Human Growth Hormone (HGH) and Testosterone Replacement Therapy for HRT

Human growth hormone (HGH) is often mistaken as something a man takes for TRT. However, TRT stands for testosterone replacement therapy. Obviously testosterone and human growth hormone are not the same compound. Both testosterone and human growth hormones are hormones, of course, but they perform two entirely different functions and operate in distinctly different ways.

When taken together, however, HGH and TRT are part of HRT – that is, hormone replacement therapy. Make sense?

The Complete Guide to Human Growth Hormone


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What is Human Growth Hormone Used For?

Human growth hormone was initially used to help children who had growth hormone deficiencies grow a few extra inches. As HGH was studied more extensively, doctors used it to help treat all sorts of medical conditions – especially so-called wasting conditions such as HIV/AIDS. Soon enough, bodybuilders and then pro athletes and Hollywood actors learned the power of HGH for anti-aging.

Even though HGH has been around for a while, misinformation abounds.

Generally speaking, HGH can be used one of two ways. You can either use massive doses to increase muscle size and improve fat loss, or you can use smaller doses for general well-being, improved skin quality, improved sleep, and overall recovery – so called anti-aging purposes. A high dose of HGH is around 8 ius – international units, a unit of measurement. This article is not going to discuss high doses of HGH. For more information about how bodybuilders use HGH, check our interview with a former 300 pound bodybuilder.

Who Should Use HGH for Anti-Aging?

Unless a man has a specific medical condition or a really beat up body or is a pro athlete or is recovering from knee surged or something, he shouldn’t even consider using HGH until he’s older. As a man approaches the big 4-0, he should look into HGH.

Although it’s true that HGH can have a synergistic effect with testosterone and gear, a 25 year old man took 2 ius of HGH wouldn’t even really feel or notice anything. Young guys have to take massive amounts of HGH to notice anything.

But if you give a 40 or 50 year old man a small dose of HGH, he will feel more…refreshed is the best way to describe how he’ll feel. A 60 year old man could only describe HGH as life changing.

HGH for Anti-Aging: HGH is Really Human Healing Hormone

Do you know that feeling you get when you go to bed beat up and achy and then wake up feeling healed and refreshed in the morning? That feeling is due to HGH. As you sleep, your body issues a pulse of HGH.

As a man gets older, his body produces less HGH. This is why older guys don’t dream often or vividly and don’t wake up feeling ready to take on the world. The body simply hasn’t healed the man during sleep like it used to.

The HGH doesn’t make you grow. It makes you heal. If I had my way, HGH would be called Human Healing Hormone, because healing is what it does best.

At a dose of HGH is 2-4 ius daily, chronic nagging injuries will eventually disappear or be less intense. Your skin will be moister and more supple. Your skin will take on a glow. (If you’ve ever done HGH or known someone who has, you will learn to recognize the “HGH glow.”)

Although TRT helps you recover from  workouts and can help skin slightly, it really doesn’t heal nagging injuries or make your joints feel better. Testosterone makes you more confident and aggressive, where as HGH doesn’t have any impact on mood or well-being.

What does real HGH Look Like?

HGH comes in “kits.” A kit is some specific amount of HGH – usually several vials of powder that add up to 100 total ius. A kit contains white powder that has to be reconstituted with bacteriostatic water.

(This is a 100 iu kit of Riptropin, which is Chinese HGH.)

hgh riptropin


Where is HGH Produced?

Pharmaceutical grade HGH is produced in American laborites. Unless you have a prescription or a connection with a  prescription, you’ll be shopping in the grey market for HGH.

HGH is produced in laborites of varying quality in China. For a lot of guys, that’s the hang up. “I don’t trust the Chinese.” That’s a fair enough point.

On the other hand, guys have been using generic HGH from China for over a decade. The worst that has ever happened is that they got underdosed or fake product. (That’s why it’s essential to research your vendor before purchasing anything.)

Some say that you should only use “pharm grade HGH.” That phrase comes from GH15 and is tossed around by Internet experts. Pharm Grade HGH goes for around $1,300 a kit. 

One kit (of say 100 ius) will last 50 days. Hollywood actors can afford to spend $26 a day on growth. Not many normal men can afford those rates.

How Much Does HGH Cost?

Pharm grade HGH goes for around $13-18 an iu. Depending on what brand of HGH and where it’s procured from, Chinese HGH costs around $1.50 to $4.00 an iu.

(Pharm grade Serostim is going to cost you big time.)

serostim hgh

What benefits can you expect from HGH?

HGH users report better quality sleep, better recovery from workouts and the overall stresses of life, and improved skin. The benefits go on and on and it’s helpful to thin of it like this.

What benefits do you get from a fantastic, 10-out-of-10 night of sleep? That’s pretty much what you’d notice when using HGH.

How do I know if HGH is legit? Run this blood test to see if HGH is real or fake.

Getting it from your doctor is the only way to guarantee purity and potency. Say what you will about BigPharma, but the make great drugs. Unfortunately not everyone has the budget for pharm-grade HGH and need to use less perfect ways of finding out if their HGH is legit.

Back when HGH quality as more suspect, people would shoot some reconstituted HGH on a pregnancy test. If the test showed up as positive, then the HGH was bunk.

With the advent of steroid review sites like eRoids, vendors had to step up their game. There are plenty of reliable companies, and many in the know have praised the latest Riptropin kits as being the real deal.

Others have been known to take a single, large injection of around 10 ius. At a 10 iu dose, really nasty side effects like carpal tunnel syndrome will reveal themselves.

Basically, if you take a massive shot of legit HGH, your joints will feel like they are 80 years old. (They’ll feel a day or two later, as the joint pain is only a short-term side effect.)

What are the Side Effects of HGH?

Water retention is extremely common, with some men holding up to 5 pounds of water weight. (Primal gurus and other supplement sellers will stop using HGH a few days before doing a photo shoot. Otherwise they run the risk of looking bloated.) Mild carpal tunnel and joint stiffness occurs, too, although it usually goes away after a couple of weeks.

Is HGH Illegal?

Under U.S. federal law, it’s illegal to possess HGH with the intent to distribute (i.e., don’t be a drug dealer). Simple possession is legal. (That’s not legal advice, by the way. Do your own research.)

How do I use HGH?

HGH comes in vials of white powder. The powder is reconstituted with bacteriostatic water and stored in the refrigerator.

Injecting HGH is simple. You use an insulin syringe to measure out the desired dose, pinch a little skin around your belly button, slide the ‘slin pin in. That’s it.

how to inject hgh

Should I do HRT or TRT?

I cannot give medical advice. I can say what I would hypothetically do. I’d get my blood work measured. If my testosterone levels were around average and if I had nagging joint injuries and overall aches and pains, then HGH would win out. I’d get HGH from a doctor or if I lived in a country where HGH was readily available, then the Chinese stuff (assuming the vendor was reputable) would be acceptable.

But of course all medical decisions are best left between the patient and his physician.

Post your comments and questions below. Although medical advice will not be given, we are free to discuss general theories.

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  • Brisey

    Great article, what are your thoughts on the already mixed HGH, the stuff that comes in the pens, Omnitropes etc.

    • Danger & Play

      Anything pharm grade is going to be ideal.

  • ASF

    Great stuff D&P. TRT seems way more practical…you can convince and endo to prescribe you TRT stuff, but HGH? Have to go to one of those clinics I bet and pay an arm and a leg.

    • Danger & Play

      In this world you gotta pay to play.

      It’s all about priorities. What’s worth it to one man is not worth it to another man.

  • Drexel

    Mike, thoughts on peptides vs HGH? (Hypothetically, of course. We’re just discussing theory here.)

    I know the easy answer is that peptides (by which I mean a regimen of high quality GHRP2 plus Mod GRF 1-29, 100 mcg each 2-3x/day) seem like kiddie stuff next to the real thing, but I know a few guys — legit guys who know their shit and have been around the block and who look good — who have gone from Chinese HGH to peps and say things are better — staying leaner, less bloat, comparable sleep, etc. Peps are certainly easier to find, though at 3x a day the high-quality US-made ones aren’t much cheaper than 2-4 iu/day of Hygetropin or the like. Have you explored that route, and do you think there’s any merit to it?

    • Danger & Play

      Working on a piece on peptides actually. Yes, they are amazing.

      • Drexel

        Excellent, looking forward to it. (Definitely hit PT-141!)

  • Robert

    Thanks for the info. Looking forward to the book that puts your health knowledge in one place.

    I know you’ve said that once a man starts TRT there is no point in ever stopping. Is HGH the same? If you stopped would you have to use something else to re-elevate levels?

  • Danos

    More a training question, I’ve been using body of a spartan for almost a year, good programme and have had some good gains.

    Your podcast mentioned your emphasis on controlling weight over momentum, I tried that at the gym yesterday and was pleasantly surprised.

    For compound lifts I train more strength focused ie 5×5 etc and hyper trophy focus for accessory lifts. Would you recommend a 2 second up, 3 second down approach to the strength lifts assuming form is good? (Have filmed myself, and trained with some former bodybuilders so form is definitely ok).

    Apologies for the wall of text.

  • DdR

    Serostim’s patent expires in 2016. Also Nordotropin’s. Viagra’s U.S. patent expires in 2020 (typical bs in US), but the patent has already expired in Europe. Cialis between 2017-20.

    I hit 40 years old in 2019. Looks like I’ll have a good start to my 40s.

  • EEtrader

    Based on your article I went for a testosterone blood test. My result was 13 nmol/L and the labs reference range was 6-27. However internet sources show standard range 10-45 for age<50yrs (wiki). Should I trust the lab reference range more which would mean my level is normal or the wiki which would means it is low ? I live in eastern europe so I don't really have the option to go to another lab without traveling far away.

  • SunDance

    I’m a 59 year old male 5 weeks into TRT and Arimidex. I pay for it out of my pocket because my doctor is clueless. I just read this article and I was hoping you could address a question on HGH it for me.

    I cannot afford HGH, but I could afford a cycle or two. I was hoping a cycle of HGH in conjunction with my TRT would heal my body some. I have led an active lifestyle and the damage has taken its toll over the years. Could some time on HGH over a time period repair some of my damage? Any idea how long and the proper dosage?

    I mean theoretically speaking of course!

    Keep up the great work! I am betting you are helping quite a few grateful men out.


    Thanks guys. I read everything you write on TRT and loved your last podcast.

    • Danger & Play

      HGH is ideal for nagging aches and pains. If I were in your situation, I’d get Riptropin at $2.90 or so an iu and run 2-4 ius a day for as long as I could afford to. That’s just what I’d personally and hypothetically do as a 59 year old man and is not medical advice of any kind.

  • Yul Brynner

    Thanks for laying it out like this. I hopefully won’t need to use this information for another decade though.
    Appreciate all the solid posts you’ve been pushing out this year M.

    • Danger & Play

      Thanks, and you can always point a relative or boss into the right direction. Knowing about TRT can advance your career if you help the right guy get the help he needs.

  • Mike Wilson

    great article and great site! needed this info in an informal non jargon way. really like the use of pics to cover this stuff.

  • Chris

    Hey Mike, what about all the different Chinese brands of hygetropin? They have different ones brown,blue yellow tops? or Any difference between these or which ones are legit?

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  • rukiddingme13

    Has anyone tested their IGF-1 levels prior to beginning HGH injections? Did you test again after injecting? How significant a change did you see in your numbers?

    • Danger & Play Blog

      IGF-1 levels go up substantially when taking HGH.

      • rukiddingme13

        Has anyone tried 6-hour Colostrum in lieu of HGH? In what dosage? Any success?

  • Darkness Dragon

    Obviously, as you say it’ll be something I need to talk to my doctor (and luckily I got an appt next monday). I’m 30 years old, having been unhealthy for half that time (I was 60lbs overweight a couple years ago, lost 40 of those pounds since but still got 20lbs of fat to lose before I feel comfortable and I’m 5’11 or so), however I also have a medical condition (colon cancer… or ‘did’, had it removed in early-2007). But either way, I want to get healthy and I’m trying walking every other day and eating healthier (which is working as shown by the loss in body fat), and despite being only 30 while perhaps due to my medical condition I sometimes feel far too old.

    Could you opine on what I maybe should try and ask my doctor about?

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  • Andyrichard

    HGH sprays, injections and supplements are available in the market. Choosing the right supplement with doctors advice is a must.

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      Does hgh come in different color choices? And does it smell like vinegar?

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    I loved your article. Finally found the answers I need. Thank you.

    I work with these actors that use the better quality HGH. I can’t afford it. Can someone recommend a reputable Chinese company with a link to purchase product?

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