Why Are You Here?

You were told to be a good little boy, to follow the rules, and to do the right thing.

You followed the rules. You did the right thing. Yet somehow life didn’t work out for you the way people promised you it would.

You found that your life was lacking in some way. You couldn’t quite put you finger on it, but you knew something was wrong.

You often stayed up and wondered, “Where did I go wrong?”

You went deeper, “What does it mean to do the right thing? Doesn’t that just mean following arbitrary rules that people told me to follow?”

You started to look around. You discovered that the rule makers were either clueless pawns or slave masters who wanted to keep you in a human zoo.

You are prepared to rebuild, to start over, to understand that in the beginning, “Everything you have been told is a lie.”

We smash through barriers. We recreate ourselves. We don’t allow others to get in our way.

We won’t settle for good when greatness is within sight. We won’t live as slaves when all we need to do is leave the zoo.

Welcome to Danger & Play.

  • AKA

    All of life is a series of reciprocal arrangements. You can be as much of an asshole to everyone as you want. But if you do this, at some point it will catch up to you. I don’t need to put every else’s needs before my own. But I do not help myself by burning bridges just for the hell of it. The most successful people in the world are people that others feel good about doing business with. There is a good reason for that. TO get anywhere in this world you need other people.

    And frankly doing the right thing is usually not much harder than doing the wrong thing.

    WHere too many people get into trouble is that they don’t save any money. They are 1 emergency expense away from disaster. These people will never have independence because they need their cubicle job. Having money means having options. I could get fired tomorrow and wouldn’t give a shit. I have over 5 years of income saved up so that I can switch careers if I wanted to. More likely I will just keep doing what I am doing and retire in 6 years.

    • http://nexxtlevelup.com Nate

      Did you mean to comment on this post?

      • http://badgerhut.wordpress.com Badger

        I was about to say the same thing!

        Also the last paragraph sounds like it was written by D&P. Maybe he’s sockpuppeting his own blog while he’s in a fugue state?

    • Danger & Play

      This doesn’t really make much sense man.

  • Josh

    Hey Mike,

    Got a quick question: is danger and play your only source of income? aka are you a professional blogger like Victor Pride?
    If not, what is your job?

    PS-making a post on making money online,(how to?) would be greatly appreciated.

    • tom

      a) Is it any of your business what he does for a living, does he have to give up his privacy provide his opinion &or wisdom. What right have you to try intrude on his privacy

      b)do you honestly think that a small obscure site with a relatively small readership and what one may call a low level of “commercial focus” yields large enough amounts of money to provide a livelihood.

      • Danger & Play

        Thanks for having my back, man. I really do appreciate it.

        I don’t think Josh meant anything negative or was being too nosey. He was just curious. I don’t mind personal questions. (Doesn’t mean I’ll answer them, but if guys are curious, then it’s all good.)

        D&P will never have a commercial focus, but I am working on my ebooks. The first one isn’t the one guys are expecting, but it will be a lot of fun and a game changer for many.

        I’m also working on growing traffic. Let’s make this blog less obscure shall we? 😉

    • Danger & Play

      I’m not a pro blogger. I do make some cash primarily from another blog (enough to live a bare bones lifestyle in Thailand, actually).

      I’m going to do a “making money online” summary for all he guys. I’ll post screen caps and go into all the details.

      My career is something I keep close to the vest. I’m not afraid of being “outed” or “exposed” or anything like that, since I share my red pill views in real life.

      But dorks on the Internet can create drama by making prank phone calls, ordering pizzas, and just being idiots. I’d rather avoid any of that sort of fall out.

      • Josh

        Thanks for the reply Mike,
        I didn’t men to be intrusive, I was just curious.
        What is the other blog, you mentioned? I am a huge fan of your content.

        • Danger & Play

          Fit Juice. Fit-Juice.com

          If you buy a juicer or blender, please click on my amazon link.

  • Red

    Timely post. I’ve given my psyche a massive overhaul three times in my life. The firs two were getting sober at age 29 after. 19 years run, then again at 32,. Four years later, I walked out of the corporate world to stake my own fame and fortune. I’ve read all the books, listened to the tapes, the self hypnosis, the hypnosis (which I can say if by far the most effective was to change your thinking. If I need to eliminate a fear, change a pattern of thought (then the behavior will almost be instantly be habit), I use hypnosis. Listen to it while I sleep. Right now I’m listening to enhance your intuition and overcoming fear by rick collongwood. Shit works. And this is not some paid endorsement for the guy.

    But anyway, here I am. Headed into year three of my business and I’m down to my last $400. I’ve got six banks and the IRS on me, and I can’t close a barn door. Is it time for a massive shift into something else, or am I one push away from knocking over the domino that finally puts it all into motion?

    What I’ve found is that the greatest things to happen to me in life all sucked. At the time. But at some point in the future I am always able to look back on the situation and see the lesson in it. So when things get really dark, as they are at the moment, I get excited because I know I’m always stronger and wiser after a good beating, and that I compete for the spoils of life with men who are too afraid to take these levels of risks for fear of the beating. Because they haven’t learned the great secret, it’s not the beating that keeps men from pursuing their dreams, it’s the fear that they couldn’t handle the beating. But for the few of us who take are licks and keep getting up, stronger every time, we become the one percenters.

    Your review of the Tony Robbins seminar inspired me. I’ve been trying to get a business up and running for two years and am out of cash. I can either cut and run and get a real job, or I can be a man and bang out calls until the cut my power off, and if I go down, at least I know I went down swinging. I think the answer is obvious. Do I want to look back on this moment and the time I learned that sometimes it’s better to give up and run to safety, and spend years learning to cope with my lesser rank among the masses, or do I want to look back on this moment as the turning point that I discovered I have the character to succeed and pull through under and circumstances, and that’s why the masses will one day end up working for me.

    Sorry to vent on your board. Just read the post and thought I’d put my two cents in. Perhaps someone will come across this post one day and it will be exactly what they needed to hear.

    Off to bed. I’ve got a business to save tommorow. I’m never going back into the zoo.

  • Jose L Romero


    Your post sounded just like the life i was living! Following a path other clueless people told me to follow only to find out that its not what i thought. I woke up from the nightmare a few years back and have been making my own path.

    I was in the Human Zoo afraid to go against the grain i guess it was something i was conditioned to do. That conditioning was a bitch to get out of. Now i wonder why would people do not want others to think and do for themselves? Is it because it will force them to look at themselves and see how useless they are? (authority figures)

    I was able to wake up from the deep sleep i was in! Unfortunately, as i look around there are many others still asleep!

    great post

  • Merkage

    I am here because of a soul’s urge.

    I want to excel, I want excellence to be my obsession and discipline to be my lifeblood, they are already pervasive interests but I want more, I want cultivated success and achievement in every single area and as such, I am intent on consuming everything I can, in order to reach mastery.