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My view and my vision for Danger & Play has been straightforward:

Danger & Play is self-help for men.

I haven’t written about game for a while because I’ve said enough about pick-up. You’re not missing out on any secret routines or lines. You need to develop a dominant mindset and take action.

I’ve written about many other areas based on the “whole man vision” of game.

Game by itself will only take you so far. Let’s say you are a 5 in the looks department. With game you might be able to pull a 6.

Why not make yourself a 7 and start pulling 8s?

Not many guys got on board with my vision, and that’s cool. If guys want to snip at each other’s heels and insult one another, who am I to step in?

Guys are also more interested in gossiping than with self-improvement. “Drama posts” get ten times the readership than posts containing legitimate, actionable material.

But not everyone is a gossip monger. For those who want to elevate yourself as a man, there’s a site I just learned about that is outstanding.

The blog is Good Looking Loser.

Good looking loser

Click over to the site (it’s best read on a desk top rather than a mobile phone) and you’ll see what I mean. He covers everything from anabolic steroid cycles to penis enlargement to classic pick-up routines. His discussion of approach anxiety is the best I’ve seen anywhere.

Most guys will be off put by that site. And that’s because most men are not ready to step up their game.

They will see a muscle-bound douche bag rather than a man who created the version of himself that he valued. If Chris is a douche bag, it’s because he chose to be one.

Chris is the real deal. I know he’s the real deal because I’ve personally experienced a lot of things he has written about. There’s no bullshitting and keyboard alpha male bullshit going on.

If you are ready for some next level shit, be sure to check out Good Looking Loser.

Read more: Good Looking Loser.

  • samseau

    Also, is another great site. It’s done by a young Danish man who is essentially Good Looking Loser’s protege.

    I actually learned some solid escalation tips from boytoy, who is over 5 years younger than me. That’s proof of Good Looking Loser’s tips work across generations and cultures.

    • Lucky Lothario

      I also rate both of those guys. Both seriously committed, and show their faces as well. Balls out, fuck anonymity. Not the route I’d go down, but damn if that doesn’t get them some respect. Especially since you can’t hide a neckbeard and beer belly on camera. Definitely both archives to plow through in my spare time, if going out isn’t an option.

    • Danger & Play

      Yes. I will be giving him a write-up/review shortly.

  • rivelino
    • Danger & Play

      I’m getting an error message indicating that your blog is private.

  • Rob

    Most people in the Manosphere have low esteem. That’s been evident to me from the start. They don’t have real confidence. They talk about the “red pill” (lol) but most are cliched reactions to childhood inadequacy.

    • Badger

      Sure – that’s why they are seeking self-improvement. I have a general principle to not criticize people who are trying to get better at something…what’s the point of pointing and laughing about their problems when they are specifically trying to solve them? It gets you some rocks off to say on the Internet that you’re better than other people on the Internet?

      • Rob

        Badger, you missed my point. I was referring to those who brag and preen and are obviously missing something in the self worth department.

        Aside from that, your “general principle” is flawed. You don’t find value in constructive criticism? Hell, I realize we live in softer and gentler times and, god knows, we have to take everyone’s feelings into account, but criticism, even the non-constructive kind, can have value when used appropriately.

        I’ll leave you to defend the internet from meanies like me.

  • Marko

    how can a man become an 8 when the majority of attractiveness if determined by a person’s face? I can be 6 foot 3, 200 pounds at 8 percent body fat but if my face is a 5, a girl will not care about any of that. That person is me. I’m 6.3 and a half, 200 pounds at about 8-9 percent body fat but I have some facial flaws and I get turned down quite frequently. Even when I lower my standards, same shit. I get a shit load of resistance and girls still won’t deal with me. I dress very well but at the end, a chubby great looking man at 5.9 will out due me any day

    • Hap Fnugran

      Do you have irrefutable objective proof that your face is your only flaw? Don’t tell me, ask yourself: Are you really reading their minds? Is there not one single other possibility? Is your game literally beyond any possibility of my improvement? I wish mine were. Mine, frankly, sucks.

      • Marko

        You cannot demonstrate your “game” if girls reject you within seconds of meeting you. And there is no such thing as game really. If your referring to game as being able to make witty and funny comments, that shit doesn’t matter. Game is your whole package. Looks, money, height, status. However, if your face is average, its hard to get laid with decent women.

        • Danger & Play

          You’ve already quit. May as well just put yourself out of misery.

        • anon1

          hey marko you might wanna take a look at this.

          your heads in the wrong place man [and i don’t mean your face]

          what you’re looking at is a limiting belief. [unless you have some kind of ridiculous disfigurement which yes i would say would play a big part]

          or if indeed your bod is rocking as you say it is, why not post pics to the sites forum [there’s a private thing so not everybody will see] and let them be the judge. maybe you’re overvaluing your aesthetics or undervaluing your face

  • Dr. Illusion

    In my opinion, everything that needs to be said has been said. Game has been covered, analyzed and preached to death. We all know we should be eating right, staying active, pursuing interesting hobbies and traveling. The lost country of masculinity has been rediscovered and explored.

    The problem is, most of these guys don’t want to listen. They are geeks who would rather spend all day on a keyboard arguing the meaning of hypergamy and the “female imperative” *eye roll* than hit the gym or approach a female. We’ve been flooded with aspergy punk keyboard jockeys. That’s why cliques are forming. I know the people in my manosphere click. We show our faces, we talk to each other and hang out together. I have tired of dealing with the anonymous keyboard jockies.

    Good post.

  • Keanu

    GLL has some quality content–damned if I don’t think that’s an awful name for a self-development site though. Needs a rebrand that aims at an ideal.

    • Ruxman

      Yep, sometimes guys forget about branding.

      • Good Looking Loser

        It’s an awesome name – do you see the irony

  • Atila

    This is the best text on game I have come across:

    I think it is both a next level in terms of inner game and an easier approach for newbies, so I try to promote it in the sphere.

  • anon1

    Ever since you put his link up on twitter i’ve been mostly on that site. Wealth of no-bullshit information.

    I also like how they breakdown the realities for people with extreme anxiety [they have a basic program of drills to do, as well as drug recommendations for the worst cases]

    in fact its probably become my number 2 site of choice now.

    I think that Chris is doing a tremendous service to men jaded men. cutting out all the crap and looking at the realities and how to work with them. I also admire that while giving his stuff away for free and fostering a forum, he’s a keen business man, and uses affiliate links for good tested products to keep the money rolling in while people benefit from the site and forum.

    Finally my number one favourite thing they do, is when someone asks for advice [critique on looks, problems etc] they ask on the private forum for photos, extensive information so an honest evaluation can be given. Chris has got brass balls and no shame. and i mean that in a good way.

    Even the stuff that would normally put people off as cheesy/lame [the get hung section comes to mind] is done with a serious mind and approach. He correctly identifies that for a number of people insecurity about what they’re packing in the bedroom is really high, and provides a solution.

    So yeah all in all i like his approach a lot. None of its mental masturbation, everything is actionable and based on getting you to improve aspects of yourself

    • Good Looking Loser

      Thank you very much – I appreciate it

      • G380

        Chris man-do you think lower beta/omega dudes in their 30s are too old to do your approach anxiety program? Are they socially screwed or if you were that old and had no game would you still try to get young college aged dates?

        • Good Looking Loser

          no , you can beat AA in 4-6 months if you commit to it.
          the only question is – is it worth it? do you really want to sleep w/ a ton of women, go out a lot, etc.? or do you just want a girlfriend?

          if the answer is the latter, just get some good pictures and make an online profile and eventually you’ll find a girl you like

          • G380

            This makes sense.

            My only thing is I respect people I meet more outside than online.

            My Dad met a woman online who he has been seeing and shes nice but kind of missing a few bricks from her house, ya know?

            Its like as many people age-they can become more nutty, and bitter from the storms of life and not healing them properly.

            I can look in the eyes of most women and the World of difference from a fresh happy 20yo and a jaded 38yo.

            The online dating culture attracts to many loons.

            Its cool to go out and see a 19yo cutie smile at you when your’e 31.

            If I cant get positive reactions from young girls in the future I think I’ll go Roosh style and just marry a girl in non-feminist cess pool. Its sad a man has to leave the Country of his birth because its so negative and tyrannical.

        • Rune

          G380 and other guys over 30,
          I know you wrote your post over a year ago, but here’s one more response for you.

          I’m 38 and doing the drills. It helps if you look younger (I’m told I look no older than 25) but really, age is no excuse.

          Come on over to the GLL forums and sign up for the AA program. Create an account and go to the AA section of the forums. You’ll get a LOT of support from other guys in the trenches as well as motivation and insight from established members that have crushed their approach anxiety.

          Hope to see you there,

  • Boy Toy

    Yeah man! GLL is the shit! If only the rest of the manosphere was just half as legit!
    I had actually fucked plenty of girls when I found his site 1½ year ago (around 70 lays or so..) but what he writes about was just SPOT ON. It confirmed what I had learned from my own experience, and it explained it in a much clearer way than I could ever have explained myself.
    Since then, Chris has definitely played a major part of my lifestyle change, and he keeps surprising me with new spot-on posts and insights every time!
    Good choice sharing his site!!!!

    • anon1

      i have a question about the forum actually. how do you start the process of getting to know other members and getting feedback etc. i’ve posted a few times but [by virtue of my neweness] and probably because some of the questions may be annoying to have to respond too i havent got any feedback.

      the search function is a bit difficult to navigate around with

      • Boy Toy

        You get to know other people by talking/posting.

  • pops3284

    I love GLL site. GLL, Wall street playboys and this site some pf the few manosphere sites that actually look to continuous improvement and everyday dedication to your goals. I respect all 3 off you

    • anon1

      ah yes wall street playboys that is on my top 3 as well, ive actually used their resume template to great success, and their articles on how employers are risk averse really hit home. when you put yourself in that mindset in an interview [they essentially want someone to be normal and not fuck up] it helps tremendously

  • Good Looking Loser

    Yooooo thanks for the shout out!! I’m actually on vacation (short roadtrip) but I appreciate you linking to our site and I’ll hit you guys back later.

    D&P- yeah you are def. on to something when you say that certain guys will be “put off” by our site and the reason(s) for it. I make sure of this- “screening” as we say :-)

  • Student

    Let’s here some of those stories, Mike. Believable or not, I want to hear them.