Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT)

What is testosterone replacement therapy (TRT)? What are the symptoms of low testosterone? Do I have “low t”? How do I find a doctor to put me on testosterone replacement therapy? What are the downsides or side effects of TRT? Is TRT dangerous? How do I know if I have low testosterone? (Also, check out our TRT podcast, where we answer questions that were posted in the comments. Chances are that any question you have has already been answered in the podcast)

[This is not medical advice. Always seek the advice and assistance of a qualified healthcare provider.]

Quick summary for the attention-deprived: A proper TRT dose should be approximately 125 mg of testosterone injected weekly, although 100 mg every 5 days is ideal. Blood levels on a proper TRT dose should put the patient on the high side of the normal range of natural testosterone levels. People have used TRT doses as high as 200 mg a week (supra-physiological levels) for several decades without experiencing any negative side effects. Your hair won’t fall out unless you’re genetically predisposed to hair loss. Yes, your body will stop producing its own testosterone. That’s why you shouldn’t use testosterone replacement therapy unless your natural levels are low and need replaced - get it?

Testosterone TRT

Although we supposedly live in an era where God is dead and science lives, most remain ignorant about the single most important hormone in the body. If Aristotle were around, he would call this hormone the sine qua non of masculinity. Without this drug, you are not a man. Indeed, women who want to “become” men inject this drug.

We are talking, of course, about testosterone.

Let’s get one thing out of the way. Testosterone boosters do not work. If testosterone boosters worked then the very people peddling them would not be on TRT. Test boosters are a scam that many (including myself) have fallen for. Consider it a rite of passage.

TRT is for big boys who can make big boy decisions – not for little kids looking to take a pill that will have magical effects.

Although I have been preaching the benefits of testosterone for almost 20 years, only recently has this hormone penetrated popular consciousness. You now see commercials warning men of low T.

There is one problem. One huge problem.

Chances are that you doctor does not know anything about testosterone. If you have any interest in getting on TRT, you have to educate yourself to avoid these common mistakes:

  1. Inadequate doses of testosterone are prescribed – usually 100 mg every two weeks.
  2. Injections are spaced too far apart. Idiot doctors often tell patients to inject every 2 weeks. This shows a gross incompetence and ignorance of a basic principle of pharmacology – namely half-life and peak blood levels.
  3. Large needles are given to patents. These needles create massive amounts of scar tissue in the muscle fibers.

What does “testosterone level” even mean?

Testosterone level refers to a scientific measurement. After blood is drawn from your arm, your blood is sent to a lab where it’s spun around in a machine until the testosterone floating around is measurable.

Check out Blood Work and TRT to learn how to get your testosterone level measured.

Although the scales vary, testosterone levels are generally in a range of around 225 to 1100 - that’s nano grams of testosterone per  deciliters of blood. The scale varies and as you see the range is wide.

(Aside: A lot of people try needing out and talk about the difference between free and total testosterone. Total testosterone is all of the testosterone in your body and free testosterone is the test available for your body to use. But. I’ve yet to learn of a person who had low total testosterone and also had high free testosterone, or a man or has had high total testosterone but low free testosterone.)

Now think about that scale for a minute and see if you can identify two fundamental problems.

What’s the problem with the scale used to evaluate low testosterone levels in men?

One, the scale isn’t age adjusted. Hence you could be 30 years old with testosterone levels of 300. That’s normal – for a 70 year old man. But isn’t a 30 year old with the levels of a 70 year old man running on empty?

Two, the scale is based on percentiles. Let’s say 225 ng/dl is the bottom 10th percentile and 1100 mg/dl is the top 10th percentile. At the 11th percentile, you’re normal. But that’s still significantly lower than what is nevertheless physiologically normal and attainable in 89% of other men. So aren’t you low even if you’re within range? Who wants to be a bottom of the barrel man?

Many doctors will refuse to prescribe their patients testosterone if they fall within range, i.e., if you’re 25 and have the test levels of an octogenarian, you’re perfectly healthy! Really!

How do I find out if I have low testosterone?

Get blood work done. Ask your doctor to get your labs done. You can also get labs done yourself. See, Blood Work and TRT.

Go to Private MD Labs by clicking here. Order the female hormone profile, which is cheaper than the male hormone profile. Use healthy12 (or Google for a current coupon code).

Your total cost should be $52 or so. Your lab work will give you your free and total testosterone levels, your estrogen levels, and some other stuff that I’m not going to get into.

Who is on TRT?

Vitor Belfort, Randy Couture, Joe Rogan, Dan Henderson, Frank Mir, and Chael Sonnen are admitted TRT users. Even the guy who sells Bulletproof Coffee and other overpriced nonsense  is on TRT. (Typical supplement salesperson: He sells one thing but gets his results from something altogether different.)

Pretty much every Hollywood actor and in fact any man who makes his living using his body is on TRT, although they can’t admit it because Midwestern sheep would be appalled to learn that people who get paid millions of dollars based on how they look and perform actually use drugs to improve their looks and performance.

Basically, everyone over 35 or 40 who is not a chump is on TRT. (Obviously everyone is overstating things. But past a certain age a man needs to keep an eye on his test levels. They do start declining and eventually tip you into “low T” territory.)

How do I get on TRT?

See a doctor who knows what he is doing. This eliminates 90% of physicians.

Even endocrinologists are pretty silly. A good friend of mine kept getting tested for brain tumors and shit. I laughed, told him he needed test, and his endo took weeks to get him on the right stuff.

If you’re going to go the prescription route (your only option if you live in the United States), go to an anti-aging clinic.

Doctors at anti-aging clinics actually know what they are doing. The downside is that anti-aging clinics charge a yearly fee that is formidable for some (usually around $500 or so a year).

You pay the fee, get a consultation and lab work done, and then get proper testosterone treatment.

If you have cash, just avoid the hassle of dealing with doctors. Go to an anti-aging clinic and pay out of pocket.

If you’re short on cash, go nag your doctor. Or if you live in a civilized country where testosterone is sold over the count, be your own doctor. ;)

Is TRT life changing?

Yes, just like the world is measured in BCE or BC, your life will be measured in Pre-TRT and Post-TRT. If you have already or ultimately get on TRT because of my writings, you should send me a major token of gratitude. I’m not even joking.

How much does it cost?

Costco is selling 10 ml vials of testosterone cypionate for around $75.

A vial of test cyp is going to have 200 mg of testosterone per ml/cc of product. At normal TRT doses, that’s 20 injections. (It’ll actually be closer to 18 or 19, as you lose a little bit of test that gets stuck in the syringe after each injection.)

A doctor’s visit is usually covered by insurance. Anti-aging clinics charge a membership fee ($400 or so per year).

Needles and other supplies are dirt cheap.

All in, TRT is going to cost $50-100 or so a month. It’ll cost more if you go to an anti-aging clinic and pay out of pocket. It will cost less if you go to a doctor and are covered by insurance.

What’s the best way to administer TRT? How much testosterone, how often, and what needles?

Blood levels of testosterone spike after a day or so and level off until declining after 7 days. To prevent highs-and-lows, it’s best to take an injection every 5-7 days. Many doctors will tell you otherwise.

When your doctor says something stupid, push back. Say, “When are peak levels of testosterone obtained? When do those values decline? My research suggests that after 7 days, testosterone levels fall off of a cliff. What does your research show.”

Smaller needles lead to less scar tissue buildup. A 25 gauge (refers to needle thickness; a larger gauge is a thinner needle and a smaller gauge is a thicker needle) needle works just fine. If injecting into the delt, a 5/8″ needle is long enough. If going into the glute, a longer needle is required. But not a thicker needle.

Will my balls shrink?

Testicular volume will generally decrease by around 25%. There are substances you can take to prevent this (HCG), but in truth you will find that the “ball shrink question” is a young man’s stupid question.

Past a certain point, gravity is going to take its toll on your scrotum. Those big balls that I was once so proud of started hanging down in an unaesthetic manner. They started getting in the way of riding a spin bike and they just flopped around during sex.

Smaller balls are more manageable.

Will I go bald?

From a TRT dose, you shouldn’t lose more hair than you’re already losing. (Even if you have a magnificent mane, you’re going to lose 50-100 hairs a day.)

 Is TRT cheating?

Whose rules are you following? If you want to be a slave, follow society’s rules. Go home and drink some brewskis and watch the game while father time takes a dump all over your head.

Is TRT steroids?

No, the difference between TRT and anabolic steroids, to borrow from Mark Twain, is the difference between the lightning bug and the lightning.

Even if I say yes, why care? Are you one of those people who gets wrapped up with labels. “Oh, I can’t do steroids. The media says that’s immoral and dangerous.” If so, kindly find another site to read; this isn’t the place for you.

Isn’t TRT just fake masculinity?

That question doesn’t make much sense. Are diabetics who inject insulin taking fake glucose disposal agents? If it works, there’s nothing fake about it.

Can’t I just raise my testosterone levels naturally?

Sure. Take that Vitamin D and eat those almonds and pop zinc tablets and do those heavy squats. Maybe it will work. Good luck.

Won’t I have to be on TRT for life?

Yes and no. Yes, that’s why you shouldn’t go on TRT unless you need to. A blood test costs $52. Don’t cheap out on your health.

No, you can go off of test, run some HCG and HMG, and  your body’s crappy natural levels of testosterone will return to the low levels that they were.

Does TRT make me sterile?

Many men have made the mistake of believing the hype. Those men are called fathers.

Even in the rare occasion with exogenous testosterone makes you sterile, there’s a simple solution. Go off, take some HCG or HMG, and have babies.

Final questions?

I’ll be happy to answer theoretical questions. However, remember these important points:

  • This is not medical advice. Seek out a qualified healthcare practitioner to get medical advice.
  • Specific questions about your situation will not be answered by me. Answering such questions would be illegal and unethical.

Take care. And remember, if you went on TRT because of me, email me and I’ll tell you where to send the check.

Learn more: Blood Work and TRT: What is my Testosterone Level?

  • Asf

    How long after you get on TRt according to your suggested regimen will you start to notice a difference?

    • Danger & Play

      One to three weeks.

  • JQ Public

    Good post. I am on the lower side of normal T levels. CAn’t remember the exact number now. I live in USA. Do you know if I can mail order the stuff from oversees?

    • Danger & Play

      The only way to legally obtain testosterone in the U.S. is through a doctor’s prescription.

  • BA

    Been on TRT and HCG for about 18 months. I inject sub-Q in my abdomen twice a week. I first went to an anti-aging clinic then found a family practice doc that understands. It has made a tremendous improvement in my over all well-being. If you’re 30 or over, follow D&P’s advice and get tested.

    • Danger & Play

      How do you like the sub-Q injects? Are you using insulin syringes that you back fill?

      • BA

        Sub-Q works great for me. Pull together some skin over my belly and inject. The anti-aging clinic showed me that way and I didn’t find out about intramuscular until later, so that what I stayed with. My current doc says the sub-Q twice a week is better because my T levels stay more consistent. I use a 25 ga needle to inject 1/2cc, was uncomfortable at first but I get more pain in the weight room.

        I use an insulin syringe for the HCG. The T is too thick for that small a needle while the HCG is like water.

        • Danger & Play

          Cool, thanks. Quite a few guys do daily injects to test prop to keep levels totally stable. Works for them but seems like overkill.

          If you get tired of using a 25 gauge needle: It’s possible to use an insulin syringe by applying the Ulter Slin Pin Method. Here’s a YouTube video demonstrating it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=noNCMN-RYtc

  • http://www.gll-getalife.com Good Looking Loser

    Good writeup – and good job anticipating the ignorant questions, “isn’t this cheating” “if steroids is bad and trt is steroids is trt bad”.

    For 7 years I’m used a doctor prescribed 200-250mg every 9-10 days as well as 250ius of HCG every 2 to 4 days. I’m generally at about 1000ng/dl. and all my other blood work is fine if not optimal.

    • Danger & Play

      Thanks man.

      • T and A man

        I’ll respond here.

        I was previously under the impression that dosage was best served at say 200-250mL every 12 days, the half life, for a smootch cycle.

        It looks like your adice is half the dose at twice the frequency. Have i summised that correctly? If so, is it a personal experience, or a common observation amongst many TRT exponents.

        Secondly, if one ever wants to go back the their own natural production, can they be on TRT for a lengthy amount of time, says 4-5 years, or do they need to keep cycling every 14-18 weeks to reignite their own production?

  • Been There, DONE THAT

    I will not denigrate those who need TRT. But I will WARN those who think they need it. I tried it for awhile. It helped, but it was expensive. And yes, my balls did shrink. That stopped me from doing it. The reason your balls shrink is because your body is telling your balls that there is enough testosterone in your body already (due to the TRT) so your balls quit producing testosterone. Or at least slow down. You become PERMANENTLY hooked on TRT, as your body shuts down production. So I researched the net and found how to force my body to increase production of testosterone. And it worked. It is not hard to find on the net. Heavy exercise. Wind sprints. Diet. Zinc, etc. Anybody who says that you cannot raise your own testosterone is an idiot, or a liar. Or too lazy to do it the right way. I’m not trying to shit stir. Sure, some might not be able to raise it naturally. But you have to try. The detriment is you have lost nothing. The benefit is you do not get hooked on TRT PERMANENTLY.

    • Danger & Play

      Damn bro, did you even read my post?

      1. It’s not expensive. Even in college I could afford $50 to $100 a mouth.

      2. You don’t have to stay on permanently. There’s triptorelin, HMG, and HCG that will kick start the body’s natural production.

      I am all for dissent, but it sounds like you didn’t even read the post before throwing around the ALL CAPS and talking about “liars” and “idiots” and being “lazy.”

    • asf

      What were your:

      a) pre-TRT test levels
      b) post-TRT test levels
      c) after stopping TRT, what were your test levels after 1-3 months of your exercise regimen?

  • http://yousowould.wordpress.com YouSoWould

    Some relatively decent advice, with a few gaps (debunking gels & creams/the use aromatase inhibitors/self-administration to name a few), but delivered in your usual douchebag frat-boy jock manner.

    If you’re looking to help the majority of men, rather than just posturing about how wonderful you are for talking about TRT, you’d be better off presenting your information in a manner that the average person can relate to more easily.

    • Danger & Play

      I banned you from commenting. Now you’re back. Go stalk someone else, bro.

    • Aaron

      This article is as easy to read as it gets.

      Keep up the good shit D&P.

      Why haven’t you added an archive page for mobile? Come on man.

    • dan

      Are u just retarded then?

  • http://30daystox.com XDays

    Is testosterone cream any good?

    • Danger & Play

      The cream has many downsides.

      1. Since it has to absorb through the skin, it provides an uneven dose of testosterone. You know how your skin is drier some days and sucks in lotion where as other days lotion lingers? Same principle.

      2. It has to be applied daily.

      3. It takes hours to absorb. Until it absorbs:

      3a. You can’t touch a baby with the cream. There have been many reported cases of premature puberty occurring after children were held by fathers who had used testosterone gel. CHeck out “Central precocious puberty after interpersonal transfer of testosterone gel: just a coincidence?” http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/23155706 (“We report on a 5-year-old boy who developed central precocious puberty after long-term (starting prenatally) exposure to testosterone through interpersonal transfer of T gel used by his father.”)

      3b. You can’t touch your girlfriend because she absorbs the test and will start having side effects associated with androgen use (facial hair, deeper voice, even potentially grow an adam’s apple).

      There are probably other reasons, but those are more than enough to make the testosterone cream and gel bad mojo.

      • http://30daystox.com XDays

        Thanks for the heads up, also I shot you an email.

  • Frank

    Do you really think T boosters don’t work? Or is it just the case that they don’t work because in comparison to actual TRT they are not nearly as effective but just as costly?

    • Danger & Play

      It’s not about thinking, it’s about knowing. They don’t work. Here’s a question: Why are supplement company owners on TRT if the test boosters they sold effective?

      And of course it would be easy to prove that test boosters work. Just have people come in, take their t levels, give them pills, monitor for compliance, and then check their levels again after 3 and then 6 weeks. It wouldn’t be expensive to design a non-placebo controlled study.

      Easy, right?

      So why don’t we have a stack of blood work showing how effective these test boosters are? To ask the question is to answer it.

    • dan williams

      Jesus are you kidding me? No, boosters do not work at all. Ive never tried but thats because im not retarded enough to think they would be any different than any other bullshit scam you can find at your gnc. Dont go saying im mad or butthurt, I just cant believe how gullible some of you, all, most nerds, idiots, to believe in those supplements are. protein powder and thats about it, that works and does what its supposed to. Im 40 years old, been on trt for a year, been lifting for 25 years and i am now 210 lbs. and bench 365, i can bench 225 26 times. I had really low (195) test levels. Im taking 200ml twice a week. thats the best way for me. Ya gotta space it out, half life of this trt is too short. Im horny as hell all the time now :) Ive never been able to bench 315 in my life, so, it works. I can deadlift and squat a shit ton too. Anyway, to all the non believers of trt, get checked, raise your levels, increase your sex drive, bone density, mental health and awarness and sorry for all the guys out there that’ll never get anywhere because they just are too dang clueless.

      • AKA

        I agree. One thing tho. Lots of people have vitamin D deficiency. Vit D has everything to do with energy levels and focus. Take 5000-6000 IU Vitamin D daily to see if your situation improves if you are worried about doing T.

  • ASF

    I think I have the explanation for why I feel so blah, cannot concentrate, and a whole host of other motivational problems.

    My t-levels, straight from my endocrinologist:

    Total testosterone 290 (ref 262 – 1593)
    Free testosterone 6.0 (ref 7.4 – 22.6)

    Fucking hell. I have the t-levels of some septuagenarian and I’m 40. I guess I’ll just do some wind sprints guys!

    • Danger & Play

      Ouch. I hope you’re getting the treatment you need.

    • BA

      My levels were similar. And I had a hard time focusing, tired all the time, and moody as fuck.

      No more.

  • Been There, DONE THAT

    “Can’t I just raise my testosterone levels naturally? Sure. Take that Vitamin D and eat those almonds and pop zinc tablets and do those heavy squats. Maybe it will work. Good luck.” Yes, you can. You don’t need TRT if you just put a little effort into doing those things. No “luck” involved. Why are trying to mislead people?

    • derthal

      I agree. A quick fix is not a good fix.

    • Danger & Play

      I am secretly an agent of Big Pharma and my mission is to get the world addicted to dangerous testosterone medications.

      You have an angry tone about you. Did you know that testosterone does not make men moody? It eases the edges.

      Moodiness comes from too much estrogen circulating in the bloodstream.

      Get that checked out.

      • David T

        Right on the mark. Had all the symptoms, started at 40ish, didn’t get it checked until I was 52. I was off the chart moody and angry, helped ruin my marriage. Once I got on the TRT within a week it was like, I’m normal again.

        This calming confidence just took over and I’ve been even keel ever since.

        In addition, like the comment above. been running/lifting since senior in high school. Since 40ish my strength, stamina, endurance all fading until I got on the TRT. They all improved, like I was a young buck again!

        I’m normal and like you stated above I knew as the years were passing I was becoming less and less a man. I know, whatever it takes, i’ll never go back to how it was in those dark years again! If I have to go off the TRT my life is effectively over.

  • Michael

    First off, great post. I was confused about TRT. I really like how you laid out how the doctors are clueless and provided a solution via an anti aging clinic. In my experience with low test, general practitioners are utterly clueless.

    I would like to explain my testosterone booster experience. I am 58 with a level of 498 total. I began a year and a half ago at 287 total. I was able to boost it to 498 by weights, cycling boosters (about 9 of them, one type a day), a blakoe ring, and weights. As you can see, I worked my ass off for it, and I did get a nice bump. The supplements run me about $35 to 50 a week. But, I leveled off within six months and cannot break the 500 plateau. Bummer. I am going in for a blood test tomorrow. If I am still in the low 500′s I am definitely looking at TRT and an anti aging clinic.

    I would love to hear anybody’s results with TRT.

    Thanks again Danger!

    • Danger & Play

      It’s great that you brought it up, and although my post was flip, yes it’s possible to naturally raise it.


      You did everything right, and yet your levels are still below average. 500 is OK and not cause for alarm, but that’s still slightly below average.

      I don’t like being average. ;)

  • reaper23

    I’d say your estimate of $50 to $100 is even high for those who can get a Dr. to treat them.

    My insurance covers my endo appt – copay $40 / six months
    CVS 10ML bottle – $100 / six months

    $280 per year

    • Danger & Play

      Yessir. I used a high estimate just because I’m tired of guys saying it’s expensive.

      If you’re a man old enough to be on TRT and can’t afford $50-100 a month, please get your life in order.

  • anon1

    Interesting, i’m in my mid 20s but still thinking of having my testosterone profile checked out.

    So you’re saying that knowing when to start is the main issue, because you’ll basically be replacing wholesale between old balls mcgee and the injections right?

    my question is when [age wise] is the best time to go on to it?

    and secondly, as i am still a young’in what are the best ‘natural testosterone’ buildings methods i can do?

    i know it wont be anywhere near actually just getting the injections but i’m not at that point yet.

    your thoughts?

  • Middle-Age Male

    Am currently on TRT with the pellets in my ass. Started out injecting 1 time a week and did not notice any benefits. After 6 weeks on the pellets, I am sorry I had them. Level at 1078 but had cellulitis and took a very powerful antibiotic for 6 days which made me feel like shit. Have a bit more energy but sex drive is no better than when it was 460. Sperm and semen production dropped significantly and my testicles ache after ejaculation.

    One thing is is that someone with a level of 400 can be fine. The range is pretty wide and everyone’s level is different. I feel no different at 1078 except for those things mentioned than I did at 460. If you think it’s for you, give it a shot.

    The pellets were 600.00 and can last anywhere from 3 to 6 months and averages about 4 to 5.

    • Danger & Play

      Are you using HCG?

      • Middle-Age Male


        • Danger & Play

          Talk to your doctor about it and look into it for yourself.

  • Englishdave

    I think it’s also worth noting that splitting your weekly dosage (2 50-75mcg shots per week) creates much more stable blood levels. Even with a longer ester like enanthate or cyphonate blood levels appear to peak after 4-5 days after administration. Plus you also limit estrogen conversion. What are your thoughts on small amounts of additional compounds. Though strictly not trt it seems that say adding trenbalone enanthate at 100mcg per week doesn’t seem to negatively affect blood profiles

    • Danger & Play

      Testerone + masteron = ultimate TRT. Masteron is anabolic in its own right and also an anti-aromatization compound.

  • Carlo

    Thanks for the enlightening and informative article.

    First, I’m 55 and have been on TRT injections for about 6 months (although I missed two months due to health reasons). My levels were in the mid-200s. I was surprised to see I’ve been prescribed it incorrectly, according to your article. My doctor prescribes me 200mg every two weeks. He might go up to 250 if my bloodwork showed I needed more, but now you say that even his concept of what might be “normal” level may be off. Question: Should I start splitting my injections into half doses every week for the time being?

    Second, I’ve noticed having a hard time shedding fat and my man-boobs are growing. You briefly discuss using triptorelin, HMG or HCG if I were to stop TRT, but can I also take one of them in conjunction with TRT to help temper the gynocomastia effects?


    • Danger & Play

      Is it true gyno (as in fatty deposits under the nipples) or is it just an increase in sag caused by aging skin and excess body fat?

      At TRT does, gyno shouldn’t be a problem. Is your doctor testing your estrogen levels when doing blood work? Ask him for your full lab work and check out what your estrogen level is.

  • ste from the uk

    Awesome write up. Ive just had my blood tests done today so awaiting the results.
    Im 38 years old and live in England. If my results come back low and if my doctor agrees to put me on trt to the dose you say and inject once a week, can you tell me in order anything else i need to do in future….
    How often do i need to get blood work done when im on trt?
    Do i need to take anything else for my liver?? Ive read it can enlarge the liver is that correct??
    Also do you reccomend anything else to take to keep healthy when on the trt?

  • Flroy1981

    Great info here! I’m 33 yrs old. I got blood done a month ago and I’m at 148ng/dl. I have to go in for 200mg injection once a month for 3 months then she will test levels again. She won’t test estrogen nor let me inject at home. She doesn’t want to hear about AI’s either. I live in a rural area so I don’t have many docs to choose from. Do you think Anti Aging clinics would accept my blood work from my doc so I don’t have to drive across my state to see them?

    • Danger & Play

      She’s an idiot, bro. Sorry to say that but that’s the raw truth. Your testosterone blood levels will spoke and then plummet in between injections. You’ll be moody and irritable.

      Please find a competent medical professional.

  • http://spm Stephen Mott

    Can you give me names of AI clinics that charge $50- 100 a month? I’ve been researching for a few weeks now and the cheapest I’ve been able to find is around $200. I appreciate the help, and btw great article.

    • Danger & Play

      I don’t know where you live.

      Beverly Hills only (well, that’s not cheap but that’s 90210 zip code, ya know?) charges $800 a year + whatever the costs of supplies.

  • tRr


    If you have low T and want to do a BB steroid cycle, is there should you get your levels in the normal range first?

    Is there anything I’m missing if you cycle with low T?

    • Danger & Play

      If you have low T and can’t raise it naturally (eating more dietary fats, eating fewer cards; taking zinc, magnesium, and Vitamin D; lifting heavy), then you should consult with your doctor about TRT.


    Great thread!

    I started TRT 5 weeks ago. I’m 46 and my level was at 203. I live in Phoenix and I went to a local clinic that specializes in TRT (Ageless Male). Prior to starting treatment I was moody, tired and had really started gaining weight around my stomach. I workout regularly (4-5 week) and I just didn’t feel right. I went through some basic tests and lab work and started TRT at 150 mg/week and 1/2 tablet of Arimidex twice per week. I stayed with this protocol for the first month and then had labs done again. My level at the end of the first month was 948 which is “a little high” according to my doc. My clinic does labs at the end of every month. At week 4 I was given the option of adding bi-weekly injections of HCG which I elected to do. My doc lowered my weekly injection to 130 mg and decreased my HCG to 1/4 tablets twice a week. I feel much better and I’m really glad I decided to start the treatment.


    I’m sure this can be done cheaper but this is how my costs breakdown. If I use my insurance (UHC) I pay $80 per week which includes testosterone, Arimidex, and HCG. If I pay cash I can get the same treatment for $50 per week. While I realize this can be done cheaper via a compound pharmacy or “mail order” I really like the staff at the clinic and I like the comfort of having monthly labs.


    • Danger & Play

      Cool, man. Thanks for sharing your real world experience. Sounds like it’s working out well for you!

  • Chris

    Im 43 yrs old and weigh 225 pounds. Had my blood work done last sept and my T level was 152. Doc gave me 400mg shot and put me on androgel, 4 pumps daily. After a couple months, sex drive and appetite through the roof but the androgel was a pain in the ass to use every day. Asked my doc to prescribe injections but he said no. Had my blood work done again after 4 months of androgel and T levels came in at 223…got referred to a sports nutrition doc who prescribed me Testosterone cypionate 200mg per week and anastrozole 1mg every other day. Says should take me to high normal. A little surprised my t level was only 223 after using androgel. Should I split up the dose at 100mg every 4 days or continue with once a week? Plan on doing this permanently so hopefully doss is not too high. Only on week 2 of thus treatment so have another couple months til blood test. Costco only gives me 4 1ml bottles per month due to insurance regulations which is fine… Costs me $37 for everything to get started…

    • Danger & Play

      We answer that and more in our next podcast. We’ll drop it in a week or so at:


  • SunDance


    I commented before here discussing test boosting supplements and my luck with them. Well fuck it, I found an anti aging doctor and had 1500 mg of test installed in my backside 4 weeks ago and a prescription for Arimidex, no luck on the HCG. I paid cash since my primary doctor is clueless. Fuck head, I am so firing him.

    Starting to see some amazing stuff happening; all still small, but significant. Lean mass gains, fat mass loss, ED decreasing, libido increasing, energy increasing, lift strength increasing, zest for life keeps rising. Every week is like Xmas with new test effects coming on stronger. Blood test next week which the insurance does pay for.

    Any older gents (over 4o) on the fence, jump in, the water is better than warm and the women, sex, and life is amazing.

    Where do I send your check?

    • Danger & Play

      That’s great. You’re going to love our next podcast, which will cover advanced TRT.

  • Ron Jackson

    Hi just started to receive injections about 7 weeks ago I have noticed some difference but minimal. I was supposed to be taking the hcg at the same time but i did not have the money to do both at the time i started but the clinic where i go just reduced the price to where its only 40 bucks a month i hope i start to notice a difference with the hcg and the injections. Regardless, i”m in it for the long haul.

    • Danger & Play

      Get blood work measured. Find out what your testosterone levels are. Take the subjective element out of it.

      • ron

        my levels were 335 at the start of me getting treatment, i go in about three days to do a follow up and get my levels checked again.

  • TRP

    Thanks for the post. Very easy to read, and straight forward. I went through to doctors before I found one that kind of understood. My current doc just upped my dose to 300mg every 2 weeks from 200mg. My T level was at 540 (200mg).
    These shots have greatly improved my rheumatoid arthritis symptoms, among many others. — here’s my question that’s going to sound stupid. If 300 mg injected once every two weeks can get me a level of a round 800, can 150 mg every week get me T levels close to 1200? 1200 is where I want to be. Thanks.

    • Danger & Play

      That’s a good question. It’s answered in our next podcast. The podcast will likely drop this Friday. Stay tuned! ; )

  • testo

    Hey man,

    Which dosage (mg/wk) is the borderline between replacement and enhancement for most people?
    Also, there’s controversy about aromatization in muscle and fat tissues, hence SQ and IM injections. How would you compare the two?

    • Danger & Play

      100 mg for some might be enough, others might need 200.

      There’s “controversy” online among guys who do not take an analytic approach to this stuff.

      If you take a SQ injection and your labs show that your estrogen levels are within range, then there is no controversy. Yes?

      I keep beating the same drum and repeating myself. Blood work, blood work, blood work.

      If you don’t have blood work, you are guessing. If guys online are talking about estrogen levels and not mentioning blood work, then they are frauds and charlatans and keyboard pretenders.

      • testo

        You make an assumption that SQ vs IM results depend on individuals.
        Are there grounds for this, something in the way of studies of systematic differences (or lack thereof) between the two delivery modes?

        All bottles says ‘IM only,’ perhaps for a reason…

        • Danger & Play

          Why ask me questions and then pester me with passive aggressive comments? Go troll somewhere else, man.

  • Anofuctus

    A very good article. Google has the best search engine which lead me to this site.
    My question to Google: Will 1,500mg. of testosterone a month eventually kill me? Funny huh? lol
    I began using/taking anabolic steroids on Jan. 6, 2006. I remember filling up the very first syringe for my first injection. No nervousness at all because I decided on that day this is going to be for life so put that nervousness away. Around this same time, I had to go to the hospital for a BPH.exam and blood drawing. The BPH had been going on way before my AAS usage. A month later I went in to see an urologist to discuss the results. As the urologist was going over the results he saw my blood test results and this fucker went spastic on me after he told me that my test level was >1,500ng/dl. and that I was taking steroids. He then proceeded to lecture me about the dangers of using steroids and sharing needles with my buddies in the locker.room. He proposed that I allow the test level to drop, come in for a blood test, get measured, and then come back and see him to be put on TRT which he considered safer than the locker room.. I never felt so miserable and depressed in all my life during the time the test was getting lower and lower.
    I stayed intoxicated most of the time which help a bit. Test level dropped to 223ng/dl. and he was pleased. I felt like pure hell.
    He scheduled the appointment for my first injection a few days later. 300mg/ml every two weeks! WTH? A drop in the bucket! I went along for 2 months until I saw another doctor and persuaded him to allow me to do home injections that way I wouldn’t have to have blood drawn every two weeks. I went back to injecting my own stuff and kept the TRT stuff which I have 12 unused vials left. I hope I’m not boring you guys.
    Everything was going OK. I’m getting my vials and syringes via courier to my home and I’m feeling great. About 10 days ago, my PCP calls me and tells me that I’ve been suspended from TRT until I have blood work done! She told me that it was ordered by the urologist and the endocrinologist agreed. I guess this asshole had nothing else better to do then to look over patients records on his computer and he saw that my test level too high to be on the prescribed
    dose of 300mg. every 2 weeks. Since 2009, I’ve always kept test at >1,500ng/dl every month and then by the end of the month it’s around 650ng/dl. I guess this urologist and endo doc wanted it at 300ng/dl. I’ve decided to go in on March 3rd for the blood drawing and when I have to come into see the urologist and endocrinologist I simply won’t go to see them. I don’t need another lecture.
    I cannot believe these two clowns are making such a big issue out of this. It’s my life and I will not kowtow to them. I just hope that these 2 assholes will not try to suspend my other hospital privileges as well. By the way fellas, that BPH I wrote about above, it’s no longer present thanks to my high dosing of Test E and my balls are still intact..

    • testo

      Do you trust your ‘other sources’ sell you the pharma grade T, not motor oil?

      Plan to stay on 300mg/wk in the future? Any sides you’ve seen from that?

  • pm

    Almost every test boosters dont work. The only one I know who does work is indonesian tongkat ali root extract. Indonesian not malaysian. Be sure to take the 1:200 dose. It is working as long as you take it, but you have to cycle it. I know it works, my testicules and penis are larger from using it and I have higher testosterone, no doubt about it.

    • bbb1129

      great article. thank you!

      i’m 31 and have been on TRT for one year. currently working with an AI clinic because my primary doc is clueless. however, the costs are getting to be too much and this is something my insurance should be paying. i’m about to begin interviewing specialized doctors for treatment but not sure if i should start with endo’s or urologists. what do you recommend?

      • Anofuctus

        I see an urologist and an endocrinologist and they are clueless as hell when it comes to testosterone levels in men. They want my test level at 300ng/dl. for my age. I’m 58 years old. I keep my test level between 1,000-1,500ng/dl. every month and these two fucking doctors don’t like it If you can get your insurance to pay it good luck to you. If not, I would go online and buy my stuff which I did because I no longer receive TRT because the doctors.kicked me off TRT. Anyway I’m glad that the TRT is over and don’t have to worry about lowering my testosterone to 250-300ng/dl every to stay on the program. A random blood gave my steroid usage away. Why don’t you go to an anti-aging clinic where the doctors and personnel know exactly what they are doing instead of an urologist and endocrinologist that don’t know jack shit about testosterone replacement.

        • bbb1129

          thanks for the response.!

          i’m currently working with an anti-aging clinic who knows their stuff but i’m shelling out hunders a month, thousands a year.
          seeing how i legitimately need TRT i feel i should be able to legitimately get it through my insurance but i’m finding that most docs are clueless.
          if you had to pick between a urologist and an endocrinologist who would you say would be more inclined to have a clue?

          • Danger & Play

            An endo. Also, go on Yelp. Search for TRT or testosterone. See which docs in your area pop up.

            That or charge your TRT “to the game.” Whatever. It’s not free. But the extra vitality it gives you should pay for itself 10x over.

          • Anofuctus

            I used see an endocrinologist and an urologist; not anymore
            These two guys have no idea about where my testosterone levels should be at my present age of 58.
            I was receiving my Test and syringes thru the VAMC, but no longer because both doctors have stopped my mailings because one of them had to have looked at all of my blood test results then suspected me of using steroids and want me to come in for a blood test to confirm their suspicions. I’ll go in one day next week and get this over with.
            If I had my choice, I’d rather go to an anti-aging clinic where the doctors know what they are doing.

  • Benjamin

    I am 18 and have a total testosterone of 295ng/dl, my prolactin levels are above the normal range, Should I aim to lower my prolactin levels to raise my testosterone levels or would TRT be best course of action

    • Danger & Play

      Buddy, 18 is a young young man. I would try raising my levels naturally. Have you done everything possible to raise your testosterone levels using natural means such as:

      heavy lifting
      lower carbohydrates
      no processed foods
      vitamin d
      zinc and magnesium
      lots of saturated fats (eggs, beef)
      lots of other dietary fats (olive oil, nuts, etc.)


      You are 18 and should view TRT as a last resort.

      • Benjamin

        Yeah TRT would not be my first choice considering I’m only 18, but yes I’ve tried everything naturally, I go to the gym 5 times a week, 3400kcal a day, 90-100g fat, at least 35g saturated fats, I take zma, multivitamins etc diet is virtually 100% clean, generally sleep is 8+ hours. I wouldn’t mind the slow muscle gains, but the symptoms of low test are just too much, especially since I am 18. Would going on TRT really be that bad at my age, I know it’s not at all optimum

        • Danger & Play

          Damn bro I am legitimately sorry to hear that. Are you seeing an endocrinologist?

          • Benjamin

            Thanks and yeah im seeing one at the end of March, just trying to find out as much as I can atm, I hear its hard finding a doctor who knows a lot about low T and considering im only 18 I cant imagine the doctor taking me seriously or doing a lot about it, id hate to end up on androgel :/

          • Lazy

            High prolactine levels lead to low testostreone levels. In men high prolactine levels are often caused due to a tumore in your pituitary gland, so please check via mri scan.

    • Anofuctus

      You’re too young for TRT gels, patches. Do you want your natural test to be shutdown for life? Using test at your age may affect your sperm count. Just speculation, but I know it will shrink your balls because I don’t have any. I was too late in getting to the HCG!
      You might want to type into your search bar: “How do I lower prolactin and raise my testosterone naturally?” There you will find your answers.

    • Danger & Play

      By the way, Cabaser lowers prolactin. See if you can get some from your doctor.

  • edward John

    I have all the symptoms of low t times 10.
    I had blood work done and my vitamin d was low.
    And My testosterone level was at 80!!!
    My dr prescribe 200mg every two weeks and insists on holding my medication and administering himself so there is now no way I can take more.
    Is this enough? Sounds like I should be on double that our art get the it every week.
    I need some info to bring him in two weeks at my next shot so I can get him to give me more if the 200mg every 2 wks is too low.

    I don’t want to put my liver through this and not even get the proper results and still feel like a useless human being.


    • Danger & Play

      Check out our podcast where we answer that question and more: http://s6889.p20.sites.pressdns.com/2014/02/24/testosterone-replacement-therapy-trt-podcast/

    • Anofuctus

      It’s always the universal fear that steroids will either destroy your heart and arteries and steroids will ruin your liver. Like the other poster replied, “My life would be eventually over if I were to stop taking steroids” It is my panacea and I’ll never stop using them. I use steroids with my health and life first and foremost. I take plenty of supplements, very little prescription medicines, I exercise 3-4 times a week and I make sure that I take liver protectants daily.

  • Frank Phillips

    I am 52 and have been on shots- 300mg every two weeks- for eight months.Last time I was checked total test was 400 10 days after shot. I went on TRT due to fatigue- feeling drained, kind of like coming down with the flu for most of the day. Dr ran numerous tests, but nothing was abnormal. After about four months on the shots I started to sleep better than I had in years and I would say my fatigue has gone from bad to better, but still do not feel great.

    I will be going on self administered shots and I wondering if I should seek a increase in the dosage. Current dosage would equal 150 a week and an wondering if I should ask the Dr if i can go to 200 a week. Considering the limited information I have provided, do you think that is a high dosage for someone looking to alleviate fatigue symptoms? I am concerned my Dr. may start to think I am looking for athletic gains as he knows I lift.

    Thank you for your time,

    • Anofuctus

      If you know exactly what you are doing and comfortable about self-administration of your TRT then more power to you Frank.. 800mg. looks good to me. I take 1,500mg a month in a single dose.
      I don’t like injecting no more than once month.week and I very great. Good luck to you.

    • AKA

      You are describing my situation to a T, except I have not started any HRT therapy yet.. I am tired all of the time, no matter how much sleep I get. I have seen sleep doctors, and many others. THey just tell me to excersize more. FUck that. I am in very good shape. I had some lab work done by a general practitioner and have a follow up appointment next week. If you would, post back here with what course of action you are taking.

      Personally, if I do not get relief from this MD, I am going to do what D+P suggested in his podcast, take a vacation to Las VEgas and see an anti-aging clinic.

    • Danger & Play

      Have you listened to our podcast? We discuss those questions and many more:


  • trenbrah

    Lifestyle Stack:

    200 to 300mg Any type of test every 5 days
    4iu GH PHARM GRADE (2am/2pm)
    50 to 100mcg T4 every am
    250iu HCG every 3 days
    700 to 900mg Equipose Mon/Wed/Fri (Add this for Vegas pool party season if you want. Your skin shrink wraps around the muscle, you get the cupped delts, better stamina and that overall animal look. I recommend taking 5htp and GABA with this if you are prone to anxiety.)
    If an AI is needed, use Aromasin. It is the most healthy AI out there.

    There you have it, the ultimate lifestyle stack. Fuck going to the doctor and them giving you 150mg of test every two weeks. Become your own doctor like Mike says all the time. Screw you guys who say injecting sucks. Its just like brushing your teeth, prob takes even less time. Awesome site.

    • Jamie

      My Anti Ageing Clinic Prescribes 400 MG a week of test 200 mg deca a week HCG 250 IU twice a week 2IU of Sermorelin a day I could get the HGH prescribed as well but it’s very expensive and they only prescribe 1 IU a day so I get Pfizer Genotropin from a mother who has a son that’s a dwarf. Do you take the EQ year round?

  • Enrique

    Does TRT works for a 67 years old ectomorph? My total testosterone is 469 ng/dl.

  • Mike Wilson

    Wow! my second comment and first after reading all of your comments section. wide range of viewpoints out there. you definitely are spending some serious time responding, thanks. btw, 4 year trt user and you are right about pre trt life and post trt life, would rather have a bullet in my head than go back, go get ‘em D@P!

  • Orah

    Great article! I was wondering if anyone can comment on the “highs and lows” of TRT. I just started TRT after visiting my doctor for a host of symptoms. My T level was around 180 (yikes) and that was in the morning. The doc has started me on 200mg every two weeks. My first shot was Friday.

    I’ve been reading about highs and lows and that many seems to find weekly better than every two weeks. What should I look out for and what do the “lows” feel like? I may or may not experience this but it’s peaked my curiosity.

  • Kosta Kostou

    Hi guys, wonderful info and thanks for sharing all your experience! After being almost convinced myself with all symptoms described that I got low T levels as D&P say-blood test! Tomorrow I am going for one to see what is going on… I got a question if you don’t mind,someone if can advice from his experience I need an answer please,as I am 35 years old and still looking forward for our first baby with my wife,but something is not happening lately….few years ago unfortunately she had to do an abortion,so I am sure I could make babies then..but the question is – will increasing my Test levels vie administration of Test will help me do generation and is that dangerous?? For the child?
    Anyone who did children while on TRT?!
    Thank you guys and to D&P for the useful info also!

    • Danger & Play
      • Kosta Kostou

        Hi again,thank you guys,very informative podcast!
        Got the test from Lab it shows 460,but I noticed that it is made by ECLIA method for which I found out that usually gives increased numbers,so it my level might be easily even lower… And all this is after I unintentionally was doing everything almost to naturally increased my levels-Tribulus and ZMA I am taking from few months at least, changed my lifting routine to verry heavy-HIT training, vitamins and minerals are not an issue,even I was doing 1-2 times wind sprints per week for a month or so……
        So the numbers of Labs are after all this! So I am really impatient to make a kid finally and the only concern will be after where to find cheep supply of Test,coz in the country I live here are all idiots! :-) The symptoms for low Test are so shit after I realize it! Poor wife she is getting my depression and anger on her head sometimes…Fuck that…
        However guys,thanks again for opening my eyes…
        Just one more question,may be you touched it in the podcast but I just don’t remember it- if I go on TRT …for life,and keep my levels in upper border via whatever quantity per week it is needed-will I experience side effects from the administering Test mostly- higher estrogen lets say(mine is in check now) , in case I keep the levels in just the best possible upper borders or this is natural for the body and as long you are not going over ( as bodybuilding cycles) everything is fine? What do you think guys?
        Thanks again..
        Regards from Cyprus!

        • Danger & Play

          Estrogen is generally not an issue while on TRT doses, although lab work should always be done.

  • Jon

    I loved reading your page, managed to get my doctor to prescribe 100 every 5 days of Depo Tesosterone after hitting him with the information that I found here., would like some more info on email please..

    • Danger & Play

      That’s great to hear.

      • jon9972

        I would like to find out more information that the Doctors in my area will not release.. As a child I had a head injury and pituitary gland damage and this caused very low testosterone. , was just trying to find the results , I am I think.. 03 or. 3 where the low should not be below. 9. Or.. 09

        . I never entered puberty as a normal boy and did not start shaving until 30 and then only once every two weeks,even now ten years on I shave once a week, have very little body or pubic hair and what I have is similar to when I was eleven years old. The hair on my head grows quickly but this runs in the family.

        Although all my features are very manly, I have noticed that since taking testosterone I feel great, I feel alive and so confident. I am a different person. For a long time I have suffered severe pains in my joints and was given high doses of tramadol to suppress the pain. And diclofenac. All of those pains have gone. No one ever wanted to prescribe any meds as when I had the head injury I had some bad ceasures for a few months.

        Have been prescribed 100mg of testosterone every five days. If I doubled the dose how much if any damage could it do, also when I have another blood test in three months time would it cause elevated readings and as a result the doc would then reduce the dosage on my script.. If I do go ahead and double my dosage how soon should I stop before the next blood test so the results are not affected..

        I have a little bit of groin soreness and some spots on my shoulders, but don’t know what is causing this. Not sure if to speak to the doc in case he reduces the dosage or takes me off the Testosterone

        The wife is with me on the double dosage as she likes the feeling of being prodded in the back every morning.


  • Danny Gonzalez

    Great write up guys and thanks for the information that a lot of us need. I found your site through Google and heard the Podcast on TRT. I was one of those guys that had to come off TRT because my Hemoglobin and Red Blood Cell count would not go down no matter what I did. It got to the point where I was donating every 2 weeks just to keep it from skyrocketing and that’s when I decided to try to come off and restart my own production. I consulted Michael Scally and tried his protocol for a month with no good results. I was wondering what you would recommend and what seems to work best besides HCG? I heard you mention HMG and Triptorelin. And how do you I know if I am permanently screwed? 3 months? A year? Scally said sometimes it can take a year :( Thanks again!!

  • Benjamin Colin

    Even though I shouldn’t start back at that 1,500mg , but that’s my “comfort zone”!!!

  • Jacob

    Today I’m 126.6 and it’s only been 4 weeks on low dose testosterone cypionate (67mg) and 5mcg of cytomel (t3) I’m eating so little calories (2100) and before I started te Meds I was loosing weight eating this amount. I don’t think I am able to gain that much muscle in that short of a time doing nothing different to my diet and training, it’s just psyiologically impossible :( I am 18 5’9 and my fifth shot of testosterone is tomorrow. I was 114 lbs and loosing weight before I started these meds. Please can anyone help me I am so ready to die I can’t take this. (I suffered anorexia at the age of 13)

  • http://SeattleGuy.com/ Seattle Guy

    I have been getting 250mg injections every two weeks for the past year. I stopped 3 weeks ago. In one year of injections, my testicles have shrunk 60% and my sperm count dropped 80%. I have a very well known doctor here in Seattle who is a Urologist. He gave me all the warnings.
    3 weeks with no injections and I am still waiting to feel the dreaded drop in energy and sex drive. When that hits, I will at that time reconsider the injections. I am 48 years old and read all the stats on long term effects. Just surprised me that I would shrink up so quickly. Actually this is a good thing since I am very active and they were way to big anyway.

    • Benjamin Colin

      “250 mg. injections with testicular shrinkage?” Are you from another planet? And you’re at 80%? Mini-nuts!! LOL There is something definitely wrong with your hormonal system. I can take anywhere from 3,000mg, to 5grams of Test E a month and get “superman horniness” and a good mood and energy every month. Go to an endocrinologist ASAP!