Should We All Be Eating Beef Liver?

If you want to put on muscle, you worry about two nutrients. You make sure you’re getting a lot of protein and you take your essential fatty acids like Udo’s oil and fish oil. Most guys who want to gain muscle don’t think of anything else.

About 2 years ago I watched this fascinating video on nutrition and then bought the book: Minding My Mitochondria 2nd Edition: How I overcame secondary progressive multiple sclerosis (MS) and got out of my wheelchair.

(I realize a woman is speaking in this video. Who says we are not inclusive?)

The speaker is big on beef liver and in her book she suggests we all eat it once a week.

Now the editor-in-chief of T-Mag, TC Luoma, has joined the party:

Look at this comparison between the Vitamin C content of 100 grams of apple, 100 grams of carrots, 100 grams of red meat, and 100 grams of beef liver.

The apple has 7.0 grams of Vitamin C, the carrots have 6.0 grams, the red meat has 0 grams, and the beef liver has 27.0 grams.

Let’s do the same thing with Vitamin B12.

The apple has no measurable B12 and neither do the carrots. The red meat has 1.84 mcg., but the beef liver has 111.3 mcg.

It’s no contest.

And it’s not much different when you look at other nutrients like phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, iron, zinc, copper, Vitamins A, D, and E, thiamin, riboflavin, pantothenic acid, folic acid, biotin, and Vitamin B6 – beef liver beats them all almost every time.

(Victor Pride at Bold & Determined is also big on beef liver. I’ll write more in my forthcoming review of his book, Body of a Spartan.)

A cow’s liver, just like your own liver, detoxifies the cow’s body. This means you want to eat the highest quality beef liver available. Ideally you’d eat grass-fed beef liver.

Beef Liver organic

You can also order liver pills:

Liver doesn’t taste nearly as bad as you’d think. Pan fry it coconut, add some some onions, and enjoy. Eat liver once a week. Or pop some liver pills.

Either way, organ meat should become part of your diet.

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  • Revo Luzione

    Great post. Liver is indeed superfood. I enjoy beef heart as well, and once tried buffalo testes.

  • Danos

    Interesting, I’m doing his program now. The science behind it makes a lot of sense, but be warned you’re going to be fucking sore. I’m 2 weeks in and it’s a bitch. Best of luck man!

  • Made Men

    The other thing you can do is soak it in an acid for a couple hours like jalepeno juice. Helps break down the toughness and add an extra kick.

  • Liam

    Richard over at has some really good breakdowns of liver you should type it in the search bar, heres a good 1 comparing it to fruit

  • Wallstreetplayboys

    How many tabs a day?

  • Keoni Galt

    Check out this excerpt from Dr. Weston Price’s book, Nutrition and Physical Degeneration

    “Until recent years it has been common knowledge among the superintendents of large zoos of America and Europe that members of the cat family did not reproduce efficiently in captivity, unless the mothers had been born in the jungle. Formerly, this made it necessary to replenish lions, tigers, leopards and other felines from wild stock as fast as the cages were emptied by death or as rapidly as new stock should be added by enlargement.

    The story is told of a trip to Africa made by a wild animal specialist from the London zoo for the purpose of obtaining additional lions and studying this problem. While in the lion country, he observed the lion kill a zebra. The lion proceeded then to tear open the abdomen of the zebra and eat the entrails at the right flank. This took him directly to the liver. After spending some time selecting different internal organs, the lion backed away and turned and pawed dirt over the carcass which he abandoned to the jackals. The scientist hurried to the carcass and drove away the jackals to study the dead zebra to note what tissues had been taken. This gave him the clue which when put into practice has entirely changed the history of the reproduction of the cat family in captivity. The addition of the organs to the foods of the captive animals born in the jungle supplied them with foods needed to make reproduction possible. Their young, too, could reproduce efficiently. As I studied this matter with the director of a large lion colony, he listed in detail the organs and tissues that were particularly selected by animals in the wilds and also those that were provided for animals reproducing in captivity. He explained that, whereas the price of lions used to be fifteen hundred dollars for a good specimen, they were now so plentiful that they would scarcely bring fifteen cents. If we observe the parts of an animal that a cat eats when it kills a small rodent or bird, we see that it does not select exclusively the muscle meat.”

    • Liam

      Cool story man, gonna see if I can start incorporating beef into my homemade burgers

  • Liam

    Correction *liver not beef

  • Samim S

    Hi Mike, when is it ideal to take the liver pill? Morning or Night

    • Danger & Play Blog

      It doesn’t matter.