Take Out the Manosphere Trash

I only read a few manosphere blogs and I almost never venture into the comments sections of those blogs, as the comments are unreadable. Lately I’ve skimmed some comments and something has clicked.

The manosphere can basically be split into two factions. The first faction is what I called guys who got laid “by accident.” The second faction is made up of posers, dead beats, parasites, leeches, and groupies.

I was in the first faction, and here’s what I mean: Before learning game, I got laid. I had more than the national average number of sexual partners before ever hearing about a PUA. I wasn’t a basement dweller. I stayed in shape, was relatively interesting, and not a weirdo. I would get laid, but getting laid always seemed accidental. There wasn’t any process to it.

It never made sense to me that some guys who were objectively beneath me got laid more than I did. It never made sense to me that the biggest dirt bag I knew guy laid more than quality guys.

Once I learned game, it all made sense.

You can spot a guy who “accidentally” got laid because those guys actually drop game knowledge. We will shit talk American women because bullshitting around a campfire has been around since man discovered how to use fire. But for the most part we exchange useful information and swap bang stories.

The second faction of guys are paper alphas. Outside of the manosphere we call these guys keyboard warriors:

1. A Person who, being unable to express his anger through physical violence (owning to their physical weakness, lack of bravery and/or conviction in real life), instead manifests said emotions through the text-based medium of the internet, usually in the form of aggressive writing that the Keyboard Warrior would not (for reasons previously mentioned) be able to give form to in real life.

I use paper alpha because it sounds like a favorite expression of mine:

Paper tiger is a literal English translation of the Chinese phrase zhǐlǎohǔ (simplified Chinese: 纸老虎; traditional Chinese: 紙老虎), meaning something that seems as threatening as a tiger, but does not withstand challenge.

In appearance it is very powerful but in reality it is nothing to be afraid of; it is a paper tiger. Outwardly a tiger, it is made of paper, unable to withstand the wind and the rain. I believe that is nothing but a paper tiger.

If you read a paper alpha’s blog posts, you’d think, “Wow. This guy is bad ass.” Then you realize there is nothing behind his words. He wilts when presented with a challenge.

internet bad ass

Mark Minter is the most recent paper alpha. He had a lot to say behind the cover of a keyboard. But like a keyboard warrior who would never have the courage to confront a man in real life, Minter cowered when some snatch was put in his face.

You can spot a paper alpha by his obsession with jargon, use of cute LOL cat style gifs, and vitriol. Paper alphas are the guys who go online and shit talk girls without ever actually sharing any game knowledge. You could post a picture of a 22 year old model you banged and some guy is going to find a flaw on her.

Here is one paper alpha:

Jesus rename yourself to fly retard & dumb fuck already, & quit commenting on shit you dont know jack shit about …If you cant give a shit about mens rights or what men have to say, do us all a favour & go fuck yourself

Sounds tough, right? Actually he sounds like a complete and total jack ass. But if you took him at his word, he would be an interesting character.

The author of that comment has a blog entitled:

Pickup & Advanced NLP & Charisma Behaviourial Conversational Strategic Technologies.

That guy has never been laid and will never get laid. How can you tell?

Look, if a blog is loaded with jargon and just sounds kooky, the person lacks the basic human skills of communication.

None of us are H.L. Mencken, but you don’t need to write like Delicious Tacos to string together a few thoughts. R Max Gen Active PUA can’t even string together a coherent tagline. Yet we’re supposed to rely on him for game advice?

If a man cannot communicate without using words like “charisma behavioral conversational strategic technologies,” what are the odds that he can actually talk to women?

The manosphere has been overrun with paper alphas and it’s time for a house cleaning.

Ban these dregs from your blogs. This may hurt page views, but are you really making so much money from selling ads  that you need the hits?

I view D&P as my living room. I don’t allow idiots into my house, so why would I let them congregate at my blog?

Delete the retarded comments. Ban the posers. These people do not deserve a voice and their stench is contagious.

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  • dannyfrom504

    i’ve only “banned” 2 people. when commenters get out of line on m site, i’ll put them check. fortunately, i really don’t to deal with the types of persons you wrote about. and much like you, i read very few “male blogs”; i don’t need advice. i read the 3-4 guys who i know and respect and comment when i feel i MIGHT be ablr to add something to the discussion.

    honestly, if it weren’t for viva la manosphere, i’d have never read this. good post.

    stay up.

  • Young Hunter

    Nice to see you on this side of the divide, as I would expect. It really is not about game for me specifically, at least not in the traditional sense as recognized by the Sphere. Like Danny I read very few other blogs. Unfortunately the chance for the being infected with negativity goes up the deeper you dive in.

  • Bob Wallace

    My experience with Paper Tigers is that the easiest way to identify them is that they truly believe in and use the private religious language of Alphas to Omegas, hamster, shit tests, Dark Triad, “Game, hypergamy…the rest of that wimp nonsense.

    • Danger & Play

      Yeah, guys who obsess over where other men “fall on the socio-sexual hierarchy” have more in common with women (who are always status whoring and clucking like hens) rather than men of action.

  • Dr. Illusion

    Like Hunter, I didn’t get into the ‘Sphere for Game advice. I enjoy discussing masculine things, helping other guys out and bashing feminists.

    A lot of the PUAs and MGTOWs are really going off the deep end, getting cultish and annoying. There’s nothing wrong with the ideas, but there is much wrong with a lot of the advocates.

    That rmaxgenactivepua guy leaves annoying comments everywhere and his blog is atrocious. I scanned through a few posts and my head started hurting. Someone needs to take the ampersand off his keyboard, for everyone’s sake.

  • Keanu

    Trying to be a hardcore badass “alpha” when you are at heart, still a deferring beta is not good for anybody. Being a paper alpha just shows you lack the ability for real self-introspection that could, ironically, result in a true shift of your inner game.

    As in my blog: I am clearly a beginner, but I don’t claim to be an expert. I’m more just about blogging for my own personal development. If people want to read it, good for them. The problem comes in when you have guys who don’t know shit acting like they do and using the label of the ‘manosphere.’ There is no certifying body for manosphere blogs. Any yahoo can just start blogging about PUA. Who knows if their IQ is 70, 130, if they are socially awkward as hell in reality, etc.

    Btw looking at that example commenter/site you provided, his website has some of the most bulky titles I’ve ever seen on any blog. I wonder if maybe he is trying his hand at maximizing SEO or something.

  • Dagonet

    “That guy has never been laid and will never get laid.”

    Lmao. Great post.

  • delicioustacos

    Thanks for the shout out.

    I think Rejecting Modern Women must be a parody, or a mentally ill person in need of help. But who knows.

    The thing is, if these guys just honestly transcribed their sad thoughts and lives, I would read the shit out of it. Confessions of a Basement Dwelling Fatass would be a great blog. Confederacy of Dunces mixed with Notes from Underground. A touch of Extension du Domaine de la Lutte if they want to philosophize, little bit of Factotum if they drink and have a shitty job. Fucking fantastic.

    Hell, it might even get them a piece of ass once in a while.

    • Danger & Play

      Yep. James Altucher has built an amazing following (and even achieved astounding success) writing about his woes of a beta male. Woody Allen did OK, too.

    • Yep It’s Me

      DT – I’ve passed through your blog on a couple occasions, but the mere fact that you mentioned “Confederacy of Dunces” (a book that I believe everyone should read) – means that I’ll have to put on my regular reading roll. Thanks!!

      BTW – there are “paper alphas” everywhere – hell, I’ve had a few bosses (and supervisors) that would scream and shout – basically terrify you with their bravado – but if you pushed back (even a little) they would start to crumble. They are online and offline – hard to test them in the online world, so I suggest taking everything you read with a grain of salt. Personally, I’m getting tired of all the alpha this, beta that BS – too many labels, too many terms.

      Read, learn, experience, make mistakes, have successes, do it all over again.

  • DVY

    Bravo. I think many have this sentiment, but few can articulate clearly into writing. Great stuff.

  • Anon

    Thanks, thanks and thanks again for writing this and making my day. It needed to be said.

    “The first faction is what I called guys who got laid “by accident.”” “I was in the first faction . . .”
    WRONG, for the reasons that you subsequently give.
    “I wasn’t a basement dweller. I stayed in shape, was relatively interesting, and not a weirdo.”
    Without realizing it at the time you were doing the right things, results matter: “I would get laid, but getting laid always seemed accidental. There wasn’t any process to it.”
    It seemed accidental because we often overlook the discipline that is put in by ourselves and others when we see success. We think that it is overnight or easy.
    It is a compliment from me to you that you already had your shit together mentally and physically and added process to it. The garbage in the manosphere are using their readers of their blogs and comments as emotional tampons as they work out what is missing in them, too much for game to work for them. They are true manginas.
    I used to train salesmen for my business. If they did not have something going for them from day one such as being able to land some business as they were at the start, they had no future regardless of training and my statistics proved it. Often times my assessment of their dating success was a good indicator. Just asking the girls who worked for me if they would date a guy was all of the info that I needed. Maybe now I would ask if they would bang him.
    Again, great post.

  • Buddy

    It actually makes me mad how many of these commenters are showing up all of the manosphere, especially on RoK. Guys who make the most repetitive and predictable comments who somehow I can tell are just the most miserable people in real life. It makes me sad. I want everyone to live a red pill life, but these fuckers say red pill twenty times a day but don’t know what it means to think critically about themselves. Do I need to accept the probability that the general population is made up of incomprehensibly stupid people? Especially all the normal mainstream idiots who read Roosh V’s interviews in which he makes completely logical and factual arguments and yet they still just call him a tool or say he doesn’t get laid or that they’re sad for him. Fuck them man, I’m feeling like the fucking Catcher in the Rye right now.