Blood Work for Men: Testosterone Level, Cholesterol, Glucose Levels

How does a man learn his testosterone level? What is a good cholesterol level for a man? What about HDL and LDL and fasting glucose levels and liver counts? What sort of things should a man on testosterone replacement therapy look for?

In this video, we cover all aspects of the blood work that we get done once a year – the male anti-aging panel. You can see the actual lab values in the video and find out what those lab values mean.

[Disclaimer: This is not medical advice. Always consult a doctor.]

Jay and I have been reading our blood work for several years and we’ve studied the science behind lab work. We discuss a lot of topics that doctors often don’t discuss with patients.

We also talk about some fun stuff such as transparency, Internet gurus who claim they can help you naturally boost your testosterone levels but who won’t post their own blood work, the scam of the supplement industry, and how to be an empowered consumer and world beater.

You can watch the YouTube video. It’s 31 minutes and is comprehensive. (I have a shorter video only discussing testosterone levels at the bottom of the post.)

Or listen to the podcast on SoundCloud or iTunes.

Blood Work for Men/Challenge Your Gurus


 The Male Anti-Aging Panel (available here) contains the following tests:

  • Lipid Profile
  • Complete Blood Count w/ Differential
  • Estradiol, Sensitive
  • Insulin Growth Factor (IGF-1)
  • Comprehensive Metabolic Panel
  • Testosterone, Free (Direct), Serum With Total Testosterone
  • Prostate-Specific Antigen (PSA)
  • Thyroid Profile
  • Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) Sulfate
  • Thyroxine (T4) Free, Direct
  • Tri-iodothyronine (T3), Free, Serum

Would you rather listen to a podcast? OK.

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If you’re only worried about your testosterone level, then watch this video on TRT and blood work:


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  • Jay

    To Kevin-thank you my brother for keeping me honest. I’ve always struggled to pronounce that word. ‘Estra-DI-ALL’ aka Estradiol is the correct pronunciation. I butcher it multiple times and often thru out many of these podcasts. 😉

    • Danger & Play Blog

      It’s great that we have researchers and other educated readers chiming in and offering feedback and correcting us when we misstep – which we will always do, as we are not gurus or gods, just men trying to figure things out.

  • Typical Male

    Hey guys, can you give me more details on the IGF-1 test? Mine came back with a
    212 ng/ml (scale 61-200). I am 51 y/o. I am not taking any HGH.

    My doc kind of glossed over this with no real discussion (he did spend an hour with me on my case that day, so I can’t fault him too much).

    You mentioned tumors in your podcast. I’m wondering what you would do if you saw this result in your own blood work. I understand that you cannot give out medical advice and I will not treat this as medical advice.

    Thanks gents. Really good podcast today.

    • Danger & Play Blog

      That’s only a slight elevation. I wouldn’t be concerned.

      Tumors are generally only present if you keep growing. For example, Tony Robbins is so large because a tumor has given him acromegaly.

      • Jay

        Mike is 100% right my brother. No need to be concerned at all. Do you have other issues your Dr was discussing with you not mentioned in your message? Western Medicine isnt really about making you better but focuses on medicating symptoms.

        • Typical Male

          Yes Jay, the discussion was in the context of getting started on TRT. I struggle with super low energy levels. My IGF-1 was part of the blood panel he ran. I was low to mid normal T levels and the doc gave me the option of Clomid or diving right into T-Prop. I opted for the T. He had me on .3CC / week. I shot up to 1500 total T (800 was upper normal scale) after 4 weeks. So we are working on getting the dosage right.

          I love this doc though. He does a lot of hormone work as well as thyroid work w/ patients. He is big on clean diet too. I have a ways to go to clean up my eating. I was never fat (11.5% body fat). But he believes that my diet could be the key to my low energy problem. I might have leaky gut from anti-biotics. But Even at 1500 total T, I still felt sluggish and just overall very bad. It’s a work in progress

          I want to thank you and Mike for all the info on TRT. I never would have considered it if it weren’t for you guys.

          • Jay

            My concern is low energy with a Test Level of 1500(which is actually good for muscle building and fat loss purposes). With only 11.5% BF-something isn’t right. Do you drink Alcohol and eat processed food? How much water are you drinking? Any other prescription drugs? How much cardio and weight training are you doing? Lots of info needed before I can offer suggestions.

  • disqus_Klxj2TwtjI

    Mike and Jay, does your free test always follow your total without estrogen management?
    This bloodwork shows both total and free are good (high).

    • Danger & Play Blog

      That’s a crazy hard question to answer. There are so many factors. It’s complicated.

      Many scientific studies contradict each other. You can find science to support nearly any position.

      For example, some research shows that if you have high total T and low free T, it’s because of a SHBG issue.

      But see this study:
      “Bioavailable and free testosterone were calculated from the concentrations of total testosterone, SHBG, and albumin, and they were not significantly correlated with SHBG.”

      Generally speaking, lower body fat = more free testosterone. Again, that’s a genuine guideline. (Free testosterone is effected by insulin.)

      Check this out this paper, “Relationship Between Testosterone Levels, Insulin Sensitivity, and Mitochondrial Function in Men.”

      There’s also some evidence that testosterone replacement therapy improves insulin sensitivity.

      So while we generally don’t think it’s a good idea for fat men to go on TRT (due to increased estrogenic side effects), sometimes fat people lose fat due to the increased insulin sensitivity caused by TRT.

      Like we always say, this stuff is complex!

      You can spend hours a day studying this stuff on PubMed. We have and encourage everyone else to do their own reading, too.

  • darklightdispatch

    I’m planning on getting on Test (TRT dosage) for the first time in the near future. I know that, chances are, I won’t need an anti-estrogen, but I think you said before that having one on-hand, just in case, is a good idea. Which one, specifically, would you suggest?

    • Jay

      Hey Bro. Again tough answer. It depends on where it affects you. Most men get itchy nips first-Nolvadex/Tamoxifen is best for this issue if caught early enough. A stronger suppressor would be Aromasin/Exemestane. A total estrogen killer would be Letrozole but I wouldn’t use that because we need some estrogen on cycle. (Hardcore BB’s use this to reduce all E around the time of a competition). Don’t neglect the brain component while on gear Cabergoline known as Dostinex or Cabaser is optimal. Torefimene and Triptorelin are also good in this regard. As Mike and I always say…you need to test on yourself and see what happens. There is no one size fits all answer. Best of Luck.

  • TOG

    Hi all. Here I go again…..round 2 of TRT. The first round I was on Gel (2 pumps p/d) and shots evry 2 weeks. I balloned up like crazy! Kankles and all. My feet actually balloned up as well for some odd reason. I went from 190 to 210!! I stopped it cold, after 3 months, and felt the exact same way I did before I started and while on TRT. Originally, I sought TRT because I had lost the “fire” and my Dr. found my test level to be at 157 at 40! Here goes my question:
    I am ready to try again. I want to do inject only and would like to have my wife (an RN) admin at home. What is the best way to have the doc agree to at home (he seems reluctant to do so) and what would be my best shot/quantity protocol to achieve weight loss, muscle building, energy benefits of TRT? I went from a workout freak to lacking the fire to run around the block. I need to do something NOW and appreciate all of your help.


    • Jay

      Hey Man! These questions are way too general and already answered in our podcasts. You need to spend a lot more time around here reading and listening. Honestly-you’ll find the answers to your questions with some searching. There is no magic one size fits all strategy and approach.

      • TOG

        Thanks for the reply bud. I checked out a lot, but am still learning, and was going to ask the doc to be put on 100-150 per week over 2-3 shots per week self admin if he would. Hoping to avoid the gels, which he pushes pretty hard, and get him to allow me to self admin. I have an appt on the 20th with him ad am hoping to pull it off as every other TRT source seems to bloat me. Thx again. Looking forward to learning more.

        • RagnarD

          -Detailed answers to your original question are here in the three podcasts of TRT section
          -Gels are waaay more expensive and less effective than injections. Based on your most recent post you are moving in the right direction.
          -Self administration is too easy bro, you need arithmetic to get the right amount of mgs based on the concentration of the test and to watch a few videos on youtube about how to load the syringe and inject.
          -If your doc won’t come around google ‘anti-aging clinic’ and the name of the nearest city and make an appointment

    • darklightdispatch

      Just listen to *all* the TRT-related podcasts on here and your questions will be answered (in most cases, repeatedly.) From what I’ve gathered, if you want the best possible outcome and the freedom to control your own decisions, you need to independently get your blood tested regularly, learn how to interpret the results, and not be afraid of unofficial channels when it comes to getting your gear.

  • Tony M.

    Hey guys.. So today I went back to my anti aging clinic to go over blood work. I was expecting to walk away with a scrip for Test and possibly GH based on what a couple of friends received from this “liberal” Dr….. So my test levels came in at 855 (free 131) My Igf was at 172. TSH was 1.39, T4 1.1, T3 3.1, Estrodiol was at 19 ( I also intentionally did not sleep but a couple of hrs. and drank a bit prior to my initial blood work hoping my levels of test would come in lower) I’m about to turn 37 btw.

    Now on to what the Dr. said… He flat out said my IGF range wasn’t low enough for HG and that it would be unethical for him to prescribe. I was hoping for a different answer but whatever, now we got into test levels. He tells me that at 850 he would maybe prescribe some gels to get the levels up a bit, but said he first wanted to put me on Clomid in which he felt would get me into 1200 or 1300 level. He also prescribed me some sublingual Sermorelin, vitamin d, and 5htp CR. He also preached more sleep, and asked me to lower my propecia intake because he thinks it might be having an impact on my test levels also. He told me I’m in good shape why do I want to fuck with my health, lower my semen, decent test levels etc.

    Bottom line, I spent $700, I got a blood test and a bunch of bs supplements outside of the clomid and probably the bs sermorelin. I don’t know how my “buddies” got prescribed so easily obviously my natural ranges are probably a bit higher but it just seems like my luck!!! I have already come to the determination I want to experiment to see how far I can take my body, using chemicals in a responsible, monitored, and legal way if possible. My plan was to go low and slow and maybe experiment with Anavar, EQ, Tren, etc. in low doses down the road after my initial first run on test. I knew that outside of the test and gh getting or finding a reliable source was going to be difficult but that I would cross that path when I was ready. So guys should I just be happy with what my normal levels are and deal with it along with using the clomid he prescribed to supposedly get my levels into 1200 or higher? Or should I continue to explore other avenues? I went to what I thought was a progressive Dr. and obviously I’m not happy with the outcome. Any advice or suggestions is greatly appreciated as always.

    • Fatshamer

      Propecia can elevate your test levels since it blocks test from converting to DHT. While on propecia I had a total level of 940 and my free test was at the upper end as well. I was till having low T symptoms even with those numbers. After I dropped the propecia my free test levels dropped drastically and I was finally able to get a script TRT.

      The most liberal anti aging clinics won’t even require that you meet face to face with their doctor. You basically just need bloodwork you can order yourself for around 200 bucks, a physical from any doctor in your area, and the money for your drugs. They’ll actually tell you over the phone after reviewing your bloodwork for free whether or not you qualify. You should look around for a better clinic.

      I’d also drop the propecia if I were you. That shit is evil and will eventually fuck you if it hasn’t already. It’s low grade chemical castration. Men who are transitioning over to female take propecia/finasteride as part of their gender reassignment protocol. Yeah, no thanks.

      • Tony M.

        Fatshamer… Thanks for your reply. Didn’t know about the whole gender reassignment protocol part. Very interesting, I have never really had any negative side effects that I know of from using it. At least as far as the sexual sides that most complain about. Now could it be causing some mild depression/brain fog? possibly. I do some modeling/tv work on occasion, and I’ve recently been offered a reality show I’m debating on doing. For obvious reasons I would like to keep the hair I have for as long as possible. What did you do? Did you switch to something else or just say fuck it? What were your symptoms and what brought you to the conclusion that the propecia was causing it?

  • Joe Alsobrook

    I recently got all my blood work done. It says my test level was 479 I am 37 years old. Would you consider that low?

    • Danger & Play Blog

      It’s below average. I personally went on TRT once my T level went below 500. I was 35 at the time.

      • Joe Alsobrook

        Obviously I feel like it is an issue from what I’ve researched. Which is what prompted the blood test. Now I go talk to the doc about trt next week what dosage levels would you suggest or rather what did you do when you drop below five?

  • Adrian Trufo

    Are TRT and Propecia/Finasteride compatible?
    I started to lose a lot of hair and was wondering if Propecia would stop me from losing more hair while on TRT or if it would help me growing hair back.

    • Danger & Play Blog

      Hair loss is an entirely individual thing. My hair looks great – no propecia, no nizoral shampoo, no nothing. In fact, I haven’t washed my hair in over 18 months.

      Victor is on TRT and his hairline looks fine and dandy.

      It’s an individual thing. Experiment for yourself and see what works.

      • Adrian Trufo

        Thanks for the reply Mike!
        I was reading horror stories about TRT+Propecia= boobs, but I will just keep a close eye on my bloodwork and see how it goes.

  • Joe Alsobrook

    Well, I did it. It took a couple visits to a couple dr’s both that told me my T level (479 age 37) wasn’t considered low enough for TRT. I finally went to a TRT clinic. Talked to that doc and started TRT today.

    • Danger & Play Blog

      Congrats, Joe! Way to take action!

      • Joe Alsobrook

        Thank you guys! I’ve been looking into it and teetering on it for a long time now. I stumbled across here and this site was the difference maker.

    • FabulouslyFitOver40

      Yeah Man…mad props Joe.’s time for you and I to do another podcast tweaking our views on TRT for Men. Clearly the epidemic and attack on masculinity is in full swing. We gotta do our best to offer a ray of hope.

  • Mike

    Hey Mike and Jay, want to thank you guys for putting this info out there definitely a wealth of knowledge. Have a few questions. Some background first:

    1. My T level was recently measured at 474 with a total cholesterol of 164, been dealing with low libido and mood. I am nearly 29 years old. My vitamin d and b12 were also low. In all honesty though I’ve been dealing with low mood and libido since age 25. I eat a pretty clean diet and for the past 3 years have hit the gym and eat healthy fats regularly but still wasn’t noticing a large libido and mood boost, although my mood and libido were better than when my workout routine was lacking. I do take into account the fact that I am under some other stressors at the moment with work(need something more fulfilling) and also my social life is a little down right now. But I now feel after reading this blog that those factors cannot be addressed without adequate hormone levels. I am going to focus over the next few months on getting my levels up naturally with diet and exercise, but I think I am close to taking the plunge even at my age. I am tired of seeing beautiful women with little urge to pursue them. My questions:

    1. What is your opinion on depression meds? I know dopamine and serotonin are critical for mood regulation and sex drive, would they be worth trying first?
    2. Do you recommend supplements like 5 htp, SAMe or rhodiola for improved mood?
    3. Any experience with renew man anti aging clinic? They are expensive but cost would be worth it to me if they know their stuff
    4. What are your thoughts on progesterone and AIs as a way to increase T to E ratio some without replacing test?
    5. Sorry for writing a book here

    Thanks again.

    • Danger & Play Blog

      1. Anti-depression medications should be used as a last resort. They kill libido and have major side effects.

      2. 5 htp is awesome and worth a try. Same with rhodiola and other adaptagens.
      Are you depressed or just stressed out? Hard to say.

      Meditate, too.

      3. No experience with them.

      4. You can try it. For me, it’s test or nothing.

      5. No problem.

      • Tony M.

        I would be careful with the 5htp. Not that it doesn’t work great for many, but personally I believe it is causing anxiety and headaches. Two weeks ago when I went to an anti aging clinic the Dr. prescribed Vitamin D and 5htp to help with sleep, mild depression/anxiety, nearly instantly I started having a headache. At first I thought nothing of it but after a couple of days I knew something had to be up. I never get headaches, so I started to do research. At first I thought for sure it was the high dose of Vitamin D3, so I stopped it about a week ago,but the headaches continued. I would wake up feeling great but after my morning coffee they have been coming on and lasting almost all day. I also experienced a very bright, and quick flash of bright light at night time while reading. I thought it was a short or something coming from my recessed lights in the living room. I noticed this several times over the past week and a half. Last night I didn’t take it and today the headache seems to be much less than it ‘s been at this time of the day during the past week. After researching more today about it.. I see that there is this phenomena called aura migraine. I seriously think it may be from the 5htp. Good luck

        • Danger & Play Blog

          Anything that works will have potential side effects. 5 HTP is a supplement that is actually effective, so that might indeed be a side effect. (It could also be a random coincidence. Hard to know for sure.)

          • Tony M.

            Absolutely, I hear it does wonders for a lot of people. My Dr. assumes I have lower seratonin levels from stress, etc. but a seratonin test was never administered so who knows. I never have sides to any medications so I am about 95 percent sure this is related in my case. I’ve read where you can throw the neurotransmitters into haywire if Seratonin and Dopamine levels are thrown out of whack and cause the symptoms I experienced. Of course this was in a minority of the cases (generally my luck). Where most people it helps to alleviate the symptoms it brought on for me. The headaches I had from literally within the first hour I took this supplement two weeks ago have subsided by 75 percent within the past 24 hrs of not taking it. Hopefully it works great for this guy but at least if he experiences what I did he will know to lay off.

  • C1263

    So glad I got my T checked. I’m a healthy 21 year old, get enough sleep, take fish oil/multi/D, lift 5×5, etc…And my T level was 401. Not sure if I should get a second test or not. Think I’m far too young to go on TRT, hopefully I can raise them naturally.

    • isocon

      In the same boat man. 25 w/ T of 449. Everything else is extremely normal. I’m personally waiting till I get a job and good health insurance to find an anti-aging clinic. In the meantime I’ll be experimenting with HIT and diet. Definitely continue to get your levels checked quarterly.

  • Danger & Play Blog

    Tough call. Your body doesn’t shut off its natural production until around 4 weeks. Even then, it comes back quickly. It might make sense to go onto TRT for 2-3 weeks to see what you notice.

    That’s what I personally did 3 or 4 years ago. I did TRT for two weeks. My T was way too high (as judged by subjective factors such as libido), so I stopped and stayed 100% natural until 2 or 3 years later.

    When it comes to TRT, good doctors know, “We don’t treat numbers, we treat symptoms.” If you’re have symptoms of low T, then maybe you need TRT.

    Some are more sensitive to testosterone’s effect on the body than others. This sensitivity may not show up in blood work or labs.

    You may have above average T levels, but your body just doesn’t process it (due to some genetic factor) like others do.

    For example, I cannot tolerate anything even close to 500 mgs of test. My sex drive gets at sex addict levels.

    And a moderate dose TRT (150-200 mg a week) does wonders for me.

    We are all different and all you can do is experiment and see how you feel.

    • Core Disturbance

      Thanks guys,

      Really appreciate the advice – I’ll take both your comments onboard and make some changes.

      Still doing some research on SHBG/LH/FSH/Prolactin etc but finding relevant information is difficult. I fully agree with the “be your own doctor” mantra, I think becoming more informed about health/fitness is the way to go.

      This site is a great resource.

      Any plans for a UK meet up?


    • Core Disturbance

      Also, when would you suggest a repeat blood test assuming I start testing a TRT protocol?

  • FabulouslyFitOver40

    Not much I can add to Mike’s recommendations. 6-4 191 pounds seems pretty skinny especially at your BF level. I assume you’re naturally ectomorphic? You’re training DEFINITELY NEEDS TO CHANGE. Remember what we’ve stated on numerous podcasts and I’ve written about it on my site often. The best weight training program is the one you’re currently not doing. Meaning, your body is very dynamic and 18 months of training on 5×5 (although highly productive initially) is too long. Your body has naturally acclimated to that type of training. The more advanced and efficient your body becomes neurologically, the more often you need to adapt and variate your approach when in the gym. I would take 10 days off….recommit to a new program and go hard for 3 months tops….then change and adapt again. Not major wholesale changes but slight variations mostly with intensity techniques. I think you’re ready to pin and it’s time. Just make sure your diet is clean and try and minimize fat deposition. Good Luck!

    • Core Disturbance

      Hey guys,

      A quick update and a couple of questions if you have a moment.

      Since getting my blood work back I have started DIY TRT and am amazed by the difference. The first week was incredible and I felt better than I have in a long time, since then it has levelled off (I assume as my natural test has slowed/shut down) but I am still feeling much better. Clearer thoughts, better gym sessions, more determined.

      I also took Jay’s advice and shifted up my workout routines and I’m getting better gym sessions and seem to be making better gains. (I had just come back from honeymoon so the 10 days off was taken care of.)

      Anyone who is still undecided on TRT (DIY or otherwise) should definitely do their research with (blood tests, reading, asking questions etc) and then plan a trial. Sub-Q, insulin syringe injections are ridiculously easy.

      So, onto my questions:

      1) When should I get my next blood panel to check how I’m reacting to the testosterone? I assume after 4 weeks, but I’m not sure when to draw the blood in relation to the EOD routine. Should it be just before an injection, or on the day after an injection.

      2) Children will likely be part of my future (12-24 months away) so I want to support fertility throughout TRT. What would the current best advice be on someone in my situation? I am reading/hearing lots of different things. I intend to take basic quarterly fertility tests (they show whether sperm count is > 20 million) – should I wait until it drops below or should I start taking HCG/HMG (or something else? now?

      3) Mike, I have some links to blood tests, syringes etc in the UK that people might find useful – it is quite difficult to get anything out of NHS over here so private is the way to go – they’re not affiliate links, just thought some chaps in the UK might find it useful, but wanted to check with you before putting up external links – would it be ok to post them here?

      Anyways guys, thanks for the great help/advice as always.



      • Danger & Play Blog

        Thank you for the kind words. To answer your questions:
        1.) 4 weeks is good. Draw blood 24 hours after your injection.
        2.) Fertility is an individual thing. Some guys take no HGC and still knock up their girls. You have a smart plan; monitor it, see what happens, and go from there.
        3.) Sure, post the links; thanks.

        • Core Disturbance

          Thanks Mike,

          Do you or Jay (or anyone else) know a good “fertility protocol” whilst on TRT?

          For guys based in the UK here are the places I’ve used and recommend:

          Blood Testing:

          They use for their tests and I paid £165 for their “Male Fertility Profile” (Included LH, FSH, Test, SHBG and Prolactin) & Estradiol tests. Blood was drawn near Harley Street at a private surgery and the process was easy. I’ll likely pick some more tests in future.

          If budget is a consideration I have found that will give a simple “free testosterone” test (they send you a test to do draw blood home with a lancet) for £20 if you fill out their “Low Testosterone” survey and exchange some emails with their doctor. I assume they’ll eventually suggest you buy their testosterone gels if you meet their criteria, but I was just out of range when I tested earlier in the year so they wouldn’t take things further. I also got a PSA test with them for £20. So if the NHS isn’t willing to help you there are options.


          These guys seemed to be the best I could find for syringes and delivery was fast and discreet. Mike, they also offer an affiliate deal for website owners if that’s any use to you? They pay 5% of all purchases once someone sets up an account. 100 insulin syringes is £15 with them so you won’t get rich from it, but it might help towards hosting etc should you be interested.


          I won’t link out to any sites here but I guess most people doing the DIY approach will start online. Review sites help see which sites are getting good reviews, but there’s nothing to stop scammers falsifying this. It seems like a mine field to be honest. If anyone has any advice on where to get reliable pharma grade prop I’d be very interested.



          • Danger & Play Blog

            This is very helpful. I have a lot of UK readers and couldn’t advise them on where to go. Thank you!

          • Core Disturbance

            No problem at all – the more information we all share the better this community will become.

            Also, forgot to include the Vitamin D test I did. £25 for a home kit.


          • Badavumba

            Thanks. London, UK here. D&P reader since 2012.

          • FabulouslyFitOver40

            “Fertility Protocol”
            •HCG at 1000units for 3 Days in a row every 30 Days
            •Torefemene -1 Full Dropper of research chem every 7 Days

            Good Luck!

          • Core Disturbance

            Cheers fella.

        • Core Disturbance

          Hey Mike/Jay,

          If you have a moment could you help me with my latest results please?

          Below are my “before” results and then in bold my results today:

          FSH @ 2.8 IU/L -> 0.1 IU/L (Range 1.5 – 12.4)
          LH @ 7.4 IU/L -> 0.1 IU/L (Range 1.7 – 8.6)
          Testosterone @ 21.4 nmol/L (616 ng/dL) -> 45.4 nmol/L (1308 ng/dL)
          (Range 7.6 – 31.4)
          SHBG @ 31 nmol/L -> 31 nmol/L (Range 16 – 55)
          Testosterone/SHBG Ratio @ 69 -> 146.5 (Range 24 – 104)
          Prolactin @ 221 mIU/L -> 316 (Range 86 – 324)
          17-Beta Oestradiol @ 119 pmol/L (32.4 pg/mL) -> 364 pmol/L (91.5 pg/mL) (Range 44 – 154)

          I’m looking for some suggestions on the Prolactin and Oestradiol levels as they have gone up considerably in the 5 weeks I’ve been following the 50/50/50 Prop protocol.

          I was planning on introducing HCG in order to keep my fertility firing but I am aware this also pushes Oestradiol levels higher so want to get that dialled back in first.

          What would you suggest I research? (Obviously accepting you’re not providing me with personal medical advice).

          Many Thanks


          • Danger & Play Blog

            Cabaser works for prolactin.

            It could be that your body doesn’t respond well to prop. If you didn’t have issues with your previous TRT blend/dosing/schedule, then you may want to go back to that.

          • Core Disturbance

            Thanks Mike,

            This is my first foray into TRT so no previous experience.

            I’ll have a look into Cabaser and do some research.


          • FabulouslyFitOver40

            Hi Ian!

            I need more details about your body type before I can intelligently comment about your results. R you endomorphic? What is your diet like? Your bodyfat %? Do you consume alcohol? You can write me direct if we want to avoid list discussion etc?

          • Core Disturbance

            Thanks Jay –

            For anyone reading the comments here, Jay and I have been discussing some options via email. His training/nutritional advice has been brilliant and I shall make some changes to my protocol and get another blood test in 4 weeks with an update. Getting personalised advice is so valuable.

            I encourage anyone who needs their training or diet improved to drop him an email take up his services – great value and highly experience.



  • Andrew

    Hi great site, I’m hoping you could help me some recent blood work results as my doctor is clueless.
    This is my situation and background: I’m 39 work out in the gym 5 times a week for about 7 years eat healthy have a well balanced diet and don’t drink alcohol vey often.
    I have been experiencing low T symptoms on and off for a couple of years. I’m losing interest in everything, can’t think clearly, don’t sleep well, feel tired, increased Body fat, decrease in strength… I can still get erections, but my appetite for sex has decreased. I decided to get my T levels checked. The first test came back 2.5, the low range of normal, so decided to to get the full blood check done. Here are the results ( my t levels are up but still feel crap)
    I’m overall pretty muscular 5ft 10 205lbs and about 16% body fat. Can anyone see what the cause of my low t could be. As most of the results came back within the normal range. I’m concerned about LH levels being the high end of normal as well as cortisol and my cholesterol levls. He hat could this indicate. Do you think TRT would be safe to try? Or should these levels be corrected?

    Testosterone 4.69 ng/ml range 2.8-8.00
    Estradiol 12.00 pg/ml

    T3 2.49 pg/ml range 1.71-3.71
    T4 1.04 ngl/ml range 0.70-1.48
    TSH 2.317 ml range 0.350-1.494

    Cortisol 19.00 ug/dL range 4.46-22.7

    Hb 14.6%
    Hct 44%
    Neutrophils 56
    Lymphocytes 38
    Eosinophils 2
    Monocytes 4
    Red cell morphology -normal

    SHBG 25.74 range 14.5- 48.4
    LH 7.77range 1.7-8.6
    FSH 4.4 range 1.5-12.4

    Cholestrol 238
    Triglyceride 127
    Hdl 43
    LDL 166

    • Core Disturbance

      Hi Andrew,

      Just be sure to do your research and listen to Mike/Jay’s TRT podcasts and I think you’ll be safe – of course it depends on what your view of safe is. That’s what I have done along with a lot of reading on many forums around the internet and I am glad I went for it.

      I think the key thing with any significant change (whether it is diet, supplementation, training, TRT etc) is to be sure you have an accurate view of how you usually feel and how your body usually works – that way you can make a proper comparison. I keep logs of a lot of different personal data because that works for me. Everything from mood, sleep, food, body temp, heart rate etc.

      Do you have access to good doctors/anti-aging specialists or would you be going the DIY route?



      • Andrew

        Hi Iain,
        I’ve been reading a lot, it’s become an obsession, to get answers. This so by far the best website for real people experience.
        How long have you been doing trt? How you feeling, what changes any side effects?
        To answer your question…. I’m going DIY, I’m in Asia, the doctor will administer the injections, however he admitted that he is not experienced in this field, so I took it upon myself to find out more information, before I make any decisions.



        • Core Disturbance

          Definitely agree with this place being the best resource. So many other sites focus on quick gains rather than the long play when it comes to testosterone. It has been hard to find relevant TRT information… until D&P came along.

          How am I feeling…?

          So, in terms of my experience of TRT I *only* have 4 weeks worth, so bear than in mind with any statements I make. I’m not an expert in TRT by any means, but I do consider myself an expert in me.

          Basically in terms of feelings it will be hard for me to describe since I likely have alexythimia – however, I can quantify things in terms of the logging I have done.

          TRT has increased my level of contentment within days of the first shot. I just *feel* more content with life. That isn’t to imply that the contentment means that I have stopped driving forward with life – far from it – it’s just that I am more accepting to where I am on the journey currently, less in a hurry and more willing to appreciate where I am rather than focus on where I am not.

          I can’t say I feel happier/more excited etc. But that may just be because I don’t view life in that fashion. It gives me a sensation of being more aware of my capability. Being able to take control of business meetings or negations with more clarity. Perhaps an increase of confidence in my own capabilities would be a good way to describe it. Whereas before there might have been a tendency to second guess or talk myself down when in pressurised meetings that is now gone and it is just pure decisiveness. This feeling has also transferred into my personal relationships also, I have taken action to remove certain toxic individuals from my life. Win win in my eyes.

          I should say that those changes have not come with an increase in anger or aggression – I feel less of that – I expect as a byproduct of the contentment.

          In terms of gym performance TRT I think has made a huge difference. Admittedly I also changed my routine when starting TRT so that will have played an affect maybe. All of my lifts are up 10+% in four weeks and I have a much greater feeling of dominance when training. I train alone at home so the added drive has been great.

          Side effects…?

          I have noticed a couple of extra spots on my back – minimal really. None on my face.

          My weight has stayed static but my body fat seems to be getting lower. I am cycling between maintenance calories and a slight deficit because I want to lean out my stomach before beginning to increase calories and put on some extra size. I eat the same stuff every day and have done for months so can definitely say that the TRT has had a positive affect on dropping body fat.

          Erections, you’d be pleased to know, are incredibly strong. Libido is back to where I was in my early 20’s. Zero testicle atrophy yet.

          Hair shedding seems to be about the same as it was prior TRT. I made sure to check where I was before starting TRT so I could compare. Because I have longish hair I always notice normal hair shedding. I don’t think that TRT has increased this in any way, but I think that if I didn’t have a baseline I would certainly be more likely to assume TRT was having an affect. 23andme tell me that I am unlikely to go bald so I appear not to have the genes for it. If it is a concern for you then maybe look into “Hair Like A Fox” by Danny Roddy – it offers some great insights into the subject in my opinion. But at the end of the day if hair goes it shouldn’t stop you being whomever you decide you want to be. All the men on the paternal side (never knew my maternal side) of my family are bald and it doesn’t stop them being total bad asses.

          Body temperature appears to be up about half a degree Fahrenheit upon waking and throughout the day on average. This could be directly related to the TRT or as a by product of the increase in lean mass and metabolism. Either way it’s a good thing for me.

          I suppose I should mention PIP. PIP was a total bitch for about 2 and a half weeks and then seemed to stop completely. I put this down to my technique improving and possibly my body adjusting to the propionate ester. I heat the prop up under a hot tap for 10-20 seconds before a subq injection in my stomach. I’ve opted not to pinch the skin (as depicted here together to inject and have followed the instructions here instead – that’s where I think I was going wrong to begin with.

          Anyway, that’s about all I can think of for now. If you have any other questions let me know. Happy to help.


    • FabulouslyFitOver40

      Hey Bro! Based on your values, you should be able to start TRT.

      But lots more info is needed before we can tell you if low T is your main issue? Also what is your goal? Are you married? Happy? One blood draw’s values should not give you great cause for concern.

      Formulate what your plan is and then come back with more details so we might offer better advice and instruction. You are in good hands here.

      • Andrew

        I’ve noticed the E2 level is 12, but didn’t come with a reference range. I’ve googled it and it’s on the low side of normal.
        In general for me life is good, good job, hot girlfriend, live abroad in a hot country, however I always feel lethargic tired, but things in General have retreated and I feel more depressed and fatigued and not as interested in my girlfriend physically, but can still get erections.
        I’m thinking of giving trt a go to hopefully bring but my energy, as well as see some improvements in the gym. I’ve noticed I’ve put on more fat even though I generally it healthy and haven’t gained much muscle or strength even though I cut back training, and switched things up in regards to my routine.
        Also should I try and bring down my cholesterol down before starting trt?
        I’m concerned about losing my balls and fertility, I don’t have kids yet.

  • Joe Alsobrook

    Two full months in. I feel great. At first there was a lot of guessing and wondering if it was kicking etc… But that’s gone. My body is literally changing shape. Definition, bf%, not to mention mood and overall .. Well being? Lack of better words.
    For the last year I’ve had it on the back burner, but after stumbling across this site and doing a lot of my own serious research I can honestly say it was the best decision I’ve made in years!
    You guys have anymore recent pods on TRT? I’ll dig thru the archives some more. Thanks again!