D&P Podcast No. 1: Steroid Cycles, Natural Gains, Trenbolone, GH, and More!

Welcome to the first Danger & Play podcast. There has been a lot of interest in a podcast. Ask and ye shall receive:

(You can also listen the podcast at the Danger & Play Soundcloud page; downloads are unavailable for the moment due to a technical glitch.)

In our first podcast, I interview a former male fitness model who is also my close friend, training partner, former roommate, and all around brother. Be forewarned: We cover a lot of information in a short period of time. My brain was hurting during editing and I already knew what we were taking about.

It might be information overload for some, but this is the kind of information others are unwilling to share. The podcast is separated into two parts. The first part covers anabolic steroids. The second part (which begins at around 25 minutes in) covers general training questions.

Part 1. “If you want to look amazing, you’re going to have to use drugs.”

  • How long will it take to max out your natural gains?
  • What kind of gear are supplement spokesmen using?
  • At what age should someone start using gear?
  • What are the physical and psychological consequences of using gear before you’re ready?
  • How much gear are the top guys using?
  • What can a man’s body look like when he’s in his 40s.
  • What would a good first cycle be for a guy who wants a well-balanced physique?
  • What would you use and how long should the cycle last?
  • What is trenbolone and how can you avoid the dreaded trensomnia?
  • Are people who intelligently use anabolic steroids more or less healthy than “regular” people?
  • How much gear are the biggest professional bodybuilders using? Is it as much as the Reddit and Bodybuilding.com bros say?

Part 2. General Training Questions

  • If you had to start over again, what would you do differently?
  • How much can you bench?
  • Do you need to squat to get big legs?
  • Is High Intensity Training bogus or did Mike Mentzer have a point?
  • What is the best kind of training to perform to get jacked?
  • How do you get those extra reps out when you have other things going on in your life?
  • How should you train if you’re feeling out of it?
  • How do you avoid injuries?
  • How can you use foam rolling to improve the mind-muscle connection?
  • Free weights v. machines: Which are better?

(I told you we covered a lot of information.)

What do you want on Podcast No. 2?

If you want more podcasts, listen to this one. Share it with friends and others on message boards. If the demand is there, we’ll do more.

Post your questions in the comments section. What questions went unanswered? What do you want to hear about on the next podcast?

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  • Menace

    Amazing stuff guys. So full of information it’s crazy. I guess you didn’t have time to get to my TRT question from twitter, so I hope you can get to it next time.

    • Danger & Play

      I must’ve lost it; my bad. Repost is please and we’ll answer it.

      • ASF

        Best starting TRT protocol using test, hcg, and arimidex. What to inject on what days + dosages.

  • Mac

    Awesome podcast, incredibly informative. Hope you make this a regular part of D&P.

    As for ideas on the second episode, I really liked your interview with Pete over at Manosphere Radio. In it, you touched upon charisma. It would be cool if you could expand upon that – I don’t know if that would be best done in a podcast format or in an article, but I would definitely like to hear some of your wisdom regarding charisma. Also, speaking of wisdom, I’d also be really interested in advice you would give to younger guys looking for mentors.

    • Danger & Play

      Thanks for your feedback. I’ve been thinking about your question on charisma for a while. I’m not sure how to translate it into words. The ideas are brewing though, thanks!

  • Spaceman Spiff

    What have you guys seen regarding hair loss with people using gear? Are there ways to prevent/avoid that side effect or is it a myth?

    • Danger & Play

      If you’re genetically predisposed to hair loss, then test might accelerate it. (Propecia can help mitigate that.)

      I have a great head of hair and the interviewee does not have an receding hairline at all.

  • http://realitydoug.wordpress.com ‘Reality’ Doug

    That was an informative discussion. Loved it.

    • Danger & Play

      Thanks man. We really do appreciate the feedback.

  • http://badgerhut.wordpress.com Badger

    For the next podcast, I’d be curious to hear some real nuts and bolts about personal finance for men. We know “save 10% and invest;” but beyond that: how much should we expect to spend on food to seed a quality diet we can get big off of? How do you get a good financial adviser? Are roommates more trouble than the savings? What is shit we shouldn’t spend a dime on b/c it’s a waste (life insurance, cable tv)? When is buying a nice car not a really stupid financial decision (and is front-loading the payments a good idea)? Beyond long-term savings, how do we manage rainy-day funds vs down-payment funds vs money saved for like a vacation? What kind of money should you expect to make to live a basic high-quality lifestyle that is “above average” enough to be impressive or passable to women? How much time should we expect to spend working if we want to become good enough to go independent and not be crushed by the corporate steamroller? When is it too late or a bad decision to execute a career change?

    • http://www.jollybengali.net/ jab240

      I’ll second the above comment. Nuts & bolts finance advice would be great.

    • Danger & Play

      Cool. We actually have a lot to say about that topic. Great idea, Badger!

  • http://www.sambotta.net Sam

    …Hearing the truth from men that have chosen to live a life of no excuses, intentional greatness: Priceless.

  • Brisey

    Really informative stuff, thanks guys! Especially interesting to hear your thoughts on free weights vs machines.

  • Nascimento

    That podcast was great.

    I do have questions for future podcasts, but I’m so overloaded on information right now I can’t actually think of any.

  • ellos

    Top notch talk. You guys both sounded serious and knowledgeable. Would love to hear more about foam rollers. More practical advice for nutrition. Just emailed this to every friend I have who lifts.

    Myself I’ve only been lifting (for health and looks) about 1.5 year (since 24), mostly Starting Strength. I’ve been getting (#lbs) in grams of protein a day and keeping to compound lifts. Where do you suggest I move from here?

  • Danos

    Making money online. Small, low workload businesses that generate 500 to 1000 a month (some of us still have a jobs to do, fortunately I love mine.) I know it’s been covered ad nauseum but am interested in your take

  • Aaron

    Interview Jamie Lewis about keto dieting.

  • Joshua

    Great first podcast, Mike. You and your boy raised an excellent point about preserving your bodies, so you can keep lifting into your forties and fifties. I’m a monster in the squat rack, but my lower back always aches for the next four/five days… I’m 24 at the moment, but it can’t be good long-term. I’m going to experiment with machines on my next leg day.

    I completely agree on the importance of lifting with correct form vs. using dodgy form and momentum to lift heavier weight. Lifting too heavy out of ego is a signal of insecurity.

    Your blog has really helped me during formative years of my manhood – I hope I get to buy you a steak when I visit California.

    • Danger & Play

      Sounds good. If you come visit California, check out Father’s Office – great burger and their steak (which is what they grind up for the famous Office Burger) is amazing, too.

      • http://badgerhut.wordpress.com Badger

        I went to FO when I was in LA years ago, that place was fantastic.

  • Robert

    Great podcast. Especially enjoyed the second half. Seriously forcing me to reconsider the way I lift. Sounds like I’ve been using momentum way too much. I can bench 250 at 195 pounds, but how strong am I if I’m just throwing the weight around and not actually controlling it? Plus, really, who the fuck cares? It’s some ego/vanity trip. I’m in my early 30′s and want to lift indefinitely, not trying to injure myself needlessly.

    • Danger & Play

      Google “pec tear bench press.” Very common injury.

      Like you said, who are you lifting for?

      I lift because it’s a great outlet for my anger and aggression. It keeps me calm. It’s meditative

      Maxing out is so you can brag online or to your bros about how strong you are. I was into that in my younger days, but now it’s more about the Zen of it all. Being the moment, enjoying each rep, feeling the muscles fill up with blood.

  • Johnz

    Great podcast gents.

    Do you recommend PCT after that first cycle?

    • Danger & Play

      We didn’t cover it explicitly. We are proponents of blast and cruise. Blast = cycle. Cruise = TRT dose of testosterone.

  • trenbrah

    mirin dem featherd quads no homo. solid pod cast man looking foward to another. i would of liked to see you touch more on the actual quality of the gear. there are so many beginners out there getting ripped off and its not fair to them.

    • Danger & Play

      Yeah, we could do 10 podcasts on gear alone. Low quality gear is a major issue. There are actually a couple of tricks you can use to find out if gear is legit. We’ll cover this soon!

  • Fortis

    D&P, for some reason I would have thought you had a deeper voice. Regardless, fucking awesome post. I’m glad to see that you’re expanding your blog and posting things that are pertinent to your fan base.



    • Drexel

      Re deeper voice… I work in the news media and am occasionally on camera. I can tell you that voice mics for recording tend to emphasize upper-midrange frequencies, because it makes the playback a lot clearer on any device that isn’t a high end stereo. The upshot is that it makes everybody sound a little more nasal. My own voice is pretty deep in person — when I sing, I’m a bass — but it sounds higher or more nasal on video because with the lavalier mics we use, the lower freqs are lost. I have no idea what kind of equipment was used to record this podcast, but I wouldn’t be surprised if D&P had some of the same thing going on.

      To D&P, great first show, looking forward to more.

      • Danger & Play

        Thanks for the info. My voice is just higher pitched. I am actually not a “natural alpha.” I have mediocre genetics, hit puberty later in life. No real natural athleticism. I had to grind for everything I have.

        (For some reason I got lucky as far as height goes. I’m a legit six foot – as in measured naked in an Army physical and not the bullshit where every guy says he’s six foot but is 5’10″. Otherwise, though, shit genetics. I put on fat easily, too.

        Maybe that’ll be a podcast sometime.

        • Drexel

          I hear all that. My story is different but similar. I’m also a legit 6 feet, but I had some health problems when I was a teen, screwed my growth up… I ended up as the skinny guy who just couldn’t gain. Not a natural athlete, not a natural alpha, none of that. First suit I bought when I got out of college was a size 38 jacket. No shoulders at all.

          I got over it, like you did, grinding it out, learning to be better through trial and error, with a bit of better living through chemistry as I got older and more sophisticated about things. And now in my mid-40s I look at the guys who were the BMOCs when I was in high school and college, drowning in corporate jobs and shit marriages and mid-life health problems, and I would never trade the body and career and life that I have built for what they have ended up with.

          I think telling your story would make for a great podcast or blog post. It could give some real perspective to the younger guys who want to be better but don’t know how to start. I think it could end up being a cornerstone of your blog. Looking forward to it.

        • http://badgerhut.wordpress.com Badger

          I don’t have any criticism of your voice (not sure why that’s a big touch point for people listening to your podcasts), but your training partner’s voice and cadence were really strong and aesthetic. The two of you complemented well. There’s nothing worse on a podcast than two guys whose voices sound the same or who have the same kind of rhythm confusing the listeners because they can’t see who’s talking.

          • Danger & Play

            I think it surprised guys because my writing voice is extremely strong and direct. Such a style is correlated with a deep, Client Eastwood, Jesse Ventura style voice.

            Fisto (posts at forum and blogs at Swoop the World) has a really deep voice and that’s what people would expect:

            I don’t take it as criticism so much as, “Oh, you don’t really fit the stereotype.” It’s kind of fun to surprise people.

        • Fortis

          It’s all good. I think it is actually a good thing that you don’t fit the generic alpha mold (think: deep voice, 6’4 mesomorph with amazing genetics), it makes you more relatable to me. FYI: I’m 5’8 and 144 pounds, so I don’t wish to give the impression of being some holier-than-thou hater. I have decent genetics IMO, I just tend to under eat and undercut what I could be if I actually put in the effort to transform my body.

          I roll at a naturally low body-fat percentage and any muscle that I do manage to put on really stands out because of how slight my natural build is. We all have to work with what that motherfucker nature gave us, right?

          As I said, awesome post and I look forward to more quality posts like that like.


  • Patrick Harrington

    This is a god-send, thank you! This is akin to a PSA and its much needed bc there is so much misinformation about this topic. Great work and thank you again.

  • D.

    Great podcast. Re: the Financial podcast edition, I’d like to hear your thoughts on self-employment and maximizing your money in regards to taxes, how much cash to have on hand (emergency funds), and with those two things in mind, thoughts on investing/retirement strategy. Thanks for pumping out quality!

  • MK

    Interesting podcast. Three questions:
    1)You talked about how you need “perfect” nutrition, “perfect” training, “perfect” rest. How would you define perfect nutrition? Just hitting your macros day in day out with mostly “clean” food and some “dirtier” food that you like as long it doesn’t hurt macros (IIFYM approach)? Also, what is perfect rest? How much to fitness models and bodybuilders really sleep? Sleep seems a bit overrated and definitely in no way as important as nutrition and training.
    2) You talked about elite being “super-mesomorphs”. What about ectos who have built good physiques like Zyzz or Doggcrapp (I’m sure I could find more examples)?
    3)If you claim importance of taking care of your health, how would you justify using modafinil? Short term effects are known, but long term effects aren’t. So you are definitely taking risk here.

  • MK

    Also, do you know any good fitness podcasts?

  • LiveWithFire

    You guys talked about how professional bodybuilders don’t take big doses of testosterone.
    But how come the guys from the golden era had much less mass on them than bodybuilders nowadays?

    Compare Schwarzenegger (6’2″, 235 lb) and Columbu (5’5″, 185 lb) to Heath (5’9″, 250 lb) and Cutler (5’9″, 274 lb).

    There must be a reason?

    • Danger & Play

      You missed the part about HGH and insulin?

  • http://revolutionarylifestyledesign.com RevLifestyleDesign

    Hey Mike,

    Solid podcast here, you guys covered a ton of ground. Definitely important stuff you have for the young guys on not getting injured, that should be rule number 1 for any guy starting to lift weights.

  • http://www.skinnyfattransformation.com Oskar @ SkinnyFatTransformation.com

    GREAT podcast.

    I especially liked the part about form at the gym. I don’t use perfect form all the time, but the vast majority of my training I use less weight than I could but very good form. In 4 years I had no serious injuries.

    • Danger & Play

      Thanks Oskar. Your transformation has been impressive.

  • Korg

    Could you make this podcast available for download?

    • Danger & Play

      Unfortunately no. There was some technical glitches in the file and downloading won’t work. If I can figure out how to fix those issues, then yes.

  • http://www.thenewcenturyman.com SSC

    Good show guys!


    Great Pod cast D&P. I learned so much. Keep the great podcasts coming. Thanks for posting.

  • James

    Why has this not had any comments on it?

    Anyway, a friend of mine has questioned me if I want to start using gear with him and obviously the first reaction I had was negative but since looking things up and getting info from you guys and other places I’m not so against the idea. We’re both in our mid-twenties, but we’ve only been really lifting strong for a year-year and a half. Would the benefits of using gear be worth it already or should we keep working hard to achieve our maximum natural gains for a few more years before it even becomes worth it?

    Thanks Jay and Mike for all the valuable information. Cheers.