Newsletter Exclusive: State Control Podcast and eBook

When I said that newsletter subscribers would receive access to exclusive content, I meant it. It took me a while to figure out this mailing list stuff, but I’ve gotten a handle on it and I intend to honor my promise in a very big way.

I just finished what is my best podcast. UPDATE: I also had the podcast transcribed into a short eBook.

Both will go out on April 7 at 9 a.m. PST.

This podcast covers something near and dear to my heart – state control. The podcast talks about state, what state is, and how to change your state. It also teaches you how to kill the super ego, that is, to shut off those hateful and negative voices that have infiltrated your mind. There’s even some discussion of how state control can increase your charisma.

(This is just a screen cap. Clicking on it won’t do anything.)

Podcast on state control

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Basically, if you sign up for the newsletter by Monday morning at  8:59 a.m. PST (when the newsletter will go out), you’ll get a link to the podcast. The podcast will not be made publicly available. I’ll hide the file on a separate page and newsletter subscribers will get a link.

To get the exclusive podcast:

1. If you’re already on the list, open your email from me and click on the link. It’s that simple. If you haven’t gotten an email from me but you’re on the list, check your spam folder and add me to your email address book so you don’t miss out. (In Gmail my newsletter sometimes end up in the Promotions tab, even though I’m not selling anything. Check that, too.)

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“What’s up with this deadline? It seems arbitrary and unfair.”

I’m not imposing a deadline to create scarcity. I am creating a deadline because I am technologically challenged.

There is a way to have this podcast go out automatically once someone subscribes. We’ve all seen them: “Join our newsletter to receive this free ebook.” Then you join the list and get the ebook.

Guess what, I have no idea how to do that. I’m not an Internet Marketer and don’t ever want to be.

I’m a guy who produces original content to help you become the man you’ve always wanted to be.

My focus is on writing and podcasting and not on learning how to use Infusionsoft or whatever the latest marketing software is.

So I’m not creating a deadline for the sake of creating a deadline.

Why have an email list in the first place?

The newsletter isn’t to spam people. The newsletter lets me get a sense of the size of my audience and learn what posts people are interested in reading. (If no one clicks on the link in the newsletter, then obviously that post was a dud.)

In other words, it helps me give you more of what you want.

Also, when I drop the book I will of course send out an email blast.

That’s all. Join the newsletter if you want the podcast. If you don’t, no hard feelings.

Besides, you still have access to these 11 podcasts (and counting). Maybe that’s enough for you.

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  • Acksiom

    [shrug] It’s still a podcast, which means it’s still useless to me.

    • Danger & Play Blog

      Well buddy instead of shrugging your shoulders, tell me how I can get the podcast transcribed.

      It’s obvious I don’t know jack about marketing and I don’t outsource anything. If there’s a service provider who would type this out for a reasonable fee, I am all ears.

      Be part of the solution instead of bringing up problems.

      • Sebastian

        You can check out

        It’s 1$ per minute

        I have no personal experience with it. Mixergy is using their service; they seem to deliver quality transcriptions.

        • Danger & Play Blog

          Thanks. Someone is going to try doing one for me.

          The challenge is that the nutrition and TRT ones have a lot of technical terms.

    • Alpha Path

      How? Everyone on this planet walks, or drives. Put in some headphones, then learn something.

      • Danger & Play Blog

        He can read but not speak English.

        My international audience is huge. No idea why. I’m an American guy but if I’m reading my traffic reports right, 40% of my readers are international.

        Maybe my international readers will tell me how they found D&P and what draws them here.

        I’m genuinely curious.

    • Danger & Play Blog

      I got the first two transcribed out of my own pocket.

      And the others are in the works.

      You can have one for free since your bitching is what promoted me to get them done.

      Email me and tell me which one you want.

      • Acksiom

        Finally someone who gets it. I’ll take the Testosterone/HGH podcast, thank you very much; I know the least about that topic.

        Giving it back, here’s a couple of tips for new juicers that I noticed while working on my own new content:

        Completely new to it and unsure/busy/etc? Search the internet and check with contacts for juice bars near your usual locations. Use them to find out if it’s for you, and to test out your taste preferences. This makes it easier to add the new behavior without a large up-front investment in time, money, or most importantly, attention, focus, and discipline.

        Harder than the rest? Elite level is substituting bar (and/or later home) juicing for a bad habit you’re trying to drop, such as smoking or gluten-HFCS snacking.

        Tried and hated canned V8 and other vegetable juice blends like I have? Fresh bar and home juiced fruit and vegetable blends are deliciously different. Despite how busy I am, I’m about to begin testing them as bases for ‘twisted’ versions with wines and harder alcohols. The art council show dates for my bro’s glass-smithy are coming up and a hard fresh juice bar will get more than enough buzz to be worth it, let alone immediate sales assistance. Also, coeds.

        Already juicing? Prepare everything at once, then stack it in reverse order in a pot/bowl/etc. If you drink your juice right away for the least oxidation, or can’t wash your parts immediately otherwise, leave them covered in water in that containter until you can. After dry, store your parts as connnected as possible when you put them away. My usual Omega 8006 configuration locks right on to the motor in one piece and I’m good to go.

        Already knew all that? Congratulations, you win: you know more than I’ve managed to notice in less than a week.

        Suggestion for an article: Exactly How To Juice Specific Things And In What Order. My google-fu is pretty damn strong, but it’s been an annoying slog tracking that info down and I still don’t have all of it that I want.

  • Icefire57

    really looking forward to this podcast. Thanks for the advice given so far. I can honestly say that its been helping me (especially the personal finance ones for motivating me to start my own business/income stream, and the vegas one where you talk about how to be extroverted as an introvert.) Good stuff!

  • Yash Bonde

    Didnt receive it. checked that i was part of the mailing list, checked my spam and all mail.

    • Yash Bonde

      my bad. got too excited. gotta get my state under control

      • Danger & Play Blog

        You should be excited. It’s really good (if you apply it in the way I suggest in the podcast).

      • Yash Bonde

        ok here i go
        Monday – Listened to the podcast so I could think about it thru out the week. Initial thoughts:
        – Im usually in what Mike say is “state”. Its an attitude, but there are times when I would feel out of it. I thought it was just a natural cycle of my state and i would keep my dealings with the world to a minimum until im back into state. This podcast brings to light that state can be
        Also I have a hard time projecting emotions. I dont know what I look like if I was angry or happy. I usually walk around with a blank expression and people have told me I look angry/serious/hiding something. When Mike suggests that one can switch to different states I
        was interested. I mentally note down to monitor and mentally record my body reaction when Im in the state throughout the week.

        – I woke completely out of state wasnt feeling confident felt defeated and idk why. Told myself i know i can change this, but the change didnt come around till mid day. Started out socializing with friends felt more OK with myself. Then I saw an opportunity to troll this “womens equality chick”, and made a light misogynistic comment. Suddenly, i felt it in my chest, i knew i was in control. People around, overheard my comment and listened in on chick’s reaction; I felt like all eyez were on me. The feeling expanded thru my chest to my whole body, face/ear turning hot, n raised heartbeat. Also my restless leg syndrome kicked, I thought to myself: am I being over-empowered by my own state…wtf. Could’ve trolled her more but processing wat happened was more important.

        – I thought about the wednesday event in my head and I am able to replicate the same feeling sometimes weaker sometimes strongly. Thought about similar events in my life which mean more to me and can replicate the chest feel(again varying intensity). Re-listen to the podcast to understand this better. Actually raised my heart beat when I typed the wednesday portion above. Figured that as a generally quit introvert im not used to attention. This is like a whole new world that i didnt notice before.

        Final Thoughts

        – I can trigger state by thinking but its not efficient enough. Im gonna start implementing the exercise in my routine and see what happens, should make state change more efficient. Im thinking about putting state into my own words to help me understand the state better.

        • Danger & Play Blog

          Sounds great. Keep us updated!

  • Danger & Play Blog

    The State Control podcast will go out on Monday.

    I meant to say that if you’re on my list and haven’t received my other three newsletters, then check your spam folder.

    That way you can be sure that the podcast/newsletter will hit you on Monday.

    • anon1

      just checking i only have 3 emails, 2 which were confirming subscription on march 18th and one that was your article about being at the right place at the right time on march 31. is there any i’m missing?

      edit: my bad, i found the others, i put and instead of &

  • eddy

    Well played Mike , finnaly someone is doing something with newsletters instead of spamming.

    Good job

  • Alex

    When I first opened this I thought I wasn’t going to get to hear it because I hadn’t already subscribed, even though I check the site almost daily. Glad to see I’ll get it Monday. Looking forward to it.

  • Elai

    Don’t analytics packages give you these kinds of numbers? There are a good chunk of us that just use RSS or just viewing the website. For example, I would sign up for the newsletter using a throwaway email. I don’t like subscribing to anything with my actual email address.

    • Danger & Play Blog

      Then don’t join.

      It won’t hurt my feelings. Honest.

      • Elai

        It’s not about your feelings, but how an email newsletter is not a good measurement of readers when you put incentives such as this one.

        • Danger & Play Blog

          It is to me and that’s all that matters.

  • allifuckingdoiswin


    I subscribed via wordpress a while ago, so I thought I was already on the .newsletter

    I signed up with mailchimp. I don’t know how many people are subscribed with wordpress. It might be worth pointing out.

  • anon1

    just wanted to put up one quote from it: “Even when you’re alone that superego is there.”

    i never thought about that, fantastic podcast man. i will have to listen to it several more times and apply your advice

    • Danger & Play Blog

      That podcast will take anyone who applies it months (at least) to fully comprehend.

      That’s not because I’m some genius. It’s stuff I learned along the way and added a little bit of original stuff to.

      Took me years (almost a decade) to fully comprehend all of this stuff.

      • dpthrowaway

        Yep. And that is for those who persist. Study says most normal people don’t like to be alone with their thoughts; some prefer self administered electric shocks.
        No surprise, is it?

  • Student

    Is the book out yet?

  • UnpluggedBeta

    Is there any chance that you’ll make this available again? The content sounds fascinating!

    • Danger & Play Blog

      Someday I’ll be fancy and anyone who subscribes to the newsletter will be able to get it auto delivered to them.

      • Justin

        I never used mail chimp but aweber is the best email program I found- you can have it automatically send something when people sign up and even to drip emails that get sent over a certain time period.

        Plus the anialytics are great-

        Another note if your list trusts you it’s your duty to sell them the shit you believe in, either your products or affiliates- just sayin.

        • Danger & Play Blog

          aWeber is better for Internet Marketers. I am not an will never be an Internet Marketer. My newsletter is a way to keep in touch and keep my finger on the pulse, not to sell stuff.

          (I do reviews of stuff I use. People who want know about Fat Gripz, Grip4orce, BCAAs, and whatnot can come to D&P. I’m not going to load their emails up with that, so MailChimp’s prohibition on affiliate marketing is fine by me.)

          • Justin

            I hear you.

            Anyways, keep up the good work.

      • dpthrowaway

        Hey, this podcast popped up on the main site a few days ago, I
        listened to it, and I’d like to actually get on with doing the
        exercises. I went to look for it again today, and it is gone! What

        Would really appreciate if you shared it again. I’m not on email.

        • Danger & Play Blog

          It was a newsletter exclusive. When I migrated over to iTunes, all of the podcasts made it over there. Maybe that’s where you saw it.

  • Zachary

    I listend to this podcast at lunch last Friday and I was able to apply it later the same day (albeit on a rudimentary level).
    I had just finished a crappy day of work at a job were I’m being taken advantage of and I thought, I can be like a normal person or I can try to change my state. So I thought back to a hockey game where I positively crushed opposing players, I squared up my shoulders (where I “feel” it) and proceeded to have I great Friday night. I was even able to peacefully interact with my parents this weekend.
    State control may well change my life. Thank you Mike.

  • rgove

    This sounds great, but I joined the newsletter too late. If you can’t make it send automatically to new subscribers, would you consider re-sending it once a month or so to give people an on-going incentive to join?

  • liam

    I never received the newsletter even though I signed up to your newsletter as soon as you announced it. Not in the spam folder either. Email address is

    • Danger & Play Blog

      I emailed you. I don’t think you want your email out there in public, Liam, so I took the liberty of deleting it.

      • liam

        Haha good call.