Supplements for Men

Instead of doing a generic post about supplements for men, I take you inside my crib to show you what actual supplements are on my own countertop. (Isn’t that so much better than another stupid post written out by someone who might not even take what he says you should use?)

My YouTube Channel is fun for another reason.

I’ve been to the weight room a five or six times in the past six or seven weeks. I was severely overtrained and haven’t had a balls-to-the-wall training session in several weeks.

I’m in the worst shape I’ve been in a long time. The YouTube Channel will be a form of “performance art,” as I get back into shape.

Here’s the video and below it is the transcript.

I have no idea why the background is wavy. I’m a writer who uses YouTube and am still learning this video editing stuff. BTW, you can save money using this iHerb coupon code (EKO606). And if you buy any supplements or anything else from, I’ll get a kickback (at zero cost to you) if you use my link.

Hey this is Mike from and today we’re going to talk about supplements for men.

Now instead of just writing something out and linking to a bunch of crap I’ll show you here’s what I actually use.

When talking about supplements, keep two points in mind:

1. Supplements will not make you big and jacked.

Going to the gym, eating right, and taking steroids will make you jacked.

2. If you have an actual nutrient deficiency, taking a supplement will actually feel like a drug.

We’ll talk about that more in a minute.


Let’s go…here, this is the supplement that I think pretty much every man needs and this is, minerals. And these are chelated minerals, and that is because your body can absorb them better. They are bonded with an amino acid. The process of chelation is called Albion chelation – Albion, A-L-B-I-O-N.

And the reason you need minerals is because, our source of minerals is food, where does the minerals in the food come from? From the soil.

But if you read about top soil erosion and food growing and other things then you realize that there aren’t a lot of minerals in the soil so they are not getting to the vegetables and therefore they’re not really getting to us. So this is what I believe pretty much everyone should take.


Zinc. [Zinc Picolinate from NOW Foods] Sometimes I take extra zinc sometimes I don’t.

This is magnesium oil. [Ancient Minerals Magnesium oil] It’s a transdermal form of magnesium it absorbs.

I stop taking it because it burned my skin and it pretty much felt like I was burning alive. I don’t know why that happened, it used to be fine.

But this stuff works really well. Transdermal magnesium.

This is l-glutathione and this is Alpha Lipoic Acid and this is 5-HTP.

I take this if I do any MDMA or partying or anything.


This [point to l-glutathione] will detox your liver.

This [pointing to 5-HTP] will keep your brain from losing serotonin and from harming your serotonin receptors.

This [pointing to Alpha Lipoic Acid] is a general antioxidant and also a glucose disposal agent which is good if you eat a lot of carbs.

Generally speaking this is special purpose stuff, that I take for, like I said, a special purpose.

This is, NADH, and it helps if you have adrenal fatigue or in my case, I was overtrained.

This is MK-7, I got jackshit out of it. Waste of money. But, not really.

This is optimized folate. My buddy who goes by the name ThorLonius started taking it, completely changed his life.

Here’s what I mean by some supplements being drug-like.

If you have a gene deficiency, which 1 in 3 people have, then your body can’t absorb normal vitamin B12, so you have to take optimized folate.

What does that mean? 1 in 3 people are going to take this stuff and say “Holy shit this is the most amazing stuff in the world.” 2 out of 3 are going to say ehh.

I’m one of the guys, ehh, because I don’t have that gene deficiency.

What you are going to learn about supplements is that a lot of this stuff is dependent upon your genotype.

For example, I take way more magnesium than most because I have a gene deficiency that causes me to either lose magnesium or not absorb it.

This is a multi-vitamin. AOR Ortho-Core. It’s a high molecular weight vitamin. Supposed to be the best vitamin. Multivitamins cause a lot of drama with people because it’s an antioxidant and some people say too much antioxidant is actually bad for you and that limited oxidative stress is good for you.

I don’t know. Take it. See how you feel.

This is arnica gel. I use it when I have inflammation in my joints or a black eye, something like that.

This is gum [Spry]. It kills bad bacteria. I order it in bulk, it tastes really good, and the flavor doesn’t last but it kills bacteria. Has this stuff called Xylitol.

This is my best supplement. It’s a juicer, an Omega J8006.

I’m a big believer in juicing as you know if you’ve read the site.

If not. Check out

High speed blender [Blendtec].

Blendtec or Vitamix, there’s a whole post of about that.

People pick a side. I like a Blendtec because it fits under the counter.

Thisis just a general blend of slow release protein for Alphacinnos. [MyoFusion Elite Protein Series by Gaspari]

alpha coffee protein shake alphacinno

I’m taking this other stuff, Trutein, which is a blend of caseinate, whey, and egg.

This is powdered MCT oil, also from Trutein.

By the way, not that it looks like I get sponsored but I don’t have advertisers or supplement company sponsors or anything. So what I take is essentially what I take.

This is powdered MCT stuff, I’m a really big believer in MCT oil, but you can’t take your oils if you travel, so this is great to travel with.

This is branch chain amino acids [Aminolast by Gaspari].

A lot of people say “Oh my god take branch chain amino acids they’ll make you bigger.” Not really, but they help me recover. And in the long-term, anything that helps you to recover quicker is going to help you gain muscle in the long run because you can get more workouts in.

So I take Glycofuse which is low osmolality carbohydrate, your body absorbs it quickly. I mix it some of this [Glycofuse by Gaspari] with some of this [Aminolast]. IT gives me great workout intensity and it helps me recover faster.

This is L-glutamine, which again is one of those things that people say helps you gain muscle. Not really. I took it because like I said, I was overtrained and got the flu. It’s a great immune system booster. So I’m going to use the whole jar until I have it done. It’s not going to go anything remarkable, but it is good for your immune system.

And that’s it. Oh wait. One more thing.

I said I take MCT oil. And I take Udo’s Choice oil. What I actually do is I mix them half and half. So I take the Udo’s oil into the MCT oil and keep it in the same bottle. That just saves me from having to switch bottles.

MCT and Udos Choice Oil

So that is it.

Those are the supplements I take.

But like I said, this is my favorite supplement [places hand on Omega J8006 juicer] of all.

So thanks. This is Mike from and thanks a lot for tuning in.

P.S. you can save money using this iHerb coupon code (EKO606). And if you buy anything from, I’ll get a kickback (at zero cost to you) if you use my link.

  • Rafael.


    You take zinc everyday? 50mg?

    • Danger & Play Blog

      Every day. 50-150 mg.

  • Thor

    Great stuff. Minerals are essential for guys taking a lot of zinc because of balance. Corticare B is great for adrenal fatigue. I was overtrained as well… Now I lift once a week. Doing mostly pull ups, dips, squats, planks and hand stands etc… I also got my aerobic capacity in check (Which can take a year for some people) by going on an incline treadmill at 20 incline at 2.0 speed so my heart rate is between 135-145. This helps a lot. It’s a nice hike. And if you are doing it right you should get to faster speeds and more incline at the same heart rate. That’s how you know your aerobic capacity is being improved.

    Thanks Mike.

    • Typical Male

      I have adrenal fatigue big time. What brand Corticare B do you recommend? Where to buy?

  • Gerardo A.

    On the wavy background issue, it’s most likely because you use a tablet/smartphone to record your videos, while they are an ok solution, I think it will be best in the long run to invest in a mid-range HD camera (something around 500-700 USD will do the trick).
    Also take in mind that indoor illumination is usually challenging, but that’s another long topic into itself.

    • Danger & Play Blog

      Thanks for the suggestions.

      • Tom Arrow

        The wavy background is due to a sensor scanning technique called rolling shutter; the sensor image is not captured at once, but row after row. It became common with the breakthrough of CMOS sensors as opposed to the older CCD sensors. Higher end cameras are quicker and the effect is less noticeable, but there are few cameras with CMOS sensors that actually have global shutters at this time. If you use a modern camera inside a vibrating car or on a motorcycle, your image will look blurred, like water; guess why.

        If you want to compensate for the effect, use a tripod and don’t make too quick motions. Thus, you will reduce the wavy effect to a few places where you tilt and pan the tripod head. A higher end camera will also help, as suggested.

    • Mik

      an external recorder and lapel microphone will do the trick

      • Danger & Play Blog

        Thanks, Mik. I’m still dialing stuff in. Right now it’s just about getting in the habit of doing YouTube videos. My first ones were horrible, so we’re making progress.

  • Dman

    Thanks for the video; so much more compelling than text. :) Quick question re magnesium and potentially zinc. Should you treat Mg levels like t-levels? By this I mean, if you have blood work that says your t-levels are in the average range, going on TRT to max them out will definitely be beneficial.

    Is the same true with Mg? I have blood work done on my minerals regularly, and my Mg is not low. You have a condition that causes either poor absorption or high excretion, or both. If someone doesn’t have that, is it needed? Obviously I can just try it out and see. What physiological effects have you noticed from Mg and/or Zn supplementation, if any?

    Also, FYI the word “chelate” is pronounced “kelate” (the “ch” pronounced like a “k”).

    • Danger & Play Blog

      Mg clears your system fast, so it can’t hurt to take too much.

      Thanks for the note on chelate.

    • anon1

      After reading mikes magnesium post I took up using magnesium ‘oil’ since September last year. I used it only on gym days after hard workouts.

      It reduced DOMS and recovery times significantly.

      The only thing I can mention is that if its not washed off your skin will dry out more.

      But its a great supplement.

      For the last few weeks since getting the fitjuice recommended omega 8006 I have stopped drinking bcaa almond milk shakes (a favourite of gll Chris) and started juicing instead. Typically I make the beetroot hulk juice mike recommends and some bcaa powder to that. It’s early days yet but ive seen my skin better hydrated then ever.

  • DoubleLongDaddy

    Mike, since you mention MDMA, im thinking of trying some for the first time this Friday. Have never smoked weed or cigarettes, drank booze about 7 times in my life. Also, a friend of mine is trying to spook me that heart attacks are common on it. Is he full of shit, or is it a legitimate concern?

    • Danger & Play Blog

      Your friend is trolling you or he’s an idiot. Even if the MDMA is laced with speed, there wouldn’t be enough speed to give anyone a heart attack. I’m going to do a whole podcast on MDMA, though not before this Friday. Let us know how your “roll” goes.

      • DoubleLongDaddy

        Holy shit, Im still seeing geometric shit around me. Had the best sex so far, this blonde chick from my school who gave me the drugs, she gave me 2 tablets. We fucked in a lake, I choked her for the first time, she fucking spasmed and shit. I feel like fucking Conan the Barbarian, is this normal? Also, I think it was laced with speed cause I read and what I felt is not common for ecstacy. The girl, told me she was super sensitive, and felt things even more than usual.

        • Danger & Play Blog

          Most MDMA is cut with other substances. If your nose is runny, that’s a sign there is some speed in it. Seeing fractals may be there’s a hallucinate in there, but not necessarily. Some people reach higher levels of consciousness on MDMA. (I use it for “spiritual trips” myself.)

          • DoubleLongDaddy

            Well its some powerfull stuff plus I was a drug virgin of sorts so it scared the shit out of me. And yeah these weird prisms and hexagons when I closed my eyes and opened them. I also felt like I was watching myself have sex, really weird for me, but I doubt it has only happened to me.

  • DukeNuke

    Its strange you brought up that gene deficiency concerning i recently discovered that I have this deficiency and was going to email you about these..Too late. Its a major cause of a lot of health issues. I will be learning more about these gene mutations that are being found. Will keep you posted as I learn

    • Danger & Play Blog

      Gene defects are going to be a major issue in the coming decades and we have to stay on the cutting edge. I hope you get your issues worked through.

      • Typical Male

        How did you find out that you had the mag gene defect? How can I find out if I have something similar?

        • DukeNuke

          Go to a decent doctor. Get tests for the associated gene marker. Also others reading may look into the 1298 gene mutation also the MTHFR gene mutation. Theres countless others that i don’t know of. those two in particular have to due with methylation and are the mutations in which the activated folate will help as Mike spoke about. I too am curious as to where can you get an entire genetic marker test done for known mutations? I know there is one that is hypo pituatary and would be a cause of low lh and fsh, and all other pituatary hormones post puberty… As we know low lh and fsh are the hormones that trigger testosterone and sperm production. Makes me wonder if this mutation has to do with how many YOUNG me have secondary hypo gonadism.

  • DukeNuke

    Mike what do you think of probiotics? Im sure a lot people got jacked up stomachs from the food, lifestyle, or possibly all the antibiotics MD’s like to hand out to us that are unknowwing. I like the Jarrows probiotic, seems to help a lot in the digestion department.

    • Danger & Play Blog

      Green juices and vegetables and fruits and not much processed foods and you won’t need probiotics.

  • Camilo GP

    This is great stuff. I’ve searched for some of those supplements but the thing is that I don’t know if they’re any good here (South America). I mean that I can’t find the same ones, but it’s a matter of keep looking. I really like the videos, keep them coming.


  • Brett

    Great stuff, Mike. I’ll keep this video as a reference as I try new supplements.

    I have to say, by the end of the video all I could think about was how expensive all that stuff must be. Although the supplement journey is a constant work in progress.

    • Danger & Play Blog

      It’s can get $$$ if you take all that stuff every day, which I don’t do. I only take minerals and magnesium ever day, and minerals aren’t costly. The alpha lipoic acid and 5HTP, for example, will last me several months.

  • Rye

    Thanks for this Mike.

  • Equanimity and Sophrosyne

    Food growing practices may be one of the few topics that suffer more from bad science and partisan politics than even the quagmire that is health in general. Personally I have no doubt that mass produced foods are nutritionally inferior to some degree than foods raised with personal TLC, and that ideally you’d have absolutely no pesticides or petrochemicals etc in your food. I suspect that rhetoric tends to spin things from sub-optimal to deleterious in our all or nothing culture. Few seem to realize that if not for “Frankenfoods” we’d almost certainly be encountering the specter of famine, and we may yet, as more and more species become resistant to our chemical controls, and the dark triad of dwindling resources, increasing pollution and destabilized climate continue to take their tolls.

    Now, on that happy lil note…

    A packet of seeds for the greens of your choice costs probably $3 and for the cost of your labor time and ingenuity you can have more juicing stock than you know what to do with. The leftovers from juicing is absolutely perfect for composting.

    If for whatever reason an alpha male garden isn’t for you, your next best step is a farmers market. Plant geeks will give you the absolute best tasting and nutritious food, and they tend to be very easy to open and connect with. Get them going about their garden practices and you can soon have a new friend with a whole suite of handy knowledge and skills.

  • Aaron Sollesse

    Great supplements all round, here’s a few other uses and notes for these supplements:

    L-Glutathione – Awesome for hangover prevention/curing. Even if you supplement electrolytes and water for the dehydration you’ll find a significant effect from supplementing L-Glutathione.

    Xylitol – Oral bacteria consume this sugar alcohol but are unable to metabolise it so they die. This allows your teeth to remineralise and prevents tooth decay. Awesome stuff. I chew Spry gum after most meals.

    MCT Oil – Brilliant source of calories, your body is unable to store this fat and is instead used as readily as sugar. You’ll feel a nice boost of energy so I usually have it after a day at work.

    BCAAs – If you do fasted workouts, absolutely necessary to maximise muscle gain. 10g before and if you fast post-workout 10g every 2 hours after.

    L-Glutamine – 40g per day for 5 days works very effectively for fixing leaky gut. Often people are suffering vitamin and mineral deficiencies just because of this (which is often caused by excessive grain consumption).

    Also note that most grains and nuts contain high levels of phytic acid, which binds to minerals and makes them bio-unavailable. This means you should decrease how much grains and nuts you eat, plus supplement your magnesium and zinc away from the times you eat them.

    • Rayce Redbeard

      Word of warning, L-Glutathione tastes like burnt popcorn.

  • JQ

    Yes, great post mike… And I remember you said you were a big proponent of fish oil/krill oil… I like DIM for estrogen metabolism… Lots of research behind it… Still debate on how it effects thyroid… “Tangy Tangerine” from youngevity is a great plant based Multi-vitamin/Multi-mineral… And you’re so right about magnesium oil! Awesome stuff… I like Mike Mahlers “recovery oil” with zinc as well… Lets all use mikes amazon link to help support. Thanks for all the great stuff.

  • Jack

    Maybe I missed your opinion about it here or in another medium, but what is your opinion on creatine monohydrate?

    • Danger & Play Blog

      Works great. Adds 5 pounds of “muscle” (it’s more cell volumizayion, who cares, you look bigger).

  • Howard Beale

    Mike, perhaps you could do a blog post on how you became overtrained and what the symptoms were. Many guys would benefit from that. It’s easy to overtrain. Some believe that more is always better and it will lead to greater gains. There’s a fear that if you lay off for a week or two that you’ll lose an inch on your arms and your strength will plummet by 50%. Based on personal experience, this isn’t true. If anything you’ll feel much fresher and more motivated when you return to your workout routine.

    • Danger & Play Blog

      It’s in the works.

  • Atlantic

    Great video Mike. Do you mind elaborating on how do you take your oils?
    Is it a case of drinking them straight or do you add them into a shake.

    • Danger & Play Blog


  • justin

    Hey Mike, thanks for the supplements tour. Would like to ask, how does one find out whether they have a gene deficiency for a certain something? Is it just by trial and error, or are there tests you can take?

    Thanks for the great content.

    • Danger & Play Blog

      Until gene sequencing gets more advanced and accessible, trial and error.

  • Richard

    Thoughts on virgin coconut oil in lieu of MCTs?

  • Richard0292

    Some things I just learned while looking in to magnesium supplementation that I though I’d share.

    Epsom salts (magnesium sulphate) can be taken orally and will be absorbed. It is dirt cheap compared to a pill bottle supplement form by and order of magnitude. This remains true even if you take in to account the better absorbability of citrate etc. versions.

    A 1kg bag of food grade costs £1.99 and you can bulk buy up to ridiculous quantities.

    I wanted to take epsom salts orally because 1) I don’t see myself soaking in a bath three time a week and 2) you’ll make the stuff go alot further.

    A dose of 1-4g dissolved in water for children 12+yo is the laxative dose of epsom salts ( The laxative effect is caused when the absorption threshold has been reached and the body cannot/chooses not to absorb more. Therefore a therapeutic, non cathartic does would be <1g (1 5ml tsp = 5g).

    • Richard0292

      Woops. Epsom salts are only 10% elemental magnesium (Table.2 So a <1g dose would be noewhere near the typical 350mg elemental magnesium supplement dose.

      Also its poor absorbability is the reason for its laxative effects, it simply builds up in your lumen without being absorbed. Its definitly absorbed if the dose is high enough but this is probably in diarrhea causing territory:

      In fact it definitly is so, as the 3.5g you'd need to take to get 350mg elemental is in the laxitive zone.

      Ha! I tried. Looks like I can't sneakily cheap out on this one.

  • MaleDefined


    I’d Amazon affiliate link these products. I’m on this link every couple months trying out a new item from this page. I’d rather you take a piece of the pie when I purchase these products.

  • Coup d’erection

    When I first watched this video I assumed I didn’t have the gene deficiency for b12. That was about a year ago. Last month I bought some B12 after a friend said they gave him a ton of energy. When I tried them they didn’t do the same so I decided to try optimized folate. My energy levels have gone up considerably since I started taking it. Definitely worth trying for some people.