12 Ways to Become a Vanilla Gorilla

1. Be kind to your black brothersDanger & Play has a greater percentage of black readers than any other blog written by a white man, and it’s commonly assumed I’m black. We do not tolerate racism.

2. Develop a dominant mindset. Mindset is everything. If you think like a loser you will lose. If you think like a winner, well, that’s not enough – but it’s a start.

3. Stand with dominant body language. Your mind follows your body and your body follows your mind. Stand like a man and your mind will start to think like a man and then you will start acting like a man.

4. Follow Jordon Belfort’s 4 Tips for Success. Spare me the moralizing. Danger & Play isn’t Sunday Service. We learn from everyone around here. Jordon Belfort may have been a criminal but he was the best criminal. If you follow his 4 Tips for Success and tell me your life doesn’t improve, then you’re as big of a liar as Jordon Belfort ever was.

5. Have rough sex. She wants to call you daddy and get kinky. You just need to be man enough to lead her.

6. Seek small victories. Mindset is important but so too is momentum. You don’t get out of a rut by making one huge leap. You make small steps with some setbacks until you’ve gained unstoppable momentum.

7. Eat clean. What you eat determines how you feel. It determines how you look. I’ve been fat and fit and can tell you from personal experience that when you eat clean everything in your life improves.

8. Stop being normal. Normal people live normal lives. Do you really want to be like everyone else? Why not strive for excellence? The worse thing that happens is you fail – in which case you can fall right back down to being normal.

9. Increase your testosterone levels. Testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) is not for everyone. But every man should measure his testosterone level and make an informed decision based on facts about steroids rather than hysteria.

10. Get your personal finances in order. More money means less worries. Fewer worries means lower cortisol (a stress hormone). Lower cortisol means higher testosterone, a better memory, and greater clarity of thought.

11. Learn from Arnold. Don’t listen to what Arnold (a politician) says; he lies. Look at what he does. Arnold has lived an amazing life and you can deconstruct it to find the blueprint for massive success.

12. Post a comment. Danger & Play is my soap box. The comment section is for you guys to share tips with me and each another.

Shyness is beta. Speak up and be heard.

  • Fortis

    Ha, I’m black and I’m glad you put number 1 where you put it (in the first spot). I always wanted to ask if Red Pill was only for white guys, but I don’t want to seem like some lame victim who’s crying about being excluded.

    The only other thing I would add is this:

    12. Learn to work with your hands

    Too many guys who can kill a man with BJJ, bench 10101010101 pounds, build a super computer, but they can’t do a little bit of home maintenance work. I’m not saying you need to be a master repairmen, but it helps to know a little bit of about that kind of stuff.

    • UnpluggedBeta

      That sounds like a solid thing to add to the list; too many of us have no idea how to so much as change the oil in our car.

      • Fortis

        Thanks man.

        Honestly, I’m guilty of that myself, but it definitely needs to be addressed as we move into this digitally-driven age.

  • Xpat Player

    Great points Mike, I’d suggest putting a link to this list in your about page.

    Never read your article on being kind to black men, but it makes a lot of sense, as do the rest of the articles here. A few guys in the manosphere (not taking names but we know who they are) are so focused on their hatred of blacks that they end up whining about blacks and Obama instead of improving their mediocre existences.

    A mistake that a lot of guys who first get into the red pill do is read a few good blogs (Roosh, pre-2010 Heartiste) but also get stuck reading shitty blogs, which actually end up making them worse off. Reading shit makes you shit. I had this problem when I first got into red-pill literature. Thankfully, I came across some gold-mines like this blog. I’d urge other red-pillers not to feed these racist trolls, they are nutjobs who can’t even do anything good for themselves – what good advice can they give you?

    The other articles are also great. They demonstrate that alpha isn’t about your pickup skills but your life-skills. Can you win the game of life? Or will you be controlled by what society says is alright? I only know average people at this point (not much of an other option in college) but reading blogs like this allows me to elevate myself because they teach you what it takes to succeed.

    The Red-Pill is about creating your own truth, not following someone else’s. Many blogs have lost sight of that, while a few, such as this one, remember it. Its not about how bad feminism is, its not about how bad blacks and latinos are, its not about how the ‘cathedral’ wants to personally screw you over. Its about being the man you can be.

    • Danger & Play Blog

      This guy gets it.

    • anon1

      >Reading shit makes you shit

      damn right

    • Ricky Vaughn

      It’s not so much that thinking about race is baaaaad – but if you come at the blogs that tackle hard subjects from a position of needy bitterness you are just going to be spinning your wheels.

      D&P is no bullshit and I also like how D&P, Christian McQueen, and Roosh put out coherent posts with heavy editing.

      There are some writers in the manosphere who are burying nuggets of (sometimes) good ideas in incoherent verbiage, typos, needless esoteric vocabulary, and endless taxonomy. Not going to name names but I think we have all come across this – it is insulting to the reader and a waste of time if the writer is going to make us read tea leaves rather than edit their posts.

    • cameron_pantywetter

      So true. I’ve actually cut out a lot of the fat so to speak. No more ROK, Heartiste, etc. I was affecting my mindset – I was more concerned with the negativity – as if it was my problem, rather than becoming a better man.

      The last few days I’ve started Victor Pride’s 30 days of Discipline, and stayed off all the time-wasting pessimistic blogs. Now it’s just D&P, B&D, GLL and my god what a relief! I feel alive again.

      • Donnyboy

        ROK has gone way too negative for my taste as well. It started out as one thing, I even donated money – but now it has become something else entirely, and not healthy, in my opinion.

        • Danger & Play Blog

          ROK has gotten better over the past several weeks. There are still a few thing I’d change about it, but it’s hard site to run, so I don’t criticize it. Standards have gone up and content is less bitter and negative. As the guys there get older, the site will continue improving.

  • Emmanuel Goldstein

    One of the most useful ideas I’ve gotten from D&P is one of the simplest: identify new habits that add value to your life, and incorporate one of these every week or month into your routine, one habit at a time.

    Also, allow yourself to fail the first or second time you do something. The first time you try any new recipe, for instance, it may take twice as long with far more concentration required than your regular standby recipes. Do something until you’re supposed to experience the benefits, and only then evaluate it. Don’t keyboard jockey and reject something you know nothing about.

  • ello

    I never thought I’d hear race trolling here.

    • Danger & Play Blog

      More like a reminder (the post I linked to was almost 2 years old, Speedy Gonzales) that this isn’t the place for race trolls.

  • Clint Barton

    Excellent list to help us readers empower ourselves.

  • w w

    Sounds like I missed out on some interesting drama? As a black man (not speaking for all) this blog is leaps and bounds over the other stuff out there simply because Mike and Jay dont come of as guys who would cross the street when I’m walking towards them.

    No offense but some of these gurus sound pencil neck types and their advice doesn’t come off as authentic. This particular blogs gives great info that applies across races. None of the PUA BS vocab, “Frame” ,Calibration”, “Notches/Flags” geek talk that just sounds corny to most brothas… or really any body that doesn’t spend. there days wcaking off to internet porn,

    Mike you sound like those crazy azz Irish kids I knew from Marine Park Brooklyn, you might as well be Black :)..

    • Danger & Play Blog

      No real drama. It’s just that race trolls occasionally invade here. The latest is to troll me by asking if I’m black (even though my face is right there).

      Race trolls are white trash.

      I don’t like ghetto people or white trash.

      • UnpluggedBeta

        What’s the deal with the sphere and the race crazies by the way? I’ve never encountered them anywhere else but they seemed to have come out of the woodwork when I started reading sphere sites.

      • Fortis

        Ha, I know the troll you’re talking about. Easiest way to sum that loser up: big words, small mind.

    • Jay

      WW…by genetic lineage….I’m 14% African American (WTF does that mean anyways….I guess I’m also Irish American-German American-Italian American etc). My younger brother is 6-9 and when he grows his hair out he has a full on Afro…think of a Bedouin from North Africa look. My Great-Great GF was a Freed Slave-or so they tell me. I also played Hoops in College and Professionally (cup of coffee)and was one of the only token whities on my squads…won’t name my school in the Dirty Souf-but let’s just say tappin black gurls ain’t nuttin but a thang for me. Mike def has no color blindness…I’m def racist…racist to IGNORANT FOLK. Period. Plain and Simple. #aintmadatya

  • http://waterist.wordpress.com Jackson

    salute “bruh” just epic…

  • Carpenter E

    “and only shows you’re a scared little white boy.” — but before that: “Enough with the racist crap.”

    Racist slurs is for Blacks, yo! Get that, cracka?

  • Dman

    Not sure where to write this…but I feel the “manosphere” is kind of at a minor inflection point, and guys are increasingly turned off by the making fun of fatties, endless chewing of the feminists-are-shit cud, and other assorted matters…and are turning to blogs like this one for an alternative outlet. Maybe that’s partly why you’re seeing an increased spike in traffic. Maybe I’m projecting my own feelings.

    A lot of the complaints against women exist only on-line…and if you interact with them in person, this shit just does not come up, or does so rarely. Fat girls are not in your face usually trying to convince you of anything. Feminists, while they exist, are not the scourge they’re made out to be face-to-face in normal settings (i.e. not women’s studies classes). Generally you can just avoid unpleasant people (men and women) and structure your life to surround yourself with people whose company you actually enjoy.

  • http://www.afternoonapprentice.com/ Hugo To

    I’ve personally made more measures on number 7 (cleaner eating). Mainly because I’ve been on a (dirty) heavy bulk for sometime, having identified myself as a true ectomorph.

    Thanks to you Mike I’ve gone down the juicing pathway. Though, I’m getting wicked headaches after slamming it though, been a couple days, but doesn’t seem to be tapering off and botches my concentration big time… tips?

    • Danger & Play Blog

      Detox symptoms last for several days to up to two weeks. Detox/healing crisis is discussed in more detail at Fit Juice.


      • http://www.afternoonapprentice.com/ Hugo To

        Wow, cheers for the quick reply, you’re on fire, Mike.

  • http://aggressiveevolution.com Ryan

    12. Do heavy squats and deadlifts regularly.

    It’s impossible to feel shit when you’ve just finished a good squat workout or deadlift session.

  • Jose L Romero

    Its good to see a blog where we are all equal as it does not matter if we are white, black or Latino. Its a shame that most other blogs do not do the same.

    Great post Mike!

  • Ryan Paul Simpson

    Good fucking article!

  • http://www.mensvitalitycenter.com Ben Evans, M.D.

    hey Mike, just found this link of yours. I’ve been reading your site for awhile and love what you have going here.

    as a black man who has been running game for a very very long time, listening to tom leykis well before the manosphere was even a thought, and a black man who is actually IN the testosterone business (TRT doc), i LOVE the manosphere…with the exception of the racist shit that seems to be so prevalent.

    regardless, i still read chateau (he’s a prick, but i certainly can be as well), and the other supremacist-leaning manosphere fellas because, heck, i love to learn!

    as you state in #1, I HATE WORLDSTAR HIP HOP and can’t understand that mentality, but what are you gonna do?

    keep doing what you’re doing. the black guys like your site for a reason. MEN are MEN…regardless of color. we’re much more alike than not. in my opinion.

    If you or any of your readers need/desire TRT discussion w/ an MD whose main goal is to eliminate the pussification of men in america, then please hit me up.

    the best to you.