Have You Checked Out Manosphere Radio?

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Print is out and YouTube and podcasts are in. It was therefore pleasing to see someone start Manosphere Radio.

Thus far Manosphere Radio has been showcasing interviews with your favorite bloggers. So far I’ve listened to the interviews with McQueen and Michael BYC.

The interviewer develops good rapport with his subjects and there is good conversational flow – not many uhs, ums, or other audible pauses.

My constructive criticism of Manosphere Radio is that the interviews should have annotations or be broken up into small segments. A one-hour interview can be a little bit intimidating, especially when there’s no way of knowing when something will be covered.

For example, an annotation “Here is where Michael BYC talks about functional strength” would let me know whether to listen to a skip that segment.

A good example is how Paper Bag Bandits breaks up Bill Burr’s podcast.┬áThere’s no way I’d listen to a two-hour-plus podcast with Bill Burr, and he’s one of my favorite guys. I always wait for his podcasts to be broken up into segments like these.

Manosphere Radio is a fledgling project that is off to a great start. After he interviews all of the guys, he can move on to round table discussions and Q&As. This will be a fun project to watch.

Listen to more: Manosphere Radio.

  • ManosphereRadio

    It was very exciting for me to see your post. Manosphere Radio was a concept I was toying with for quite a while and hoping someone else would take but ended up doing myself. I’d love to do it as a full time job but the real life usually prevails over my “manosphere time”.

    I agree that this is a fledgling project and is my first serious website, any feedback from any user is very much appreciated! (If you get a chance to go through my site and think of some great adjustments please email me what you think at manosphereradio at gmail dot com) that’s why your critique is so important. My site is a work in progress and will grow as time progresses. The content will flow smoother, the interviewees will be plentiful, the lessons learned will expand.

    The support given from the ‘manosphere’ so far is very encouraging and I will continue to work on my project.

    Kind Regards,


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    Hey this is off topic but in your twitter feed you mentioned that for 60 days you ate only one meal a day and juiced for the rest. I’m just wondering how much juice you consumed during a day while you were doing this.


    • Danger & Play

      Between 1/2 and 3/4 of a gallon of juice – usually 3 juices a day. I added 25 or so grams of protein powder to the juices.

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  • Atlas

    Hey man,

    What other podcasts do you recommend?