How to Develop the Game of an Alpha Male

“Game” to me has never been about parlor tricks or clever openings. Game is about building yourself up as a man and creating an amazing lifestyle.

To build your game, you have to build yourself up as a man. Become the man to see. Develop charisma. Become a hard hitter.

Think of game like an investment strategy. Ideally we would all have substantial assets that would allow us to live off of interest (passive income). While living off the interest, we would be free to engage in other entrepreneurial activities (active income).

Focusing on building yourself up as a man – becoming the man to see – is like buying an investment property. You’ll keep getting paid long after you stop actively seeking investment returns.

Get your style in order, lift weights, juice, read books to expand your mind, do alpha male stuff like learn how to fight and shoot guns. Develop alpha male body language. This will pay off even when you are not doing anything.

For example, someone once posted a scientific study showing that alpha males flinch less often than beta males, and that women can sense this. Women are attracted to men who do not move around too much.

I do not have to try not to flinch. It’s not a parlor trick. It’s who I am.

When I walk into a bar, there’s a good chance that maybe one or two other guys  could beat me up in a fight. Of course anyone can get hit in the right spot and no one is invulnerable. But I’m not really worried about getting my ass kicked, as I know how to survive a street fight.

I also know that even when there are many guys who could kick my ass (if you hang out in Vegas and San Diego, you’re going to run into a lot of men who train and would steam roll everyone but top MMA fighters), they can sense that I could potentially hurt them. (Just as any dork could get a lucky punch in on me, I could be that “any dork” who gets the lucky punch on them.) Predators in nature and in civilization know it’s costly to fight one another. Predators tend to avoid other predators – even when it’s a lesser predator like me.

Accordingly, I give off a very masculine vibe without trying.  I have the mindset of a dominant man. I have the body language of a dominant man.

My vibe is like rental income from a rental property. I don’t do anything but exist and the rent checks keep coming in.

Having a nice bankroll also improves your game because it allows you to chill out. I’ve been in situations where I had to know how many drinks were just ordered and hoped my debit card have enough cash on it. Worry about money messes with your mood and hurts your game.

When you have been saving your money, you don’t fidget or get worried. You know that if there’s a logistical snafu, you can just get a hotel. You got it covered. You’re in control. You give off a stronger, more dominant, masculine vibe.

Having some style also improves your game. If you look great, you will draw attention to yourself without having to make yourself known like a nerdy kid in school who keeps raising his hand whenever the teacher asks a question. (Check out Masculine Style.)

The U.S. is a land of fat males and skinny fat males and skinny dorks. What kind of body do women wantIf you have muscle, you will stand out. If you have broad shoulders and a narrow waist, you will get noticed.

Juicing is scientifically proven to improve skin quality. People who juice a lot of carrots, for example, have the same glow as someone with a  light tan.

Now, none of this means that the hottest girls in the bar are going to approach you. It does mean they’ve noticed you.

It also means that girls will regularly approach you. I’ve been propositioned for threesomes many times.

Without my having to say or do anything actively, plenty of bangable girls basically put themselves at my feet. Other girls will sorta start moving towards where I am, waiting for me to open them.

Some may say this is arrogant, and that my gifts are God-given.

Instead, I was the proverbial fat kid growing up and had asthma and was on welfare. I couldn’t even run around the block. I also have bad acne later in life. I had to lose 80 pounds of fat with Intermittent Fasting.

I am introverted and had to create a special type of game for introverted men.

My motto, once I began developing a life philosophy and thinking for myself was, “Fuck Darwin.” I didn’t just passively accept that nature or the universe game me. I began building myself into the man I wanted to be.

Some people even accuse me of having good genetics. I laugh and have absolutely shocked people by showing them pictures of me as a kid and teenager.

To the extent I am “somebody,” it’s because I’ve built myself up.

That’s game.

Game isn’t running dorky routines. Game isn’t being an entertainer who gets a lot of numbers and make outs but never closes.

Game is taking yourself to your highest potential as a man.

Hence, every post that appears on Danger & Play is about game.

How to Develop Charisma.

  • Nate

    Shiiiiit! Class dismissed

  • ‘Reality’ Doug

    Awesome. One of your best posts: philosophically grounded, concise, and true. You didn’t tear down others, which has a use but is means and not an end. You expressed your positive self, your intrinsic direction, and your values as the end of masculine purpose and being. To the newbies, use the dorky routines until you don’t need them because they became dorky to your improved self. Game is all about field experiences while keeping some evo theory basics in mind.

  • terrence popp

    how to not get married and play the game forever.

  • anon1

    Good article. I was looking into some more red pill health stuff recently and came upon an area called ‘epigenetics’. hugely interesting. In a nut shell, lifestyle influences what genes turn on and off, and so can have a major impact on your life, and change some inherited traits if you or whoever decides to reproduce.

    Basically saying “it’s genetics” is not an excuse anymore. for more or less anything.

  • Jordan

    Love your blog. Been reading it for the past year and half.
    I wanted to comment on your ‘Don’t waste your twenties’ post, but comments are closed.

    As you know D&P, my entire Gen Y generation has been socialized to instant gratification. We want instant access to quality poon without putting in the work, expecting Game results in a matter of months instead of years in the trenches, focusing on immediate results instead of enjoying the process. What are your thoughts/feedback on how men in their twenties can balance instant gratification v.s. improving your Inner Game (Krauser’s post on accumulation phase)? Thanks.

  • Badger

    Great stuff. If you’re improving as a man, you’re adding to your game, and when you have good value, you don’t need any more than basic tactical fundamentals (how to approach, how to escalate, how to close the deal). I’d bet that the more complex and sophisticated you’ve made your game, the more you are going to be papering over mediocre real value.

    One more item…personally, I’ve found that venue selection, finding niches where I have a lot of value and my style works well, is important. The sort of academic cocktail house I’m a winner at. The frat/sorority-style fern bar down the street, I’m a guaranteed blowout. Don’t waste your time with girls who aren’t interested, and don’t waste your time at places those girls go.

    • Badger

      Let me clarify my own point…I don’t mean picking a place to “go out and pick up chicks,” I mean finding places to go in your life that are congruent with your type of value and where you can express your kind of lifestyle.

      • Danger & Play

        Sure, there’s an entire post somewhere on D&P about finding your niche.

  • le prince perdu

    this post makes so much sense

  • Good Looking Loser

    “Juicing is scientifically proven to improve skin quality.”

    for some reason this is where I started to read the article haha… Carrots, not testosterone, we’re talking about though.
    And actually Carrot Juice is one of the only supplements I take.. Juicing organic carrots is fuckin awesome but it takes about 2 hours to get a good gallon.

    My dad ran a produce business in WashDC. and brought home vegetables before they past their shelf life, my older brother eat/drank so many carrots that his skin literally turned orange.. so what you are saying is no joke.. so umm… good call

    • Marko

      you should buy a vitamin. There pricey (like 500$) but worth the investment. You can make pretty much any juice in less then 2 minutes.

  • Marko

    I don’t mean to be a buzz kill but not everyone can stand out like you make it seem. I am 6.3, 205 pounds with 10 percent bf but one thing that allows me from gathering so much attention from women is my face. It is not UGLY by any means, but I am not attractive as well. I am average or maybe slightly above. So, I don’t fuck a lot of hot females because of my face but I do scope the average and kind of cute ones. I’m guessing this falls into your niche correct? Because we can improve our body and mind all we want but our face can sometimes hold us back from attaining the hottest girls.

  • Myles Davis

    Great analogy with regards to your whole man as an investment property.

    Great website, Keep the fire comin.

  • Axel Page (Shameless Pride)

    “My vibe is like rental income from a rental property. I don’t do anything but exist and the rent
    checks keep coming in.”

    Doesn’t get much better than this. Top notch.

  • Andrew

    Hi mike,
    I stumbled across your web page after experiencing some low t issues…. It’s been a great read, very informative.
    Anyway here is my story, I’m 38 years old, being working out for about 10 years, not always consistent due to injuries and bouts of depression and fatigue. The latter symptoms led me to recently get my testosterone levels checked, which came back at 2.49.. I then got a second reading which come back at 4.69my estradiol level (E2) 12ml, cortisol 19dl, T3 2.49, T4 1.04 TSH 2.317.
    The doctor said everything is within the normal range. However that does not stop the fact that I still feel low and have no ‘get up and go’ in me anymore, in fact I don’t seem to really care about anything. I can still get my old boy up but it doesn’t feel as strong as it used too.
    My diet consists of brown rice, chicken fish broccoli, oatmeal, coconuts, spinach, apples I still hold fat around my abs and chest. And I work out with weights intensely 4 time as week for an hour max. I’m 5ft 10 and about 205lbs probably about 18% body fat.
    I’m very tempted to try testosterone although I’m very concerned as I’ve always been very anti steroids, because I was not well informed on it and just heard about the propaganda. I know a few people on it but not well enough to speak confidentially about it (I live in a small town and tongues wag, and I’m a private person especially when it comes to this and the stigma attached).
    My question to you is because my body fat is high will I be more inclined to the estrogenic side effects (bitch tits) as I carry some excess fat in that region already. Should I try and make more of an effort to lose more weight? as I don’t really count my calories and cardio is minimal, just walk twice a week.
    Also I’m worried about my balls shrinking and fertility going I still don’t have any kids. What doses and how often should I take hcg? During or after cycle? Or should the TRT be an ongoing thing? Not sure of the doses of test I should take? Are my levels too low? Or is my doctor right? Even though he admits he is no expert.
    I’m trying to inform myself by researching on the net but the is so much conflicting information…. Please help a desperate bro

    • Danger & Play Blog

      There are multiple podcasts covering all of those issues.

  • ChaChaCK

    As a woman, I can say that this is absolute truth! I like that this site is no BS. Very inspiring. Makes me want to start a similar site geared toward women.

  • Fayçal

    THere is the strategy and the tactics
    Strategy is long term
    -1Be the man to be seen with(body+look)
    -2 Be accoumplished (on your career or your path and purpose)
    -3 Radiate a positive and dominant vibe

    Tactics are short term
    -1 Talk to girl and screen those who are DTF
    -2 Be able to connect charisma=connection
    -3 Be able to pull the trigger (come to my house)

    Strategy and no tactics =>Get laid
    Tactics and no strategy =>Get laid a little
    Strategy and tactics together => Get laid a lot

    It’s that simple
    “Medicocre Strategy with good tactics always win on good tactics but no strategy”
    “The direction of the overall movement weigh more than the single individual contribution”