Nootropics for Newbies

I used to have an active interest in nootropics. I tried most everything and would buy my nootropic powders in bulk. Ever since going over to the dark side with modafinil, my interest has waned. Is there any over-the-counter nootropic that can compete with provigil? Not everyone wants or needs or  can afford a big gun like modafinil, and would instead use something that is effective, safe, and proven in the real world to work.

We have a nootropic solution for you. This works for college students, men who work in shark tank, and anyone else needs a cognitive edge.

Screen Shot 2014-03-31 at 5.38.12 PM

This is a guest post from a longtime reader (he transcribes my podcasts) who I am helping launch an amazing blog. In the meantime, he has graciously agreed to publish his post on nootropics at Danger & Play. He has also written an eBook (18 dense pages) going into even more detail. To get the eBook for free, click here.


The Danger & Play Guide to Nootropics
by Nootroponaut


“Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom. Mastering others is strength; mastering yourself is true power.”

If our aim is arete, if we seek to have true power and be a part of the 3% then we must do whatever it takes. Leveraging the mind is one of the greatest things men can do to obtain all those things and most importantly, mastery of self. Nootropics give a better “grip” on that leverage. They are multipliers and enablers, not intelligence generators. The greater control we have over our mind, the greater the power they bestow.

This stack is beginner level, but powerful. It’s meant to be safe as possible while providing you with noticeable cognitive benefits.

Before getting started, a few things to know:

  • These are safe (especially if you stick to the recommended dosages) and none will create an addiction.
  • In general, powders will be cheaper.
  • Do NOT eyeball any powders; get a cheap milligram scale like a Gemini-20
  • If you are on any type of medication, consult your doctor before using any nootropics
  • Begin with the lowest effective dosage until you find your optimal dosage within the ranges provided in the bonus.

Benefits You May Notice When Taking This Nootropic Stack:


  1. Better memory
  2. Learning things becomes easier due to slightly increased neuroplasticity
  3. Resilience against stress and fatigue
  4. Enhanced focus and concentration
  5. Increased energy without jitters or crashing afterwards
  6. Greater relaxation and lower anxiety

Would you like those things? Great, you came to the right site. Kick back and consider this stack:

The D&P Nootropic College Crusher Stack

Morning (preferably on empty stomach):

Piracetam: 1600mg*
ALCAR: 300–500mg (Amazon)
Rhodiola: 250–300mg** (Amazon)
Magnesium: 200mg (Amazon)

With first meal of the day:
L-theanine (200mg; Amazon) + caffeine (100mg; Amazon)***

Afternoon (6-8hrs after morning stack):

Piracetam: 1600mg
ALCAR: 300mg–500mg
L-theanine (200mg) + caffeine (100mg) [If needed, otherwise, leave it out]

Before bed:

Magnesium: 200mg

Additional Nootropic Stack Notes

* Piracetam’s daily total is 3200mg, research shows it’s most effect sweet spot is at least 4800mg daily. Start with 3200mg and work up to 4800mg. Or “attack dose” it, like explained in the PDF below. Also, it reaches peak levels in the blood after about 1.5 hours, making that a great time for your first meal.

** 250–300mg is the total daily dose. I include Rhodiola with my morning stack (to fight fatigue all day), but you can take whenever you want.

*** Include the first L-theanine + caffeine dose with your first meal of the day. I recommend NOT going above 200mg of caffeine within a 5 hour period. You can take LT(200mg) and C(100mg) 1-2x day for a possible daily total of 200-400mg of LT and 100-200mg of C. If you are prone to moderate to severe anxiety, cut your caffeine dosage in half to 50mg. Or leave it out altogether.

How Much do Nootropic Stacks Cost?

So how much is this going to cost you? Well, I looked for the cheapest prices. All of the numbers shown are on the high end of the total dosages you would take daily. This means that if you take the low dose, you can probably double its lasting time and save some money.

How cheap was determined:

    • On a $/gram basis
    • Does not include shipping
    • Based on me aiming for a 30-day amount per supplement.


Cheap: 250g will last 52 days for $23.95 from (HSW)


Cheap: 100g will last 100 days for $6.45 from HSW

Rhodiola rosea

Cheap: 50g will last 100 days for $10.13 from

However HSW and have a higher Salidroside:Rosavin ratio than most products on the market right now. If you want greater metabolic and cognitive effects, go with one of those two.

HSW: 50g will last 100 days for $12.49
ND: 60g will last 120 days for $14.99 is supposed to be introducing some mad potent Rho soon.


Cheap: 100g of MgCitrate will last 26 days for $6.75 from PureBulk

100g only lasts 40 days because MgCitrate is 11.3% elemental magnesium by weight.

The glycinate/lysinate chelate by Doctor’s Best is great too. Doctor’s Best Pills: 48g will last 120 days for $17.09 from Amazon


Cheap: 125g will last 625 days for $4.99

Serious Nutrition Pills: 48g will last 240 days for $12.29 from Amazon


Cheap: 20g will last 50 days for $3.83 at HSW

Stack Costs (not including shipping):

Entire stack: $56.10
Minimalist: $34.23 for L-theanine + piracetam + ALCAR
On a budget: $30.40 for Piracetam + ALCAR
Broke: $8.82 for L-theanine + caffeine powder

Getting a scale and a capsule machine like this one will cost you more upfront but saves you money long-term if you buy powders and cap them yourself.

How do the Nootropics Synergize?

The L-theanine and caffeine combine to give you an energy burst with a smooth focus and relaxed alertness due to the increase in alpha brain waves. When L-theanine is combined with caffeine, focusing is greatly improved when you have hard cognitive tasks to perform and the combo is better than if each were taken separately.

The piracetam puts your brain into HULK mode: increasing your short-term memory and recall ability while allowing thoughts to flow easier. Since it most likely increases cellular membrane fluidity, in theory, it should help the rest of your nootropics do their jobs easier. The ALCAR indirectly prevents the ACh depletion piracetam may cause while giving your body even more of an energy boost because it uses a different mechanism of action than the L-theanine + caffeine. Rhodiola is there to fight the mental fatigue, physical fatigue, and any stress that occurs from long and/or intense study sessions. The magnesium is needed so your enzymes maintain proper functioning when working harder; it also indirectly promotes energy production and metabolism.

I said at the beginning that nootropics give us a better “grip” in terms of leveraging our minds. They also give us greater momentum in the subjects we wrestle with daily.

So we take nootropics…now what?

The only thing left to do, as Elliot Hulse says, is to become stronger a version of ourselves.

Ultimately what makes this stack effective is that it hits energy, focus, attention, and memory in multiple ways from different biological angles (i.e. using different mechanisms of action). If you are just beginning cognitive improvement, experiment with the stack and report back. This way we can tweak it openly.

I can’t read or consume everything right? So we must follow the D&P mission: everyone lifts up everyone.

Together, we are stronger.

Iron sharpens iron.

Most powerful is he who has himself in his own power.

Bonus: Want to Boost This Nootropic Stack Higher?

Also, are you are ready to try something a bit more intense and you’re ready to become a hard hitter? Got a little more money to spend? I got you. Try adding the stack boosters mentioned in the bonus. The first one is what you’d get if piracetam was juicing on Tren and doing heavy squats. The other is great if you need increased strong logical/analytical thinking like mathematics or the hard sciences.

If you want to know more about each ingredient (what it is, how it benefits you, etc.), their best effective dosages, a few warnings, and some extra tips to help you leverage nootropics, I highly recommend you look at the bonus PDF.

If you have any questions about nootropics, post them in the comments.

  • XCSkierBen

    Wow. I have vaguely heard of these items but basically had no idea what they were and how they work. I wasn’t even really very sure of WHAT they were. Thank you very much for the PDF and for this great information. Good luck with the blog and website.


    • Nootroponaut

      Thanks man. If you have any more questions, let me know.

      • James d’Anconia

        This is great man, thanks!

        I’ve been taking modafinil occasionally over the past few months and found it really helpful, but haven’t gotten into any other nootropics yet.

        How you think nootropic stacks compare with modafinil? Is there any specific situation you would go with one over the other?

        • Nootroponaut

          Q1) Modafinil reigns supreme for now…there’s a reason the military experiments with it and it’s Rx only.

          I’ve never tried it (modaf), but I’ve heard Tim Ferris say that, for him, CILTEP is better.

          It works through many mechanisms of action, for comparable effects you’d need a stack that works on the same/similar mechanisms.

          If you want something to rival Modafinil, just wait, the company Ceretropic is supposed to be releasing something that rivals it.

          Q2) Some have stacked it a racetam or two and noticed the effects synergized.

          One example of a few:

          Modafinil if you need more wakefulness and need to pull all-nighters without only a slight loss in focus.

          Noot stack if you want more neuroprotective and beneficial systemic effects (e.g. Rhodiola’s metabolism boost and piracetam’s vasodilatory effects)

          M and adraf might get you banned from certain sports if found in your system.

          It doesn’t have to be an either/or situation however though.

          • FabulouslyFitOver40

            Thanks for your ebook bro. And your excellent advice and contribution. I’m not keen on the dosing of Pira you recommend. It’s been a long time since I experimented with it back in the late 90’s but let’s just say I didn’t have the best results. Rhoda is bomb stuff and there is a reason the smart Therm companies add it as a synergen. I would add that *some* have used a bit of liquid Sildenafil to also potentiate certain Nootropic stacks. (low dose)

          • Nootroponaut

            Thanks Jay.

            Do you happen to remember the dosing that worked/didn’t work or if you took it with a cholinergic like CDP-choline/Alpha-GPC?

            For the Sildenafil, didn’t know that, sounds interesting.

      • NootropicNoobie

        What are your thoughts on replacing noopept with piracetam with this stack? After doing some reading I like all the other nootropics but noopept seems a little easier to get and more concentrated.

        • Nootroponaut

          I’d say try it. See page 12 on the PDF I provided for more of my thoughts on Noopept

          For me, noopept’s effects don’t last as long as piracetam. Which if you are studying in bursts, that might be useful. Otherwise, I’d personally stick to piracetam for longer effect time and use noopept when I really needed it.

          • NootropicNoobie

            The pdf isn’t available, how can I get it?

          • Nootroponaut

            It’s the last link in this post.

          • NootropicNoobie

            Its not available anymore. Thanks for the thoughts on piracetam over noopept, I just ordered this stack.

          • NootropicNoobie

            I just received my powders, what have you found to be the best way to take these?

  • Danger & Play Blog

    What is your take on adrafinil?

    Some claim that adrafinil can be hard on the liver. However, is it harder on the liver than drinking alcohol? Is adrafinil harder on the liver than taking some NyQuil (which has acetaminofen, the main ingredient in Tylenol?)

    Can the liver risks (such as they are) be mitigating with a liver protectant like n-acetylcysteine?

    In other words, “hard on the liver” really can’t be read in a vacuum. Hard compared to what?

    • Nootroponaut

      It’s actually not that hard on the liver, but it causes raised liver enzymes (over time) because it’s a prodrug for M and the liver is working to metabolize it. Even Modaf raises liver enzymes.

      Both raise liver enzymes, but then again so does other things. Comparatively to alcohol (a known hepatotoxin in heavy amounts), there’s no evidence as of yet for adrafinil hepatotoxicity (just anecdotes of raised liver enzymes) according to a researcher at

      Raised enzymes doesn’t mean you should flip out unless they are chronically elevated. The liver is an organ that can somewhat regenerate given some “down time” plus lifestyle/dietary changes.

      I remember seeing somewhere that it (adraf) didn’t cause permanent liver damage. I haven’t seen any solid evidence for liver toxicity either. But I can’t say it’s completely safe either (due to lack of data), then again…what is? Even excess water intake can cause hyponatremia.

      Most things that raises liver enzymes do so in a dose-dependent manner, i.e. “the dose determines the poison.” So if one took excessive amounts for months, don’t expect a healthy liver.

      Anyone who thinks adrafinil is hepatotoxic should thoroughly and carefully read this:

      Logically speaking, the burden of proof is on the claimant. If anyone says adrafinil is liver toxic…show me the proof.

      • Equanimity and Sophrosyne

        I’ve tried adrafinil a few times, in my experience 600 mg had no noticeable effect, and it works as promised at 1200 mg, however the pounding headache the next day has made me bench the remainder of the bottle. Think a choline source would help?

        • Danger & Play Blog

          Did you drink enough water? A few people have reported head aches from modafinil. An interview with them reveals that they didn’t drink water. Due to the increased focused of modafinil, it’s easy to lose track of eating or drinking. Whenever people take modafinil, I tell them to have a bottle of water next to them and drink it on a regimented basis to ensure adequate hydration. For most, that ends the head aches.

          • Equanimity and Sophrosyne

            I suspect that might be the cause. In my research I noted that adrafinil burns dirtier than modafinil and that adequate hydration was crucial. With that in mind I figured a binge drink afterwards would have done the trick like preventing a hangover. I’ll keep a thermos with me next time I give it a shot and let you know.

          • Danger & Play Blog

            I would run a liver protectant with it. N-A-C Sustain from Jarrow is good stuff. I pop 2-3 of those when doing anything that might be heavy on my liver.

          • Equanimity and Sophrosyne

            Awesome stuff man I really appreciate it!

        • Nootroponaut

          What Mike said.

          Don’t think choline would help, I don’t think it interacts with cholinergic pathways.

      • Pill Scout

        I haven’t been able to find a seller for Adrafinil that is reputable and isn’t some shady overseas pharmacy. HSW used to have it but they got scared by the hepatotoxicity claims and no longer offer it.

  • T and A man

    Funny that, I just tried oxiracetam for the first time about an hour ago

    I’ve tried aniracetam previously

    • Danger & Play Blog

      Did you notice anything?

      • T and A man

        Slight, very slight increase in concentration, and more towards a frame where I’m aloof and don’t want to be disturbed. But a small dose for the first time, 350mg, increased it 50% today.

        Differs from Aniracetam, where I also had an acute increase in concentration but I dose 1000mg with that. With ani I feel the opposite of aloof, my mood feels better and I’m more sociable.

        I’ll obviously observe today as I only have one record so far, but it does follow the literature for both -racetams. I also had better memory recall with oxi, considering how small the dose was.

        Other than the first time I took aniracetam, there has been no massive change, but slight changes. It won’t turn a work shy bum into a Chinese railway worker. But I don’t take massive doses either, and usually only once a day to get me up to lunch, I usually finish 70% of my work by lunch.

        I was stacking Aniracetam and creatine, with this I need HIT or I suffer acute insomnia.

  • g status

    I got modafinil idea from this site. Wow it’s the bomb. I totally crush work n gym that day.

    • Danger & Play Blog

      How many mgs of modafinil do you take? How often do you take it?

      • g status

        dude, i ordered the largest pack i could for the 200mg. i started taking one per week and it was decent, maybe twice per week now. I actually started on adderal before since i never heard of modi. adderal is similar but very high, it’s almost like i’m having fun working super hard, i only save it for really intense work days where i need full concentration for a long period of time. i run a business in finance and i’m actually doing a lot of computer programming work for the business so this has definitely helped me do the things i wanna do where before i’d always put it off cuz i couldn’t hold onto the motivation long enough. thanks mike! my life is definitely changing this year for the better.

  • Pilgrim of the East

    “Resilience against stress and fatigue” and “Greater relaxation and lower anxiety” doesn’t go too well along with Piracetam – couple of my friends use(d) it and said they became more fatigued and very irritable, one even once got so angry that he screamed loudly at people in uni cafeteria over meal he considered not good enough… Another friend who’s nurse said it’s bad for heart and doesn’t mix well with caffeine and alcohol (didn’t cite any sources though).

    • Nootroponaut

      Never heard about the heart thing. I’d like to see a source for that.

      Those benefits were describing the overall stack (specifically Rhodiola and L-theanine), not piracetam in isolation.

      “couple of my friends use(d) it and said they became more fatigued and very irritable”

      Anything else going on in their life that would confound with Pira? I’d be careful of the post hoc ergo propter hoc fallacy as well.

      Some people respond to things differently. Maybe your friends are outliers, who knows right? In the spirit of Bruce Lee: experiment, think critically, and keep the things that are useful for you, trash what doesn’t work/is harmful.

  • Drake

    Food sources of nootropics > synthesized chemicals? imo

    • Nootroponaut

      Careful not to fall prey to the argumentum ad naturam fallacy.

      Plenty of natural substances suck.

      Why would food/natural sources be > synthesized chemicals?

      • Danger & Play Blog

        He’s too stupid to comment here. I blocked him. Next time please don’t respond to such nonsense. I always get around to banning those people.

    • Danger & Play Blog

      That’s an uninformed comment. There is a rule against stupid here. Lots of sites tolerate that nonsense. Go find one of them.

  • Danger & Play Blog

    I always had good success with piracetam and vinpocetine.

    Nothing is like modafinil, though.

    • Student

      How much does modafinil/provigil typically cost?

      • Nootroponaut

        One place I just checked:
        30 pills @ 200mg each = ~$1.70/pill. So $50.88 (not including shipping)

        • Student

          What place?

  • Chava

    Have you ever experimented with the Forskolin and Artichoke Extract combo? Supposedbly it’s effects are similar to Modafinil, if not greater. I gave it a shot and didn’t feel shit. The brands I tried were Solaray Forskohlii and Forskolin 250 with NOW Foods Artichoke Extract and neither of the Forskolin were effective. Was I missing something?

    • Nootroponaut

      Yeah I use CILTEP.

      What doses were you using of each? How often?

      • Chava

        For both Forskolin products I played with both 1:1 and 2:1 ratio (Forskolin:Artichoke Ext) on an empty stomach, first thing in the morning, and it had no effect. Maybe a placebo effect if anything.

        • Nootroponaut

          Sounds like your ratio might be off.

          1. Find a standardization % that will give you 4mg of Forskolin (e.g. 20% standardization of 20mg = 4mg Forskolin)

          2. the Artichoke extract dose is typically around 900mg

          4mg:900mg = 0.004 ratio.

          You may be a non-responder. HSW’s forskolin stack might be better for you.

          How long did you take it for?

          • Chava

            There might be issue. The Solaray brand is 1% Forskolin and the other one yields 50mg, but doesn’t say the percentage. I didn’t know the Artichoke Extract dosage was twice the amount I was taking.

            You think since the Solaray brand I have is 1% Forskolin, I should try 4 caps to go with the 900mg Artichoke Ext?

            I could be a non-responder, but it looks like I didn’t take the right dosages. I only tried a 2-3 times a couple months ago, but since I felt no effect I stopped. I might jump back on now with the right information.

          • Nootroponaut

            If you are still using the Solaray Forskolin, use 1 capsule of that.

            Then use about 900mg of Art. Extr.

            If you have the money, I’d check out HSW’s cLTP stack (same thing as CILTEP).

            Take a look at the CILTEP label and make sure you are using all the ingredients on it (barring any medical contraindications).

            Reverse engineer it.

  • Lucky Lothario

    What size capsule machine would you recommend for this stack?

    • Nootroponaut

      Short answer: Depends on what you want.

      Long answer:
      000 = holds ~950mg (HUGE horse-pill size)
      00 = holds ~ 735mg
      0 = holds ~500mg

      Those #s can change depending on granularity of the product(s)

      E.g. The “morning stack” total weight would be 2600mg if you used the upper range of all the supps. Assuming you divided the total powder weight over several pills rather than put each into separate pills that would be 4 “00” pills or 3 “000” just for the morning stack.

      Figure out what you want to cap, figure out what’s already cheaply capped (L-thea + Caff combo, Rhodiola, Magnesium) and buy that, and then combine the rest in capsules.

      If I had to choose, I’d go with “00”, just a preference.

      Useful resource for DIY capping

  • Cobra

    Nootrapanaut this is a great article. I bought L-theanine but was conflicted on anything else due to the vast amount of contradicting information out there. It’s just great to have that information in one article and also be practical.

  • Pieter C.

    Great article! Been doing the peoples stack (caffeine and theanine) and its good. It is even better when I am on an empty stomach and skip breakfast. Tried modafinil a few times and its a strange feeling. Theanine was great for social anxiety, I took it a few times to get used to going out sober and it works great. Will look for the Piracetam here in Thailand. Thanks for the tips!

  • Mark

    Solid post with a lot of helpful information which has convinced me to look into this deeper. That said, while your eBook is supported by a number of papers, I would like to know if you are recommending these stacks based on personal experience and usage. Could you please provide a bit more background of your experiences / qualifications to which you recommend dosages?

    • Danger & Play Blog

      Nah, you gotta do the work yourself and find what works for you. What works for him may do nothing for you. That’s a common theme at D&P. “Here are some guidelines. The rest is up to you.”

  • C1263

    Mike, in your modafinil post you recommend against it for men under 25. Would these nootropics similarly not be worth experimenting with until a man’s brain has finished developing?

    • Danger & Play Blog

      Great question. I caution against modafinil use because no one even knows by what mechanism modafinil works. Everyone knows it works. Why does it work? No one knows.

      The supplements noted in this stack work by well understood mechanisms and thus don’t present the same risks as modafinil.

      • C1263

        Makes sense, thanks for clarifying. Thought I would ask on behalf of younger readers .

  • Typical Male

    Question for the pharma experts out there. What is the downside of using a prescription T3 drug like Cytomel as compared to Modafinil? I tried some Cytomel and was impressed with the energy I got from it. However, when I ramped up the dose it gave me the runs. So I had to quit taking it.

    Anyone have any experience w/ T3?

    • Danger & Play Blog

      They two entirely different compounds that act in totally different ways. I hope you’re tapering off T3 properly, as a lot of guys screw up their thyroids running it.

      • Typical Male

        My thyroid and adrenals have long been trashed. I got prescribed a very low dose of the T3. I did give me good energy, but my body reacted to it the same way as if I had taken mega doses of magnesium.

  • Typical Male

    Mike, I believe you said that you cycle off of modafinil periodically. What stack do you use during the modaf off-cycles?

    • Danger & Play Blog

      I’m trying this new stuff from Big George. In the past I’ve done well with piracetam and vinpocetine.

      • Typical Male

        Let us know how Big George works out.

        • Brissbrass

          He has interview Big G before in an early podcast. Big G talks all about how he works out and TRT amounts etc.

  • Myles Davis

    Been the minimalist stack for about 6 days now.

    At first I noticed a slight boost in focus, but throughout the week it has picked up momentum. I’ve noticed I’m in a better mood more often. It’s a type of giddy, excited feeling that I experience about and hour after each stack. At some points, it reminds me of the beginning stages of an MDMA roll, but of course not as intense.

    I notice that I have a happier attitude towards people. I’ve never experimented with nootropics before but I think so far one of the best things has been the lack of come down from drinking coffee and other forms of caffeine. I used to drinking a lot of coffee and for me the post caffeine hang over is crappy, puts me in a shitty mood.

    I skipped out on buying the capsule machine, which was a mistake because its quite and inconvenience to weigh out the stacks twice a day, so I think I’ll order up one of those. So for those of you thinking about starting out, don’t skip on that.

    Thank you all for this post thought. I was a bit lost in the whole world of nootropics so this has given me a decent start.

  • Rowehn

    Hey guys, I’m wondering how to get the Piracetam. I live in Belgium and the only way to get it is through a prescription and when you do get that prescription it costs like 6 euros (7,8 USD) per day. When looking online there were very few websites willing to ship to Belgium + I don’t even know if customs would allow it past the border (and I don’t want a huge fine either or being criminally charged for “suspected of distributing illegal substances” since I want to buy in bulk) if ordered online. I searched the Belgian customs website but there wasn’t even a list of illegal substances since every government service is completely inefficient over here. Any ideas?

  • NextWorldBachelor

    I have been using a slightly modified minimalist stack in moderation for around two months now.

    I did not add caffeine and I think that for introverts caffeine might make concentration more difficult. I took 1600mg nootropil on an empty stomach, and I felt it. I’m a computer programmer and I noticed a definite increase in productivity. Also I use an app that’s like flash cards to learn other languages, My average score went from 80-85% to near 100% every time. As well as general increased interest in high level math.

    I took 3200 mg and 300mg magnesium total on an empty stomach. I actually did feel like the guy from limitless. But 6-8 hours after I had taken it I felt a lot of anxiety and near panic my heart started beating much slower. I’d never had an anxiety/panic attack before but it was real. It turns out piracetam can slow heart rate and magnesium also has this effect.

    Now 3x a week I take 1600mg with mutlivitamin and gilomax (gingko biloba 40mg, fish oil 100mg, phosphatydylcholine 50mg)

    Occasionally with some ice green tea. I am working out at the gym as well as play sports so I need to eat a lot as I’m a young guy trying to add mass. I would recommend younger people to consider just always taking on a full stomach rather than an empty one.

    It seems magnesium prevents headaches and phosphatydylcholine prevents post-cloudiness. Are these two supplements related in brain function? It also seems a lot of people are recommending way more piracetam than seems desireable.

  • Aaron

    Just wondering what the headway is with your custom nootropic, Mike. Any distributor want to take it on yet?

  • Oliveira

    Hi i would like to know if I would be able to take this medication because I have problems of getting panic attacks /anxiety . So which of these medications would be best for me ?

  • Aaron

    Was just reading the Noopept part of the pdf and it says to cycle off every 6 weeks for 4 weeks however it also says that you do not build up a tolerance to it and that the effects become better the longer you take it. Why is it necessary to cycle off?

  • James

    Guys is it a good idea for me to run this stack on Tuesdays and Thursdays while running Modafinil on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays? I will be taking the weekend off to minimise any buildup of tolerance.

    I have ordered all the supplements included in this stack and am waiting for them to arrive.

  • disqus_DqAh8JAfyc

    Hey mike, a lot has changed since this was posted, is now

    Can you vouch for there product or recommend a more current legitimate company?bff Bvlgari

  • disqus_DqAh8JAfyc

    Hey mike, a lot has changed since this was posted, is now

    Can you vouch for there product or recommend a more current legitimate company?