Why I’m Not a Liberal or a Conservative

Two sides of the same coin

Big Government: Liberals say, “We need a strong social services program since I am afraid of losing my job and being unable to support myself.” Conservatives say, “I’m terrified of cave-dwelling savages and of black men. We need a larger army and more police on the street!” Out taxes and national debt go up accordingly.

Money: Liberals say, “Give us that money you made so the government can redistribute it.” Conservatives say, “Let’s borrow more money to fight wars so that the dollar can lose.”

Child support: Liberals say, “A woman has the right to choose! A man who doesn’t pay child support takes that right away from her.” Conservatives say, “Man up and take responsibility for your choices!” Both will send you to prison if you lose your job and are unable to pay child support.

Age of consent: Liberals says, “A man shouldn’t be able to have sex with a girl under 18 because that would objectify her.” Conservatives say, “A man shouldn’t corrupt the young.” Both think you’re creepy and sick for finding Alec Baldwin’s daughter to attractive.

Ireland Baldwin

Chivalry: Liberals say, “You make more money than women for performing the same work, because patriarchy. Pay up!” Conservatives say, “A real man treats every woman like a princess.” You’d better pay for dinner, even if she makes more than you.

Rape: Liberals say, “Sex a woman regrets is rape.” Conservatives say, “Sex without marriage is immoral.” Both support policies that enslave innocent men. “Rape shield laws,” for example, enjoy bipartisan support.

Marriage: Liberals say, “Be a man, get married.” Conservatives say, “Man up! Make an honest woman out of her.” This is said even though men are forced to pay alimony to women who cheat on their husbands and are forced to pay child support for children that aren’t even their own.

Joint custody: “A woman should have the right to decide whether or not she wants to raise her child.” Conservatives say, “A child needs his mother.” Men thus have to beg and plead with and bribe an unreasonable woman to see their own offspring.

Affirmative action: Liberals say, “Men have oppressed women for decades. Women should get a job over an equally or even higher-qualified man.” Conservatives say, “Let’s nominate a borderline retarded woman as Vice President, putting her second-in-line to be Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces.”

Men are so busy arguing with each other than they aren’t even realizing the rogering they are receiving.

No thinking man buys into this two-party political system.

  • AWM

    What happened to being too busy trying to nail women to worry about the turn-off (Wolfsbane to women) of conventional politics?

  • Alexander the Great

    This is one of the first shit posts on this blog. A major disappointment that D&P leaped into partisan politics with a worthless traffic getter.

    1. You aren’t Liberal or Conservative but you are a Ron Paul Libertarian. You are taking a political side, not spitting an absolute truth for alpha males. Politics, especially RP Libs, are refuges for beta males. A poor attempt to feign disinterest. An Alpha male wins in any political environment, period.

    2. I’m a libertarian in many respects but not a cunt. Safety and healthcare is not a bad thing when it comes to miners, athletes, soldiers, productive human beings and those with special needs. It’s not the coercion from pigs that’s the problem, it’s unhealthy/unproductive coercion.

    • Rah

      Is this satire?

      1. Politics are beta

      2. I’m a libertarian with a heart of gold

      It makes you wonder if this whole red pill / manosphere thing can be taken seriously when a large portion of men who are supposed to “see reality for what it is” can’t let go of red / blue labels that are mass marketed to us by people who have an interest in keeping everyone distracted.

      Seems like anyone talking about politics is either a party line sycophant or an angry nerd obsessed with justifying their racial superiority or promoting fairy tale economic theories.

    • Danger & Play

      You are an overweight man whose sole life accomplishment is graduating from community college.

      You really shouldn’t be popping off to anyone, least of all me.

  • Ed

    I cant tell you how refreshing this was to read as the manosphere has become increasingly politicized. Spending time consuming political news/commentary is in the same category as reality TV/celebrity news for a man trying to improve himself and make big moves in life.