How to Measure Your Testosterone Level (Blood Work and TRT)

Finding out your testosterone level isn’t some mystery. It’s pretty simply, really, and involves an inexpensive blood test that can be done in most any city. Here is how to measure your testosterone level.

[Disclaimer: This is not medical advice. These are my thoughts and opinions based on my own research and education.  Always consult with a physician to discuss your testosterone level.]

Step 1. Go to Private MD Labs by clicking this link. Use Coupon Code HEALTHY12 to save 12%.

Private MD Labs allows you to order your own blood test to measure your testosterone level. You don’t need a doctor’s letter or permission. This allows you to understand and learn about your own health. The tests are not covered by insurance. I pay for mine using my Healthcare Savings Account.

You then find a local lab from their list (this is all covered during the checkout process) and go in to get your blood drawn.

I recommend the Female Hormone Panel (this one) for guys on a budget. The Female Hormone Panel will give you your total testosterone level but not your free testosterone level. (Some say you need to know both your free and total testosterone levels. Based on my experience, that is not true. If your total testosterone levels are low, then you have low T. If your total T is high, then your free testosterone levels are fine. Others disagree and that’s cool.)

Female Hormone Testing Panel (available here) contains the following tests:

  • Estradiol, Serum
  • Luteinizing Hormone (LH)
  • Follicle-Stimulating Hormone (FSH)
  • Testosterone, Serum
  • Complete Blood Count (CBC)
  • Comprehensive Metabolic Profile

Don’t worry if that seems overwhelming. We are going to discuss all of those tests using actual lab work. (Scroll down to the bottom of the page for a video.)

If you want to know your free testosterone level, then you’ll need to order a more expensive lab test. The Hormone Panel for Males test gives you your free and total testosterone level as well as your HDL and LDL cholesterol levels, lipid levels, and more.

Hormone Panel for Males (available here) contains the following tests:

  • Lipid Profile
  • Complete Blood Count w/ Differential
  • Estradiol, Sensitive
  • Insulin Growth Factor (IGF-1)
  • Comprehensive Metabolic Panel
  • Testosterone (Free) , Serum (Equilibrium Ultrafiltration) With Total Testosterone
  • Prostate-Specific Antigen (PSA)
  • Thyroid Profile

If you have a little bit more cash, then the Male Anti-Aging Panel is a great one. The Male Anti-Aging Panel is overkill for men under 30 and maybe even overkill for men under 40. Because my health is important to me, I spend the extra cash for this test even though I am under 40.

I personally get the Male Anti-Aging Panel done once each year as part of my overall check-up. I get the Female Hormone Panel done twice each year to monitor my testosterone and estrogen levels.

 The Male Anti-Aging Panel (available here) contains the following tests:

  • Lipid Profile
  • Complete Blood Count w/ Differential
  • Estradiol, Sensitive
  • Insulin Growth Factor (IGF-1)
  • Comprehensive Metabolic Panel
  • Testosterone, Free (Direct), Serum With Total Testosterone
  • Prostate-Specific Antigen (PSA)
  • Thyroid Profile
  • Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) Sulfate
  • Thyroxine (T4) Free, Direct
  • Tri-iodothyronine (T3), Free, Serum

Step 2. Wait 48 to 72 hours to get your blood test results.

I’ve had my blood tests back the next day. Sometimes it takes up to 3 days. If you get your labs done on a Friday, you might not get your results back until Wednesday or Thursday.

It’s great because once your labs are done, you get an email with a PDF of those results. No more blindly following your doctor who says, “Your labs are fine.”

This puts you in the driver’s seat of your own health.

Step 3. Analyze those results.

Check out this video to see how I analyze blood work. This is not medical advice. This is just what I personally think about the lab work.

(You may need to click on the video to full screen mode to see the paperwork.)

Read more: Testosterone Replacement Therapy.

  • Fortis

    Hey Mike,

    I’m 25, do you think this would be necessary at this age?

    • Danger & Play

      We don’t give answers around here. We give information so that you may think for yourself and make your own decisions. Check out the posts on TRT, the podcasts, and of course always consult a licensed medical professional.

      • Fortis

        Ha, Well played, Mike. Thanks for putting the choice in my hands. It’s funny re-learning how to take control in my life and stop hemming and hawing. Thanks for enabling that change.


  • JackSchitz

    As for testing services, I just heard about these guys. I haven’t tried them yet.


    • Danger & Play

      I heard about them, too. Right now they are getting media hype = makes me nervous. Would rather see a track record before sending guys their way.

  • gu

    And which testosterone do you like to maintain?

    • Danger & Play

      The highest level that doesn’t negatively impact other blood levels (red blood count, estrogen, HDL/LDL cholesterol).

      That’s not a dodge. It’s the truth. We emphasize blood work because otherwise you’re just guessing.

      If I could have levels at 3,000, I would. (Generally speaking, going to 2,000 starts to lead to problems with other lab markers.)

      The body is a system. Everything has to be kept within balance. The only way to keep things in balance is through monitoring.

      • gu

        Do you aim those numbers (i.e, 2000) at right before the next injection (weekly or bi-weekly, as they can be)?
        One can also give blood mid-way between the two injections, which would lead to higher values of T and E2.

      • Kronos1978

        What level do you consider acceptable, which one good and which one optimal for a guy your/my age (I’m 35, you 36, if I remember your podcast correctly)?
        My T is 640 ng/dL, so slighty above average and I feel mostly quite energetic…

        I’m skeptical towards gear anyhow, but just as a general question: do you think someone with above average natural T would profit from rising his T further?

        Cheers from Switzerland

  • ASF

    I just had my blood work done after 4 weeks on TRT. I’ll report before/after on this post after I get them back, just so people can see some real world data from someone who is actually here.

    • Danger & Play

      Legit; thanks!

    • Joe

      This is odd. I just had this exact panel at the same exact lab. I’ll post my results too. I’m 4 weeks in using an anti-aging clinic.

    • ASF

      Ok, here we go:

      Pre-TRT: total test 365 ng/mL, free test 6.4 pg/mL

      After 4 weeks TRT (100 mg/week of test cyp; injection 3/week):

      total test 1019 ng/mL, free test 18.4 pg/mL, estradiol 59 pg/mL (high), PSA 1.8 ng/mL (normal)

      monocytes were high (1.1, range is 0.1-0.9), not sure what that’s about. Everything else normal.

      I feel…good. Changes include: higher sex drive, more concentration ability, increased desire for physical exercise, and just an overall ability to get shit done. However, I never felt like the hulk or anything like that…I kept expecting some bolt from the sky, but I guess it doesn’t work like that.

      I thought I would need a higher dose of test, but it looks like 100 mg/week is sufficient. Only concern is whether estradiol is going go higher…I may need to go on arimidex.

      D&P, thoughts?

      • Danger & Play

        Monocytes can go up a little whenever you introduce a new substance to your body. It goes down. Monocytes can also just mean a person is fighting a cold or minor infection.

        1019 is in the high range of natural testosterone levels. It’s not gorilla levels.

        So what you’re noticing is what TRT gives – just a better overall look on life, increased concentration, and increased vitality.

        But nothing insane.

        E2 is something to keep an eye on. Monitor water retention and make sure that your nipples aren’t sore.

        Also, fat loss can help lower estrogen levels. Fat is estrogenic. If you’re not already lean, drop some body fat and see what happens to that number.

  • Robert

    I like when you tell fat girls to put up their blood work. Always makes me laugh.

    • Danger & Play

      I have no problem putting my blood work out there and I’m suspicious of fat girls when they claim to be all healthy. OK…Let’s see your fasting glucose levels. Just post the labs, fatties!

  • Jackreacher

    This is the same shit that happened to me when I did some bloodwork tests with my insurance. My doctor told me “What do you need to check your testosterone for? Look at you! “You’re a big strong guy you lift weights, you’re 28 so young! You don’t need to check it I can tell you it’s in good shape!” I told him, indulge me doctor. I’ll pay for it. A few days later I tell em what are my levels he tells me “they’re great just like I said.” with a big smile on his face. I ask him what’s the numbers. He tells me again “They’re fine.” lol so finally he caves in and tells me my levels are 250 ng/dl. The normal range is between 250-850 ng/dl according to established medical standards so that I was 1 point away from being considered low on testosterone didn’t bother him one bit. There’s no reasoning with them, I suspect that to keep their insurers happy they downplay quite a lot of this stuff to reduce medical costs, never mind that it can improve my quality of life. Anyway long story short went to an endocrinologist who was a friend of the family tested my levels and corroborated what I had suspected, he noted that at my age testosterone levels were very low. He couldn’t point out any reason why but gave me a subscription for test. I didn’t take it because frankly I didn’t know what was the best stuff to take, how much to take and when to take it. Now that that’s covered I’m just about ready to roll!

  • Jackreacher

    I don’t know what happened to my original comment, had it all typed out then went poof. But long story short I went to the doctor inquired about T- Levels, Said I was built no way i had low levels, told him to run the tests anyway, ran them still said I was fine wouldn’t tell me the levels until he was badgered, levels were 250 ng/dl (I’m 28), all fine! Left went to a friend of the family who is an endocrinologist, corroborated my suspicion on it being low, said it was very low for someone my age, prescribed testosterone.. Hypogonadism he says. Haven;t taken it yet as I didn’t yet know which gear to take, when to take it, and how to take it effectively. I know all of that now and am soon ready to roll.!

    • Danger & Play

      Your original comment it up. (It’s above this one.)

      All first-timer comments must be manually approved. It’s a spam thing.

      Have you started TRT?

  • What About the Prostate?

    Do you have any concerns regarding the long term adverse effects? Everything points to test being a sort of fountain of youth for the male human body — in every place except the prostate.

    • Danger & Play

      What about it?

  • Mike

    If I am injecting 1ml per week and am coming up for a blood test, how long should I wait after doing the injection before going to the lab for the test? Since it potentially makes a HUGE difference in obtaining accurate results I cannot believe how difficult it is finding an answer to this simple question. Should I wait 1 day, 3 days, 5 days, or 7 days just BEFORE I would normally administer the next dose? What do you suggest in order to get the most true blood test result? Thank you

    • Danger & Play

      You want to get your labs done when peak plasma values are attained.

      Is that 1 ml of testosterone cypionate? If so, peak values are generally attained 2 to 5 days after the injection.

      I personally would take my shot on Monday and get my blood work done on Thursday or Friday.

  • Clint Barton

    Hey D&P. Thank you for the great posts and podcasts on TRT. You guys are killing it. Men NEED to have this real talk and you are a providing a great forum to have this discussion.

    As a result of your posts, I got my bloodwork done a few weeks ago. I came in at 445 for testosterone, serum, which was a little disappointing given the 348-1197 ng/dL reference range. Estradiol was at 18. I’m in my mid 30s. Granted, I came in hungover, fasted, jet-lagged, and drew blood around 4pm in the afternoon.

    I’m not showing low test symptoms, as I have low blood pressure, good sex drive(though obviously not the same as my early 20s), have <12%BF, and am more than satisfied with my results in the gym. I've got an aggressive streak when it comes to living my happy life and have lots of fun in the dating arena.

    My decision is to hold off on TRT but I will monitor my bloodwork 2-3 times a year, continue to do listen to my body, and do what I can to maintain/increase my test outside of TRT. I feel alot better being informed about my options, and will reevaluate as needed.

    I guess the only thing I can add, other than my experience, is to let the blog readers know that they should take their bloodwork/test numbers in context. Sure I'm in the lower end of the range but I'm feeling great, and don't feel the need to make a big change in terms of going on TRT, yet…

    Cheers, player.

    • Danger & Play Blog

      I just saw this comment. I want to highlight this, which is well said:

      “They should take their blood work/test numbers in context. Sure I’m in the lower end of the range but I’m feeling great, and don’t feel the need to make a big change in terms of going on TRT, yet…”

  • Nicholas Archer

    Thanks for the email and link.
    Very helpful.

  • MaleDefined


    I just had blood work done and demanded that he provide me with my testosterone results. Any idea how detailed this will be? Will it be something like you get with the above listed blood work companies?

    Lastly thanks for increasing my awareness on this topic. I would not have had the conversation I did today with my doctor if it weren’t for you.

    • Danger & Play Blog

      It probably won’t be as good as the blood work I showed in that video.

      I can get free labs done once a year under my healthcare plan. I don’t even bother anymore.

      I taught myself how to read and understand blood work and I just get my own labs done.

      “Become your own doctor.”

      • MaleDefined

        The blood work was totally unconnected and I asked him to ‘throw in’ a testosterone report. I’ll be sure to comment on how thorough it is once I receive the results back.

        • MaleDefined

          Testosterone: 409
          Free Testosterone: 83.8

          I’m 29. I have a very positive outlook on life. Always optimistic and looking forward to the next day. Sex drive is good, though at times a little indifferent, certainly not like it was 5-8 years ago. My body is in solid shape, at the gym 3-5x/week and basketball 1-2x/week, but I generally find myself sore the next day and slower out of bed after an intense workout or game. Blood pressure is low, and I eat clean.

          I’l admit that I was a bit disappointed by the numbers, but they probably jive with my overall demeanor. The numbers aren’t surprising to me.

          Any thoughts about short term/long term prognosis? Also, no estradiol on the report. I think I will order my own report in the next couple of months.

          • Danger & Play Blog

            I believe that TRT is about treating symptoms, not numbers. Forget your number. How do you feel?

            If you feel great, no need to go on TRT.

          • MaleDefined

            Solid, sound advice as always Mike.

            My only disappointment is my sex drive the more I think about it. Sometimes I talk to other guys and I am envious of their ability to go 3-4x a night with a girl. I definitely do not have that urge. Likewise, some guys want to go out and meet girl all the time, where I’m pretty satisfied occasionally doing it and spending the rest of my time socializing or doing something cerebral.

            Nonetheless, I’m eternally optimistic and have never been more excited for my life as I am at the moment.

            My lifts are all solid, but I pride myself on being functionally strong and athletic, which I certainly am.

            It’s mostly the sex drive, despite being there, is not primally burning.

          • Danger & Play Blog

            Stop watching porn and stop masturbating. Then see what happens to your sex drive.

          • MaleDefined

            You’re right.

            Thanks for the no bullshit answer.

  • Anofuctus

    My latest testosterone reading was 293ng/dl on April 25th which is very low for me and the lowest was 192!!! back in June, 2009.
    I let it drop that low to get the asshole urologist off my back because I usually keep my TEST at 1000-1500ng/dl. which pissed off the TRT doc that he kicked me off the TRT program. After he reads the test results on the 28th this month, he may suggest that I re-enter the TRT program in May, but I’m going to tell him, “Fuck you and your limp-ass TRT program and Good fucking riddance asshole!
    Now I’m going back to self-administration of my own TRT.

    • supergarr

      agreed! some docs just arent up to date on science. If you’re comfortable and have done plenty of research than go ahead and self medicate. Its your body. Dont let someone else or god forbid the government get in the way of how you feel

  • Michael Kiser

    i just typed this letter to my urologist. i have been on testosterone for about seven years now. started out about every three weeks, but for the past two years i was on 1.50 ML every two weeks. I complained to my doctor about feeling tired after about ten days, was told to go on 1.50 every ten days.somewhere in that time i got my injection days off, and injected after a week accidentally just so happened i had a testosterone test that week and it came back high, 1000 they said. so they put me on 1 ml every two weeks, i hadn’t been on 1 Ml in years. anyways here is my letter to my urologist, it explains a lot of whats going on with me and what my levels have recently tested out to be. A few months ago I asked my regular doctor to check my testosterone levels. They came back with a level of 330 nine days after an injection. I also tested again on the 13th day and came back with a level of 60. This is after injection of 1 ML every two weeks.
    I will try to keep this short and explain how im feeling at this level. I called a while back and was told that my body needed time to adjust to this lower level. I think its been around five to six months. i do not feel adjusted. Fatigue, i feel as though i have to push off the bed to get up in the afternoon. I sleep around eleven hours a night, straight thru without waking. I feel better closer to the days after and injection , but that is not saying much. No sex drive, I do not even think about it. I can perform, but its out of the question the second week.
    Behaviors that i had over come just a few years ago, i am falling back into. A feeling of antisocial, mixed with some odd anxiety about talking on the phone, as if i will say something wrong or run out of things to say. .. seeing this written down it feels silly or stupid. but its a real problem for me. that sense of self confidence from testosterone is gone. I feel as though i dont want to be looked at, i will avoid family and friends if given the choice. Where i used to have patience, when in a grocery store, i will now go three isles over to avoid someone its very different then the guy i was last year.
    I have stopped exercise, except for treadmill, last year i would at least try to do a little arm work or stretches as much as my spine issues would allow. I have now stopped, I just dont have the energy for it. i walk slow on the treadmill about three or four days a week but it feels very forced.
    I have gained about eight lbs, went up one size in jeans. Because of IBS my diet has not changed, I eat healthy, kashi cereals, or turkey burgars salmon, my weight is hovering around 238 lbs to 242 lbs.
    My vacation is coming up in june, this is the first time i have considered not going. A relative lives in Hilton Head, so the beach is something i always looked forward to. The closer it gets, with my fatigue i dread it. .
    I am on medications but the same medications i have taken for almost two years. the ultram for pain 400 mg a day. . Now a blood pressure medication, Metoprolol tartrate 50 mg once daily. I also recently developed a need for triglyceride medication as it is very high even with the diet.
    Last year i had an issue with shaking the bottle of testosterone, (I think I sometimes forgot). However I make sure now that it is the last thing i do prior to drawing it up in the needle. I believe my forgetting to shake the bottle was what gave us skewed results (super low number)…. as well as i had gotten my count off and my days mixed up later while trying to inject every ten days. My record for picking up my prescriptions at walgreens however should indicate that this was not the norm. I have always been on time. The two week injections are an absolute see saw, i have always had an extreme drop off after the first week. my numbers also seem to reflect that 330 is after nine days, (still very tired) a level as low as 60 right before my next injection on the 13th day i am barely accomplishing anything.
    with the way i am feeling and the numbers being what they are, would you be willing to try me on a weekly injection? at 1 ML or less. I have tried and tried to research this online, but the numbers are just too skewed for me to understand or compare anything with. . Everything i read online does not make sense. from 300 all the way up to 1000 , I cant understand nor get it. . what i do know is that the dose i am currently on 1 ML every two weeks does not feel right. I have not felt like myself in a very long time

  • Michael Kiser

    I just turned 45 by the way.

  • M.

    Mike/Jay – got my test checked a couple weeks back. My total was 867; they gave as std range 241-827.

    I’m 6-0 and 165, trying to put on some muscle weight and hitting the gym pretty well per things learned here, GLL, John Doe, Jay’s site, etc. I have been seeing results but wonder if I should get on TRT. Libido is def low, but 867 seems pretty decent. Thoughts?

    Also, what are your thoughts on aromatase inhibitors, such as DIM?
    Thanks in advance & for the site.

    • Revo Luzione

      Did you get free Testosterone and Sex Hormone Binding Globulin? IF SHBG is high, then free T will be low, and you’ll have low libido even though your levels at 867 is great.

      • M.

        It was just a total Test during a physical, so no breakdown. I wasn’t sure what I would get when I asked, and all I got was Total T. Thanks for the reply.

    • FabulouslyFitOver40

      Hey Man….gotta go by how you feel and how much energy you have thru out your day. I can’t imagine functioning below 1200-but that’s me. At 38, you don’t have much to risk as your endogenous isn’t going to get any stronger. Good Luck!

  • Mannis syndrome

    Quick question hoping some of you guys could help me out.

    Just recently found this site and have become an avid follower. I went and got my blood work done after watching this article on TRT. Well my results are in.

    Doctor said everything came back “NORMAL” Literally used all caps in the results email.

    Self-Bio – 22 years old, 180lbs, 6’1″ and roughly 12-13% body fat.

    Estrogen SERUM- 79 pg/mL (40-115)
    Testosterone PLASMA- 359.1 ng/dL (210-800)
    Follitropin PLASMA- 4.2
    mlU/mL (1.5-12.4)
    Lutropin PLASMA- 6.4
    mlU/mL 1.7-8.6

    • Danger & Play Blog

      That’s low testosterone buddy. You’re one of the reasons we started the series….class guy who is “in range” but his testosterone is low.

      I’m working on a serious of body language movements to help raise testosterone levels naturally.

      Also, see this:

      • Mannis syndrome

        Thanks for the quick reply Mike,

        I’m generally a dominate guy in life too which made me a little surprised by the results.

        Checking out the links you added I am already incorporating most of these in my life.

        Though unfortunately there have been sporadic signs of Low T

      • Mannis syndrome

        Hey Mike,

        Just wanted to thank you again. I’ve been following your body language exercise posts and doing them on a daily basis. I believe they have done an incredible job of keeping me motivated since discovering my low T problem. I’ve been having the most intense workouts I’ve had in years. Low T isn’t going to ruin my outlook on life.

        I do have another question that you might be able to shine some light on with your former military experience.

        I haven’t received much help in regards to TRT due to being active duty military and the fact that the Endo I was refered to refused to see me due to the fact my T level was higher than 300 after 11AM…. Any advice in finding a solution?


  • Adam S

    Hi Mike. Should I refrain from weightlifting the day before the hormone test, or doesn’t it matter?

    • Danger & Play Blog

      I can’t say yes or no, as I never thought about it. In theory it might be a good idea, as lifting can cause a short-term testosterone decline.

      • Adam S


  • T.O.

    Hey Mike,

    At my latest physical I decided to get my blood work done-slightly anemic(13.4 almost 1 pt below the recommended range) & test 500. Just turned 30 yesterday, so I’m not old. My question is a lack of iron linked to low t?

    My dr is putting me on iron pills. I’m hoping that plus rehauling my diet will do the trick. I’m in pretty good shape-I train muay thai. 6 ft 208. I should be lighter, around 195 but I’m coming off an injury. Thanks in advance bud and keep up the good work.

    • Danger & Play Blog

      I personally would take liver pills rather than iron pills. That’s not medical advice; that’s just me. 500 isn’t low. It’s a bit below average and for most TRT clinics is threshold to get on TRT.

      • T.O.

        Appreciate the info. My mom’s a nurse and also isn’t a fan of iron pills. She said that it can mess with your stool. I’ll find some liver pills. Thanks again

  • YusefWateef

    Thanks for the link. I’ve been a long time advocate of people reading all of their own medical files and researching any medicines they are given. Then questioning the Dr. about anything we don’t understand or just want to question. I’ve found that while some doctors get aggravated, most really respect taking responsibility for your own health.

  • Sean Parker

    D&P – so many thanks for all the no-BS info you’re providing here. You have helped me find a potential solution to what I was beginning to believe was an unsolvable problem. I’ve really been struggling with depression, lack of energy/motivation, low libido, etc. since my late twenties (I’m now in my mid-thirties). I literally looked into every possible cause *except* for low T – it just never occurred to me to do so. The mainstream medical community just said that I was fine and needed to get my head right. Anyhow, I finally found an understanding doc and recently did some comprehensive bloodwork.

    Not surprisingly, my test was in the toilet – 11.2nmol/L (reference range in Canada is 7.6-31.4nmol/L). I didn’t do anything to influence my levels before the test either, as I wanted an accurate measure of where I was at. Since then, therapy has been initiated, with weekly injections of 160mg Test Cyp to start. Frequency and dosage to be adjusted as we move forward.

    The therapeutic goal is now to get me into the high end of the reference range on the morning of injection day, meaning that post-injection my levels will actually be a bit higher. Furthermore, things like estradiol and hematocrit will be monitored and managed as well. It was tricky to find a good doc, but it was 100% worth the effort.

    This experience has also taught me to be thorough. In addition to the horomone/anti-aging panels, my doc looked into various other markers as well. I was pretty surprised to learn that in addition to having low T, I also had an almost complete lack of vitamin D in my system, which could have had serious implication if left uncorrected for an extended period of time.

    Overall this has been a great experience so far – will try to update on the results once all the parameters have been dialed-in.

    Thanks again,

  • ello

    Hey Mike,

    Love the podcasts. Just got my test tests back (grabbed the female hormone panel at labcorp).

    Testosterone, Serum 617

    I’m 26. It seems low for my age, but should I be concerned and go on TRT? Some of what you mention on the podcast suggests that a safe but aggressive level would be closer to 1300. I got the test because I have had very little gains in the last year, have been suffering from libido drop, and have been chronically tired.


    • Danger & Play Blog

      617 is a healthy level. Your issues are likely psychological. Start doing the alpha postures multiple times daily.

  • Dogon Walking Stick

    Hey Mike,

    I am seeing different reference ranges for free testosterone — for some tests it’s 35-155, for others, 40-255.

    Which of the two ranges would you say is more relevant?

    I ask because my free testosterone came in at 112.9, with a reference range of 35-155, but since I feel like shit–even at 717 total testosterone–I suspect the wider range is the more accurate one.


    • Danger & Play Blog

      Your testosterone level is higher than mine and I feel great. You doing the posture exercises religiously (as in several times a day, every day)?

      • Dogon Walking Stick

        I have been doing them and am convinced that you’re on to something. As I move my shoulders upward, I try to concentrate on radiating up and out from my center a violent, mushroom cloud-like explosion of energy, which levels small villages, and mutates babies.

        My problem might be that even though I’m working out 4-5 times a week, I smoke a pack of cigarettes a day.

        Thanks for all the great ideas.

  • Ernie Cole

    48 years old and about 75 pounds over weight. Did the female hormone panel you suggested and my results are below. Any suggestions on where i should go from here?

    Testosterone, Serum

    Testosterone, Serum 334 LOW 348-1197 ng/dL 01

    Luteinizing Hormone(LH), S

    LH 4.5 1.7-8.6 mIU/mL 01

    FSH, Serum

    FSH 3.4 1.5-12.4 mIU/mL 01

    1 of 2Estradiol

    Estradiol 19.8 7.6-42.6 pg/mL 01

    • FabulouslyFitOver40

      Hi Ernie! Big Mike is on Vacation. I would ask you continue to read around here a bit. We’ve covered a lot of this. Based on your labs your T is low. But symptoms are more important than lab values. How do you feel? If you feel any symptoms of LOW T(read more here to find out what they are), see a quality Anti-Aging Dr. or Endocrinologist. They will most certainly start you on a program of TRT. I would also urge you to read more here about what direction to take regarding dosage and everything else if you do choose this path. Best of Luck!

      • Ernie Cole

        Thanks for the reply! I was just wondering if I could expect my levels to raise if I were to lose more weight(have lost 50+ already). In other words will getting to a healthy wight get me up to normal levels?

        • FabulouslyFitOver40

          It’s very unlikely Ernie. But what does ‘normal’ mean anyways? At 48, your ‘normal levels’ are WAY LOW. But again blood levels mean nothing my brother. How do you feel? If you’ve been overweight/over fat for a long time-it is likely your T has been low and getting healthier may or may not raise your T levels. But the older you are, the less likely your natty is going to come up very much without TRT supplementation.

  • Flash

    The closest Private MD is 8 hours drive away. Can these tests be done at a Quest Labs? (15 min away)

    • Danger & Play Blog

      Sure. If you have insurance, you can usually get them paid for if your doctor approves. I and a lot of other men are cash patients (or can’t get doctor to order tests), so we use Private MD Labs.

  • glichman

    Finally found a place in the UK which allows you to post your samples. Not sure on the rules of posting external links but here it goes. (not affiliated in any way). Sent mine off today.

  • kal

    Hi guys..Really happy to join “the dark side” lol
    I would like to ask someone if may help me out with reading my labs please?
    I think I managed it myself just got a question and after a lot of searching just got more confused…Internet sometimes gives so over helmeting info….grrr
    so here I stand at numbers:
    Total test: 442
    estradiol: 14
    LH: 4.5
    FSH: 3.96
    SHBG :64.8/ ( 10-58 man)
    IGF-1 : 340

    As I understood all looks fine…I mean,low test is low test,that ok,will fix it,but my estrogen 5 months ago was 21.. now is 14…Do you think that it is not too low (14)? And why the heck this SHBG is robbing my Test?! I am 36 years old,with all shity symptoms(not wish for life included 😀 ) lifting regularly around 15% BF and 220 Lbs…5’10(very hard to lose fat) :-(
    Weel one of the over helmeting info on the net was that TRT will fix this issue with SHBG…but will see…now I started E5D 125mg. Enanthate with HCG 2500IU and 12 Arimidex (all taken on the same day)…I know ..I know..what you gona say…but I want to do a baby is in my plans for next months..I want to keep my balls till get my girl pregnant,then ..fuck it..:-) and this protocol was described in the “fat books” as a good one…so will do a bloods in 2 months to see what is going on…the biggest reason to start TRT before I get her pregnant was that I didnt have any bloody wish for sex! How the hell I am goona get her pregnant otherwise?! SO…What you guys think about that?
    All opinions respected! Thanks boys!

    • FabulouslyFitOver40

      Hey Man! Congrats on trying to have a baby, but your plan is not optimal and goes against all practical and intelligent advice we’ve given here multiple times in articles and podcasts. Honestly, at 125mgs every 5th Day of a long acting ester, you should be somewhat OK. 15% BF could def make you prone to aromitization and E sides. Just be pro-active and conscious with any sides or any e effects.

      HCG is a waste and you’re taking way too much which will cause massive Estro issues and it will down regulate your leydig cells quick. If you are heart set on using HCG, use like .250 mcgs daily for 7 days every month. Best of luck bro. Tell us how it goes.

      • kal

        Thanks for your quick reply man! Appreciate that!
        Well…the only HCG I find is 5000iU 1ml….will think how can I split that dose…you know…I got her before pregnant..and immediately started TRT as I couldnt wait any longer feeling shit as I was…and I felt great…like f…teen again! But unfortunately we lost the after 1 month on TRT I finished another month like a cycle( increased on 250mgweek) and clear it up with Tamoxifen for a month…however..not long later I felt like shit wife is saying I dont love her anymore Lol…how the fuck to explain her that I dont have wish to watch porno even?!? :-)) that is why I started that ..what I started…. and a week later I am feeling that soon will be chasing her again! ha ha ha….well..yes, I am worring what will happan..with HCG..Estro sides..etc. but I take before 2 years I did a Cycle 500mgweek Enanthate for 10 weeks…and I was takig 14 of Arimidex E3D…no sides whatsoever,,,I even lower my waist with 3.5 inches !! without dieting..:-)I mean tracking calories…So I hope something to work out,…anyhow..thanks again for the input man!
        Take care bro!

        • FabulouslyFitOver40

          Some men need more Estro support. Guy I was recently working with in his 50’s needed super low dose Arimidex to give him his sex life back. We are all biochemically individual for sure. It sounds like you have a good understanding of your body-better than most for sure. Good Luck!

  • Austin

    42 yo and been on test cyp for 6 weeks. Initially 400 total and 12.5 free. Injecting .62ml test cyp twice a week and 25 units of HCG twice a week. Got my 6 week lab and total was >1500 (high) and free was >51 (high). Estradiol was 51 (high). I waited 3 days after injection to have blood drawn. Should I be worried with these levels? Is it going to affect my health? I feel great. Lots of energy, sex drive way better. Any thoughts or feedback?

    • FabulouslyFitOver40

      Hello Austin! Your answers are already here my man. You will be an excellent candidate for the book coming soon. More on that when its ready. Just keep searching. Go by symptoms and not panels. Drop the HCG. What purpose does it serve?

      • Austin

        Thanks for the reply. Just curious what the anti aging doctor will say when he calls.. lol. I was told that if the Estradiol levels were high I could get Anastrozole

        • FabulouslyFitOver40

          Did you ever think your estradiol was too high due to the use of HCG?

          I would def be interested in your Endo(Quack) Docs explanation as to why he prescribed a womens fertility drug *KNOWN TO AROMATIZE* without a concommittal aromatise-inhibitor?

          Good luck with that answer. Do all of us a favor and record his answer and transcribe it back here. :)

  • Ramon P.

    I am a 22 years old, a year ago I had noticed a drastic decrease in libido and did nothing about it. Two months ago i went to my family physician and requested a blood panel to check my test levels. i had 347 ng/dl and of course he said they were fine and i went home bummed out because i was hoping to finally get an answer to what was behind the low libido. I did some research, couple of articles and data from studies that were published on pubmed that showed people my age to be on the +700 range. I am a competitive powerlifter and have been training rigorously 4-6 times a week non stop for 3 years. you would think that as a 22 year old strength athlete my test levels would be higher than 347. Ended up going back and he ordered a different blood work panel that would show my Free test and not just the total test. still have to go back but if he declines on prescribing test i will definitely go see a different physician.

    This is a freaking amazing website and i am so glad i found it.

  • hydrogram

    I’ll appreciate any advice.

    Curiosity lead to blood work, which revealed:

    Test total: 156 (late afternoon test)
    Test free: 5.7
    LH: 4.4
    FSH: 2.6

    I’m 32, and a fat fuck, 5’7 285. I’ve always been heavy set dude but these past three years were stupid, 60+ pounds gained. Im seeing an Endocrinologist in a few days but I don’t expect much.

    What are the options? What should I read up on? I’d still like to have kids.

    Thank you.

  • Jsei9899

    Hey Mike, I’m sure it’s somewhere in the podcasts but I’ve been researching for months (literally) and I’m getting worn out with it all so I’m just going to ask directly.
    I’ve been pretty physically fit the majority of my life and have done so with an excessive amount of work, tired of the guys it comes so easy for. Unfortunately the last few years I’ve felt something missing in my drive so I started looking in to TRT. I went to a male aging clinic and the Doc convinced me my T was low but I felt more like he was interested in selling something and not so much my health. So I contacted an internet supplier, they referred me to another Dr. that I feel more comfortable with but still kind of getting a “used car salesman vibe”. I went ahead with it, they sent me some Test Cyp. 100ml every 7 days was the recommended dose and I’ve had it here a few days now and have been hesitant about taking it. I’ve heard a lot of “once you start it you’ll go through a bout of depression if you stop” which I don’t think I’d handle well as I can be a little down on myself to begin with and get discouraged easily. Also what I’m interested in is not only feeling good and energized but I would really like to get in the kind of shape I’ve been working for all these years and not gotten the results. Furthermore, my sex drive has always been top notch, erections as well and I’m a little concerned that if I start TRT and stop at some point my ever ready boner may be only a memory. Haha
    Don’t think I’d stop if it was working but after blood thickening stories feel like I may not have a choice if push came to shove. Biggest issue, after hearing what some guys T level is, I’m not even sure mine is needing TRT. I’m 35, 5’8″ 183, probably about 20% body fat right now.
    Total T: 574
    Free T: 12.3
    And remember seeing my estrogen level but can’t think of what it was off hand. Instead interested in going through your podcasts to learn more but I’ve been at it for months trying to get answers and I’ve got a months supply of test Cyp sitting in my closet that I’m worried about using because of these issues and I’d like to get on the road to recovery but this has all been HUGELY time consuming and I feel done anything but read and listen to people’s agenda for the last three months. I’m missing workouts, screwing up at work just trying to get some straight answeres. You seem “in the know” and I’d really appreciate hearing what you have to say.

    • FabulouslyFitOver40

      You can read the book brother in less than 2 months for sure. All your answers will be in there. Keep researching as your answers are on my site, here and in our Hangouts with Dr Osborn also.

      • Jsei9899

        …book ??

    • FabulouslyFitOver40

      You don’t need TRT bro. You need to focus on reducing your body fat levels. Low T is a clinical diagnosis more so than reduced blood levels. Your Testosterone is declining steeply after 30 and there is no stopping it unless you mediate with pharma T. Once you start TRT it is a lifetime pursuit. But one that is well worth it. All your questions and concerns are answered in the upcoming book. Specifics:

  • kostantinos palaiologos

    after you start treatment with injections enanthate when should you check if your levels have increased after 1 month or more?

    • FabulouslyFitOver40

      4-6 weeks post starting TRT. It also depends on symptoms and how you feel.

  • Teddy

    Hello. My T level is on the lower end of the spectrum at 446 ng/dL. I feel fine except some sexual dysfunction. I did a cycle recently and felt amazing on it so thinking about permanently going on TRT. What is your opinion?

  • Teddy

    is it necessary to check for LH or FSH level before starting the trt to make sure it isn’t due to low level or those hormones?

  • r Negoro

    Can being fat cause low t or issit the other way round ?

    • FabulouslyFitOver40

      Both are true. Best strategy is to remain under 15% body fat year round to make sure hormone levels are optimized naturally. And if you are on TRT, it will ensure your optimization protocol is better maintained.

      • r Negoro

        Thank you , I appreciate it. I am encouraged to do my bloodwork…..