Anti-Aging Blood Work for Men (Video and Transcript)

In Part 1 of this series I showed how I increased my testosterone level. In part 2 I discuss other male health and anti-markers such as cholesterol, fasting glucose, lipids, insulin, thyroid hormone, C reactive protein, genotyping, 23AndME, and much more.

The specific tests I had done are part of the The Male Anti-Aging Panel (use coupon code HEALTHY12 to save 12% at PrivateMDLabsright here).

The male athletic anti-aging panel is a valuable test that I get done every 18-24 months. When you watch the video, you will see that it was money well spent.

SPOILER ALERT: I may have a genetic defect / hemochromatosis that could have caused me severe internal organ damage had I not gotten this blood work done. The $300 was cheap compared to what might have happened. UPDATE: The issue resolved itself.

Men, stay on top of your health. It is not cool or alpha to avoid modern medicine. You are not dumb pack mules who should be worked until you collapse of a heart attack.

(You have more than a switch for society to turn on and off.)

what do men women want


You men are finely tuned machines. Start acting like it. Understanding your blood work is how you tune and calibrate this machine.

(Look at all of these dials.)

blood work for men on TRT

If you have health insurance, get an annual exam. Blood work is included for whatever your co-pay costs. (Verify that with your insurance provider, of course.)

Ask for the same tests I get. It’s your right as a patient to demand and get what you want. Doctors are service providers. Accept nothing less than excellent service from your MD.

You deserve a long life of vitality.

Check out this video to find out if I am about to drop dead or if I am the picture of male health.

 This is not medical advice. I am not telling you anything about medicine. This is me thinking out lout about my own blood work.

Podcast Transcript.

Hello this is Mike from and this is part two in my blood work series. In part one we talked about testosterone levels luteinizing hormone follicle-stimulating hormone so today we’re going to look at the rest of my results from my male anti-aging panel test. This test was part of the, I think they call it the male athletic anti-aging package.

It’s a little bit pricier when you get into my age which is approaching 40 you need to stay on top of healthy and you need to monitor this stuff need to establish some base lines of what healthy or unhealthy isn’t.

I have lab work going back for years. This is my latest results and I’m going to read this in light of my past and also in light of some scientific sources. So let’s just skip all the red blood cell count white blood cell we talked about that in a previous video. Let’s go straight to fasting glucose. Fasting glucose means how well does your body process carbohydrates are you at risk for diabetes, etc. etc.

My fasting glucose is 83, which as you can see is within the range of 65-99.What that means is I’m not at risk for diabetes, I have good insulin function, and my body handles carbohydrates well. It means that I’m healthy and generally people who have a good body composition are going to have lower fasting glucose because I don’t have too much fat and I got a good amount of muscle. That number is going to be low and by the way my numbers always been around 80-85 over the past five to seven years.

Blood urea nitrate is 26. let’s look at this HIGH BUN (blood urea nitrate). What in the world is B-U-N? Is this high and should I be concerned?

And what about this B-U-N to creatinine ratio that is high too. Oh my gosh should I be concerned it says that it’s high? High just means it’s outside the range and what that means is, it’s something you need to flag for yourself and it’s something that you doctor needs to flag. So what are we going to do? Well let’s go to WebMD, let’s go to Mayo and let’s look at this stuff. As you can see right here it is Blood urea nitrogen and that’s how much urea which is a protein waste by-product that is in your bloodstream and you can tend to have high numbers if you’re severely dehydrated or…here’s how you prepare for the test: “Do not eat a lot of meat or protein 24 hours before having a BUN test.”

Well as you can imagine I eat a lot of protein, up to 8 hours before my test it’s probably why it’s elevated but it’s not elevated enough to you cause you any concern.

I have again, data going back for a long time I’ve always been around 26 and that’s because you know I train hard man. I train hard and eat a lot of protein and my body is always pumping out waste product that’s the way it goes but it’s definitely not unhealthy or anything that I would need to worry. We’re going to scroll down a little bit. Oh my gosh, liver counts are high.

AST is 56 and ALT is 52. Liver counts are high. “Holy cow, Mike is unhealthy must be steroids are killing him.” No. That’s where little bit and knowledge goes wrong, goes awry. My numbers are high for a scientific reason.

Let’s click on some science. Here you go: Muscular exercise can cause highly pathological liver function tests in healthy men. Geez Louise this is right on PubMed you can figure all this stuff out for yourself.

So all the little nerds that say “Oh liver values are high,” yeah you don’t really know what you’re talking about. And you can go look at the study yourself and I’ll link to it at What’d they do in the study?

They had guys lift weights and then they went in and they got blood tested and five out of eight guys had elevated liver functions. There you go. My liver functions are always in that range and again I know that because I have blood work going back years.

Now if my blood range had been, my liver ranges had been say, like 10, and then suddenly they are 56, okay maybe I’m a little bit worried but this is totally normal for man who trains with intensity and trains with weights. Nothing to worry about but, we’re about to come up to something interesting.

First we’ll go to cholesterol. Total, 160. Triglycerides, 73. HDL, 63. VLDL, 15. LDL 82. What does this stuff mean? Again let’s just click over to the Mayo Clinic and look up cholesterol levels. Here you go. I’ll link to the page.

Below 200, desirable. I’m below 200. LDL Below 100 near ideal. Isn’t that amazing, I’m below 100? HDL over 60, best. Where was I at? HDL, 63. There you go we’re doing something right obviously and this is all again, again Mayo Clinic. Triglycerides below 150 is desirable.

Where are my triglycerides at? 73. Not too shabby huh? So again, I know that most of you guys watching are kind of just laughing along because you’re not actually the haters but you see all these people they say try to discredit the work that I do at Danger & Play. They try to discredit me, okay haters let’s see your blood work now. Do you actually have better cholesterol than I have?

Do you have better glucose than I have? Do you have better fasting insulin, which we will get to? I highly doubt it, but if you going to talk shit, let’s see your blood work, we’ll compare and then you can tell me how much you know. Now guess what though?

We do have an actual problem and this is why you guys have to be on top of your health. You have to be on top of your health especially as you approach 40. My iron and TIBC are all out of whack. The iron’s high.

My iron saturation is high. MY UIBC is low.

What does this mean? Oh my god steroids. No it doesn’t have anything to do with steroids. Again science. I don’t even know how to pronounce this because I’m just learning about it.

Hemochromatosis. Hemo- would be, I guess blood. -Chromatosis would be a little bit too high or producing too much. If I had to do the etymology of it, that would be my guess. And what happens? A faulty gene defect, happens to white people, and it develops in people in mid-life. There you go. I’m going to get this checked out. I’m going to find out what’s going on. It’s actually not a big deal based on the research that I’ve done. UPDATE: I fixed the issue by cutting down on red meat.

I just need to start giving blood more. No more red meat. I also might have an unusual lab value because I drink a lot of beet juice. Beet juice is rich in iron and if I have this gene defect then naturally I’m going to hold more of that iron. Also if you take a lot of vitamin C which I get from a lot of the juices I do. I’d also had the flu really bad before this blood test so I’ve been taking a bunch of Emergen-C. So my body had been absorbing iron more.

So it could be a blip, it might not be a blip but hey man when I see something like this I’m happy because I got the same lab, sent a lab test on the male anti-aging panel a year and a half ago and my iron was fine. This tells me I might be developing hereditary iron problems. Or maybe not, maybe I was just drinking too much beet juice.

But again, guys you got to take care of your health.

I don’t know where it became like alpha or cool in our culture from men to just assume that they’re healthy never go in to the doctor visit. This is absolutely and totally complete madness you need to either go to a doctor regularly or you need to do what I go which is, I’m my own doctor.

I get all my own lab work done. I know how to read the science and then I go talk to a national clinician and I’ll say here’s my blood work. I’ll say “Let me give you $500. I’m going to do a consult with you. Here’s my lab work. What do you think?”

Incidentally, the people that I work with, Private MD Labs, can have you do just iron tests and it’s like $55. So what I’m going to do is, I’m going to give blood, I’m going to stop eating red meat, reduce my vitamin C intake, no more beet juice, and then I’ll get a follow-up testing and if it shows like it’s bad then that means I may need to go on for transfusions or do something else.

Again no big deal. We already talked about testosterone, that’s old news. TSH is thyroid-stimulating hormone. 1.62. So I’m not high, I’m not low just sort of blah, but we’re good.

T4. 1.47 I’m near the high end of the range. T4 signals your body to produce thyroid it’s a thyroid hormone.

DHEA is at 304. DHEA is a natural male hormone that does decline with age. 304 is actually a really good value for someone my age. The range is 102 to 416. As you approach 40, the thing tanks. And you can look at the correlation between low DHEA levels and longevity, low DHEA levels and health and fitness. Low DHEA is no good and my DHEA is good. Luteinizing hormone and follicle-stimulating hormone we talked. Prolactin, that’s a hormone that causes women to produce breast milk. I’m within range.

Prostate-specific antigen (PSA) 0.8. PSA measures your likelihood of developing prostate cancer actually. So where Am I? 0.8. Bottom of the range. People say “TRT causes prostate cancer. TRT is going to give you a heart attack.” Well, do your blood work.

Can’t tell ya. Look at my prostate absolutely great.

“TRT going to give you a heart attack I read some article in the New York Times about TRT and heart attacks.”

C reactive protein at 0.8. That’s the measure for a cardiovascular event. 0.8. Way at the lower in the range which is zero to three. Anything under 1 means I am at a low risk for a cardiovascular event. My c-reactive protein is great.

My cholesterol is great. My lipids are great. My fasting glucose is great. My fasting insulin is great. My liver count and BUN ratios are a little bit high but again that’s natural because anybody who trains hard with weights is going to have those issues and generally speaking not medical advice, unless your values are 2X higher than they should be, then doctors usually aren’t concerned.

Again this is just something that you flag for analysis.

Estradiol is at 6 which is actually too low and I don’t know why my estradiol is so low. I would want it to be a little bit higher because when your estradiol is that low, you get joint aches, it can impact your sex drive.

Like I said in my first podcast I’m not on any kind of anti-estrogen. I’m not on Clomid or Noveldex or any SERMs. No AI [Aromatase inhibitors]. I don’t know why it is so low.

I wish I had a little bit more estrogen in my bloodstream. Because estrogen is actually good for you.

Magnesium. I tend to be deficient I have a gene deficiency that causes my body to lose magnesium so I had to take a lot of magnesium. I take over a gram of magnesium a day

If I don’t I develop restless leg syndrome. Now I know a lot of you are skeptical like me and think restless leg syndrome is a made-upon disease for me is absolutely not. When I don’t take enough magnesium I feel like I have peanut butter flowing through my veins and it hits me right at night and I just want to kick out or do flutter kicks or something to try to make it feel like blood is circulating. I take way more magnesium, I take Epsom salt baths, and I use this stuff called magnesium oil. There’s these magnesium bath flakes I now use and even then I’m not even above range. All that magnesium I use.

Fasting insulin 4.7. Again, insulin you want low. Low insulin is good. Low insulin means that when you eat carbohydrates, most of the carbohydrates are not going to be stored as fat.

SHBG 37.4. Has to do with fertility. As you can see, I’m good. 37.4. Right within the range.

So there you go. That’s my blood work. Pretty straight forward right? As you can see I’m in excellent health except for a potential genetic defect I might have. And again, that’s why you have to be on top of your health.

If you read about gene therapy it’s amazing stuff and I don’t want to digress too much, we’ll talk about this later.

Maybe I’ll do a separate post on it. I’m actually going to go get my whole genotype mapped. Now I got my 23AndMe profile done like five years ago which was cool and helpful but with the genotype they look at everything and they look for all these gene defects that you might have and a gene defect is going to tell you what problems might have health-wise down the road also how your body’s going to respond to drugs. You can even get a lot information like that off of 23AndMe. For example 23AndMe said that I would have more than likely have curly hair.

I’d never actually grow my hair out so I thought “I don’t have curly hair,” you know? I’m freaking Eastern European descent primarily and sure enough my hair has grown out and I have curly hair. I actually look kind of Jewish.

Anyway, get your stuff checked out you know. Again I might have a genetic defect with iron that surfaces as a man hits 40. I never would have known that. If you don’t know about it for years, it can cause liver damage it can cause all kinds internal organ damage and again this is not my fault. It’s nothing I did it just genetics. You know I’ve been blessed with of good height broad shoulders piercing blue eyes, but my voice is little bit higher pitched than perhaps I would like and I have messed up iron man so that’s life.

You’re dealt a genetic hand and you need to learn what hand you’re dealt before you actually have a problem.

Anyhow, if have any questions post them in the comments. This is Mike from

  • Tony M.

    Another awesome piece. I do find it very odd that your estrodiol levels are so low, this soon after coming off the test and without any AI’s. Obviously using exogenous sources of testosterone can increase estrodiol levels, and one would think it would come down over time but to plummet that much so soon is interesting.

    What were your levels during your last set of labs?

    Do you use any type of hair loss prevention meds?

    Very informative Mike.

    • Danger & Play Blog

      Thanks Tony. I figured out the issue. Since my free testosterone level is still low, there’s not enough circulating testosterone to convert into estrogen.

      Man, this stuff is great as there is always something to learn.

      “Some men lack aromatase and suffer an estrogen deficit. Other men produce so little endogenous testosterone that there is not enough to convert into estrogen, which causes low levels of bothfree testosterone and estradiol.”

  • XCSkierBen


    You can’t put a price on this brother. Thank you so much for the information.

    • Danger & Play Blog

      Thanks. This information needs to be more commonly available and accessible. Just doing my part to make the world a better place.

  • Eric

    My total & LDL cholesterol numbers were flagged as slightly higher than the normal range (204 and 112, respectively). HDL good at 71, VLDL at 21. I’ve been reading through mayo clinic/web md articles on cholesterol to try to figure this out. My diet is very clean (almost all natural/organic sources, no fast food or processed meals) but I had been eating a good amount of eggs in the days leading up to the blood test, and alpha chili with red meat. Also, I haven’t been working out as strenuously the last 2 months due to a neck injury so I’m thinking that’s a factor and I should try adding more low impact cardio on off days (I was doing BJJ which gave plenty of cardio before), along with using turkey/chicken based chili…

    Anyway, I’d be interested to how you would interpret higher cholesterol if it came back in your own labs, and what adjustments you would make. Thanks Mike (or anyone else who wants to chime in), much appreciated.

    • Danger & Play Blog

      The numbers all have to be read in context. Given that HDL is high and VLDL is low, the numbers overall look good to me.

  • Bullseye

    Hey Mike I got a blood panel done – includes LFT, UE Creatine, HBAIC, GFR and Test. They’re all pretty much mid-range and ‘normal.’ But I’d like to know how to interpret them better in the context of my body. My albumin was 49 g/l which was high at the 35-50 range, would this be down to training intensely as you mentioned?

    My test was 19.8 nmol/l which is around 570 mg. How do you rate that for a 27 year old?

  • FrankSinatra

    Hey Mike.

    I’m starting my first cycle. Weight training for 12 years. Age 39. Last blood test was last year, everything has always been perfect.

    Should I get Male Athletic Anti-Aging Panel


    Male Hormone Optimization Panel.
    They told me that this test is the only one that provides accurate Testosterone levels above 1500. Testosterone, Free (Direct) With Total Testosterone, LC/MS-MS

    Thanks for the hard work and your time on this site helping the bro’s.

    • Danger & Play Blog

      Male Athletic Anti-Aging Panel will only say > 1500 testosterone levels. It won’t show higher (say 2,500 or whatever).