The Truth About Anabolic Steroids and Testosterone

The truth about anabolic steroids and testosterone is hard to find. Most guys who use gear are sponged by supplement companies. They can’t tell you about steroid cycles because they’d lose their lucrative contracts. They can’t talk about testosterone replacement therapy because they have to pretend to be 100% all natural.

The media won’t tell you the truth about steroids because the media is waging a war against testosterone.

No one owns me.  I can and will tell you the truth about anabolic steroids and testosterone.

sand kicked in face

1. Guys Take Steroids to Train Harder.

Geeks with 13″ arms like to shit all over the Internet that using anabolic steroids is “cheating” and “the easy way out.” The exact opposite is true.

Have you ever had a workout where all you could do is stare into outer space for a few minutes, like you were the rape victim in Guns N Roses Appetite for Destruction comic?

No, of course you wouldn’t. You’re the geek I see at the gym who never makes any progress. You don’t break a sweat. You wear Vibram 5 Finger shoes and the only reason anyone knows you go to the gym is because you talk about it non-stop. People sure as hell can’t tell you train because of the space you occupy.

Anyhow, it may take several days to recover from such a workout. Most guys can’t train legs more than once every 5-7 days.

Steroids shorten recovery time. This means you can brutalize your body an extra workout or two each week. In other words, you can inflict more pain on yourself more frequently.

How is that taking the easy way out?

2. Steroids Make Your Dick Bigger.

Geeks say, “Steroids shrink your dick!” Most guys who run gear use a lot of testosterone. Testosterone is the base of a steroid cycle and some would say that without test, you’re not even on a cycle.

Remember when you hit puberty and suddenly sprang random erections in class? That’s because of – you ignorant, scientifically-illiterate fools – testosterone.

How is adding testosterone going to lower a man’s sex drive or shrink his dick? Seriously. Think.

It is true that the testes are responsible for producing testosterone and that in the presences of exogenous testosterone, the testes stop working. In other words, the balls shrink.

So what? If you actually have quads, having huge balls hang down is a pain the ass. All it does it catch onto the exercise bike when you’re doing cardio. The ball sack is also not something women find attractive.

Smaller balls means your sack isn’t hanging down to your knees looking ugly and just being a pain in the ass.

3. Steroids Don’t Kill Anyone.

(This man survived steroids to become a movie star, make around $500 million, become governor, and he’s still alive at 65.)

Arnold is numero uno Pumping Iron

Pumping Iron came out in the 1970s. None of those bodybuilders – who were all using healthy amounts of gear – died from steroid use. Arnold had his heart valve replaced due a genetic heart defect. I knew a guy in high school who had the same heart defect.

Lou Ferrigno can still be spotted at Gold’s in Venice.

(This man is 61 years old. What’s your excuse for being small?)

Lou Ferringno Golds in Venice


Lyle Alzado lied when he blamed his brain tumor on anabolic steroids. That claim was proven false.

There’s a list of dead pro wrestlers that circles around as evidence that steroids will kill you. Geeks say, “Pro wresters user steroids! They died! Steroids are killers!”

Do you retards know how pro wrestlers live? Do you know that they pop narcotics and pain killers like life savers? Or that wrestlers suffer hundreds of microconcussions a year?

Junior Seau and other pro footballers have begun killing themselves by putting a gun shot into their hearts. This preserves their brains.

Again, of course you don’t. You are scientifically illiterate little geeks that get sand tossed in their face.

4. Being Anti-Steroids Makes You a Feminist.

The media has waged a war against masculinity. All things male are evil and all things female are good. Why do you receive your information from a feminist-controlled media?

The media wants you to have less testosterone, so you will be a more docile slave. When you attack anabolic steroids, you act as a shill for feminism.

5. You’re Scientifically Ignorant.

Anabolic steroids have been widely studied. There are hundreds if not thousands of published studies. The Internet is a large place. Sit down, shut up, and read a book or something.

(One of the best current mainstream books on anabolic steroids.)

Anabolic Steroids Book

The side effects of nearly ever anabolic steroid can be mitigated through science. If a guy doesn’t want his testes to shrink, he can run HCG. If he is losing his hair, he can mitigate that in many ways.

The most critical, scientific minds in the world can be found on steroid message boards.

Indeed, I’ve seen emails from doctors running some of the biggest clinics in the world asking “bros” for advice on how to treat patients.

6. You Don’t Have to Be a Geek.

Being a geek is a choice. It’s a choice you make every time you say stupid shit and have pathetic workouts and wear Vibram 5 Finger shoes.

Stop reading feminist-controlled media sites, start thinking for yourselves, and stop posting bullshit about steroids.

Maybe you’ll learn something that will allow you to actually look like you’ve touched a weight in your life.

Because doesn’t it get old having to tell people about your “killer workouts” because it’s not obvious from looking at you that you’ve put in any serious time or effort in the gym?

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  • Greg

    As a man on catabolic steroids (due to a kidney transplant), I have to say that there are noticeable side effects to all steroids. They are certainly not as drastic as the media leads us to believe, but they aren’t complete horseshit either. While steroids can help anyone get bigger, there are still drastic side effects (which vary from person to person) that will have to be dealt with. But I assume that’s a trade-off most men are willing to make.

    • Danger & Play

      Cortisone and other immunosuppressants are far more dangerous than any anabolic steroid:

    • dc1000

      you said it yourself – you’re on catabolic steroids. DNP is talking about anabolic steroids.

    • anon1

      my pop is on a kidney transplant waiting list too. you’re talking about a different type of steroid. as d&P mentioned the other stuff they give you to stop rejection would in any normal situation fuck a person up a lot. its only that the upside (having a healthy kidney, no more dialysis etc,) mitigates the downsides. so its a net payoff

    • Nicholas Archer

      When you are on corticosteroids (what you are referring to as catabolic steroids) you are using exogenous administered synthetic cortisol mimicking steroids. One of many common side effects, is an increase in blood sugar which needs to be managed by testing blood sugar and often with the auxiliary drug insulin, all this you may well know. Without proper management of this one side-effect, one of many other side effects include; you will be more susceptible to pathogenic diseases such as bacterial and fungal infections due to your blood and body fluids containing more glucose – which many bacteria and fungus enjoy. Kind of unexpected for the uninitiated, that taking these drugs give you symptoms like a type II diabetic.

      I’m not sure, but usually people with kidney transplants are on Prograf, which is a macrolide antibiotic that has powerful immuno suppressive properties. This someone might have explained to you as a “catabolic steroid” for brevity’s sake, or because they weren’t sure themselves (some doctors forget sometimes) Or, you might actually be on a corticosteroid with a drug like tacrolimus, or both together.
      I only bring it up because a) unless you know read all this stuff, you would never be able to predict that some antibiotics are extremely immunosuppressive. It’s not like math where you can logically deduce, it’s too strange. b) Doctors mean well, but are very overworked and a lot of times give you the “short” inaccurate version because they either don’t think you’ll understand, or because that’s the version they use in their heads to do their jobs and they don’t really bother to understand.

      The intent, or the reason you would be using corticosteroids is to weaken your immune system so it does not reject the foreign tissue ->that kidney.

      If someone were to have COPD, they might use corticosteroids as an anti-inflammatory to help break down the thickness of the lung lining after years of thickening of the supposed-to-be-thin lung tissue.
      But, the dose might be a lot different, or similar, to the dose of the drugs you are taking to protect your new kidney. That is a different intent, although the same types of medicines are being used.

      I think if people keep the intent first and foremost in their minds, and they know enough where they can predict and be proactive, things will usually turn out well. If you have no idea what you are doing and are just winging it, things can go wrong. Imagine trying to fly an airplane through a storm at night without any pilot lessons, or basic aviation skills, nor a trusted pilot friend who you can ask for help
      in an emergency.

      People who understand anatomy, medicines, and their expected side effects can predict the side effects and manage them in a proactive fashion. To the point where they are almost non-existent.
      And, I suspect, when side-effects do arise, some people might even enjoy the creative challenge of trying to figure out the cause; using logic, knowledge, and technical tools to create a novel solution to this stumbling block and further the collective knowledge of this experimental community.

      Of course steroids are no joke. Nothing is a joke if trying to do it right.

      what the heck… I just found my laptop on the floor and my dog seemingly typed all this.
      My dog does not have any medical background therefore please take all this with a grain of salt and consult your licensed healthcare provider before making any decisions based on your health.

  • Jack Schmit

    Great post. How would one go about acquiring steroids and using them safely? Any resources you can share with us?

    • Danger & Play

      I linked to a book.

  • Liam

    Hear hear. On test myself and it ant no magic pill that’s for sure, I work my fuckin ass off.

  • Chrysalis

    Damn, did you have to bash Vibram that hard? I have two pairs of them, and this spring I had a 20 years in the gym anniversary.

    Awesome article. There are more steroid myths that can be debunked, but more bullet points dilute the main point.

    • Danger & Play

      Hah. A piece like this has to toss out at least a little bait.

      I prefer the New Balance Minimus X20, which has the same technology but doesn’t put me into the “functional strength” club.

      • Hamster

        Seriously? New Balance? Hahaha. For lifting? Barefoot, weight lifter shoes or vibram type footwear is superior to any fuchsia colored gay “minimus” (oh the powerful name) sneakers. You don’t want foam in between you and the floor, especially not gay foam. (By the way, who the fuck gives a shit about what you wear at the gym? Didn’t you read your Arnold bios?)

        • Danger & Play

          That’s why all the top powerlifters wear Chuck Taylors?

          Go find a gay dating forum to post on. Your ignorance is not welcome here.

  • Rob

    As far as recovery time, ability to go harder at the gym, what’s the difference between Test, HGH, and anabolics?

    • Antifeminist One

      >replies to article about roids
      >derails to talk about fucking vibrams

      Good article though. If people are serious about juicing, then by all means do so. All else being equal, you absolutely will not gain muscle or strength faster or have that level or potential.

      Cannot stress enough about READing. In this day and age, there is no excuse for ignorance. Only thing I’d add to this article is to learn how to lift and eat first – if a simple diet and exercise routine is beyond your comprehension (as it is for most gym rats), then drugs definitely are.

      • Antifeminist One

        Awesome, replied to wrong parent post.

  • Fearless

    If were talking about test, has any one tried Androgel?

    • Keith Barthe Jr.

      Yes androgel works for a little spike in T but injections are waaaayyy better!

    • rocco pilsner

      I got my hands on a few tubes of the gel. Its good, gives you a little edge and my libido went up slightly. When I ran out of the gel there was no rebound no atrophy. I’d recomend it to soelmeone curious abt Test. You wont get the strength gains of anything like and injectable but you also won’t get the rebound etc.

  • Alex

    Anabolic steroid used “properly” aids recovery and healing.
    They way most morons at gyms use them is wasteful ,idiotic and hilarious.

    Arnold got his by prescription from a doctor , he described the effects on his physique to about equal to a good tan!

    When I got into weight training(6 years ago) I thoroughly researched steroids, my conclusion…. waste of time and money for anyone not using them to compete and a professional level or with clinically low hormone levels.

    I gained about 30 pounds of solid balanced muscle over 3 years using… food , smart training, heavy weight and rest.

    I don’t disagree with the myths you’re dispelling but for most men , diet , training and lifestyle are much more important than the stupid fucking tan.

    • Danger & Play

      You believed the “good tan” line from Arnold’s new autobio?

      • tamburlaine

        TIL that a tan is just as good as 20 mgs a day of dianabol and 600 mgs a week of test. I should spend more time in the sun.

  • MadMav

    I like to wear my Vibrams while I’m deadlifting and squatting. They stink so bad it keeps all the posers away!

  • BA

    I’m on testosterone and hcg. Injections twice a week. Prescribed by a doctor. The abdominal injections were intimidating at first but no big deal now.

    I feel awesome! More energy, more focus, more mellow (no mood swings like a bitchy woman), more aggressive, more horny (like when I was a teenager horny).

    I lift more and more often, recover faster. Between that and a paleo-ish diet, I look good & feel good. The ladies appreciate my improved look and one noted that my mule is getting bigger. And I’m nearly 50.

    Only downside is that I’ve got to get all my clothes tailored now. Off the shelf trousers and shirts don’t fit well. A small price to pay.

    My advice, get tested and get you some.

  • DDD

    I have been doing testosterone pellet implants for about a year, HCG for a couple months. The implants do not get my testosterone as high as the injections, but I guess they prob could with a bigger dose. The benefit is I only go in once every 3-4 months for a 10 min procedure. And it is a more stable increase of testosterone, no spikes and rapid fall offs. Also less side effects than the injections. I also like the HCG, has also noticeably increased T on my blood panels when I started it along with the implants

  • Rafael

    I like your writing D&P, it’s inspiring and full of solid information.
    Keep it up.

    Abraços do Brasil.

    p.s: for some reason I think you look like Rick Collins ( )

  • Revo Luzione

    I could be one of the geeks you’re referring to in your post. I have several sets of Vibram 5F’s, including a set of early prototypes. What can I say, I’m in the biomechanics/biomedical field, I got the hookup. They may be geeky, but they feel good and add a lot of proprioceptive input into the lower chain, which is great for strength & balance in the long run. I do have a couple sets of the new balance minumus, merrell trail glove, and a few other minimalist shoes. It’s a solid concept, and the VFF was the wedgebreaker that opened up this niche in footwear.

    Re: testosterone and anabolics in general:

    I don’t have a problem with anything you wrote, this is all solid material and good for men to know to counter the BS that men are fed by the mainstream misandrist media machine.

    Men are totally getting the shaft that female hormones are given out to women like candy, without shame, and men have to be surreptitious and covert about getting supplemental T, and people shame it.

    I’d even add that supplemental T, and an aromatase inhibitor like anastrozole (to prevent man-boobs & nut shrinkage) could actually save a guy’s life, when your realize that low T is an independent risk factor for death by all causes.]

    What I do have a problem with, and you didn’t say it here, so props to you, but it’s been said in other pro-androgen posts–I have a problem when people say you can’t get big & strong without supplemental T. You didn’t say that, so thank you. It’s patent horseshit. If your levels are normal, and you’re persistent in the gym and on top of your nutrition, you can pack on size & strength.

    A few other notes: growth hormone has its strongest effects on connective tissue. It’s not really an “ergogenic” quite like T is, but it’s a great hormone. As always, there are many ways to boost naturally. Supplemental is great, but don’t be an idiot with it, it can enlarge the heart.

    HCG has some weird side effects, and it’s basically a long-chain protein that contains both TSH and LH proteins within it. TSH stimulates the thyroid, and LH stimulates testosterone production. Again, you can get an LH surge with herbs like fennel seed, fenugreek, vitex, et al.

    The caveat with all the natural stuff is, your blood sugar regulation has to be normal and tight. DIabetics and others with deranged blood sugar control dont’ get a lot out of natural anabolics, and there are studies out there to back that up.

    TL:DR takehome: Supplemental T, GH, and other anabolics can be helpful, even life saving, but is not totally necessary if you’re willing to put in the work.

  • Eryximachus

    This is an irresponsible article.
    1) This is not 1980 when everything was pharma grade. With the exception of testosterone, it’s almost impossible to get pharmaceutical grade steroids. Which means 99% of the crap people are injecting is Chinese garbage in vegetable oil produced by some lowlife criminals.

    2) There are long term consequences to using steroids. Recovery can take months. Months of feeling like shit. Months of losing strength. I’ve seen guys get ruined for a long time. The depression can be crushing.

    3) Huge studies of female hormone replacement therapy recipients has given us ample data that these drugs, for women, cause major health problems. HRT for women has basically ceased. There is no reason to think it’s any better with steroids for men, especially given the quality and the doses used are far greater than HRT.

    4) Drugs like trenbolone, the favorite, are dangerous. Go to, where I usually post, and see the PCT section. Every week, at least 2-3 guys tell us how they used tren and have permanently lost interest in sex. Is looking great for a few months worth risking sexual dysfunction for life?

    5) There is the chance that taking steroids will shut you down for good. TRT is not a good long-term solution. Go to any steroid forum, you won’t find anyone happy to be on TRT. It’s a pain in the ass, the test levels do not fluctuate day to day due to external stimuli, and instead rise and fall over a week or two. A roller coaster ride.

    6) Lastly, you don’t need steroids to get laid. all that will end up happening is you will fsck a lot more average to below average girls. Most truly beautiful women require a lot of work and character. They don’t want meatheads. I’ve done some cycles, never to get freaky. It helps, but the truly beautiful women are much more impressed by my reading poetry, playing classical music, and otherwise seeming to be a man of passion.

    7) My advice, do not do steroids. You will regret it, at some point. If you absolutely MUST used steroids. Stick to test and maybe primobolone. Do not use nadralone or trenbolone. Most orals are ok, but take low doses. Stick to low doses. Back in the Arnold days, people would run cycles with 200mg of deca and 5mg of winstrol a day. ALWAYS ALWAYS GET BLOOD WORK before, during, and 4-6 weeks after PCT. Always PCT with clomid and nolva for at least 4-6 weeks. Always use HCG on cycle.

    • Nicholas Archer

      This is an excellent critique of the article. I will (partially) advocate for the devil:

      1) Excellent point. At very least people need to learn about filter needles and how to sterilize these oils in the oven. This is described, I believe in William Llewelyn’s book. So, even if the low-quality oils are impure, it’ll stay a sterile abscess so you will not have live bacteria or god-knows-what growing in your butt meat.

      2) This is also true, but everyone knows this going in. One has to learn about recovery and make plans to mentally and physically endure the upcoming change.

      3) This is a two-part fallacy. The female hormones progesterone and estrogen are continuously administered to women who are on birth control, have had hysterectomies, or just don’t want to look like old saggy maids once they hit menopause. Even if what you said was true, you cannot apply the effects of female hormones to women; to men taking male hormones. Different populations and different medicines.

      4) Trenbolone is an amazing substance. You really wanna get scared read the veterinarian research articles on Trenbolone. I can’t find the article, (if i do I will post a link) but the feedlot steers that took Trenbolone with estradiol (estrogen) gained something like 2 lbs a day with a one-time 112mg trenbolone and low dose estrogen (if I recall) implant in their ear tissue for something like 3-6 months. First, we are not cattle, we are primates, so these effects both intended and unintended would likely be different but I can say this: Many people are using too damn much of the stuff. Remember, “the dose makes the poison.” A steer is a much larger animal than any human, and one dose of 112mg (something like that) made a huge change in the steers muscle weight compared to the control group. And, remember these steers are being raised to only live a couple years at most before being fed to us.

      5) I totally agree. TRT is a pain in the ass. However, many times people might “feel” shutdown after a harsh cycle, go get labs, and indeed they have low levels of test for months or even years after. But, unfortunately, it is uncommon for many to have the before labs to know if their “feelings” are just psychological – they may have had low test beforehand. Without the beforelabs, how would you know? Erectile dysfunction and many other common side-effects can be due to psychological issues.
      If you were feeling like King-Kong for months and now you are back to your previous low-test you, many people will feel depressed, unsexy and not able to get an erection. It is possible, no?

      6) Women are all individuals, and it is up to you which individuals you want to go for. Some like big muscles, some don’t care, some don’t appreciate a huge muscular physique (so, I have heard, never met one). If you are doing steroids for women, you need to take a hard look at your psychology. Because, you should only be doing anything for yourself.

      7) I disagree with universal imperative statements like ALWAYS. But, in caps you wrote
      “ALWAYS ALWAYS GET BLOOD WORK.” This advice, even the devil would be hard-pressed
      to disagree with.

      This is not medical advice.

    • Titan000

      Steroids also atrophy your bodies ability to synthesize testosterone itself.

      • rocco pilsner

        Temporarily. This is is a temporary result of juicing, if you do it the wrong way.

    • F01

      I’ve done several cycles and don’t regret anything.

      If you are in good health it’s absolutely absurd to think cycling will shut down your natural production permanently.

  • Youssef

    I have been interested in your way of writing and your way of thinking but i have to say i got disappointed with this article. It’s quite shameful to see such an alpha male minded guy like you saying “Anti-steroid makes you feminist” What kind of bullshit is that? do you even listen to the words you say!? we live in a modern day and age, alpha males respect females and are way beyond “Masculinity VS Femininity”.

    More to add, testosterone does actually shrink your “package” because the steroids you take are synthetically produced in the laboratory and in excess doses causes your body to seize natural testosterone production.

    Before you talk, know your facts.

    Thank you,

    • Danger & Play Blog

      I’ll get over your disappointment…Somehow.

    • Mike M.

      I respect women in that I’ve never punched one in the face or ever tried to rape one or taken advantage of her when she’s drunk. Basic human respect. Other than that, she can go to hell and so can you. Second what kind of pinto bean motherfucker bitches on a thread about respect for women while still attempting to call himself an “alpha male”. This ain’t some weekend retreat you fuckin hipster. It is a way of life.

      • Youssef

        Who the fuck are you a 12 year old trying to jerk it off on your dad’s playboy magazines.. Or probably your mom’s PlayGirl mags ..Anws You talk a lot of respect but you have none.. Even for your “pretending Alpha male personality” .. Kid, you still gotta a lot to grow up to.

        Nobody stepped on you tail, so stay out of my fucking way! 😉

    • animator geek

      @disqus_XRvW7iIzP7:disqus PLS understand anti-steroid here is anti-testosterone = anti-masculinity.
      you don’t need to respect woman and treat them like a little princess.

      Woman point of view of love or respect is just different from me as a man.
      Test just shrink your balls because your ball doesn’t need to produce more test,
      because there are a lot in your system.
      Test will not shrink your penis.
      Bodybuilder with small penis already have it to begin with.
      It was not the test causing it.

      You don’t have a ball to experiment yourself with safe substance like steroid(if you know what you are doing). Then, you have no business to talk about it. Period.

    • rocco pilsner

      Youssef- you are showing your ignorance. Lets break this down..

      1. Of course simply not taking steroids doesn’t make you a feminists. But blindly following propaganda and dime store quack science that, assertiveness , strenghth and masculinity are somehow obsolete to men, does mean you are following feminist approved ideas and half truths.

      2 Package – what do you mean exactly? If you mean cock alone, then you are wrong. Depending on the chemical you take, your cock may increase in length, thickness and def. In its vascularity. Again some compounds do this more than others.

      If you mean testes, then know some compounds will cause more atrophy of the balls than others. What is extremely important to recognize is that ball shrinkage is Temporary. If you research and do your homework u will understand this. You will also understand how to lessen it while on a cycle and/or restore their size.

      3. Like anything steroids are about education and moderation. If we’re talking about whiskey, there are still people who wld tell you that it will kill you, its immoral, its nasty, it makes you a loser. Then you have the people who claim they can drink large amnts of it daily and never have a single health or social problem. Both of those extremes are foolish…hope you see the point

  • Mike M.

    Oh, and I got them Vibrams. Had em for at least 12 years and they’re bad ass. I’m also a former muay thai kickboxer covered in tattoos and big motherfuckin beard. Never heard any bitches shittin on my shoes.

    • rocco pilsner

      Sorry you might be tough, maybe not..regardless those shoes are gay. I have a friend who swears by them,we tease him, but if it works for him then ok.

      Also, tats this day & age are as likely to mean “I suck dicks” as they are “i’m a veteran,convict,outlaw biker” like they used to.

      • srichey321

        Got my vibrams and never get teased. I guess vibrams are the new “speedos”.

  • John Andre

    I have never seen Ferrigno out of shape, Arnold looks like he is getting back into shape since his divorce…

  • subject smith

    You may have some good points about steroids, but I dispute point number 1. If you take steroids, you can put on twice as much muscle as someone doing workouts, even if you don’t workout at all. The effect is that pronounced, maybe to get to Schwarzenegger size, but you’ll certainly put on more muscle than someone working out without steroids.
    Just look at the difference in muscle mass between men and women, men have natural anabolic steroids, women not so much.

  • gary smith

    I use megastrol for weight gain. For 2 years. I did gain a ton of weight and look much better. But I have lost the hair on my chest under my arms, my pecker has shrunk. And I have lost my love of sex. Thanks for any help.

  • setamagiga

    Had a good laugh out of it. Eather a great ironic comment on our society or the work of a retarded 12yo who thinks he has the monopoly for knowing things.

  • Finn Dempster

    Lol… Was about to say that I agreed with Youssef (still do) that your article was initially thought-provoking and pretty fun to read. Then you lost it – don’t feel bad, you’re a kid – so I finished reading, then scrolled on down to the comments.
    Youssef had made a few compliments, then some rather more negative observations. His prerogative — the comments field is not really there so you can read non-stop praise about your last article, I’m afraid. Wow — you really cannot take criticism, can you? Big, big drawback if you’re hoping to be a professional writer someday (I already am); it’ll hold you back big-time, prevent you learning.
    “When you attack anabolic steroids, you act as a shill for feminism.” Heh. Good, attention-grabbing line, as was the sub-heading above it. Unless, God help you, you actually meant it. And assuming you actually did, do you have any evidence that all the media outlets of the USA and of Western Europe are run by women? And no, I don’t mean one of your untold thousands of “Self-Published E-Books” (which, even though they exist in the cyber-realm where physical dimensions have no meaning, somehow still manage to be a waste of space)…I mean verifiable facts. Reliable witnesses. Even a list of the owners of today’s major media outlets would be something (and would perhaps be a bit of an eye-opener for anyone around here who maybe struggles to contain their utter resentment and loathing of women).
    Anyway, stick with the writing. You’ve got a ton of potential — and I mean that earnestly.

  • bjkjoseph .

    Life is a marathon, not a sprint…if you are a sprinter..take steroids.