A Bodybuilder Shares the Inside Story About Steroids, HGH, and Gay for Pay

I am super excited about this podcast. I have heard a ton of podcasts, seen a lot of YouTube videos, and been around the block. I have never heard anything like what we are about to drop.

This is hardcore, behind-the-scenes stuff that few know about and even fewer are willing to talk about. It is truly our honor to bring this to you.

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Our latest guest, Big George, is a former competitive bodybuilder who has been there and done that. He knows as much about anabolic steroids and HGH as anyone alive – period.

(This photo of Big George was taken before the era of digital photography.)


At the height of competition he was walking around at 300 lbs at 11-12% bodyfat. He currently walks around at 260 pounds, lean and mean.

We cover everything from taking a steroid injection in a dirty Mexican bathroom to making kale shakes to gay-for-pay in bodybuilding to the need to go gluten-free. (“If you’re eating wheat, you’re just off base.”)

Grab a cup of coffee and strap yourselves in, because this is a long and wild ride. Click play or download it on SoundCloud:

Anabolic Steroids and HGH.

  • How much gear are the pros really using?
  • How old were you when you decided to use gear and what was your first cycle?
  • Muscle Media 2000 and Dan Duchaine’s steroid recommendations.
  • Blasting, cruising, PCT, and “staying on.”
  • When Big George knew he had reached his genetic limit.
  • What is the most testosterone a person can run?
  • How to use growth-hormomone releasing peptides.
  • How can you tell if your HGH is real or fake?
  • When, if ever, do you need to use anti-estrogens and aromatase inhibitors?
  • What’s the right age for a person’s first cycle and what should a first cycle be?
  • Playing the Long Game.
  • Is your first cycle really the most important one?
  • Is the gear available today better than it was back in the 90s?
  • The importance of blood work while on gear.
  • What’s your take on coaches – are they a waste of money or a value-add?
  • The importance of log books and keeping records.
  • Why men need estrogen and what happens when a man doesn’t have enough estrogen in his body.

The deviant bodybuilding lifestyle.

  • “Bodybuilding is like a Disneyland for gays.” (Not that there’s anything wrong with that.)
  • What is gay for pay and how common is it in bodybuilding?
  • How much money are gay men throwing at bodybuilders and what do they ask bodybuilders to do for money?
  • Are there bodybuilding orgies?
  • At what point do women find you to be disgusting looking?
  • What was his prime weight for attracting women/What kind of body do women want?

Where is Big George now?

  • What are his stats?
  • What’s his current diet like?
  • Does he drink green juice and make kale shakes?
  • Does he use supplements like BCAAs?
  • What is Big George’s workout intensity like?
  • How much (if any) HGH does he take?
  • What is his current “cruise”?
  • Does Big George count calories?
  • How does George currently train…Does he really do 30-35 rep training?
  • DoggCrapp training, Dante, and True Nutrition.

Post your comments and questions below.

I’m not going to lie. This is an exhausting one. There is so much information – much of which you won’t hear anywhere else – that it can feel overwhelming.

I considered breaking it up into three different podcasts, but I know the Danger & Play reader audience can handle it. This is not Buzzfeed.

Post your questions and comments below. We can do a follow-up podcast.

(By the way, I’m doing a podcast exclusively for newsletter subscribers. The podcast will not be available to anyone except newsletter subscribers. Subscribe here if you want access to this exclusive podcast.)

  • http://www.zbeardedone.com/ Z.

    Has he already agreed to do follow up recordings? I listened through and it sounded like it was just assumed he would participate again in the future.

    • Danger & Play Blog


  • Guest

    Definitely keep the podcast long-form, it will help you to avoid normal people:

    “people who listen to news/talk radio on a regular basis are generally politically and economically active, in addition to being affluent and well-educated, when compared to the general U.S. population”


    • anon1

      i like long form [really, i put on christian mcqueens stuff while i do chores] but i prefer that these podcasts usually are short, keeps it on point. podcasts have a tendency to go on and on and go to a warm place rather than giving the important actionable information without getting into talking for the sake of talking. this isnt supposed to just make you feel good, its a call to action tell you what needs to be told.

      • Danger & Play Blog

        I would challenge anyone to find an hour-long bodybuilding podcast with more actionable information that this one.

        You just have to read between the lines, think about what is being said, and then apply it to yourself.

        • anon1

          i agree with you, sorry my last comment was a bit badly phrased. what i was saying was that the typical podcasts i listen to are about 2-3 hours long. I like that D&P stays between the half hour and 1hour mark because that ensures there is only actionable/illuminating info and not talking for the sake of talking

          • Danger & Play Blog

            Makes sense. Yeah, there’s no filler.

            This isn’t a “talk show.” It’s a show where there is talk but it’s about taking action.

          • Cedric

            That s the right mindset-I wish you guys could find some real bad ass dudes and how they view the World-like French Foreign Legionaries, South African Mercs, etc. and interview them. Whats cooler and more cock diesel than a merc? MMA is a sport, lifting is mainly aesthetic, kicking ass across the globe is as gung ho as it gets.

            Top derivatives traders would be another group of men we could learn expansively from.

          • Jay

            I’m friends with two “high ranking” derivatives traders. An interesting lot for sure, but neither would impress or interest a single reader here. BELIEVE DAT!

  • Clint Barton

    Long-form is my preference. I just listen when I’m cooking and eating my post-workout meal, or on my subway commute. Sometimes I’ll have to rewind and take notes if there is something that really applies to me. Great content!

  • SunDance

    One reason I am using peptides over hgh for anti aging purposes is cost. HGH is just to expensive, my lab rat is trying cjc 1295 with ipamorelin once a day before bedtime. It sounds from this podcast that I may need to stick myself more per day or get the money for hgh. But, if money was no object, heck yes I would use HGH.

    • Danger & Play Blog

      If you want to be scientific (not that Big George mentioned blood work in his post), then you should be measuring serum growth hormone levels to see if the peptides are working.


      • SunDance

        That was great what Big George said about using the peptide and then measuring IGF in the blood work. Gold! I did use the peptide for the first time and then took a blood draw, 6 hours later. Of course it came back with a super low result, my baseline state of under 5ng/ml. But, now I know how to do it for my next draw. BTW, it does help me sleep so I am hoping it is not bunk.



  • Rick Disko

    Awesome cast. Packed with great information and specifics. Access to interview discussions like this really helps clear up questions and unknowns. I’m sure it also reiterates for more advanced guys.

    Thanks for putting this up.

    • Danger & Play Blog

      I knew 99% of the raw material, but even an “advanced” guy can appreciate the analytical approach Big George takes.

      A lot of what appears at D&P is not always about literal words…it’s about reading between the lines for deeper meaning.

      Look at Big George. He was 13 and curious about lifting. So he asked around. He sought out experts. He took action. He experimented. He learned and grew from his personal experience. He was analytic and meticulous.

      It was none of this sitting around debating crap on the Internet that 95% of guys do.

      Take action and learn as you go.

  • http://www.zbeardedone.com/ Z.

    I would like to hear more about his training. He briefly mentioned what he does for chest, and the rep range he works in, but I would be interested in hearing what he does for legs and back; as well as if he does any conditioning, and if so what he does for it.

    Also I would like to hear if he has experienced any of the common medical issues that come with greater size. Sleep apnea, cardiac issues, etc.

    • Jay

      He has….and could elaborate at length about all of it in a future podcast. 😉

  • ello

    Looking forward to listening to this.

  • Trenbrah

    You brahs are dead on about wheat and gluten. I recently embarked on a journey to rid both of them from my diet and the changes have been profound. Question about a Ipamorelin protocol. Would something like 100mcg am 100mcg post 200mcg pm be worth while or overkill. Currently running test prop, mast prop, tren ace, and eq.

    • Danger & Play Blog

      Ipa “tops out” at 300 mcg I believe.

      So more is not better.

      The better approach is the pulse smaller doses throughout the day.

      • Jay

        Mike’s answer use to be accepted as “the correct answer” based on the very limited research out there by the Russian guy…can’t remember his name right now. But in my own empirical research….3-4x a day dosages of IPA at ‘saturation doses’ was SIGNIFICANT. Problem for me (and most likely anyone now a days)is finding legit IPA and then relying on that source to be around. At this point…better to just shoot Rips.

  • Kyle

    1 hour is the perfect length for a podcast, IMO. The majority of podcasts I listen to are around that length. That’s plenty of time to go into detail without dragging on for several hours or anything and leaves room for advertising if you ever want to monetize it. Just my two cents, keep up the good work.

  • ZZ

    Mike, do you think gay-for-pay is an acceptable for an alpha to earn some good cash?

    • ZZ

      You promised to answer all questions.

  • Bullseye

    Hey guys I got some BCAA’s off the back of this. When do you recommend taking them and how many? Also I’d be interested to know if you guys prefer conventional dieting vs intermittent fasting. Thank you.

  • Oliver Holz

    It would be better if there were a text transcript to scan through. No one needs to listen through a whole hour of this.