How Did I lose 80 pounds of Fat and Gain 30 Pounds of Muscle Without Steroids?

The discussion of going from fit to big left out the prequel. What’s it like going from fat to fit?

80 pounds fat loss

How did I lose over 80 pounds of fat (going from a high of 260 pounds to a low of 180) without the use of any drugs other than caffeine and OTC thermogenics? How did I then rebuild my body without the use of anabolic steroids? (I was 100% natural – no pro hormones, no TRT, not HRT in the 2012 pic and have the blood tests to prove it.)

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  • Azure

    i have joined, but cant read the article.

    • Danger & Play

      It’s coming soon.

  • Rai

    Dear D&P

    I admire your work, and came across the blog a while ago and think you are a straight shooter and a have a no b.s attitude.

    We need more people like you.

    However the recent New Years push to grow your mailing list fanbase. By referring to opening a “Black Book of secrets” you sell your self short.

    You know there is no secrets, everything requires the above skills, and balls which you neglect in the above post

    I understand its business.


    • Aaron

      If you understood it was business, why didn’t you just shut the fuck up?

      D&P offers his method of losing weight in return for a sign up to his list. He’s trying to build a greater reader base and you come off with a pussy-boy, know it all, head-up-your-ass remark. You walk into his domain and tell him how to run his shit?! LOL!

      I understand it’s just head up your ass syndrome.

      Regards motherfucker.

      • Danger & Play

        They always start with something like, “Great blog!” before sticking a knife in your back.

        Textbook gamma male behavior.

        • Aaron

          Your design is on a whole ‘nother lever from 6 months ago. Keep it up.

          • Danger & Play

            Thanks bro. I’ve been getting a ton of help and have been digging into this stuff to make D&P more professional. Looking to start doing my ebooks finally in 2014. “Something came up” in 2013 that basically took me off the shelf, but that issue seems mostly resolved.

  • Danos

    Does this mean more content in general? Look forward to reading more in the new year!

    • Danger & Play

      More content and more importantly – more content that others aren’t writing about.

  • RioNomad


    Looking forward to having another website besides Bold and Determined to get quality content from.

  • RioNomad


    Out of curiosity, what is your bf percent? I’m at 18ish percent and about 185/190lbs at 5 foot 10. With a v neck on girls are always grabbing my arms and even had a few ask me if I had a six pack. I was picking up this little Thai girl last night and pressing her over my head at the club. She ate that shit up. Kept rubbing my chest and asking me how I was so strong.

    I’m at a bit a of a dilemma though. Like I said, I’m 18ish percent BF, maybe even 20. I think I need to cut, but I don”t want to lose the look of being big and strong that I have right now. If I cut down to a six pack, I can imagine I’d be around 170lbs or less, so I won’t be looking so big anymore.

    Should I cut down to say 15% bodyfat so I’m quite a bit leaner than I am now, and then slow bulk to where I’ve got enough mass that I could cut to 10% and still be somewhat large?

    Or am I being a pussy and should I just bite the bullet, cut down t0 10%, and slowly work my way up to looking big at a lean weight?

    Thanks man.

    • Danger & Play

      I went crazy over the holidays and am too soft. Generally speaking I stay around 14%.

      If you did a cut, you’d look great with your shirt off and really small with your clothes on.

      You’re in that middle ground that I spoke of in my post, “From Fit to Big.”

      Don’t worry about cutting per se. Keep your body fat and check and train hard. Once you have some more size, get ripped. (In fact, I am going to get ripped in 2014 now that I have enough size.)

      • RioNomad

        Thanks bro, appreciate the advice!

        • Danger & Play

          I looked up your Facebook from the mail address you left in the comment.

          We have really similar genetics – scarily similar.

          So the advice I gave was the right one. Keep that body fat in check. If you’re getting too puffy, do a “mini cut.” That is, cut your kcals for around 4-6 weeks just to get your body fat in line.

          Keep it up and you’ll get where you want to be.

  • AKA

    Hey D+P. You mentioned in another post being lazy. T shots are being marketed as a magic energy booster. Did your energy level go up when you started doing testosterone?

    • Danger & Play

      It doesn’t mean low energy. Lazy in modern parlance means you don’t work like a slave for no reason, like a good little work horse.

      By that definition, I’m lazy.

      • AKA

        ok. But did you notice any meaningful changes in your energy level once you started T?

  • Gustav

    A fitness related question, you might be able to answer is:
    How the hell do I stop my knees from caving in? I am naturally a bit knock kneed, but my back squat always fuck up when I start putting weight on it. It’s almost embarrising, my squat is worse than my bench. I prefer to do ATG olympic squats, because of mobility and quads and I know that there is nothing wrong with my hips since my deadlift is almost double bodyweight (I am still quite the rookie trainee). Should I change to front squat so it’s harder to cheat on the lift or is there some magical way to cure my knee-problem?

    Good work on the blog and your posts by the way, I especially like your post on cooking for men.

    • Danger & Play

      Wrap a band around your legs, just above your knee. This will force your to keep your knees pointing outwards.

      Rehab bands like these work pretty good. Just make sure that you tie the knot tight so that the knot doesn’t come undone during your set.

      Start doing some glute activation work. This is a good video:

      • Gustav

        Thank you, this will probably help a lot.
        I might start doing a strongliftish weight progression on 5×5, banded. So I slowly build up the strenght in the part of my glue which is dysfunctional. Of course also activation exercises, maybe as part of a warm-up or just all the time at home. I will probably also do some squat mobilty exercises, like squat2stands with overhead reach. I don’t wanna be “that guy” though, the one who spends 30 minutes foam-rolling and prehabbing before going to work. But it’s better than having a pathetic squat, still.

  • Bodi

    Hi DaP. You hooked me good with your before/after pictures and I too wanted to know how you lost 80 pounds of fat and gained 30 pounds of muscle so I subscribed to the site! Are you planning to release a pdf or something regarding your transformation? Looking forward to reading it.


    • Danger & Play

      Working on it, bro. There are several projects in the works; stay tuned!

  • Tom

    I’m part way on the “fat to fit” journey you described. 9 months ago, I was 219 pounds @ 5’10”. Then I started eating clean, lifting, and running. I’ve lost 17 pounds (more if you consider that I’ve added a lot of muscle). I’ve lost three inches off my waist. However, try as hard as I might, I can’t lose the final 2 inches that I want to lose. My lifting routine follows your principles (I strongly suspect my personal trainer is either an acquaintance of yours or at least avails himself of the same sources of information you do, because his regimen is eerily similar to what you advocate). I run 1.5-3 miles 3x a week. I usually eat between 1700-1900 calories a day. Still, can’t shed the final pounds. Any suggestions? I’m 45 y.o.

  • Graham

    Have you released this information yet? A template would be great to follow to gain 30lbs of muscle and lose fat.

  • Jose L Romero

    signed up!