Finding Your Force: Leverage or Momentum?

[This is the first part in the series, “Finding Your Force: Leverage and Momentum.” Part 2 is available here; Part 3 is available here.]

There are two primary forces within the universe and each of us taps into the energy in a different way. Although there is overlap between the two forces, all of us tend towards one or the other. We either use leverage or momentum to accomplish our goals.

It’s important to know which “type” you are because each approach has pros and cons. A momentum type, for example, tends to make things happen. But a momentum time also stumbles into some traps, as the desire to keep moving somewhere often leads down him blind alleys.

(The Hulk needs momentum.)

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A leverage type is efficient and rarely wastes energy. They move with determination. Yet their cautious nature often causes them to miss out on opportunities.

Are you a leverage or a momentum type? Take this test to find out.

Before taking the personality inventory, keep in mind that most people are a little bit of both. The idea is to find which type you tend towards.

Which most or best describes you?

(Check all that apply.)

1. ___ I’m always in a hurry to get things done.

2. ___ When I get something done, I want to move onto something else.

3. ___ When I haven’t been productive, it’s hard for me to get moving.

4. ___ I’ve rushed into some decisions (investment, personal, etc.) that I later regretted.

5. ___ People think I’m intense and angry.

6. ___ I think that other people are too spazzy and frenzied. They should chill out.

7. ___ You should wait for the “right place, right time” before making a move.

8. ___ I like to take my time to deliberate and have every piece of information before making a decision.

9. ___ I have missed out on some good opportunities in my life because I didn’t act quickly enough.

10. ___ People think I’m too chill and sometimes view me as “checked out.”

If you checked more boxes in Questions 1-5, you’re a momentum type. If you checked more boxes in Questions 6-10, then you’re a leverage type.

The pros and cons of momentum and leverage types.

Momentum Types.
Some people need momentum to get things done. Move. Smash. Keep moving. I am a momentum type.

Pros: We get things done quickly. We are decisive, creative, and audacious.

Cons: Because we either “move or die,” we fall into traps and take on undue risk. When we lose momentum, we have negative momentum. As Newtown observed, “An object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion stays in motion.”

Leverage Types.
They wait for the right time to move with maximum efficiency. My boy Nic is a leverage type.

“Give me a place to stand on, and I will move the Earth.” – Archimedes.


Pros: They don’t waste energy. They are efficient. When they move, their moves count.

Cons: They can be indecisive. They miss out on opportunities waiting for the perfect time to act. Yet as anyone who has lived for a few decades has learned, there is often no perfect time to move.

Which type are you?

In the next installment of the series, I’ll talk more about the two different types. I’ll even discuss how momentum and leverage types can work together to form amazing partnerships.

In the meantime, let’s hear what you have to say. Which type are you – a momentum type or a leverage type?

  • Xpat Player


    Do you think your types relate to MBTI? I usually test as an ENTJ (with a weak E) and most people with similar temperaments as mine can be described as momentum types, as can I. Do you believe that XNTJ and XSTP types tend to be disproportionately momentum (movers and shakers) while the rest tend to be disproportionately leverage (wait for right time and place)?

    Great personality analysis though. I always knew most mainstream personality tests had something missing, just could never figure it out.

    • Danger & Play Blog

      Great question. ENTJs are famous for being leaders but also notorious for “leading their followers straight to the gates of Hell,” so that would seem like a momentum type.

      I’ll have to think about it.

      You think about it, too, as the next part of the series drops.

    • Hugo To

      Hmm, interesting analysis Xpat. I would say that the E, and P characteristics would fall in line with momentum types. E’s crave for stimulation, and P is to be more spontaneous.

      Where as the I, and J are more leverage I reckon. I’s nortorious for thinking things through, and the J adds to the patience and careful analysis.

      Quite eager to see the next part of this Mike.

    • Danger & Play Blog

      I personally switch from ENTJ to INTJ. I’m a “soft introvert.”

      • Xpat Player

        That probably explains why I enjoy reading your blog so much. Intelligent, no BS, cuts straight to the point, doesn’t care about some fat slob reader’s feelings and above all else, actionable. I hate analyzing MBTI myself, but its so accurate (even though many tests aren’t).

  • Typical Male

    I’m totally a leverage dude. I don’t have one ounce of extra energy to spare on useless actions. I wish I did. because you don’t always know when something is going to pan out until you try it.

    • Danger & Play Blog

      Hah, I love this comment! Note how you say “useless actions.” Perfect.

      That’s exactly how leverage type see the world.

  • anon1

    Excellent article. I’m not sure what I am, in that I need to warm myself up for social interactions or approaches, but then I like wasting as little energy as possible. One mistake in the article (apologies) is that up top it says momentum time and not momentum type. Looking forward to reading more on this area

    • Hopewell

      You seem pretty leverage. The fact that you need to warm up is leverage. Momentum needs no warm up.

  • Harkness

    I got 2 out of 5 for both sections. Guess I’m on the fence.

  • Hopewell

    Leverage. My Best Friend was Momentum. He passed away… We were Yin/Yang Intro/Extro(Vert). Def interested in part 2 you have the Leverage and Momentum in this case haha. Bring it.

    • Danger & Play Blog

      I’m sorry to hear that bro. If it’s not too hard, I’d enjoy hearing how you and he worked together and played off of each other’s strengths and mitigated each other’s weaknesses.

      • Hopewell

        He was a real go getter. Could charm a room or a person in a second. But still pretty much always had his interests in mind the kind of con man if you well that will dupe you but you had a great time on the ride.

        I learned from him by watching and being there for the “chaos” stuff that was inconceivable to me at the time as a shy introvert like making out with a girl without saying a word. (It is possible guys, who think it’s not. Not just movie stuff haha.)

        He helped bring out my true self and confidence kind of the the person you expounded on in your introverts podcast, realizing social grace and the ability to overcome shyness and how you can control an interaction without really saying much. (People really will talk about nothing but themselves as long as you let them/want them to and think your all the better person to know which opens many doors.)

        As well as the abilty to find the value in everyone, talk to everyone cause you never know if that “boring” wallflower in the corner could be your next big connection.

        He was the epitome of cool. I asked him one time why he hung out with me,- (we spent a lot of time together whole days just on the town in public messing with people, seeing what the world could offer, crazy stuff he had many connections at restaurants they’d just give him free food for coming in and saying hi, be a person of value, be someone that people like being around and they’ll give you the world! I could write a post on that myself!) – He told me that I was just different and that I was just myself, that’s hard to expound on without taking the time to blab on myself, but for one he’d a lot of stupid and sometimes illegal things and he told me once that even though he’d still do what he was going to he knew that my opinion on the matter was usually the more socially acceptable and morally right choice…that was the balance in the world of chaos I gave him. Maybe I kept him sometimes from some bad choices but he had the biggest pair of balls I ever seen.

        What I do now to honor his legacy is to put some of those lessons about making the world my oyster into practice and try to show others how to the same. Live your life with vigor and excitement and cherish the time you have. Do what you want to do. Help others while helping yourself. This was kinda disjointed and I could go on forever….A true Natural Alpha, no Mansophere just Pure Momentum. But I am proof you can adopt Extrovert qualities if you’re an Introvert. Cheers to your site! It’s pretty much blueprints on how to do that! I’ve learned much from you both.

        Keep it up Mike, you’re part of few sites that are deeper that this Manosphere stuff. -Thanks.

  • eric


    Indeed I’m the momentum type, I guess thats the reason my peers often see me as quite hot-blooded fellow.I hate not being on the move.

  • UncleStomp

    Hybrid. When I get my speed up, I’m super productive, but if I lose speed, I need leverage to get my speed up again.

  • Andrew

    You on to some next level S**t now. You think you can change from one to the other? Two years ago I was definitely more leverage, but Im becoming momentum. I missed too many opportunities from deliberating too long, so I had to start going against my nature and move before I was ready. When I did stuff it always used to be 110%, but I was not getting enough done. Now Im doing 10x more stuff, but just at 80%. I took Woody Allen’s quote to heart, “80% of success is showing up.” I won a lot of races in the past couple years I would have never even have ran before. Looking forward to see where this series goes, I never gave leverage too much thought as having any positive aspects.

    • Danger & Play Blog

      I think you can change. I’ve gotten more “leverage type” over the years. It takes training and discipline but like other areas of your personality, is malleable through force of will.

  • Hugo To

    Interesting Mike, personally, I would lean towards the leverage preference. Being introverted and having the ‘judging’ trait partially makes sense on that level.

    • Danger & Play Blog

      I switch from ENTJ to INTJ.

  • Mark Insight

    Wow. What a unique way to look at things. Momentum type for sure. Now I can see why I get “trapped” sometimes on certain things.

  • Phil

    I’m a momentum type. Like you mentioned it has its down falls. I’ve lost momentum countless times on various things and have fallen into the trap of negative momentum. Every once in a while I get a fire that burns bright inside me which gives me the energy to get moving again, but I always fuck things up and lose the momentum I build. Sometimes I purposely stop the momentum especially when things are moving smoothly because I start to feel uncomfortable with it. Once I lose momentum I get stuck for a while.

  • Axel Coker

    True here Mike, I’m a Momentum person and I’ve found out planning, discipline plus a Morning/Evening routine keeps me on an even keel