How Much Money Can You Make on a Website That You Don’t Care About?

A lot of people talk about making money online, but people either don’t show the numbers or they photoshop the numbers because they are frauds who want to sell you on their Internet Marketing course. I have no problem talking about money or showing numbers, because there are 10,000 ways to make money online and because I’m not going to sell you on Danger & Play’s Get Rich Online Marketing Scheme.

I started Fit Juice because I throw myself head first into hobbies. I become obsessed. I read widely about new subjects that interest me.

I thought, “Why not make some money online from Fit Juice?”

(I’ve made $9,210.76 so far.)

Screen Shot 2014-06-22 at 10.21.30 AM

That doesn’t tell the whole picture. I used to use the same Amazon affiliate ID for Fit Juice as for Danger & Play. Thus a lot of sales that belonged to Fit Juice were accounted for under D&P.

I’ve made around $15,000 writing about the best juicers – and as you men know, it’s not like I throw a ton of time into Fit Juice. Right now I spend less than 30 minutes a month on it.

Some of the money made on Fit Juice was no doubt because of the good will built up over at Danger & Play. But a lot of it isn’t.

I see the SEO data (that is one of the few things that shall remain proprietary), and I get people coming from all over the Internet searching for all sorts of juicing topics.

(Fit Juice averages 1,000 page views a day.)

Screen Shot 2014-06-22 at 10.23.04 AM

I didn’t even work hard on the site. I worked intelligently.

I wrote about stuff I was studying at the time and that I found interesting.

Fit Juice is authentic. There is no copying or being fake. Fit Juice is nothing more than me sharing knowledge and experience that I actually have.

Why not share that information with you men and the rest of the world – especially when it will lead to passive income equivalent to a small rental property?

I don’t pay for Google ads or Facebook likes or anything else. I don’t even game SEO. I use the Yeast SEO plugin and that’s it. (I have learned a lot about SEO by analyzing data, which was an awesome side effect of writing online.)

The site costs me $10 a month in hosting fees. That’s the only hard or fixed cost associated with making some cash.

In other words, I profit $400 a month from Fit Juice.

Why buy rental property when you can build up web properties and make money from the comfort of your home without having to deal with tenants?

How to Make Real Money Online

Fit Juice is small time. A hobby. Pocket change. Think big.

 Create search engine synergy.

The #1 search engine is Google. The #2 search engine is YouTube. The #3 search engine is Amazon.

Bring people to your website via a Google search. Send them to your YouTube videos (that you can monetize separately). Drive those people to your Amazon Kindle eBook.

When people find you via YouTube, send them to your blog.

I could launch an eBook from Fit Juice that would appear on Amazon and that would sell well. People who had never heard of Fit Juice would buy the eBook and then start visiting Fit Juice.

All three search engines would be working together to drive traffic and cash into your pocket while you deliver value and good will to the world.

If you’re wondering why I haven’t done an eBook or whatever for Fit Juice, it’s because I have other things going on (too many things, actually), such as organizing The Weight Room.

It really is easy to make money online. Seriously, if something is stopping you, well, unstop yourself.

Making money online is easy.

I am making around $400 a month doing almost nothing. Getting up on the learning curve takes a lot of hard work, but I could start five different niche blogs like Fit Juice today.

Sure, it takes a while to learn how to write. It takes a while to learn how to build an awesome website.

But any of you kids with a little bit of motivation could make five times what I’m making. Fifty times, even.

Find a Niche that the Market Isn’t Serving

Go into Google trends. Find out what is trending. Have you noticed that I write more about introverts? Check out Life Tips for Introverts.

That’s because there is a lot of interest in introverts, as we are finally learning about ourselves. Introverts are an underserved market.

Even though introverts are 25% of the population, no one caters to our specific needs. No one is providing goods and services that we need. Game for Introverts was the most listened to/downloaded podcast because there’s a huge market gap.

(Google Trends for introversion.)

Screen Shot 2014-06-22 at 10.35.29 AM

Then start writing. Building a business is good for your mental health.

Can’t think of what to write? Read this to overcome writer’s block.

There’s your blueprint for making money online.

There are many readers who make real money online and not nickel and dime Amazon affiliate marketing crap.

Post a comment. Maybe they’ll throw you some tips.

  • Danger & Play Blog

    Can you see this KMilli?

    • K Milli

      Yup. The interface here is exactly as mine used to be. My site’s now looks exactly like the stock commenting options. I don’t have the little text box I’m using here to type that says “post as K Milli.” I don’t have rankings. I lost the “Also on Kmill” links at the bottom. This will probably take me hours of forum browsing to figure out which pisses me off.

      • Danger & Play Blog

        Get used to to screaming at the computer screen and breaking things. 😉

        I had a friend sit next to me and literally copy every setting I had, and his site still looked different.

        Buggy websites be buggy.

        • K Milli

          It’s fixed. It looks like one of my plugins must’ve disabled it. DW Q&A plugin had all of my comment posters’ names changed to “anonymous.” Once I deactivated it, everyone got their names back. But Disqus still wasn’t loading. I went to plugin settings and at the very top it said, “Disqus comments currently disabled.” I enabled them there and everything seems to have returned to normal.

          • Danger & Play Blog

            Here’s a tip. When something crashes, disable all of your plugins.

            (Clear your cache after disabling the plugins. If you don’t already, install Total Cache and learn how to use it. You’ll need it as you have a good site that is going to get busy.)

            Then enable them one by one, clearing the cache each time.

            Once you have the same issue pop up, then you’ve found the conflict.

            I had to disable Jet Pack Mobile optimization, as it would cause CSS drama and make my desktop site look like it was mobile.

            I also can’t use “Top Posts & Pages” plugin from Jet Pack on D&P for some reason. It works fine on Fit Juice, which is the same template and everything.

            Like I said, websites be buggy. That’s why I can’t even tell you how to fix yours specifically. I can only offer guidelines.

            You have to learn to become your own mechanic.

          • K Milli

            That’s great actionable advice. I was just going willy nilly on Google searches and disabling things left and right haha. Thanks a lot.

  • wolfxlarsen

    I’ve made 2k on reddit in 2 months breaking some rules. Posting affiliate links on a sub I created myself. It showed me money can be made.

    Reddit is a traffic driving powerhouse. Don’t let them know you’re a marketer or they will shun you. Just act like a porn addicted, apologetic piece of shit and you will blend right in :)

    There is insane traffic on porn subs. Money can be made if your smart enough and willing to fail a bit. Failing on reddit literally holds no consequences…

    • Danger & Play Blog

      Interesting. I don’t even understand Reddit. Or BitCoin. Or most anything techy. You guys are all way ahead of me when it comes to this stuff.

      • wolfxlarsen

        Reddit is social media composed of subreddits (groups). Users subscribe to subreddits and get a feed of all the links posted on groups they have subscribed to that have scored well on their front page. Links are scored by up votes and down votes. Up votes can be bought on fiverr so more ppl can see your links.

      • anon1

        Mike there’s a couple of subreddit groups that could do with your site being linked in their side bar just because the overlap in content is astonishing and they would benefit from yourwork. In particular which already has boldanddetermined on it and I think they would really take a lot away from your site. Its not a red pill sub specifically its just about self improvement but its good. also good

    • anon1

      Dude that’s awesome. I tried a microjob site sub (find a 5 pound/euro/dollar jobsite company you want to do affiliate business with, get their reddit name (simple as creating a sub), approach their top sellers or job providers individually, pitch the admin that you can get them traffic on a niche sub and how you can get to best of on reddit. If they say no sell their subreddit and connections to their competitor. Or pitch the same thing to another competitor and say you were in talks with their rival.I had an airtight business which I pitched successfully (every person, even admins) . what I did not realise was that the job site admins I pitched were mom and pop operation and didn’t have enough business acumen to fully commit to my business op (I wanted to be employed as a social media consultant for the company generating traffic)

      I still think there’s a non dodgy way to use reddit for business, the traffic on the front page is insane.

  • Travas Lenard

    Just wrote my first blog post for my upcoming blog. Excited to start on the journey.

  • anon1

    Great great article mike.

    A bit on aside but wanted to update on what I’ve been doing.

    Since your mention about not seeking goals but seeking systems I found a few resources around that concept and have committed to writing two blog posts a week, I have been juicing for the past 2 weeks (beetroot carrot juice is yummy and looks like I’m drinking tiger blood in the gym)

    And recently I got the unleash your power within mp3s by tony Robbins and am doing the whole headphones plus isolating myself from stimuli thing to ask myself serious questions and begin the process of learning how to control and change state.

    I’ve added your sound cloud how tos and a few interviews so I always have something useful worth listening too even when I’m working at my crappy office job.

    Your work has been a continuous positive influence and I’ve found that I have started to internalise some of the lessons. There’s still so much more work to do from my end but I’m feeling I am beginning to pick up a little momentum at last.

    Once I’ve got to a point where I am happy with showing my blog would definitely benefit from any critique you have but am remaining anonymous still at the moment.

  • coach1173

    I need to get something going online. Don’t understand the reddit stuff…can someone break it down even more? How do you get paid for posting links? Does the original site pay me to post links to their site?

  • Aaron Sollesse

    Very inspiring article which proves that this “Make Money Whilst You Sleep!” stuff is actually possible (if you put in the work).

    Making your first $1 online is the hardest step IMO since it eliminates all doubt that you can actually make money through an internet business. So get the ball rolling and launch that first niche site and sell some (valuable) affiliate products ASAP, the big money will take care of itself soon enough.

    1 question: I see you’ve created as a separate niche site, which I assume is because it serves a different target audience from Danger & Play. Do you plan to create more niche sites in the future or expand into more topics on Danger & Play?

    I ask because I’m curious about creating separate sites for my different interests or to put them all on one domain. I guess it all depends on how closely it ties into your brand, the target audience overlap, how much content you have, etc but I was wondering if you had some sort of decision-making process for this as I see conversely you chose to keep The Weight Room content on this site even though it’s already got enough value to fill several eBooks.

    Thanks by the way for all the great posts you’ve created in the content blitz these past few months, they’ve all been extremely actionable and I can’t stop recommending my friends to check out your site now.

    • Danger & Play Blog

      Niche sites can be a good idea but don’t overdo them. It’s hard to predict when something will be a niche.

      SEO is a hard thing to predict. I’ve gotten major SEO traction on stuff that I never would have guessed. For a while, D&P was the #1 result on Google for the search term “tranny.” WTF? I never tried to do that.

      I sometimes wish I had started a niche site on TRT rather than post it here.

      OTOH, I get a lot of traffic now from people doing google searches for TRT.

      It’s a tough call man.

      At first, though, keep everything on one site. Make sure you can product quality content on a consistent basis.

      Then use your main blog to launch your niche blog.

      For example, I used D&P to launch Fit Juice.

      That got Fit Juice a bunch of traffic and also a little boost in SEO.

      I have another site (it has a PR5) that I can use to give a little SEO boost to other blogs I launch. Just make sure each blog is an actual niche and that linking is natural and organic and not spammy or black hat.

      Matt Cutts talks about that in this video.

      • Aaron Sollesse

        It’s a tough call but you’re right, it’s thinking way too ahead. Best to get started with it all under the same umbrella before thinking about splitting up already limited resources.

        I guess one advantage with TRT on D&P is that there is a ton of authority built up through demonstrating your expertise on so many topics. This may make readers even more likely to buy as they see you as a rounded authentic person, rather than being distrustful and seeing you as another Men’s Health-type guy trying to sell them supplements.

        Thanks for the reply and for the link, it was very enlightening.

  • N2Paul

    Very interesting , I just finished college and at the moment I’m looking for a job but I’m not ready to work from 9 to 5 and the idea of making an website has entered my head many times. Since 5 years I’m devoted to personal development and looking back I was a very big wreck , I’ve come a long way but still have room for improvement . I see all day guys that are going through the struggle that I have (are introverted, fat, have severe acne , dont have friends or girlfriends and even worse confidence , etc.) . I’ve tried alot of things and even have a surgery to increase my testosterone (they were 400 at 22 years old). I was thinking of launching a website like goodlookinlooser to help others but also me . My objective is too make near 1000 dollars per month so I can live my life the way I want and also do something that I like . Do you think is possible in the short term ?
    Thanks !

  • Gina Kahler

    Try this easy to follow easy to implement no website needed all in autopilot start earning today Go Here!…

  • michael

    lets say your just an introverted sophmore in college with no real life experiences. How would you ever build a website where people would actually want to read your content? There are many other websites where people are more knowledgeable, older, and more experienced putting out content with way more value than I could provide.

  • NaufSid

    Sir, as you said above, no off page SEO/link building has been done on your site Fit juice. But your site is heavily using high PR paid backlinks.

    • Danger & Play Blog

      I have never paid for a back link. If someone is doing this, it is sabatoge.

      Where are these links?

  • Pique Dan

    Im going to make an awesome book that will give people real information on how to turn their dreams into reality.Im also going to make some niche sites.Thanks for the advice.I have been relying on google adsense which looks kind of stupid now after ive read your article.Looks like I have not done anything although I have done so much.

  • Pique Dan

    Over here we call a clue a suiko.I have smelled some money in this post.Thanks Mike..Even the comments are so full of money.