Is Tony Robbins “Red Pill”?

Tony Robbins

“Most men today have learned to become feminized. They are feminine. They try pleasing women any way they possibly can

“What most guys do is…When you try to lease her and it doesn’t work, you try to please her more. The more you try to please, the more she feels in control….If she has sex with you, it won’t be passionate.


Listen more: Unleash the Power Within.

  • Young Hunter

    Sounds red pill without a doubt to me. Not surprising he would think or say something like that at all.

  • o

    never watched a t robbins vid in my life. i always saw self help as bs for the most part. but as time passes views change. after watching a couple of his vidz after the one you posted i gotta say he spits alot of truth.

  • Nick

    While there is a lot of self-help bunk out there, people who hate on Tony Robbins are usually losers who don’t try to better themselves in any way. I try to incorporate the best advice I come across into my life and Tony Robbins definitely has some very good insights. I haven’t heard the type of stuff from him before which is in the vid, but as a successful businessman I’m sure he also has to balance how much “red pill” info he puts out there, keeping in mind that femi-nazis could put him in their sights.

  • Robert

    Robbins is old-school isn’t he? Finds Bandler/Dilts, starts running NLP sets for himself, plays with it, comes up with his empowerment stuff, and in the process makes a mint. Mystery used NLP for Pickup, so he developed it his way.

    I don’t think it’s possible to use NLP and be blue pill – the initial position is you are hacking human code, so you cannot be dishonest with yourself about how you alter behaviour.

  • Keanu

    Holy shit…that is a red pill message packaged up nice and neat for the mainstream. Feminists can’t even get mad at that…I already liked Tony, but my respect for him just went up 10x.

  • Facundo

    Too bad the video is not there anymore. I wasn’t able to find it by googling the phrases either