Everything You Wanted to Know About Nutrition (And Weren’t Afraid to Ask)

Our latest podcast tackles the often controversial subject of nutrition. This was a timely podcast as Jay is competing in a  show this weekend. He is the biggest and fullest (nohomo) I’ve ever seen him and he attributes that to his new dietary approach to carbohydrates. (FYI, Jay does not use Clenbuterol. His thermogenic stack is available OTC and is discussed in the podcast.)


We also had a ton of reader questions and got to them all. Click play below or check us out on SoundCloud.

Meal Prep Mondays

“This is the difference between looking elite and looking like 95% of men in the gym.”

  • How much does Jay weigh and what’s his boydfat %
  • What’s Jays’ current competition  diet
  • How Jay and Mike met on the Internet (it wasn’t only an online dating website, or was it?)
  • Calorie cycling and how Jay uses refeeds
  • L-tyrosineyohimbe, and caffeine for fat loss and the ECA Stack
  • Eating clean while on a budget and the best protein bar
  • How meal prep boosts your will power
  • What happens when you combine fat and high-glyemic carbohydrates
  • Ketogenic dieting, Intermittent Fasting, and Lean Gains
  • Macronutrients and somatotypes (yes we misspeak and call it meso types)
  • Multi-vitamins (best type, can you take too many, do you take any?), deer antler velvet, glucosamine and chondroitin
  • Why Mike needs mega doses of magnesium to cure Restless Leg Syndrome
  • Why carbohydrates are more important than protein when getting shredded
  • Pre- and post-workout nutrition such as BCAAs
  • Why “scientific studies” debunking supplements are a scam
  • Growth-hormone releasing peptides, ipamorelin, and human growth hormone

Supplements Mentioned in the Podcast and that Jay Believes are Essential:

Want to hear a part 2?

Post your questions below if you want to hear more about nutrition.

  • http://Splooshworld.com/ Sploosh

    Awesome can’t wait to listen to it. Just got back in the gym yesterday after 8 weeks off from my motorcycle accident/broken wrist.

    Took your HIT advice. Did two exercises, Lat pull down and Pec Flys. Both I choose because they didn’t put pressure on my wrists. Did a few warm ups then two working sets on each.

    took a full 10 minutes from start to finish and today i’m sore as shit. Can’t wait to keep going and see what I can do once my wrist is fully healed.

    Keep it up D&P you guys are fucking killing it.

    • Danger & Play Blog

      Thanks! We try giving value with every post and podcast. Glad it’s working out for you, J.

      • http://Splooshworld.com/ Sploosh

        You don’t try. You fucking do. Yoda would be proud.

        I’ve been trying to go juicing/steak/eggs mostly to cut bodyfat. Now i’m learning from you and jay that carbs are more essential than the fad dieters would have you believe.

        So which specific carbs are best? I gathered from the podcast that jay eats sweet potato’s and brown rice. Are those the best two sources of high glycemic carbs?

        • Guest

          Hey Guys!

          Thank You So Much for all your comments and replies. Keep them coming!

          Carbs are always ‘time specific’ relevant to your chosen goal or sport.

          Post training-High GI is best-you’re trying to take advantage of the post and intra workout ‘anabolic window’ when muscle protein synthesis is *potentially highest*.

          For general all around eating, I find Sweet Potatoes-Brown Rice and Quinoa best as they are Low GI and very few people are allergic or sensitive to em. Plus they taste good with little to no additives and they offer satiety.

          • http://Splooshworld.com/ Sploosh

            I’ll hop on the brown rice train then. Thanks for the knowledge bombs jay.

          • Jay

            Mike…can you delete that picture please…I was trying to add an avatar and I guess I added a pic….Disqus is awesome….but hard to figure out initially.

        • Danger & Play Blog

          From Jay:

          “Hey Guys!

          “Thank You So Much for all your comments and replies. Keep them coming!

          “Carbs are always ‘time specific’ relevant to your chosen goal or sport.

          “Post training-High GI is best-you’re trying to take advantage of the post and intra workout ‘anabolic window’ when muscle protein synthesis is *potentially highest*.

          “For general all around eating, I find Sweet Potatoes-Brown Rice and Quinoa best as they are Low GI and very few people are allergic or sensitive to em. Plus they taste good with little to no additives and they offer satiety.

  • anon1

    awesome podcast mike. and i see you have disqus now! this’ll help track replies. are the old comments preserved?

    • Danger & Play Blog

      They’d better be or I might have a stroke.

  • Fortis

    So much value in such a short amount of time. Good stuff.

    • Danger & Play Blog

      Thanks. It was a lot of info so if you have specific questions or want to see something covered, let us know. We could do a whole podcast just on low-carb dieting, for example.

      • anon1

        i would like to hear a bit more about low carb dieting, [currently in the middle of CKD which i’ve been doing for about 1.5 months]

        you and jay mentioned that the problem was that muscles look flat 5 days a week, and people only really look happy and healthy after the refeed.

        physiologically i’ve found that to be the case [this is not the first time i have attempted sustained low carb] and i’ve plateaud across the board [weight has been around the same for maybe 4 months, varying only with water composition between there. ]

        size wise i look much more muscular than i did 2 years ago, when i first started regular and consistent gym work, but i would say for the past half year to 8 months i’ve plateaud in most or all of my exercises. and man my gut puffs out like hell, rest of the body is more in line with how i want it to be.

        i started at first 2 years ago on mostly machine work [chest, lat, shoulder, legpress, machine rows, abs,] and again i would say maybe within the last 3 months i’ve made a concerted effort to do more free weights [barbell squats, chest press, deadlifts {<-only very recently, was worried i'd do my back in}, chin ups and pull ups, cycling and cardio sprints, in addition to the aforementioned machine exercises].

        all the exercises for the past few years were short 1-2 sets with very slow reps 6-8 and long negatives [5-10 seconds on the negative portion of the exercises], but i cant seem to get over the current humps strength wise [next weight higher is too high, weight lower is too easy]

        the thing frustrating me is the visceral fat on my stomach. I'm not in it too just look good, so much as i'm doing it for health reasons, i have family that have heart problems and diabetes and i dont want to end up like that, as well as showing a good example to them of a way to get fitter and healthier [show dont tell and all]

        the one thing i did not do despite low carb, ckd or paleo is caloric restriction. i just eat as much as satisfies me. do you think that that could be the main reason why the weight hasn't shifted, any elaboration on what you think i or anybody else like me [i'm sure there is many] should do?

        • Danger & Play Blog

          Start logging everything that goes into your mouth and has a calorie with Fit Day or some similar program.

          Get a baseline for your calorie needs. I.e., “I can eat 2,500 kcal’s and not gain or lose weight.”

          Then start troubleshooting and experimenting from there.

          • anon1

            will do, cheers Mike

        • Jay

          Seriously bro? I take you for an intellectual-otherwise you wouldn’t be reading our blog. You already know the answer to the question. Law of thermodynamics. Of course eating to the point of satisfaction is too much. If you have visceral fat in your midsection-A2 area—do the stack/cocktail we discussed and within one month-it will be gone. Are you using gear? Give me some more specifics and I’ll promise to help you. Best of Luck!

      • Fortis

        I actually have a quick question for you:

        I’m your typical ectomorph. I’m 5’7 144 pounds and I have very thin wrists (you can actually see the wrist bones and everything), but I’ve been lifting heavy and putting on muscle. However, My weight hasn’t moved. I’m gunning for 155 pounds by December 2014. I’ve been lifting for 6-12 months.

        I know how many calories I need to eat in a day, and I struggle to reach it. In my case, would drinking a huge 1000+ calorie meal replacement shake be something you would recommend? Also, can I substitute milk in for water?
        I need 2,800 calories, but eating all of that as solid food is brutal for me.

        I use natural ingredients for my shake: Milk, Oatmeal, Natural peanut butter, 2 scoops of whey, almonds and a few other things to just hit my body with as many calories as I can in one go in the morning. I’m trying to do this so that I can eventually work up the appetite to eat 2,800 solid calories.



        • Jay

          Hey Brother! Thanks for the questions. I don’t believe you. You need to consume 4 shakes a day with 4 scoops of glyco-fuse per shake. 100gms Cyclic Dextrin Carbs along with 35-40gms Protein per shake. Also I would throw in 4 tablespoons of MCT Oil per shake. Even people with no appetites can choke down 4 shakes in addition to the little solid food your ass eats every day. Hard gaining is actually more psychological than physiological. Don’t buy into the conditioning. If you lived or trained with me….I would have you at 175 pounds in less than 6 months. Believe it.

          • Fortis

            Hey Jay,

            I didn’t see this comment. Thanks for the kick in the ass. I’m going to follow this protocol. Quick question for you: any particular brands you would recommend for the glycol-fuse and cyclic dextrin carbs? I”m on a bit of a budget, but I can definitely get my hands on whatever you recommend.



  • anon1

    oh and ditto on the magnesium oil, ive used it for about 6 months since reading your article and nothing helps recovery as fast as spraying a bit of it on sore muscles, cut recovery times and doms significantly

    • Danger & Play Blog

      Magnesium oil is a lot like juicing (veggies). Something I thought was a scam or hype but that once I tried found out was actually legit. Hence why I’m such a nut bag about people writing about things they haven’t personally done.

      • Dman

        Did you have your Mg levels tested prior to using Mg oil? I know for a fact, based on blood work, that my Mg levels are in the normal range (I think in the middle, but will have to check). Just curious if Mg is kind of like test…where you can be in the “normal” range but still not as good as you can be.

  • w w

    Mike this stuff is gold. Thanks brother. I wish the podcasts were longer, they just roll by so quickly. Jay mentioned having a blog?

    • Danger & Play Blog

      We are working on a separate blog for Jay. Not sure if/when it will launch. It’s still in development.

      We are also working on a book together.

    • Jay

      HA….”Not ready for delivery to the Masses yet”……..

  • lone wolf

    Awesome podcast mike. I’ve read “Good Calories, Bad Calories” by Gary Taubes and came to the same conclusion about low GI carbs and sugars. I noticed your fat loss diet consists of lean meats such as turkey meatballs and cod. Any particular reason for avoiding red meats or pork?

    • Danger & Play Blog

      Habit more than anything. Staying lean means getting used to eating the same foods, that way eating becomes mindless and you don’t need to devote willpower to it. You just do it.

      But lean pork is fine and we do eat our share of steak.

    • Jay

      I eat a shit ton of Red Meat when not dieting. The gastric system undergoes stress when digesting red meats. Rather keep my metabolism working on cruise control for 99% of the time. Again…when you are not eating shitty-processed foods and only giving your body preferred fuel substrates like low GI Carbs, Lean Proteins and EFA’s-you’d be amazed at how much more efficient (even people with poor insulin sensitivity and naturally endomorphic)your body becomes at burning and processing kcals. Even elevated carb intakes. More to come.

  • Simon

    You talked about 10 year test for friendship.
    I have 6 months test for blogs that I read. If blog (or webpage, same thing) keeps me coming back to it after 6 months since the first time I saw it, it must be good.
    With that said, it has been over 2 years since I found D&P, and it’s in my bookmarks ever since.
    But you stepped up game so much with these podcasts it’s unbelivable.
    I liiterally have to listen them multiple times, first just as sneak peek, and than with pen and paper to write down all the info I find helpful.

    Props to MIke & Jay

    • Danger & Play Blog

      Thank you. If you can believe it, we actually have more podcasts done than we can handle. The next one to drop will probably be Personal Finance Part 2.

  • Dman

    Was a little confused about the timing of the Glycofuse/BCAA. Should I drink that right before, during, or right after a work out? What if I drink it as the thirst quencher during lifting instead of water?

    • Danger & Play Blog

      Right before and during.

    • Jay

      Great question Dman. We can expound on this and will much more in an upcoming podcast. My goal is to do a significant experiment (which Mike and I will delve into this weekend post show)when I am using 150-300gms of Glycofuse during and post workout)to see how much ‘skeletal muscle tissue’ I can gain post show when it is known the anabolic window (hormonally and enzymatically)is so optimal. There is a lot of cutting edge and recent research into the importance of downing super carbs ‘during your workout’ when trying to maximize glycogen super compensation right after.

  • James

    This is an excellent wealth of info in such a short amount of time. Would absolutely love a second part to this, you and Jay are really knowledgeable.

    I have a question re: Jay’s cocktail of thermogenics, he said to take all of those and then do some low intensity cardio. Does this mean take the stuff in the morning and then do the cardio before your normal training, or just take them throughout the day (like with your other vitamins) and train as normal along with that low intensity cardio?

    That seems a little specific but I was just curious. I’m down to about 14% bodyfat myself with a lot of training/cardio, so I’m looking for any help I can get to blast through the rest of the fat I have on me.

    • Jay

      Good Questions James! We will cover these in much more depth in the next podcast. Quickly- your Thermogenic Cocktail is on an empty stomach first thing AM-then 30 Minutes later start the cardio. On the perceived rate of exhaustion scale-it should be about a 4 which means you can hold a conversation while doing it. The goal is to generate a lot of sweat and heat into the stubborn/resistant A2 receptor areas. The Yo HCL is like a stubborn Fat Blowtorch in this regard. Will generate extreme heat-most people feel a sort of mild euphoria on Yo ie an elevated mood as the fat melts away. After the morning dosage-there is no more. I would not recommend this cocktail protocol at night. And quite honestly-if you’re not doing your cardio AM-empty stomach-you’re just spinning your wheels if your goal is ULTIMATE FAT LOSS while sparing muscle.

      There are HIT Cardio/Fartlek/Interval Protocols which can be followed utilizing the Cocktail I discussed-but in my experience (which is vast)there is FAR TOO MUCH RISK of muscle loss.

      Keep the questions coming fellas. Get as specific as you can and Mike and I will continue to DROP SCIENCE and hopefully continue to learn from each and any of you!

      • James

        Thanks a ton, Jay. I’ll give it a try and see how it works for me. Cheers.

  • Zachary

    I’d be psyched to hear more about low-carb diets. If keto dieting is bad for bodybuilding, then what is it good for? Are the health benefits and improved mental function overplayed?

  • Brissbrass

    Hey Mike & Jay, this topic has been touched on but hopefully it can be expanded on in a future podcast. When I started training I had a linear diet, I would eat the same things at the same times everyday of the week. As I’ve learned more I have introduced to cycling. Recently Jay talked about his current cycle of no carbs till 10 am and more carbs around your workout, but he is cutting for a competition. Jay, do you keep this same cycle when you are not prepping for a comp? Could you guys talk about different cycles one might encounter and use throughout their lifting career. Thanks for all the great info so far!

    • Jay

      I eat similarly but not the same. This is a great topic and one we’re contemplating for a future podcast for sure. Think of “How to Gain 15 Pounds of muscle”, “How to Lose 30 Pounds of Fat” and from there “How to Maintain Alpha Supreme Muscularity and Density for Life”. Or something like that. 😉

      • Brissbrass

        Those sound like great topics. I listen every week so i’ll be sure to catch them when they come out. Thanks again for all the information.

        • Brissbrass

          I think another topic to cover could be “Working out with a partner vs. Working out alone”. When I work with a partner or trainer I feel like I get as much as a 20-30% better workout then when I do alone. Could you expand on some things you might do to get a better workout when you’re alone (more dropsets, machines etc) and also what a partner should be doing to help you out through a workout.

          • Danger & Play Blog

            Whenever Jay and I train together (a few times a month), we say, “Man, if we trained together all of the time we’d both be at least 10 pounds more muscular.”

            You need a good training partner to hit those negative/eccentric reps and for motivation. They also keep you honest.

            The best guys always train in groups. Look at Arnold during the Pumping Iron era. Look at West Side Barbell Club today. Look at the gym days they have at Elite FTS headquarters. Man is a social animal, after all.

            That said, it’s easier finding a good woman than finding a good training partner.

  • Trenbrah

    Mirin podcasts, solid knowledge. Does Jay ever cycle low dose insulin?

    • Jay

      Great question Trenbrah. There is a bottle of Humalog in my ‘cooler’ just waiting for me to start experimenting. I def have the insights and intel from some good bros on what to do…just like Mike-I’m too scared to fuck with my Pancreas. There are some incredible life extensionists who rave about the usage of Insulin. Scientifically I see the merit for sure…just haven’t crossed that bridge yet.

      • Trenbrah

        Wicked brah, thanks for being honest. Ive ran this before with great results, wasn’t using any gh. Always carried some oj with me and told my workout bro what I had done just to be sure if anything happened. I was already lean as furak, didn’t use any fats while the insulin was active, didn’t over do the carbs, and stuck with minimal dosages.

        preworkout protocol:
        10iu regular slin
        50gm of simple carbs
        50gm whey
        nicain 300mg
        Tne 100mg 2-3 hours preworkout
        100mg androl

    • Danger & Play Blog

      Maybe we are unduly risk averse here but Jay and I have concluded that unless a person is making a living with his body, then he shouldn’t be messing with insulin.

      We could be wrong about this and always keep an open mind. We will both admit we do not know it all – or even come close to knowing it all.

      For now, we don’t (and never have) used insulin and do not recommend it to others.

  • w w

    Ok here’s my question for the Jay to answer in the next podcast. We have similar physical stats, I’m also 6’1.5 and 43 years old. I’ve been lifting for seriously for over 18 years. I currently weight 233 and estimate I’m at 16 percent body fat or so. I’d like to diet down to 10% bodyfat (abs baby!) but would like to know the best way to do this.

    I’ve calculated that to get to this level I would need to weigh around 210 -215lbs.. I’ve lost the wieght before (got down to 207) but I looked flat.sickly and was piss weak. I’m guessing I dropped weight to quickly (1 month) and lost a lot of muscle in the process. So again what’s the best way to do this? Lose a max of 1-2 pounds a week? Use a good BCAA? Do you recommend a particular product? I’m currently PED free and have a T level of 555 ….

    • Jay

      Hi ww. It’s hard for me to give your cart blank answers. I don’t know what somatype your are. I would need to see pictures of your physique. You should get a Bod-Pod done to know exactly bodyfat %’s. Guessing isn’t going to cut it. A good rule of thumb is 15% debit of maintenance kcals along with 20-30 minutes at 4RPE cardio on empty stomach first thing in the morning. You definitely want to use T as there are far too many beneficial qualities it provides-especially when it comes to gut fat loss. Please ask very specific questions and Mike and I will definitely do our best to provide a protocol in an upcoming Podcast that says “Do This Stupid If You Want to Make Your Fat Ass Lean”.

      • w w

        Thanks for your response Jay, I’ll look into getting a bod pod. I’ll probably go with T injections eventually but I want to try to up it naturally first. Thanks again and good luck with the upcoming physique show.

        • Jay

          No problem bro. Very clearly I want to make this known to all the brothers-there is NO WAY TO RAISE TESTOSTERONE NATURALLY!!! It is nothing but an unadulterated scam designed to first sell supplements but primarily to part you with your $$$. I have read volumes of research on Zinc, Boron, Deer Antler Velvet, Vitamin D and the rest of the nonsense which has been pitched to scam folks.(Pro-Hormones don’t count as many of them are just OTC oral steroids which have fallen thru FDA loopholes). Either get legit T or live to do battle with all the symptoms associated with low test. 90% of men living in large urban population centers have the natural T levels of geriatrics or worse. This is a little known fact. If you struggle with FAT LOSS or MUSCLE GAIN-low T levels are your culprit. There is no reason to live with low T. Step up your game and embrace the ‘pain’ from a test injection. You’ll never look back!

          • w w

            Ok, well that seals the deal. I’m in Vegas so I show be able to find an anti aging clinic. I;m ready to made some lean GAINZ !:)

  • shabby

    Awesome podcast, thanks for the info. A show on paleo and low carb would be really great.

  • Acksiom

    RE Mating Grounds: If you don’t start using Amazon’s Mechanical Turk or something similar for transcriptions yourselves, somebody like Max&Miller is likely to start charging for print copies of your ‘casts soon.

    • Danger & Play Blog

      Your comment went way over my head brother.

      Talk to me like I’m a high school kid. What are you trying to teach me?

      • allifuckingdoiswin

        Amazon mech turk is a crowsourcing platform.

        3rd world workers and even some Americans do small tasks online for pennies and nickels. Transcription jobs are popular on amazon mechanical turk. Transcriptions which I’m sure you know, are words of a recording typed into print.

        He’s saying tucker.max is gonna hire a transcriber to copy your podcasts and then sell your transcribed podcasts.

        • Acksiom

          Thanks for the save there, AIFDIW; exactly right. Appreciated.

          • Acksiom

            There’s probably a niche business in semi-automating that, BTW. I’d take it on but I don’t have any time to spare from my own projects, so. . .that one’s up for grabs, guys.

  • Jay

    It’s coming.

  • Jay

    Totally. It’s good for Obese People who need to fit into clothing in the short term. It’s also good for women who have severe insulin resistance and thyroid problems to decrease circulating insulin and increase glucagon. Another story for another day. Low Carb Diets are Fads….they will cause water loss…Hard Core Ketogenic and Cyclic Keto Diets will allow for maximum fat loss…but at a severe muscular catabolic cost. BELIEVE IT!

  • ello

    After hearing about restless leg syndrome I am going to try to supplement with Mg. Hopefully I am just imagining things.

    Loved the description of what goes in the tupperware containers (and that there are thirty of them!). Would love to hear more about other ideas for this and variations. There was no mention of juicing (carrots, celery, etc.), is this because Jay does not juice? On that topic, I struggle with low appetite. For the guys you met who also had low appetite, what ultimately worked?

    I am pretty sure L-Tyrosine is a dopamine precursor and 5HTP is the seratonin precursor. L-T does not cross the blood-brain barrier but 5HTP does.

    Would love to hear even more about HIT (or a good list of references).

    On that tone, more links for things mentioned in the podcasts would be a huge boon. Although I feel that might be asking too much. The bulleted summary is great – not only does it help me keep track, but it helps look up words that are difficult to spell. Having the audio downloadable (vs. e.g. youtube) makes it subway / airplane accessible and that is great.

    You mentioned keeping track of yourself. What are the essential things to keep track of? BF% (if so, can you please recommend a BF caliper?)

    You do a top job targeting clear functional truth into largely confused regions.

    • Jay

      Ello you are right about L-Tyrosine. Thanks for correcting me. Dopamine as you know is a very powerful and mood regulating amino acid. The biggest advantage it gives in the stack is it’s ability to regulate and sometimes ‘upregulate’ production of epinephrine and norepinephrine-which will help with Thermogenesis and enhanced BMR. I also find it keeps me calm and mellow under lower kcals when dieting.

      Lots of cures for low appetite. First of all-I bet your Test Levels are low. Using the peptide GHRP-6 will significantly increase appetite. So will using EQ (equipoise-which is a very underrated and safe anabolic steroid). But the #1 way to get increased kcals for you guys who just can’t seem to process solid food-drink shakes-3-4 of em a day. Muscle Milk is great due to the EFA formulation-throw in 2-4 scoops of Glycofuse along with some Casein (Muscle Pharm Combat Powder is great as is Optimum’s Micellular Casein) and 3-4 tablespoons of MCT Oil. Presto-walaa…you will get 2500 kcals in addition to the scant 2-4 meals you choke down.

      More on HIT will be coming in an upcoming podcast. Keep track of how your clothes fit relative to your goal. Calipers are tough to use-even for skilled professionals. Getting a bod pod done is always a good choice.

  • Zachary

    Will taking Bone Up help to visibly increase bone thickness? Or will I always have dainty office worker hands and wrists?

    • Jay

      Zachary….bone thickness won’t be increased by any OTC supplement. GH-Insulin and Test is your best option. That and heavy intense training won’t hurt.

  • Brisey

    Fantastic podcast guys, gold all the way through. Regarding GH, is it not worth doing prior to 35?
    I’m 32 and started on it recently with good results. Now i’m a little concerned it could be doing some damage after hearing your views on it.

    • Danger & Play Blog

      32 is fine. 35 isn’t a magic cut-off. I just don’t want 25 year old guys using it (waste of money).

  • Omar Gaafar

    Great talk guys. I’m at 12.5% body fat and was wondering how to get south of 10%, and still continue to put on lean muscle. Would to hear you guys discuss, the appropriate number of carbs/fats/proteins to achieve fat loss/lean muscle gain.

  • samsamsam

    Great podcast. I ordered almost everything that was recommended here. I had a question about the yohimbe cl, caffeine, L tyrosine stack. Should that be cycled on and off? I was reading somewhere (different website) about doing a month and going off for a month. I plan on just taking it on the cardio days, so 3 to 4 times a week tops. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks and keep up the great work!

  • Clint Barton

    Great podcast Mike/Jay!

    What are your recommended amounts for the Yohimbine HCL (I’ve go the 2.5mg capsules) and the L-Tyrosine stack (I’ve got powder, 400mg recommended on the label).

    Apologies if the explicit amounts were mentioned on the podcast. I didn’t have time to listen to the whole thing again. Thanks in advance.

  • andrewwpost .

    First I want to say this blog is awesome. Before I started reading I was already game aware. I am currently writing a book (yes I am meeting the 1000+ words a day), writing an album, learning tango, and getting serious with my physical shape. Reading your articles is making me want to take myself to a whole new level. With that said I have a few questions.

    What are your take on eggs and almonds as a source of protein and carbs? Also, if I am getting the amount of protein I need for my desired gains (I am not shooting to be a body builder), do I need a protein powder or some other amino acids supplements?

    • Danger & Play Blog

      Eggs and almonds are as good as gets.

      You don’t need protein and BCAAs. Both have their uses, but they are not needs.

  • Andrew

    Might be a little off topic, but heard the guy from good looking looser talking about kratom on the manosphere radio. I dont know too much about it, but he sort of made it sound similar to modafinil – which I believe you have written about before. Do you have any take on kratom?

  • Good Looking Loser

    Im late to the party but this was quite good. If you guys don’t mind talking dosage (for research purposes, of course) – I’d like to hear. Well done.

    • Danger & Play Blog

      Meal 1. Brown rice/yams + chicken.

      One hour later.

      3 ius of slin.
      (Carry in cooler and shoot right before walking into gym.)

      (Carry gummy bears with me to avoid going hypo.)

      Sip 50 gma glycofuse (or beet juice) and 50 gma protein during training session.

      Egg whites and brown rice w/sea salt right after training. (Meal in gym bag.)

      Normal meal one hour later.

  • XCSkierBen

    I have tried the Quest Bars that you and Jay recommended. They are great. I like the apple pie and peanut butter ones. I have also tried the fiber gummies and they are very helpful at curbing my sweet tooth snack cravings. I would like to try the Myofusion and Glycofuse as well.

    Currently, I use an egg protein powder for shakes. They are by Jay Robb. Have you heard of this brand before? I think it is pretty good stuff. Sometimes I have a problem with whey. Was just wondering if you had heard anything about this guy or this brand. I just use the egg protein powder. Most of the other stuff on his site seems useless.

    Here is what I use.



  • CJustice

    I’ve been adding a pre-cooked turkey meatball into my diet because they hit the spot and are convenient. I don’t have a Trader Joe’s nearby here in FL, so I’ve been using:


    If possible, I’d like to hear more behind the reasoning to make these a staple in your diet… At first glance they seem fairly processed, not sure what to think of the breadcrumbs, and have a pretty even shake on fat and carbs (7g carbs, 10g fat) if your trying to carb cycle….

    Let me know! Thanks!

    And when do we get part 3 on the dieting podcast series??

  • CJustice

    Hey I’ve been adding the turkey meatballs into my diet as a convenient component (although I don’t have access to Trader Joe’s), but am curious on why these are so good as a key component of a nutrition plan? They seem to be a descent ‘balance’ of carbs, fats, and proteins, but if I had just been walking through the store and looked at the macros and ingredients they wouldn’t have stood out, not to mention considered for eating daily. Help me out on the reasoning!

    Also, here are the ones I’ve been eating (but with 10g fat):


    • Danger & Play Blog

      The ones we get are lower in fat – 4 gms fat, 5 gms carbs, 12 gms. protein. It’s more of a convenience thing than anything else.

      • CJustice

        I think the serving size on these are also slightly larger.

        So having that combination with those kinds of ingredients doesn’t concern you?

        • Danger & Play Blog

          The macros in your meat balls aren’t as good as they should be.

          But I combine fat with carbs and protein in a meal.

          It all depends on your goals.

          If you want to get ripped, you need to be obsessive. If you’re “off season” or just staying lean, it doesn’t matter as much.

          As with all things, see how your body responds.

  • http://freedomandfulfilment.com Freedom & Fulfilment

    Hey guys just wondering what are your thoughts on juicing and low carb days? I usually juice one piece of fruit (pear, apple, etc.) in about 500ml total of green juice per day, should I omit the fruit on low carb days when carb cycling? Or is it fine provided I am eating little/no other carbs? Thanks.

    • Danger & Play Blog

      Ideally you’d just use greens and maybe a lemon to sweeten it. It’s not a huge deal, though.

  • Spaceman Spiff

    Jay mentioned he used a Yohimbine HCL, L-Tyrosine and caffeine stack for stubborn fat loss (lower back, etc). What is the reasoning for using L-Tyrosine?

    I’m getting close to 12% BF, and may try the Yohimbine HCL (I already drink plenty of coffee for caffeine) if needed to get to my target of <10%. Just trying to determine if the L-Tyrosine is really necessary or useful for my situation.

    • Danger & Play Blog

      Lyle McDonald’s Stubborn Fat Loss Solution is the book to read. That’s where the ideas are from. Lyle is legit.

      • Spaceman Spiff

        Stubborn Fat Loss Solution appears to be out of print on Amazon – showing $73 for a couple of paperbacks which seems ridiculous.

        I tried searching the Yohimbine HCL reviews on Amazon, but no mention of L-Tyrosine except one review, where they just said they used the same stack but no information as to why. This gave me the impression that the L-Tyrosine part of the stack is something Jay uses for a specific reason or may have come from another source.

        • Danger & Play Blog

          Bummer. Go ask Jay what his theory is, as that’s his stack and not mine. Here has his own site now. http://fabfitover40.com/

          • Spaceman Spiff

            Thanks. I’ll check out his site.

          • http://milopost.wordpress.com/ Ray_Riordan

            Hey Spaceman, have you checked out Lyle’s site, bodyrecomposition.com? You can buy his e-book for immediate download for $30. http://www.bodyrecomposition.com/the-stubborn-fat-solution#purchase

            Thanks Mike, I read both Lyle and Alan A. religiously. I’ve read all of thier books and I can honestly say that I have learned so much from them. I follow both of their nutrition philosophies, works very well for me.

          • Danger & Play Blog

            Jay and I know Lyle from the lowcarb-l days. That’s how Jay and I met, actually. Back before Internet forums or blogs, there were “list serves.” That’s been 15 years or so. I signed up to be an affiliate a while ago, but decided to just link to Lyle’s stuff for free. That must’ve been 15 years ago. Time flies.

          • Spaceman Spiff

            Thanks for the link, I actually haven’t looked through there yet.

            For those interested, I asked Jay at http://fabfitover40.com/ and he mentioned that it’ll be covered over there in “Golden Rules of Summer Dieting Part III-Lean to Ripped” which should be published tomorrow.

  • Imran

    all good stuff, but Mike I ve been doing IF for a while and i work out
    early morning in empty stomach, with a half scoop of pre workout..which
    is working great for me so far. Only reason I was doing it to get rid of
    my love handle and getting result but all these stuff doesnt work and
    my muscle cramps all day if the previous day I didnt have enough carb. I
    heard and also read somewhere until 48 hours of stopped eating your
    body don’t really start breaking down muscle tissue, and not only that
    working out on empty stomach put more stress on your body causing it to release
    more hgh and cortisol which will eventually go after the fat you have
    stored in your body. Whats your take on that?

    If i had sufficient carb the previous day actually working out in fasting mode makes me feel
    better and had no problem finishing my reps and sets. I sip BCAA thoug
    during workout..

  • choochoo

    Hey KINGSIZED from GLL forum.

    Just listend to 12+ hours of podcasts while traveling and am an instant fan. Thanks for keeping it real.

    I’m 26 and will be doing a 21 day juice fast/feast
    All veggies!b

    Any advice. I did one over a year ago. Main reason is for health and healing but will be loving the cutting effect.

    Want to minimize muscle loss, can I just do my juice feast and start ipamorellon peptide for like 6 months.

    Will slowly phase back into healthy diet slowly after fast being sure to break the correct way.

    Will end up going back to a similar lifestyle eating I was on in the past of high protein, high veggie, no sugar diet.

    Will take my typical iodine, b complex, melatonin, kratom, pheinbut, modafinil, L thenanine, during fast and after as always/

  • Carson

    Hey Mike I was listening to the podcast today while I was doing cardio and was wondering if you could give me some more info about the Twizzlers and gummies post workout?