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A reader who asked to remain anonymous writes:

My 28th birthday was barely a couple of months ago, and I’ve noticed a couple of very faint wrinkles starting to form in my forehead. They’re barely visible right now, but I know that the problem is only going to get worse, and I don’t have any visible other signs of aging at the moment (no crow’s feet, smile/frown lines or lines in my neck etc.). My question is this: what skincare regimen would you recommend to minimize (if not eliminate) aging?

I’d appreciate it if you left my name out if you decide to make a post out of this.

Before answering your question, let’s get something out in the air.

Sooner than you know it, you will be a nasty old wrinkly ass man. You will be ugly and there won’t be anything you can do about it.

You should therefore have no shame in trying to look younger. Of course I’ll keep you anonymous, but there’s nothing “gay” or “feminine” about trying to squeeze a couple of decent more years out of your youth.

I have broken my nose in a fight (the video was even on YouTube but I lost the link and it wasn’t searchable), boxed in a ring, and have a piece of paper from Congress that authorized me to lead soldiers as an Army Officer. And I care about this skincare stuff a lot. Ignore the vanity haters.

Our correspondent is already juicing vegetables for skin health, making the kale shake, and wears sunscreen. Now what?

To answer your question, we can take one of three approaches. In order of ease and cost effectiveness, here you go:

  1. Vaseline on your forehead.
  2. Serums.
  3. Retin-A.
  4. Dysport.

Vaseline. If it won’t make you break out, put a small (smaller than you think, I’m talking not even a dime-sized blob) amount of Vaseline on your forehead before going to bed. That will keep the forehead skin lubricated and prevent wrinkles. You can also put some Vaseline on your forehead during the day. Just wipe it off before going out so you don’t look like a teenage grease ball.

By Vaseline, I don’t mean the fancy lotion they sell. Stick with the pure petroleum jelly.

Serums. Serums are topical antioxidants. Vitamin C+E encourages collagen growth. Cosmetic Skin Solutions is as good as the stuff they sell for over $125 in spas.

The Vitamin C serum only last around 30 days, as the Vitamin C oxidizes. It’s probably not cost-effective to just use it on your forehead, and is more for guys who do their whole faces.

Hyaluronic acid is a super moisturizer that will keep your skin moist and supple. Moist skin is less likely to wrinkle. The hyaluronic + B5 solution lasts a long time.

Cosmetic Skin Solutions serum

Retin-A. Retinols (sold over the counter) are a scam. You need full, prescription-strength Retin-A. You can get this from a dermatologist or from an online pharmacy from India. The same places that sell modafinil sell Retin-A.

Retin-A works by encouraging cellular turnover in your skin. It essentially strips down the top, wrinkled layer of your skin, revealing a new smooth layer.

Retin A

Be careful. Use a tiny amount and don’t use it every day, as it will strip the heck out of your skin if you do. You also have to avoid the sun. As with all prescription medications, do your homework before using it.

Botox/Dysport. The best time to get Botox done is before your wrinkles have formed. It’s actually relatively inexpensive if you’re a younger guy. Since you’ll need only a small amount, a treatment might only cost $300 or so every year. (You’re supposed to go every 6 months, but that’s for old ladies who already have deep wrinkles. If you’re just going for wrinkle prevention, once every 9-12 months is fine.)

Shop around. Dysport is a new competitor to Botox and they often offer coupons to compete with one another. Find a dermatologist on Yelp who only does Botox/cosmetic stuff.

Does that answer your question?

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  • alex

    What about HGH for Anti-aging? Thats like immediate and really noticeable skin tightening.

    • Danger & Play

      Yes, hgh is amazing for the skin.

      Men in their 20s who don’t do bodybuilding shouldn’t mess with hgh.

      Test can be good for the skin since it makes the skin more oily and thus more supple.

      But those are extreme measures given the question that was asked.

  • Jar

    What about spa facials for men?

    Do you recommend those?

    • Danger & Play

      It gets expensive quick, but a facial (just don’t buy their products, which are always overpriced) can serve as an education session, too.

      Ask for tips and advice. Just save your money by not buying overpriced stuff.

  • Chris

    “Sooner than you know it, you will be a nasty old wrinkly ass man. You will be ugly and there won’t be anything you can do about it.”

    For the first time in history, that may not be a guarantee. There is a decent possibility that in the coming decades science will be able to slow, and reverse aging. There are organizations like SENS (Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence) working on this problem right now. Hell, Google just started a company, Calico, whose stated purpose is reversing aging.

    If this sounds crazy, I just saw a video from 1994 where the Cast of the “Today” show were very confused about what the “internets” is. That is less than 20 years ago. What will the world look like 20 years hence? Additionally, progress is now accelerating exponentially, not linearly (particularly in computing).

    Moral of the story is, for the first time ever, there is a chance that men may not be condemned to the ravages and shittiness of old age. In a few decades there may be treatments available that give you the body of a 25 year old, with all the experiences and confidence of an older man.

    Not recommending anyone count on this. Still do everything you can to maintain health and your looks. Just saying there may be a pot of gold at the end of this rainbow.

  • Thor

    Bio oil is the truth. Also don’t sleep on olive oil and pomace oil. But like you said good skin comes from within. Gelatin is also essential for good skin.

  • eoterm

    Petroleum Jelly has poly aromatic hydrocarbons and been linked to skin cancer, and slows cell regeneration….

  • ValleySkinSolutions

    Thanks for sharing that real men care about aging. Huah, thank you for your service and as a veteran and spouse of a soldier going on 21 years, I know that this a concern, and that men of all walks want to do something about those signs of aging. Sun is your worst enemy, stay out of the sun, and always use sunscreen, this will help prevent further signs of aging. To help reduce/combat those wrinkles and fine lines you already have, I have some amazing products created by the Dr.’s of Proactive skincare. You will be amazed by the results these products can give you and if you are not satisfied, I will give you a 60 day, empty bottle, money back guarantee. Most of the products contain at least one of these ingredients you listed here, and none of them require a Rx, that is the beauty of this brand, you get what the Dermatologist would prescribe without the hassle and cost of the appointment. Each product lasts a minimum of 60 days (most longer) and you get the added benefit (if you choose) of a personal consultant to help you decide what regimen is right for you. I have picture results of real customers before and after use. I also offer tools that will enhance the product results to give faster, longer lasting results (like microdermabrasion and microneedling which can get expensive when performed by a professional). The beauty of this skincare line is you can achieve the results you want in the privacy of your own home! No doctors, aestheticians, or other professionals needed. My newest product is like Botox without a needle….fill a wrinkle while you sleep. An amazing little patch you place over the wrinkle at bed time and remove in the morning, simple and results are unbelievable. Check it out.