How to Become More Dominant in the Bedroom

“You look scary,” she told me as I lay next to her staring into her eyes. “I watched American Psycho the other night. That guy…when I look into your eyes…that guy is who you remind me of.” – Too many girls to count.

Why do women want dominant men in the bedroom?

A real man is a violent one, and masculinity is nothing if not restrained aggression. Philosophers praise manly reason because it evidences self-control – that is, control of our own violent natures. To be a man is to be five seconds away from killing someone.

Consider the lion, wolf, or ape in the wild. They amble about their territory, calm, collected, smooth. “Paulie might have moved slow, but it was only because Paulie didn’t have to move for anybody.” – Goodfellas.

Upon the first sign of aggression, a dominant male moves with swiftness and aggression. A man must be able to go from zero to psycho in a split second.

There are tens of millions of good – which is to say, neutered – guys in America, and yet the best women consistently end up with dominant, strong, violent men. Women who cannot find alpha males seek other symbols of masculinity.

hot chicks pit bull

How many women have begun keeping pit bulls and other large dogs as pets. Women are so desperate for a little danger and play in their lives that they bring an inherently dangerous animal – an animal they can never tame – into their homes.

The question isn’t whether women want to be dominated. The question is whether you are man enough to dominate them. Are you a pit bull or a lap dog who they say is just so adorable and cute (as they text filthy pictures to a real man)?

What do women want? That’s easy – rough sex.

(Maxim model Olivia Munn loves rough sex.)

Olivia Munn

Romance novels are not filled with saps who beg and plead and supplicate before women. The prototypical romance novel is a love story about a strong, dangerous man and the women who love him.

Women want to feel real desire. They want a man who grabs them and makes them feel small, vulnerable, and feminine.

Women want to feel that their man is playful but also that he is a little bit dangerous.

This means that domination starts with you. It’s your mindset that must prevail. You must have the mindset that she exits to serve you, that she exists for your pleasure.

A lion roars during sex, inviting all to hear his conquest.

dominant sex

During sex, most men gingerly pump away, praying that they don’t suffer from premature ejaculation. They feel like guests when instead a man knows that a woman in his bedroom is on his territory and will live on his terms. (And if she doesn’t like it, she walks.)

They are quiet, like timid field mice afraid that the farm cat might catch them at play. They are too afraid to have rough sex. “What if someone hears us,” she says. “Good, maybe they’ll be reminded what life is all about,” I answer.

The first step towards establishing dominance in your relationship is to talk during sex.

Stop asking her what she wants, and start telling her what to do. Issuing commands. You are in charge. Here’s a quick way to learn how to take control and be more dominant in the bedroom.

You should be changing positions regularly during sex, as that will delay your orgasm. Before changing her position, tell her what to do next. Order her around the bedroom like you own her.

First-time sex generally begins missionary style. Boring. You look into her eyes and thrust. She doesn’t like it anymore than you do.

Tell her, “Get up. Get on your knees. Stop. Put your head down. No. Lift your ass up. Good girl.” (Even better: Bust out the sex pillows.)

liberator sex pillow

Right away you are telling her what to do, ordering her around, and telling her what all women want to hear – “You are a good girl.” You are setting the tone. She exists for your sexual pleasure. She exists to please you.

Most women are extremely turned up when a man tells them what to do. In fact, only once has a woman said, “No, I’m not going to change positions.” (I quit having sex and told her she was welcome to stay over since it was late, but that I wasn’t interested in her games. Thirty minutes later she woke me up, begging me to take her.)

Once you’ve gotten her used to following commands, you need to start using ownership language. Ownership language is a set of affirmations that you first issue, and then she affirms.

The strength of ownership language will vary based on the situation and the girl. Most of the time it’s best to start somewhat mild. A simple, “You like that, don’t you?” will do.

From there you progress to, “Tell me how much you like it/my dick.” Not every girl is used to this treatment, and sometimes they won’t answer back.

If she is quiet, have sex for a bit longer before saying, “Tell me how much you like my dick.” If you are forceful, she will begin repeating your affirmations.

Having her repeat your affirmations is crucial. Again, this is why you start tamely. Far more important than any given affirmation is that she get into the pattern of repeating your affirmations.

Every good salesperson will tell you that you must get the clients saying yes to something, anything, it doesn’t matter what. Just get a few yeses.

You must get her into the pattern of repeating your affirmations. Start slowly: “This is good, isn’t it,” is better than throwing out,  “Tell me you’re a whore.” Rough sex, like all sex, is a slow seductive process. Enjoy the journey.

(Under the bed restrain systems are a lot of fun and are surprisingly affordable.)


Also use pronouns in your ownership language. Say, “You’re my whore.” Always use my and never a. When you call a girl my whore, she feels good about herself. She feels, as all women desire to feel, wanted and desired and owned by a man. When you call her a whore, she feels fungible and lacks a sense of belonging.

Instead of saying, “You enjoy fucking, don’t you, you little slut,” you should say, “You enjoy fucking me, don’t you?”

Using ownership language during sex will improve your sex life. Women crave rough sex and as book sales prove, they are bored out of their minds.

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  • carioca

    Just pretend that she´s not allowing the sex and you do it well. Don´t tell her to change positions, lift her and change it by yourself.

  • alphaphase

    Yep. 100%.

    My girl now screams out how much she wants me to fuck/choke/whatever her harder and harder everything.

    After a while she gets into this state of euphoria, and then straight to constant orgasms. Heh. I used to be a three minute man too.

  • blazefrazier

    Completely agree with your assessment. Men need to be assertive and be able to show AND tell that during sex. Be a man and let her know how it’s going to be. Just be careful with it. I might have taken it a bit too far with this one —

  • ASF

    Some nerd on reddit is going to get angry that you propose this outrageous conduct instead of drawing cutesy pictures for his girlfriend and painting her toenails like Nyan cat.

  • demezel

    great stuff danger and play is really underrated too bad you have some crazy good shit

  • Kurt

    The pronoun advice is right on. In addition to my slut/whore, I like “my pussy” also.

    Getting her to call you master or sir is good too.

    I’ve been married for a number years (I know, pre red pill) and I’ve got my wife cumming hard and fast with the dirty talk and the s&m.

    She’s eating out of my hands. Feeling like a skittles man.

  • crunchie

    To be a man is to be five seconds away from killing someone.

    Reminds me of a brilliant scene from hbo’s rome.

    Fast forward to 7 mins 40 in.

  • Jason

    You’re talking now! Great, great, great post!

  • aneroidocean

    Great post. Do you add this into your texting/calls with a girl? I do, it seems to work them up even better so that when you meet up next she’s completely primed.

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  • Laguna Beach Fogey

    Great post. Perfect.

  • rivsdiary

    perfectly said.

    your next post should be about how to introduce another girl into the bed.

    i am working off of the phrase, “you are my favorite girl” to give her priority, but not exclusivity.

    “you are my whore” vs “you are a whore” is HUGE.

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  • http://theasdgamer The Autistic Gamer

    To be a man is to have the potential for violence. A good man uses violence against evil.. A gentleman doesn’t use violence against the weak. A gentleman can and should always use violence against physical threats to him or to his loved ones.

    Violence isn’t rough sex, of course. Violence is about doing permanent damage. Rough sex is just rough play and a woman is always interested in her man peacocking his physical strength.

    The use of ownership pronouns is very interesting. It’s probably a good idea for a new groom to get his bride to say, regarding her body and her new relationship, “This is your body. This is your pussy. I am your wife.”

    I understand that you are making a point using a bit of hyperbole. You don’t intend for your readers to permanently damage women. I hope that everybody gets it.

  • CoffeeCrazed

    Yup indeed. Biggest change I have made since going red pill. More and better sex for me and my current woman has orgasmed in ways she never has before. I growl. I bring intensity that has gotten to the point that if it isnt there, she’s asking if something is wrong. I’ll tell her what to wear.

    And it spills into the rest of life with her and vice versa.

  • Vincent Vinturi

    Agree with every word. Especially the loud caveman-like groaning and bellowing. I’ve found words per se don’t work as well here in Thailand. The language barrier makes dirty talk kind of incomprehensible. It’s more the music of it. How you build up intensity with your voice, etc.

    • Danger & Play

      Tone of voice, the look in your eyes, posture, body language, never looking away, moving towards her, grabbing her…so many things that can’t be communicated in a blog post.

    • Unrogue

      Even if she doesn’t really understand what you’re saying, the tone will carry the ownership and grit necessary. Sometimes I’ll even roar nonsense syllables in her ear.

  • The Dude

    Dude….third paragraph from the bottom is GOLD.

    I’ve been trying to make that whole dirty talk thing work, and I hadn’t been using the “my.” When I finally did the other night, the grin that came over her face was, well….just the reaction I was looking for….a million thank yous for that tidbit….

    Keep up the good work!

  • Hmmyes

    My boyfriend was more aggressive at the beginning of the relationship, but now is never. How can I get him to have rough sex with me without having to straight up tell him?