Danger & Plays Free Training and Nutrition (Sort Of) eBook

I organized and linked to all of the posts and podcasts on training, nutrition, testosterone replacement therapy, anabolic steroids, and other good stuff onto a single page called The Weight Room. Once your cache clears, The Weight Room will appear on the menu bar. Feel free to bookmark it, as I’ll keep updating the page as new content is added to Danger & Play.

There are around 30 posts, and that undercounts them.

I linked to the separate TRT page, which contains links to all of the posts and podcasts about TRT.

The Weight Room is essentially an eBook in itself. And it’s free. There is also a growing exercise library on my YouTube Channel.

Thanks to the Marucla for suggesting that I add TWR to the menu bar. It was a pain the ass but worthwhile.

Screen Shot 2014-06-21 at 3.29.56 PM

By the way, one of the best ways to reach me is via Twitter. You can follow me here.

Check out The Weight Room.

  • Odin’s fortress

    This is a great Mike. Just wanted to say your website kicks butt. I recently culled the blogs that I’m gonna follow down to about five, but yours is gonna stay for sure.

  • C1263

    Thanks for directly linking to your YouTube channel-I searched for it the other day and couldn’t find anything. Keep up the good work.