Here’s the Deal with the Forum

As many of you have noticed, there’s a Danger & Play Forum set up. I haven’t approved any usernames yet because I’ve had to decide what to do with the forum.


99% of Internet forums (or fora, for the pretentious among you) exist for one of two reasons:

1. A large forum allows the forum owner to sell advertising to third parties. This is self-evident. If you can get a lot of guys on a forum you can sell those guys’ eye balls to advertisers.

2. A large forum allows the forum owner to sell his own product. Most bodybuilding forums, for example, are owned by steroid dealers (they all sell bunk, by the way) and supplement company owners.

Forums are awesome tools for SEO. A single person can only create a limited amount of content. With a forum, you have dozens or hundreds or even thousands of guys creating content.

This content gets indexed into Google. This allows the forum owner to passively attract new forum members and readers.

For example, let’s say I post a thread entitled, “How to Improve Your Credit Score After Bankruptcy.” When some guy Googles those terms, he finds the forum. Boom. The forum owner has more eye balls to sell ads or his own product to.

This is why almost no Internet forum is private or members only. The forum owner doesn’t want to lose out on the amazing amount of Google juice he gets from user-generated content.

That said, being a forum owner is a major pain in the ass. There is no such thing as a free lunch or a free Internet forum. Being a forum owner requires you to basically behave like an HR office. You have to moderate disputes and screen out offensive content. You must be a skilled administrator. It’s a time suck.

Guys have “beef” with each other. Guys will write to mods about unfair treatment. Men will report posts that make themselves butt hurt.

Since I am not selling anything or taking on advertisers, what’s the point of my having a forum? I sure as hell have no interest in reading an email from an adult man telling me he’s butt hurt over something another person wrote on the Internet. A forum sounds like too much of a hassle.


Running a forum is exactly not what I am skilled at. I am an executive not an administrator. I have boldness and vision. Others are better at carrying out my ideas. I will never be a manager of any kind.

Then again, I can think of a few reasons to have my own forum. First is that I will learn something. Second is that I will meet guys who turn out to be legit in real life, which will lead to legit business deals and other personal relationships. Third is that I can write content that I wouldn’t want out there in the bigger world.

A forum would have to charge a membership fee. This is to pay for hosting (which isn’t that much, to be totally forthright) and to keep out haters.

If you don’t find value in information or having a place free of losers, morons, and haters, then you’re not the right guy for the forum.

A forum would have to be members only and private to Google. Since I don’t need the Google juice, a private forum would be ideal. Although guys should always remain anonymous, since a membership fee would discourage haters and spies, controversial and unconventional subject matters could be discussed.

A forum would have to be free of losers, haters, and morons. I can deal with assholes who drop legit knowledge. In fact, most of my friends can be major dick heads. Oh well. I am not a woman and don’t cry over things men say.

You speak truth in a mean way? Great. You’re a nice guy who writes stupidity and can only share conventional wisdom. You’re not a good fit.

Bottom line: There is a forum. It will become activated when I figure out the right approach.

If you have any suggestions, feel free to let loose in the comments.

  • R

    Awesome. Good luck with it.

  • RMO

    As much as danger and play kicks ass I won’t pay for membership. A fledging forum is so devoid of value it’s not worth it.

    I’d recommend Roosh V’s method, where registration in only open one day a month to discourage trolls. It can be private or invite only or whatever, but I don’t know if payment on our part for the forum is going to lead to a forum at all.

    • Danger & Play

      It won’t lead to a large forum, which is the point.

      10 guys with a clue will add more value to my life than 1,000 geeks who can’t afford to risk 30 or so bucks on a fledging forum.

      • Wald

        How would we pay for membership? Paypal? Check?

  • Frost

    Dan Andrews has been running a similar forum for a while. Might be worth checking out to see how he runs things. Also, I’ve heard it’s a good crew with some top notch info.

    In any case good luck with the forum, I’m on board.

  • good

    good. we need a new forum in the sphere. the fractionalization continues as broad membership grows and new blood is added. i would pay to be a member of this forum.

  • anon

    as far as the software goes, there’s a new thing called they’re trying to make a modern software stack for forums. Definitely check it out.

  • XDays

    $100 per member per year. At the end of the year, you get the money back, sans some amount for hosting fees. However, if you are banned from the forum, you do not get a refund.

    I think this approach would seriously keep the trolls and haters away.

  • Chase

    It would first be best to determine the purpose for what the forum will serve. Is it simply an extension of your website? A place for red pill thinkers and alpha males to bullshit? Or perhaps a place where members of different skillsets get together and offer skills/knowledge/advice to others who would potentially benefit from them.

    If you haven’t read Napolean Hills “Think & Grow Rich”, I suggest you do so! It’s a great template for how to turn ideas into cash. This forum idea reminds me of a concept that Mr. Hills harps on a couple of times in his book: The Mastermind Group.

    Simply put, the mastermind group is a series of individuals with different skillsets that work together to achieve a common goal. Typically, this goal could not be achieved by oneself or with only one specific skillset. For example:

    Lets say that on the forum there is an entrepreneur, an engineer, a tax accountant, a computer nerd, and a pick up artist. In a single post, the creative entrepreneur mentions an idea for a product that he would love to design and bring to market, however, he only has the idea and how it should look, feel, and work.

    The engineer, lurking the forum, spots the idea and his mind begins to churn over the idea. He PM’s the idea maker and they begin to scheme. After a couple of months the product is finally close to operational status. Meanwhile, the engineer kept all of the receipts for the start up costs involved.

    They search the forum looking for a tax accountant on how to capitalize the expenses, plan for favorable tax breaks, and what to value the product at for a favorable product margin.

    After the numbers have been crunched- it is time to bring the product to market. What better place to start but the internet? In comes the IT guy (or tech nerd). He creates an attractive website and is a wizard is Search Engine Optimization. He is able to concoct a way for customers to buy the product right off the website and encrypt the sales data, of which, he’d send right back to the tax accountant to take care of.

    The website is taking off. The product is a success. Now it’s time to bring the product to stores and potentially market the website to companies looking to expand. The PUA jerk off isn’t the brightest buln, but boy can that meathead sell. With a cocky grin and a can do attitude, the casanova walks into companies and markets the product like he would market himself to a female at the bar. BOOM. With 100% confidence the PUA names the predetermined price (set forth by all the members of the mastermind group) of the website to the potential buyer. The interested company swallows: Hook, line, and sinker.

    Could the man who simply had the idea brought his product to market by himself? Hell, could he even have created it himself? What about the engineer who doesn’t have any fresh ideas. You cannot build something out of nothing. Perhaps the tax accountant would like to crunch numbers on products that don’t exist. Or the PUA selling something that isn’t there.

    My point here is this: If we keep this forum to motivated individuals who can each offer disctinct talents and perspectives- we may be onto something.

    I’m a small business owner, tax accountant, and aspiring international playboy (off to a good start). If you like this idea, let me know at chancebrad1 at gmail dot com

    Danger & Play, I’d say you’re the man to make something like this happen. It seems like most of your posts are about themes similar to this (Choosing friends wisely, internet marketings, expanding skill sets).

  • anon1

    okay i’ve got a couple suggestions.

    1) why not set it up like the warrior forum.
    i.e. front of the shop is free and full of good advice, and have a paid private sub forum where all the jewels of info and articles you can only bury away from google are bestowed.

    this is like the best of both worlds. as offering anything free cones around people to the forum, and the subscription cost cones the best ‘cream of the crop’ people to your paid sub forum. it also makes it easier for people to take the leap to paid, when they see how many people are in the existing free pay parts.

    i understand you’re about quality rather than quantity, so having this funnel mechanism might help initially free members get off their arse and then go into paid membership mode (people are always crazy about locked doors, secret clubhouses etc)

    you’ve shared a wealth of content here, for free, which is super awesome D&P, there’s nothing wrong with charging by way of a private subforum for the extras.

    2) one time costs, or monthly.

    one times costs are easier for people to stump up the money (i.e. me) but monthly gives you some sense of residual income, and is probably safer in the sense you can cover site hosting costs etc without having to consciously save out money for it.

    personally i am not in a position at the moment to go paid, but i would like to be in the future. having a free side, (where most people can join and talk and post like roosh’s forum) but a paid section (where you are more active on specifics, articles things you want to share with likeminded men, trying testing things etc) would be good too.

    you get the benefits of funnelling a percentage of the free people into paid, as the community gets tighter, and they either have more money or feel encouraged to join the paid sections.

    there’s a reason the worlds largest IM forum uses this as a model, it works and everyone comes away happy

    • Danger & Play

      Thanks.. I know the internet marketing gimmicks. I could put a squeeze page up, do some ad copy saying why this is such an elite group and blah blah blah. I’m not trying to drive traffic to the forum, nor am I trying to build a large forum.

      Most large forums offer little value because newbies ask retarded questions, argue, and people post conventional wisdom and other stupidity. Staying away from that model since this isn’t about the one or two grand I might collect in fees.

      • anon1

        hey man i wasn’t intending to mention that because of gimmicks or that kind of stuff. i really respect your work. just thought to share a good model, but (making money =/= selling out), you do whatever you thinks best

  • hawk

    Create a Google Group so you don’t have any hosting fees. You can also make the group private to control who gets in.!overview

    I don’t have a solution on how to screen for losers, haters, spies, and morons at the moment though.

    • Danger & Play

      I don’t care about hosting fees. A membership fee is to keep out idiots. I can burn the money, I don’t need it. You gotta read the posts more carefully.

  • ASF

    I think D&P just wants a little barrier to entry, nothing material, but something that will filter out 90% of people. Never mind that a $10 (or whatever) fee is the cost of lunch in a major city and this is likely more valuable.

  • Yul Brynner

    A sign up fee of $25-50 is an effective way to keep out haters and trolls. I’d pay that just to keep D&P going anyway in return for the tremendous amounts of info I get here.
    Most forums end up attracting the type of people who love to talk shit, whine and write long ass posts on topics they have no knowledge or control over. I have a hard time trusting someone whose post count is in the high thousands anyway.
    Looks like you’ve figured most of the stuff out already. Sign up fee, minimal moderating.
    A little intro area where members post whatever their skill sets are or whatever they have to offer. Doesn’t even matter if the activity levels are low but the quality of content/info/advice is top notch.
    A MM/Junto/Old Boys Club is far far more valuable than yet another forum with losers discussing feminism, sports, HBD and politics all day.
    I really hope you make the investment in time and energy to make this a reality. Let me know how I can help.