How to Approach Hot Chicks

How do you approach hot chicks when hot chicks seem so intimidating? If you saw this hot chick, you’d likely stop in your tracks and feel a pang of anxiety at the thought of approaching her. You would be afraid to approach this hot chick, right?


If you said no, you’re lying to two people – me and yourself. There’s no need for bravado  She is as close to a 10 as it gets. Wars are fought over women who look like her.

When you start out in the game, approaching nearly any girl takes a bit of courage, which is why most men cannot do sober approaches. Approaching a chick like her, even if you’ve been at this for a while, is going to give you a bit of an adrenaline rush. How do you overcome your approach anxiety?

It is easy, and I will tell you why:

The chick you think is way too hot to approach is with some guy. If you saw that guy, you would not be all that impressed.

Seriously. Look around. Haven’t you ever seen a really hot girl with a guy and thought, “What’s she doing with him?”

You probably assumed the guy had a lot of money or something. It’s natural to have a hater’s response. “She’s a gold digger,” or to think like a loser, “If I were rich, then I’d get a girl like her!”

There are entire sites devoted to hating on guys who are with hot chicks. Just check out “The Dirty” or “Hot Chicks With Douchebags.”

The truth is that the guy isn’t nearly as special as you think he is. He doesn’t have a hidden billion dollar trust account. He just made the approach.

Here is that girl’s boyfriend:


It seems they’ve been together for a while, although even if this is a hoax, the point stands: For every chick you are too afraid to approach, there is a girl dating a guy you wouldn’t be impressed with.

So what’s stopping you from being the guy that some jealous hater scratches his head at and thinks, “What’s she doing with him?”

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  • Dr. Illusion

    If you have a decent opener that doesn’t scream sleazy pick up line, approaching is much easier.

  • Drama

    I never thought of it that way. You didn’t really state how to approach a girl like that though, and that is practice. Do it enough and get that anxiety down to unnoticeable levels.

  • Spoos in August

    Got to take the really attractive women off that pedestal. The other thing is that even an awkward daytime approach will rarely get nuclear rejections (which are more likely when women are drunkenly disinhibited).

    Approaching, especially at a young age, is usually all the contextual alpha you need to get things off the ground.

  • Sojourner

    The picture works for the context of the blog post but man does that dude need to make sure she ain’t showing off like that in pictures or he’s gonna run into trouble down the line.

  • rivsdiary


    what one man can do, another man can do.

  • Mikey

    Never approach with your head thinking, I need to get this girl, I need to impress, etc. Literally approach with the frame you are talking to one of your very good friends and let your game take over.

  • And Balls

    Uhhh…her boyfriend is Jonah Hill and he’s a rich and famous actor

  • Simon

    No, it ain’t. Hat tip to the guy, whoever he is

  • kleyau

    Breast implants, lots of makeup, overly concerned with the picture on the phone versus her own facial expression in the mirror. First is impression is she’s lacking self esteem, not vindictive, and not attracted to violence, so no approach anxiety.

    She is very beautiful, so I would have no hesitation wanting to escalate quickly, plus, since my first impression was a lack of attraction to violence, which the boyfriend picture confirms, I don’t have to worry about him really being a threat.

    Approach anxiety for me boils down to a quick calculation of hotness divided by probability of violence. The hotter a girl is, the more violence I’ll deal with to get her. This girl is super hot, with no violent vibes, so no approach anxiety.

    • kleyau

      Let me expand upon that. It’s actually hotness divided by violence plus stupid shit, with the stupid shit being that I know I’m not the type of guy she usually goes for, so I’ll have to pull some dancing monkey routine to hit those buttons. Violence is more important, for the obvious reason, and because the more dancing monkey I have to do, the less I want the girl.

  • Merc

    Fuck. I’m jealous …

  • http://theasdgamer The Autistic Gamer

    “You would be afraid to approach this hot chick, right?”

    Lol, not to ask her to dance. Did that with two hot chicks a couple of nights ago and both said “yes.” I taught one of them a dance and the other one unloaded her medical history, where she worked, and all about her family without me saying more than “hmm”, “Ok,” and “St. Teresa’s Academy?”

    One of the chicks I had been studiously ignoring other than holding her gaze as I passed her; she’s a barfly at the bar where I dance. I’ve been called a dancing machine, so I have dance game. Chicks like to dance with me. I’m older and pretty much nothing fazes me. One of the chicks was rude to me first time at the bar and she was the one I was ignoring and holding her gaze. She also unloaded TMI on me after I danced a few dances with her.

    Again, recently, a rare thing happened that a hot 18-21 blonde chick said “no” when I asked her to dance. (Actually she said “not now”) So I just danced with all the other chicks in the club and some of them several times. Eventually the blonde chick asked me to dance. Yeah, I get asked to dance quite a lot.

    • AlfredRosenberg

      Asked to dance, but do you bang them? Thats the question.

  • BodiPUA

    The real secret is this: understand that hot-chicks have a Potemkin frame. They seem so intimidating but it’s just projection because we put them as high value. For a man to have high value he has to do A SHIT LOAD OF WORK AND ACHIEVEMENT. For a hot chick to have high value she has to just do one thing: not get fat. And all she does her whole life is say ‘No, No, No, Not you, Not you, Not you, No, No’. She is in a castle and just turns people away at the doors. She never has to try and break into someone else’s castle herself!
    Before I approach any hot chick I just think through this and it’s laughable: she’s just hot, it’s just looks, she never actually had to work for it!

  • nemesis

    they are actually looks-matched.

    The boy has a great frame and face. Only fat is holding on his looks. But it’s obvious that he never grew up with teen nerd neurosis and had a healthy youth with good social and physical development. If he lost fat and got ripped he’d be an adonis.

    • Dustin

      To me they look like a couple from the greater NY-NJ-FL area. Just Sopranos seed. I think the Daniela Pestova Brad Pitt Nordic looking blonde hair blue eyed Slavic/Northern Europe people are far more attractive. IMO- who’s sexier than Playmate years Jenny McCarthy?
      The Italian 9s look like restaurant hostesses and coat check girls to me. I just like that blonde Aryan man (bit of sarcasm but I think Hitlers view on keeping clean blonde hair blue eyed genes was not a shabby idea otherwise everywhere looks like India or Brazil) supreme look far better.

  • trojano

    Great post
    Funny story actually, that girl actually went to my high school in florida. In that picture she is about 16 or 17 ( she should be legal by now) and she was actually kind of a loner. You’d think she would be a bitch, but she was a sweetheart. I would tell her that she was just a horny little girl whenever she dressed like that and she’d lit up with a smile (she knew it). Her boyfriend on the other hand was such a gigantic tool that you couldn’t grasp your head around how he could be tapping that georgeous piece of ass, talk about chicks with horrible taste.

  • Danger & Play

    I have no hate for gay people (it’s your life), but I’m not going to encourage your lifestyle by giving you pictures of me.

    • anon1


  • vikingbiking518

    That girl isn’t the least bit attractive