Bostin Loyd Tells the Truth About Anabolic Steroids

Bostin Loyd is an up-and-coming bodybuilder who completely changed his physique. Rather than claim to be “100% all natty bro” to deceive naive teenagers into purchasing his dieting program, Bostin Loyd tells the truth about anabolic steroids.

In a video that may haunt this young man for many years, Bostin Loyd lays out his entire gear schedule. Bostin Loyd talks about the anabolic steroids he used, as well as human growth hormone, and peptides like GHRP2, GHRP6, and ipamorelin. Bostin Loyd even talks about the use of Synthol in bodybuilding.

Here’s what Mr. Loyd looked like before getting on a heavy amount of anabolic steroids:

Bostin Loyd Before

Below the video is his after photo.

From the video you’ll also learn that regardless of what gear you’re on, your diet and lifestyle are going to be Spartan as well. Bostin Loyd tells you everything you need to know about anabolic steroids and elite level bodybuilding.

Watch this video before he takes it down:


Bostin Loyd After

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  • Nick

    The guy is obviously dedicated to what he is doing and seems genuinely interested in helping people, but given the fact that he is 21 and heavily injecting chemicals into his body, I’d be foolish to applaud this. Is everything he injected allowed by the contest he won? From what he says that people “don’t even know”, I doubt it. Call it body modification, competitive aesthetics or modeling, but I can’t put him in the same category as 190lb guys who can lift 850lbs over their heads. I can respect the fact that steroids alone don’t increase the size of your muscles, they allow you to engage in longer and more frequent workouts, but from the sound of this he’s injecting drugs to make his muscles grow, how is this laudable?

    • Danger & Play

      How is putting your penis into dirty skank vaginas laudable?

      I don’t judge. People can do what they want. I just pass along interesting stuff.

      • Nick

        Not sure what you meant by that first comment. It’s foolish not to judge people. That’s how I choose whose advice to take and who to associate with. I’ve judged most of your writing to be informative, that’s why I follow your blog. You’ve defended steroid use before as being much safer than critics say, thus when you post something like this, I don’t assume that you’re just passing it along, but that you have an opinion on it. I can get “interesting stuff” from anywhere else on the internet, I come to D&P for a different perspective.

      • StS

        C’mon, normally you don’t hesitate to judge people – and rightly so!
        This guy is a freak, and not in a positive way – and his devotion and commitment doesn’t make it any better.

  • johnnyboy

    Seems like a cool guy but he’s wheezing like an old man just from talking to the camera. Also lol at “Dave Palumbo doesn’t condone this”, that guy is a walking chemical research project. And lol at “steroids just make you heal faster and let you work out more”. If you believe a natural can look like some of these freaks, no matter how long he works out, you’re just an idiot.

    • Danger & Play

      Did you watch the video? He said his coach didn’t condone his coming forward with his drug use. You can’t be honest about this stuff as teenage boys and “men” want to believe that athletes and their heroes are all natural.

      Who said a natural can look like those guys? The point of the video was you have to take a lot of gear to look like those guys, i.e., no one is natural.

      I suggest you look into nootropics or anti-anger supplements. You missed the main point of the article in your haste to start typing “lol” and “idiot.”

  • StS

    Hey D&P,

    so far I highly respected your blog, your attitude and your motivational words.
    But this post is just ridiculous – using a 21 y.o. chemical freak who most likely will not reach reach his 35th birthday if he goes on like this, to advocate heavy drug abuse, is quite off. This little idiot talks for half an hour where he injects which drugs…Is that really what you would like your readers to do as well? Do you really aim at looking like the guy in the lower picture? He is muscular, no question, but looks very unnatural and ridiculous as hell. And he is a good example that taking too much gear really shrinks your balls and dick…there’s nothing left in his pants. Luckily – he anyway doesn’t care about sex anymore…
    I rather stick with the “Spartan Body” program.

    • Danger & Play

      How many people have died from using anabolic steroids?

      Plenty of guys died from diuretics, pain killers, etc., but who has died from using anabolic steroids?

      • StS

        for example this guy:
        andreas münzer

        anyhow, the point is, do you think the guy in the video should be an example for your readers?

  • Simon

    This is interesting. I don’t know why people bullshit and complain, ain’t nobody telling you to do this. First time I ever saw somebody lay out entire plan and program.
    P.S. D&P I tried to send this to my lifting buddy over facebook, but it marks this page as “link that’s been blocked for being spammy or unsafe”
    In humble words of Hodgetwins, they bout that bullshit.

    • Danger & Play

      I’m glad you got the point of the post.

      The post was a way to say, “This is what guys are doing. This is what it takes.”

      That doesn’t mean to do it.

      Also, I never knew FB banned people from posting links to D&P. I knew that a lot of people can’t read D&P from work, as firewalls block it. FB is a new thing for me.

      Would ya do me a solid?

      Try sharing the link again. FB won’t let you. It will give you the option to “say why you’re seeing this message in error.”

      Would you fill out the form? It’s only a three-line thing.

      If they don’t approve the blog, they’ll usually send an email explaining why it’s blocked.

      I’m really curious to see why the site was flagged.

      Thanks bro!

      • anon1

        ive had the same thing when trying to share your blog links on fb

      • Simon

        Filled the form last night, it’s past lunch time now so they probably won’t answer.
        I was curious to see does this happen with other sites, with WallStreet Playboys there’s no problem at all, and neither with Chaos & Pain despite “graphic” images Jamie likes to insert. Bold and Determined is good too, despite the shitstorm he caused on Jezebel last year.
        If this continues, maybe you should make D&P FB page just for kick of it?

      • Sebatsian Walrus

        Just got the same error. I will fill the form and see if they reply.

  • Kieran

    I was surprised that one of the drugs completely stopped his sex drive, and yet he still had the drive to continue on such a difficult regime of training, nutrition, and drugs. I always thought that the will to succeed came from channeling the sex drive, but I guess it must be mental.

  • sfer

    He looks good in the video. That is a crazy regimen of drugs though. I like that he told everyone what it takes. He uses a boatload of synthol.

  • Deca

    when steroids stacked with peptides you get amazing results.

  • jeet

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  • danielgrant

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  • danielgrant

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