5 Fashion Rules for Men

Rule 1. Always pop. Some piece – whether it’s your shoes, shirt, or even an accessory like a like a watch – must stand out. Women pay particular attention to shoes, and thus a vividly-colored pair of Sauc0ny trainers will make you stand out, and add excitement to a pair of blue jeans. Wearing these shoes St. Patrick’s Day would have gotten you pinched for the right reasons.

Rule 2. Invite touching. Your clothing should be soft fabrics that make a woman want to touch you. Cardigans work really well. Feel the fabric before purchasing a new garment. Ask yourself, “Would a woman want to put her soft skin next to this?”

Remember, too, that women are like ferrets. They like shiny objects, and enjoy fiddling with their man. A shirt with a lot of buttons and layers invites them to touch you.

Rule 3. Dress up your strengths. If you’re muscular or have a modelesque body, wear tapered shirts. Often many shirts will have too much fabric around the waist, making you look blocky rather than buff. Take your shirts to a tailor. The alteration will only cost $10-15, and will make a huge difference in how the shirt looks and feels.

Rule 4. Dress down your weaknesses. If you’re skinny or less muscular, wear tighter clothing. Although it’s counter-intuitive, baggy or non-form-fitting clothing makes you look smaller.  Baggy clothing won’t conform to your body, and will make you look like a thin rail covered by a sheet. Thinner men should also layer their clothing, as the extra attention to fabric will draw more attention to the clothing than to any physical shortcomings.  

Do you notice that this guy might weigh a buck fifty? Nope. His clothing attracts attention to itself, and thus draws in women.


Rule 5. Dress for your (skin) color. Purple looks phenomenal on black guys, but silly on red-haired men. If you have blue eyes, wear blue shirts to highlight the color of your eyes. Dressing for your skin color could be an entire article. In fact, there’s a book written about it. Find a copy Color for Men and match the clothing your wear to your skin tone and complexion.

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  • http://www.therulesrevisited.com Andrew

    Nice post.

    Color for Men is awesome. I read a few books on dressing for your color about a year ago, but never bought Color for Men because I (literally) judged the book by it’s cover – which makes it look old and irrelevant. But Tanner at Masculine Style recommended it to me so I ordered it and it is by far the best one I’ve read.