topics.

In this podcast we discussed TRT/HRT, empathy for women, insecurities, and our top life tips. Scroll down for the show notes with time/track listings. UPDATE: Part 2 is available here.

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00:00 – Introduction.

00:58 – HRT / TRT.

2:15 – Do testosterone boosters work?

4:20 – Can you make dietary and lifestyle modifications that will naturally increase your testosterone levels? You need to reduce and eliminate stress, reduce cortisol, address deficiencies in zinc, magnesium, vitamin D, and other supplements for men. Get a lot of sleep.

5:33 – Chris’ experience being on HRT / TRT.

5:45 – Do OTC estrogen blockers, and aromatase inhibitors work?

6:30 – A lot of what people think of as low testosterone is really high estrogen due to plastic in the water supply.

7:00 – AIFM from the AFStore is the product I mentioned to Chris. You can get it here (no affiliate).

7:37 – “Mike and I wish more men learned about their bodies,” even if they don’t need to go on TRT.

8:06 – How old was Chris when he went on HRT / TRT? What age should other men go on TRT or at least get his testosterone levels measured?

9:45 – There’s a free way to know if you have a good testosterone level.

10:24 – Chris’ dad just turned 84. What is his dad’s testosterone level?

10:59 – How does testosterone effect your behavior as a man?

12:00 Why going on TRT can make you develop empathy for women.

13:11 Can you use your knowledge of anabolic steroids and testosterone as a pick-up line?

13:48 – “I don’t know a guy who is successful with women who hates them.” – Chris.

14:13 – Smelling hormones and phermones.

15:17 – How to hug and “inhale” a girl when you first meet her to see if she is healthy and make her feel primal and wild.

16:26 – “You have to appreciate women for what they are not.” Schopenhauer: On Women.

17:12  – What kind of women do Mike and Chris like? What about dating tom boys and girls who like sports? “If I wanted a woman to be like me, I’d be gay.” – Mike.

20:41 – Why men should become someone that a woman wants to be seen in public with. Become the man to see.

23:22 – Why don’t more men relate to Chris?

24:05 – “You want to learn from men who are a little bit scary.”

24:48 – PUAs are clowns and dorks and have no dominance.

25:48 – Mike’s history on TRT. How old was Mike when he went on TRT and why did he decide to go on TRT?

28:15 – Hair loss and TRT.

28:55 – Mike’s Advanced TRT protocol.

31:48 – Blasting and cruising.

34:16 – Why HGH is a waste of money for anyone under 35.

35:15 – Chris’ HRT protocol.

35:57 – How many days after taking an injection of testosterone should you get blood work done?

37:43 – Thyroid hormone, T3, T4.

39:05 – Is Mike pro-drug or anti-drug, or both?

40:40 – Ipamorelin, GHRP6, and other growth-hormone releasing peptides.

44:14 – What will you notice when taking HGH and when will you notice changes?

47:48 – Don’t view game or meeting women as being divorced from becoming a better, more masculine man.

48:45 – How to leverage insecurities to your advantage.

50:15 – “If you treated your friends like you treat yourself, no one would want to hang out with you.”

50:45 – There is a way to recognize that you need to improve without becoming a negative or self-loathing person.

52:00 – What do you think about fun? What happens when you’re too much danger and not enough play?

53:00 – Your competition is normal people.

55:30 – Some tips for your 20s.

56:45 – Who are you living for?

57:20 – On the need to be true to yourself and domineering parents.

Check out Good Looking Loser.

  • Peter Twenties

    Great show guys!

    • Danger & Play Blog

      Thanks Pete.

  • Rafael.

    I´m impressed. Last year I wouldn´t imagined that you would do so much in so little time, Mike.

    Now you showed your face in front of the camera, you chat with your readers, you open up your house for us to see that you are a human being afterall :) , danger and play is totally reformulated for better.

    I salute you!

    • Danger & Play Blog

      Thanks. In the next podcast with Chris we discuss our sites, why I started taking D&P seriously, and other topics. You won’t want to miss that one.

      • anon1

        Ah really looking forward to this!

  • Aaron Sollesse

    As a man in my early 20s I can empathise with the self-doubt – we all go through the cycles of mini-depression and existential crises. As men though, it is our innate drive to seek control and one crucial aspect of this is emotional control.

    This podcast illuminates some very powerful habits which can be implemented to improve your emotional control and be a happier man:

    1) It’s not about ‘all danger and no play’. Spend time shooting the shit with your friends, meeting girls, meditating and doing hobbies you enjoy. Breaks are essential for long-lasting motivation, which is why the Pomodoro Method is so effective too.

    Another habit which helped me be happier was regularly expressing gratitude for my life:
    – Every morning and every night write down at least one thing you’re grateful for. It’ll be hard to do sometimes, but you’ll start to appreciate the little steps you make towards success. You’ll develop a more positive and stable mood because you can constantly point towards small steps you’ve made.

    2) Apply this mentality to your work too. Strive for growth without hating where you’re at right now. By being grateful for every step of the journey this abundance mindset will bring more success into your life. Dissatisfaction is undoubtedly very powerful for change, but you’ll be far more creative, happier and motivated in the long run if you instead focus on the process, not the result.

    The hardest part of your 20s is the fear – will this all work out in the end? Nobody knows, but the universal truth remains that if you put in the hours you’ll eventually reach your goals. Stay consistent and enjoy the journey my friends, we only get to have it once.

    • Andrei

      Can definitely relate to the gratitude stuff. It’s amazing how much shit we take for granted. It has helped me keep it together through some pretty rough rides. It’s easy to take action when you’re feeling like a beast. It’s when you take action while feeling like shit that it really matters. Expressing gratitude helped me detach from the outcome. Such an small detail in your mindset. Makes quite an impact in time.
      Awesome podcast Mike. It’s great to see guys like you and Chris get together. GLL skyrocketed my Game. He’s as real as it gets. And even though he advertises himself as a douchebag , he seems down to earth as hell. Really nice guy. You two are probably the most candid resources out there. It was a privilege listening to this.

    • Danger & Play Blog

      Great comment, Aaron.

  • Merkage

    This one is going to be good.

  • Wall Street Playboys

    Solid podcast guys.

    The most truthful statement in there is to take advice from guys who come off as a bit intimidating. There are two key reasons for this 1) if you are intimidating, it means you’re successful – I am sure no one gets intimidated by skinny hipster, 2) by being an intimidating person… You’re filtering out weak men from even asking you for advice.

    Huge upside there.

    A couple questions, happy to leave them on
    the AUA section.
    1) You mention HGH is a no unless you’re 35+… If money is no issue is there a downside to it? IE: going to stay on it for several months straight.

    2) Ipemerellin – since it tells your body to secrete then why exactly would this have no side effects? Seems like it would be a negative?

    3) Finally, where do you go for anti-aging clinic recommendations?

    Awesome post took notes the whole time. Still reading up on the different compounds.

    • Danger & Play Blog

      1) For injuries, it helps. We are talking about guys who take HGH trying to gain muscle.

      2) Chris had a pharmacist write up a white sheet on it. Look for that to drop soon.

      3) I am in discussions with one that will be “D&P approved.” I’ll let you know when that occurs.

      • Wall Street Playboys

        1) Okay, any info on this would be helpful going through more of the pod casts but essentially have a few small (minor but multiple) tendon tears (confirmed with MRI). So looking at both Ipemerellin or HGH… Simply don’t want to be sidelined by snapping one of them.

        2) Cool.

        3) Even better.

    • anon1

      Its funny just before reading this post I was looking at your most recent one on being exceptional which I took a lot away from. Nice to know there’s a network of high level men and bloggers that tackle different aspects of a mans life from slightly different angles but that blend and collaborate really well.

  • dave farley

    mike 1 question an am still listening to the podcast right now , are you back on trt?

    • Danger & Play Blog

      I am not.

    • dave farley

      all the best with danger and play mike

  • anon1

    Best pod collab yet. I have a question for any fellow Brit readers here about trt on the NHS. I’ve heard the best way to get prescribed is get a private blood test and if its low (damn near inevitable) go to the local gp with results and get prescribed, my question is can you specifically request a type of test compound for usage? On the NHS site I can only see restandol testocaps being provided? I’m looking at going on trt within the next 3-5years as I finish off my 20s but I would like to know what I can go for and don’t really want to mess around self injecting if I am not fully educated with what I’m ordering and taking

    • dave farley

      you wont get prop,cyp,eth,sus or any injectable test my friend unless your a celeb and go to Harley street in London ,were so far behind in this country its not funny bro ,good luck

      • anon1

        Fuuuuuuuuuuuuck. :(

      • liam

        Go to dude. I been getting my ‘ juice’ from the various sites on there for a year.

        • dave farley

          The lad was asking about prescribed trt in the uk,I meant he wont get them prescribed bro.

  • KW

    Great insights in here. I completely agree with the part about the smell of women – one of the overlooked aspects of sexuality.

  • DoubleLongDaddy

    Hey Chris and Mike whats up. Chris, I actually found out about Good Looking Loser from Matters of Size, where Im a member, so know, you are in our hearts and minds over at the PE community. My question to you is have you tried constriction devices before, and how do they work for you ( clamping)?

  • Good Looking Loser

    Long overdue, it was a pleasure Mike

  • Zen

    Fantastic podcast from two great self improvement community leaders. Recently I’ve cut out everything but GLL and D&P from what I regularly read and I feel all the better for it. It removes a lot of the vitriol and anger that you find elsewhere and even reading that stuff is poison for the mental state.

    I’m 22 and I do have a question about natural T state. Do you have anything to say about a cycle of normal to low normal (judging purely by feeling and “morning wood test”) for 2-3 weeks and then 3-5 days of spiked libido and feeling charged up (assumption is a spike in T) and then another few weeks of baseline feeling? I haven’t really determined any specific cause from diet, exercise or stress but my body seems to be erratic when it comes to hormone levels. Is this something to watch/be concerned about? Is it manageable, or should it even be attempted to be managed?

    I am still in the information gathering phase when it comes to TRT, nor do I have any desire to start on it soon. All the information here is great and I’m sure will be very valuable to me in the future. For now I have plenty of fitness goals to reach in a natural state.

  • dexter

    I want to thank you Mike and Chris for coming together and sharing your stories and life lessons. Out of the entire manosphere, I respect you two the most. Instead of sitting atop the ivory tower and arguing for the “best way to be a man or pick up chicks”, you are down in the trenches with us, figuring out what really works. Whether its steroids, stretching you dick, or choke fucking your girl, you talk about it all, despite what other people might say. You have strength of character, something severely lacking in today’s society. I don’t even really know you two and I already know you are not the type to back down when tested. That earns a lot more respect than hollow arguments about peacocking, negs, and hoop theory. But the greatest lesson you guys share is leading by example and demonstrating how to build your own life. You two are my inspiration, not to mimic you, but to grow a set of balls and start building my own bad ass life. Keep up the good work guys, it means a lot to me and I’m sure other guys appreciate it to. It’s reassuring to know that somewhere real men are out there leading, breaking ground for us when we decide to sack up and start our own life.

  • New Hombre

    Great podcast. Appreciate the info.

    Question on TRT – clomid was briefly mentioned – I have read about that being used instead of traditional TRT – do you have any experience or recommendations on that?

  • Tiberius

    Thank you for introducing me to GLL. I read a ton of stuff from his site and i see why you two get along well. You both have that level headed rationale which resonates with me and is what got me hooked on your blog immediately. I had a date last night and it’s the first one I’ve had in awhile where I didn’t try to “Game” the girl. I just kept remembering what I gleaned from Chris which is, if she didn’t already like me she wouldn’t be there. So I just had a lot of fun with her, was physically aggressive (she would stop me sometimes but she never got mad) and acted like a normal man. By the end I could see the adoration in her eyes. No worrying about “shit tests” no wondering if she was playing games, just a good time for both of us. It felt natural. Thanks again.

  • Ivan

    You talked about becoming intelligent on drug use. How does one gain knowladge in this field? Do you read studies online? Or talk to a doctor (from what I have seen doctors are border line full retard on some of these things imo).

    Both you guys are somewhat of an inspiration to me. Thanks.

  • Ian

    Mike is your girl blonde or brunette?

    • Danger & Play Blog

      Jet black. I don’t generally date white girls. I like exotic beauty – big eyes, dark soft skin, and a full mane of jet black hair.

      • Ian

        Honestly man are white chicks too much trouble on average?

        If you dig Asians check out (if you havent already)-they have some great info on locations (Jakarta should not be overlooked-

        It amazes me how a Dale Carnegie book changed your life.

        Any other transformational reads you can recall?

        This site is very interesting and takes away from the clown PUAs, moronic fluff pic based blogs and offers substance and value. I’m gonna start using your phrase “Economic matrix” in my daily conversations- so true!

        All the best man

  • w w

    Hey Mike have you ever tried DAA? It supposedly can boost your natural T about 30%-40%. I m thinking it might be an option for dudes in the average – lower range that are looking for a “middle ground” so to speak.. I measure 555 total free T at 43 years old and might give it a try. Apparently from what I read it may need to be cycled on and off and some dudes require an anti estrogen while on. If you or JAY have any personal experience with DAA I would love for you to cover it an an upcoming podcast. Thanks for all the great info , you rock!

  • Earl Clover

    I notice this blog is for guys in their 20’s do you have one you can recommend for someone who blew through their 20’s and now in early 30’s to get on track?