How a Reader Went From Average to Alpha

We recently heard from a reader who overcome a paralyzing stuttering problem. Today we hear from a young man who has gone from average to alpha in every area of his life. (Do you have a success story to share? If so, I want to hear from you.)

“How I went from the bottom 10% to the top 10% in every aspect of my life.”

Two years ago I was a nobody. I was literally coming home from school and just playing World of Warcraft till I went to bed. When I didn’t have to school I used to play for 12 hours a day. Then I stumbled upon my first PUA site and my whole life changed around. I finally lost my virginity at 18 y/o having read hundreds of articles. Now I want to give the community something back and show you how I improved my life in every aspect of it. Women, Style, Financial, Lifting being the main ones.

Mike doesn’t write about Game anymore and he doesn’t need to. In the end it all boils down to being confident about yourself and taking what you want.

I wasted thousands of hours in the beginning reading game forums and blogs looking for a secret phrase or something like that. I was a virgin until 18 because I always followed the belief of being a nice guy and treating women like they were better than men. I can see myself in a lot of what Elliot Rodger described.

I also have Epilepsy (not to bad, you can’t tell and every women I’ve slept with I’ve told about it) which meant that drinking was completely out of the question. My first experience with game was going my local Pickup Lair. That was pretty much just a waste of time. There was 1 guy who approached women and everyone else including me at that time just walked around talking to each other.

I lived in a village of What I did Wrong: I read way to much unneeded blog articles. Stick to all the already known stuff like rooshv, Good Looking Loser, etc. Find your niche. Don’t go out doing night game if you can’t stand being in night clubs.

The women I’m with now enjoy sex, they like being choked (one of the best articles Mike has written, and it’s completely true). If you lead them into that frame they will follow.

I was that guy wearing “funny” shirts until I was about 17. Then I found out about /r/malefashionadvice on reddit and saw that there were actually ways to dress good as a male. Mike has got some great articles on this blog, but in my opinion it boils down to fitting clothes and matching colors. I’m of the opinion that you need to find your own style, I personally like chinos and brogue shoes. But if all the people in your group wear sneakers and jeans that would just look weird. It will take a while before you feel confident in your new clothes, but it will definitely be worth it and women definitely notice it and tell you about it.

I’m making close to 6 figures a year at 19. I just finished high school and I have no special skills. How? Thankfully I found this thread on the RooshV forum and took the advice. I moved from Europe to Canada to work in the Canadian Oilsands. The american equivalent are the Bakken Oilfields. We have an unemployment rate of about 3%. If you have trouble finding a job with your liberal arts degree come up here and in less than a month you will find a high paying job. It is hard work, but if you don’t spend your money on trucks like 90% of the guys working here do you’ll be able to retire in 10 years. Or work 6 months a year and travel the rest of the year. You’ll definitely have more freedom than 95% of other Americans.

Lifting & Diet
2 years ago I was 6’2 120lbs. I always held onto the believe that I was a “hardgainer.” The real reason I was that skinny is that I ate about 1500 calories at most a day. I stumbled upon the program GOMAD and started drinking 2l of milk a day. Within a year I was up 40lbs. Currently I’m up to 180lbs. I am a big fan of ICF5x5 for beginners.

It is basically how all bodybuilders pre steroid era trained. (Steve Reeves, Reg Park, Arnold’s trainer) I know Mike likes HIT and I agree that it’s great but I think people should have a solid base first, it certainly helped me. If you follow the program after a year you should be able to bench 225, squat 315, deadliest 415 easily. I broke my knee 2 years ago, lost pretty much all my muscle in my left leg and I’m getting close to those numbers after having only trained legs for 6 months.

There you have it. If I can do it, coming from pretty much nothing what’s stopping you from transforming your live?

  • anon1

    Hugely inspiring. This is to either the reader, any commenters or mike, but would love some resources for fashion advice. I got the colour theory book but couldn’t really determine which season I was.

    • Nick

      A lot of good ideas here: Aimed towards men in their 20s and 30s, but older guys will benefit too.

      • anon1

        Im in my 20s so will benefit from this greatly thank you

    • Brett

      You should check out GLL’s style guides for different seasons.

      Those are suggestions but you can make your own style. His stuff leans towards a more “edgy” look.

      Other than that, the malefashionadvice subreddit really helped me. After a while you develop an eye for what looks good.

      The best trick I learned is not to wear too many colors in your outfit at once. I think the general rule is 3 colors but it’s flexible. For example when I wear plaid shorts, I will try to match the shirt to one of the colors in the shorts. If that fails, match the shirt with the shoes.

      Example: my shorts are plaid (purple, blue, brown), my shirt is grey – woah there! But then my shoes are grey, black, with a hint of brown which ties into the shorts. This is a simple hack I use.

      • Freedom & Fulfilment

        I think GLL’s fashion advice is generally good, but he focuses on what he knows, which is LA. It’s important to recognize that, beyond certain basics, fashion does vary quite a bit depending on what city or part of the world you’re in.
        Something that looks good in LA might look ridiculous in Paris, and vice versa. Still, almost anything is an improvement on how the average guy dresses, especially in North America.

        I agree with you about not wearing too many colours. I’d also add not to wear more than one pattern, and also not more than one article of clothing with the same pattern either.

        • anon1

          That’s what I was thinking. I leave near London but not in London so the LA look would look hugely out of place in my littleish town

          • Freedom & Fulfilment

            Definitely. Most Americans think European styles are too “gay”, while a lot of what GLL recommends would get laughed at in Europe. Or look at what young people in Japan or South Korea wear, and it’s different altogether. Aside from certain basics, style is very context dependent.

      • anon1

        I’m a big believer in simple heuristics to remember things. I will try to implement the 3 colour rule

    • Camilo GP
    • Rick

      I find it hard to determine my season by eye as well, I think I’m a “summer.” Get a personal consult with Tanner at Masculine Style, he prob knows best in that regard.

      There is definitely a void of good style/fashion advice for us younger gents. For a while I wanted to get all “menswear” but luckily didn’t have the money to go all out. If you’re under 25 I’d check out Good Looking Loser, the few posts Masculine Style has on young man style, and this random article I found is actually pretty good despite the website: .

      Above 25 I’d say it’s safe to start going the G Manifesto route. Step up the suit game and lounge wear game. But it also depends on your own style, as Mike and GLL show one doesn’t need fancy suits to get what one wants; no disrespect to the G. Ultimately, your style is your outer representation of your personality, and it can be a powerful way to steer your mind where you want it to be if you aren’t quite there yet.

      • anon1

        Haha I am 25 exactly. Thanks very much for the links

    • Reader

      Like I said, I got most of my information from the subreddit /r/malefashionadvice on They have WAYWT(What are you wearing today) thread every couple of days and I just pretty much copied what I liked and built my style from there.

  • Ryan

    Hey man that Canadian Oilsands job sounds pretty goo I’m also from europe can you give me some more info on how you went about getting the job? Cheers :)

    • Reader

      It’s literally all in the thread. There’s been 20 people so far who’ve found a job. It’s not hard, just read it and you’ll have no problem.

  • Atlantic

    Great post. I contribute a lot on that thread and its great to see people make it out here. As for anyone considering the move Western Canada is a great place to stack cash and live a masculine life – outdoors, adventure, lots of cute women and opportunity.

    Thanks for sharing.

  • Richard F Teasdale

    I’m interested by how you keep up a heavy lifting program and a heavy work load in the oil fields. Where do you find the time to rest/recover without it affecting your work or gym time?

    • Reader

      Just gotta make compromises. Drop the volume and pay attention to your sleep. Sleep is still the best thing on how to recover, that’s something most people miss.

  • TBoz

    Really inspiring!!. Curious actually what the steps were for you to get from Europe to Canada in terms of VISA’s etc? Was it easy, hard? Curious about doing this myself really, seeing it as a potential last step in my own transformation as currently detest my wage slave job.