Why The Game Comes Easily to Philosophers

Enlightenment, unfortunately, is not all-encompassing. Although an enlightened person knows the truth, the truth is fractured.

There is, for example, a truth about making money: Don’t work for someone else if you want to get rich. Yet how many rich men have you met who had to ask his wife for permission to take a trip with the guys or even have a cigar at the lounge? A man enlightened about money is still living in Plato’s cave when it comes to women.

Most people never reach full enlightenment, as enlightenment requires critical observation and self-examination. Following the blueprint to making money does not mean you’re enlightened: It just means you were smart or lucky enough to follow someone else’s rules.

Philosophy teaches you to seek the source of knowledge and to examine arguments for cogency. You are trained to look for premises.

Most philosophers falter in the real world because they do not truly understand philosophy. Most philosophers can only repeat what they have read, forgetting that,  “One repays a teacher badly if one always remains only a pupil.”

It took me all of 6 months to get really good at game. Because of my philosophical background, I was able to examine the arguments, observe the world, and conclude that the arguments were consistent with the world.

What are the premises of game? Although controversial to the unenlightened, these premises and their implications are undoubtedly true:

  • Women are far less tolerant of weakness than men are. If a guy is struggling at the gym in earnestness, most senior gym rats will give him some pointers. Women view weakness with contempt and scorn. If you’re a guy who gets nervous around women, you will be hated because nervousness is weakness.
  • Women have no desire to help men. This is almost a corollary of the above. Imagine you as a man were talking to a woman. Even if you weren’t interested in her, if she was trying to carry on a conversation you’d help her come up with some flow, right? Yet a woman will never “save” a nice guy who is making a sincere effort to get to know her or one of her friends.
  • Women are uncomfortable (if not incompetent) leaders. A man who tries pleasing a woman – even on simple matters like what they should have for dinner – will be give his wife anxiety. A man must always tell (never ask) a woman what to do.
  • Women want to be dominated. Whenever possible, verbally and physically control your woman. Most women enjoy being choked, tied up, and pounded hard. “You’re going to women? Don’t forget your whip!”
  • Women have a stronger spirit than men do. How many dejected men do you see? Probably a lot. A man’s spirit, once broken, is dead forever. Even if you dominate your woman totally, she will occasionally challenge you. The battle for dominance never ends as her spirit is never truly broken.

After that, game simply becomes a matter of execution. Never show weakness. Even if a girl insults you, don’t blush or take offense. Crush her. Don’t view “shit tests” as something to be passed. That is weak and supplicating. View shit tests as attacks from someone who views you as a weaker being. You show your strength by ignoring her nonsense.

Always be dominant. A big guy who meets a woman just needs to get close and in her space to remind who here is boss – hence the strong silent type male archetype.  A little guy has to be more clever and verbal. Men of all sizes can be dominant. It is their styles that differ.

Had my education been poorer, my game would be weaker. But because I was able to immediately see the truth of game’s premises, game came easily. Thus if you want to become a better player you should become a better philosopher.

  • tamburlaine

    I’ve found Stoicism to be helpful in my pursuit of wisdom. It teaches that men must be indifferent to the caprice of fate, which is good training for dealing with women. They are whimsical and capricious at the best of times, and you can’t be upset by that, or you have lost.

    • nek

      “They are whimsical and capricious at the best of times, and you can’t be upset by that, or you have lost.”

      I have the problem of trying to fit a square peg in a round hole. As in, hoping a girl is something different this time around, or different that what I know of their real nature. I’m not like this most of the time, but I still have this slip up more than I’d like. What do you think is wise to do to get over this hump? And by hump, I mean to truly let go mentally.

      • ‘Reality’ Doug

        How to get over it? To thine self be true, and more reps. If you never become it 100%, it is not a crime, and maybe you would give up more if you did. I have learned to not fall for it by looking at my target while she is talking and thinking loudly to myself: you are lying, you are lying, you are an instinctual, stateless automaton operating on inputs of the moment. If you can do that without guilt, you have frame 100%.

      • tamburlaine

        I think the best ones are not this way, but they are so few and far between as to be almost non-existent. I would pursue women with no expectations, nor hope, so when they turned out to be this way, I was never disappointed. “Just as the same chain fastens the prisoner and the soldier who guards him, so hope and fear, dissimilar as they are, keep step together; fear follows hope.”

    • Liam

      Yea I’ve read senecas letters and other similar stuff but I find it difficult internalising this stuff to the point where it becomes my default mindset on a day to day basis.Not easy to over-ride long standing thinking patterns at the click of your fingers.Wish it was.

      • tamburlaine

        Of course it isn’t easy. Seneca himself pointed out his lifelong struggles with it. But it is something to strive for.

  • ‘Reality’ Doug

    Agreed. Only six months? I’m at a year, feeling confident in my knowledge, but no income and Bible Belt hickdom slows down the reps and execution. I know, it’s my fault to not be winning in this musical chairs economy. Such is the victory of elitists. We can agree on the importance of philosophy at least. Your conclusions about women would have shocked me as delusional a year ago, or maybe several, but not now. Women are designed perfectly to do what they do: socially manipulate for their individual reproductive success and to hell with society. They are perfect liars like a lion or great white is a perfect predator, except the kill is shrouded in plausible deniability. I find I can’t converse profoundly with anyone I know or might meet. Thank for the Manosphere.

  • nek

    “Even if a girl insults you, don’t blush or take offense. Crush her.”

    In this circumstance, how would you go about crushing her? I say do the same thing as you said about dealing with shit tests. Ignore her. But I’m wondeirng if you’re suggesting something else.

  • Hammer

    “A man’s spirit, once broken, is dead forever.”

    I don’t agree with that assessment. What is man’s spirit if not a miasma of beliefs? Shatter his beliefs about himself and maybe he jumps off a bridge, maybe he shoots 20 people, maybe he does drugs to escape from himself, but maybe a man breaks new ground in himself and internalizes the facts that hit him like a ton of bricks yesteryear. Can he carry the weight of the truth about women should he discover it, or about his place in the world as a man?

    But maybe I’m just speaking for myself and other like minded sociopaths. Oh well.

  • Samim S

    Mike, as usual you have explained in so few words the truths that men need to know when dealing with women, which no one else will be talking about. Worse they charge tens of thousands of dollars for mainstream theory garbage that keep making men run in circles while going deep down the rabbit hole.
    The #1 source of confusion than men create with women is that they treat women like men. In other words men’s operating premise with men and women are more or less the same. Men are apologetic if they didnt return a woman’s call or if she gets pissed at something irrelevant like the food she had that afternoon with him.
    Again your posts remain the absolute gold mine for any man who wants to stand up for himself and live the life he wants without compromising to the bullshit that he has been so used to.